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  1. Did we just get 3 trailers in less than a week? What timeline is this? LOL

  2. Goodbye for now KH13.

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      See ya, dude. Be careful out there.

    2. PrinceNoctis


      Lmao, I ended up checking out the leaks anyway so I'm back haha! Nothing too serious tbh. The only thing I was surprised about was shown in the new trailer so whatever...There weren't any big spoilers.

  3. PrinceNoctis

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    Rumour has it the guy works in distribution and stole copies from his job. So it wouldn't be from a retail store but before that in the distribution process. Probably at the place they package the disks or something I don't know. But I seriously doubt retailers already have the game in their backroom 7 weeks in advance. I'll be going on hiatus now. Won't be checking anything KH related (except the two trailers) before the game releases.
  4. PrinceNoctis

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    I literally created the same topic like 2 minutes after you. *Facepalm*, should've double-checked if someone else had posted before. If you mean that you wonder whether they are actually selling real copies, the answer is yes. I've seen some footage. If you're wondering about it being legal, obviously that's a no.
  5. PrinceNoctis

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    Guys! Some people have managed to get their hands on Kingdom Hearts III copies. It's now time to be EXTREMELY careful with spoilers on the internet as they will start to be abundant. According to some people on Reddit, about 30 copies have been sold and it has been verified. I've actually seen a 30 second video of brand new footage that I will not be sharing. Be careful everyone, delete your search histories and video histories on Youtube. Don't let a few impatient fans ruin your experience.
  6. @Leamax The extra line is also heard in English on the website. It says "Lose...soon I've nothing to..." Source:
  7. Maybe that's just my perception of things but some people seemed to have made up their minds before hearing the song because they didn't like Skrillex's music from a few years back. I respect your opinion and I agree when it comes to Ariana Grande and Katy Perry actually being in the game, that was a weird decision, but from a strictly musical stand point, I don't really understand the complaints. Sure, Final Fantasy fans might not like Ariana Grande's music, but Square rearranged her song completely so that it could be enjoyable for them. It was smart. They knew Ariana Grande could bring in a new demographic, but they still tried to cater to their current audience with an orchestral arrangement. And Ariana did say she was a "Final Fantasy" fan. I don't know about Katy Perry though. I just think it's weird how gamers react to western artists in japanese media. It's not about the artist, it's about the music they deliver. Square doesn't have to choose artists that the fans want, they should choose artists that they believe will deliver a product that's artistically satisfying. When they decided to work with Utada for KH, they did it because they thought she was a talented artist and because she could reach a wide audience. Same reason they collaborated with Grande. Yet Utada gets praised because...? I just wish people would focus on the actual songs more instead of artists. And I wish they were able to actually discuss their opinions peacefully like we're doing.
  8. It's not entirely wrong to say that some people have judged the song because Skrillex is apart of it. A lot of the criticism is directed solely at him even though the whole song is a collaborative effort. I've seen some people say that the song was good until "the Skrillex part", but the whole song is the Skrillex part since he's the main producer lol. And honestly, I have seen a tendency from fans of japanese media to dislike collaborations between popular western artists and japanese studios or artists just for the heck of it. For example, when Ariana Grande collaborated with Square Enix for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, everyone was hating on her and the song just because she's Ariana Grande (even if you don't like her, she's a STELLAR vocalist and Square Enix worked on a beautiful orchestral arrangement of her song). So I understand where they're coming from. Some opinions out there just seem...unfounded and people are being very rude and harsh towards Skrillex. So other people are responding to the harsh comments with more harsh comments lol. No one should feel like they can't share their opinion without being attacked. This theme song situation seems to be causing a lot of turmoil for nothing. It's just a song and the cool thing is, this time around, we have two theme songs so we got options lol.
  9. There's an additional 6 seconds of "Face My Fears" on Utada's website and it sounds like the piano is about to go crazy on the second verse. Makes me wonder why Skrillex didn't use more "organic" instruments instead of electronic ones. The beat drop would've sounded so much better if the main instrument was replaced with strings and if the vocals weren't subdued.

  10. It's #10 in Canada. But it keeps climbing so maybe it'll get to #1.
  11. PrinceNoctis

    What did you think of the sneak preview of Face my Fears?

    I liked it. The song is really pretty. Love the melody and the piano motif. I don't feel like the beat drop was necessary but it doesn't ruin the song for me. I don't like how fans have been dissing Skrillex though. It seems some people in the KH community are taking some FF community tendencies in wanting everything to remain like it was in 2002 when KH was first released. "Don't Think Twice"/"Chikai" came out, they criticized it. Now they're doing it again. The only way to satisfy them would've been to put a new mix of Sanctuary or Simple and Clean for the opening.
  12. The full version of "Don't Think Twice" is now on Youtube, in case anyone wants to hear it: 


  13. Yeah I'm not a fan of EDM either. To me 2010 to early 2015 (when EDM was thriving) were the dark years of music. But I do enjoy this song for some reason, I do think the beat drop is a little generic...especially when we got songs like Sanctuary and Don't Think Twice which are very unique. But yeah, aside from the generic beat drop, I like it. The piano, lyrics, the melody and Utada's voice...there are more positive then negatives to me. I hope you can still enjoy the opening despite your condition. EDIT: After watching for the 10 000th time, I've grown to not dislike the beat drop. It's still generic, but I like it. Love the song. I actually think this is the best KH song yet...
  14. Xehanort had silver eyes lol

  15. A Wasn't the last Simple and Clean mix EDM as well? Maybe I'm mistaken, but the Ray of Hope Remix didn't sound all that different from EDM and everyone seemed to like it. And the PlanitB Remix was electronica which is basically EDM's predecessor. I personally like the song, especially lyrically.