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  1. Hello All, My first official KH4 theory/idea and it’s based on the trailer. The thing which I keep going back to is the comment about ‘endless worlds’ and ‘not the world you left’. The clear indication is 1) Sora can leave Unreality,2) Catch 22 - where does he actually go if he leaves? Sometimes it’s better the devil you know, and 3) nothing is theoretically off limits (minus real world restrictions of course). This has gotten me thinking deeply, I’ve seen a lot of people discussing Endor from the trailer and I’m personally convinced myself. Another potential idea could be a Nier based world (more on that below). Now the biggest gripe some people have had in the past is ‘Star Wars etc doesn’t fit in the KH world.’ With the concept of Unreality, it no longer has to. This brings me to my theory/idea. I believe Sora will try and escape Unreality and return to Kairi. Add in the usual Sora desire for helping people and I do believe he’ll try and help Strelitzia return to her brother too. Cue a first attempt to leave - Star Wars. Sora will technically be out of Quadratum, but will be in anew universe. This gives scope to more than one world too and not solely Endor. I then predict Sora will return back to Quadratum and spend more time there and help out with the new heartless threat. Sora will blame himself and the keyblade for the heartless arrival and seek another attempt to leave. Cue the potential for Marvel properties and how Sora can work through different MCU properties. Sora will once again return to Quadratum and this is where I believe Riku will come into play. Riku will be able to fill Sora in what’s been happening and how long he’s been gone for. Then both try and leave and end up in yet another world. I’d personally welcome a Square property as a world, to really place an emphasis on ‘endless worlds’. The next return to Quadratum would see Sora and Riku have to fully defend the city and world, Yazora would appear and require Sora’s help (high chance he appears way earlier) and we have a Hollow Bastion KH2 esque super battle with Riku, Stretlitzia and Yazora as aids. Naturally the city will be saved and the new threat will be revealed. Riku and Sora will know they’ll need to warn the others and prepare to leave. However, at the last moment Sora will send Riku and Stretlizia back to reality to reunite with her brother and will remain behind to protect Quadratum with Yazora. The difference will be that Sora will lean how to return to reality due to his connections to both Riku and Stretlitzia who have been to Unreality and Luxor’s wild card will be the link. So to summarise, Sora has always possessed the ability to leave. He will just be unable to and will originally repeatedly try and fail. The conclusion will be Sora presented with an actual chance to leave and will choose to remain to protect those behind. Sora and Yozora hold the fort in Quadratum and Riku returns with Stretlitzia to Reality and goes to Yen Sid. I’d end the game with Luxord’s real self meeting Sora again and reminding him that he can still control his own destiny and play the right hand to return…. Also as a final add on, I don’t believe Sora will spend the entire saga in Unreality.
  2. OI want Nomura to be totally free and not feel tied down to anything. I loved the Dark Seeker Saga and I was happy with what we got in terms of lore, but now is a fresh start. In terms of a darker game, the stakes need to be there. My biggest gripe was that you didn’t fear for the main vast, yes bad things happened, but there was an assumption it would be sorted out. We need a valid reason to fear the antagonists. In terms of worlds, no issue with Star Wars or marvel done well. As long as they are fun, that’s what matters. I never enjoyed Beauty and the Beast as a film, sure did enjoy Beast’s Castle for an example.
  3. I’ve done a Ven and finally woken up from slumber. Can’t believe it’s been 4 years…

  4. Oh it’s good to be back! I’ve seen a lot of Endor talk. What if it was Nier? We could see other SE properties in unreality.
  5. I like your proposal, however all I'll say is watch the beginning of the Final Battle Trailer and pay attention to who and 'what' can be seen, thus confirming a certain set.
  6. Finally! After years of guessing and predicting, we finally have Cable Town, I've waited so long for this moment and it's brilliant
  7. Keep going Xehanort! Add a few more tears and push the lights to the brink and I can't see Sora being 'alone' too much, how I'd like this scene to play out is for Sora to break and give in to his emotions and when he is about to be defeated, a hooded figure emerges and the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades to appear, then switch to Roxas being playable for a battle, before Sora regains his composure and is ready to commence, this is followed by the oblivion and oathkeeper falling to the floor and disappearing and Roxas fading away.
  8. I saw the whole purple star as more symbolic than having a direct meaning, especially when you consider the previous entries openings. However, whilst stars represent worlds, they also represent people, what would be interesting if he saw his own star and thus learned of the events that will happen.
  9. Thanks for the heads up more than anything, I've heard a lot of whack 'supposed leaks', but what you've said is whilst unfortunate, not gut wrenching to see like Character A is a nort and Character B dies etc. We have to be vigilant though, as anything is fair game now.
  10. I have accepted the darkness, it was the only way to escape the endless Christmas songs... 

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      feel slightly for a poor retail worker, we've already had a month of it already, the Realm of Darkness calls



    3. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

      Ooft good luck mate, so glad I don't work in retail anymore

    4. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      I feel your pain, if your store is playing anything like some of the stores around here are. Same three or so songs, over and over. 

  11. After rewatching it a few times, it does look like this battle is more symbolic of the role of Xemnas in ruining the friendship of Roxas etc and thus forced the battle we saw in KH2. I agree with you about the songs, whilst I do prefer this to Chikai, which I still cannot warm too, it doesn't have the same affect Simple and Clean or Sanctuary had. That being said, the trailer seemed well edited and perhaps flowing normally, the song might change my mind. The eye debate is an interesting one as it propels many theories and could play credit to a few 'leaks'. I'm in the air on this one, whilst the silver eyes did look cool, I like the iconic yellow eyes. My issue is, I want the yellow eyes to remain a Xehanort characteristic and having him a puppet or under the influence of someone else, cough MoM cough, just seems too cliche.
  12. This was confirmed during E3 by Nomura in I think a famitsu interview and Brendan Docherty in various interviews too.
  13. Ended up tracking the information down from a rather helpful fan on twitter, I agree with what we've stated so far and it does seem to be more fan fiction than anything, I mean I'm sure all of us can try and write the final battle one way or another. That being said, I did enjoy aspects of the supposed plot and would not object to those parts. Other than that things seemed a bit on the messy side, even for a KH title. In relation to the leaks etc, it's up to people how they handle them, my stance is 'incorrect, but interesting until proven otherwise.' The difference between the MI leaks and this was credible images and not purely some randomer writing something up.
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