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  1. You will be missed @KingdomHearts3! Embrace whatever's next for you, best wishes May your heart be your guiding key.
  2. Yes!!! I hope that's what the secret episode is, and I hope it gives us a proper conclusion that makes the sacrifice feel less like a last minute rushed decision (an emotional sacrifice scene to conclude the whole thing with a "I'll come back to you, I promise" a la KH1 would be satisfying for example) as well as a hint as to how Sora might return. Would be really cool if it allowed us to play as Kairi for a part of it as she tries to save herself, but I doubt this'll happen lol. Wishful thinking.
  3. Here's a translation from @YanilynGaming on twitter: "Tetsuya Nomura just announced the upcoming DLC contents at the KH Orchestra. The temporary title is “Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND” Paid -Additional Scenario “ReMIND” -Limit Episode + Boss -Secret Episode + Boss -English VA Option Free -New Keyblade + New Form"
  4. I count 10: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Hayner, Pence, Olette, Axel, Roxas and Xion EDIT: I'm now realizing Xion isn't wearing plaid so...9
  5. I think "Guardians of the Galaxy" is the most fitting movie for a KH game. It's light, colorful and the vibe is weird/funny so everyone would fit right in. Maybe Ego would be a nice place to visit? Asgard is also a very good fit for Kingdom Hearts I think. After seeing how epic Olympus was in KHIII, I'm sure they'd nail an Asgard world. I also LOOOOVE "Black Panther" and I would love to play in an explorable Wakanda. Sadly, the themes in Black Panther are pretty political (you know how some gamers are when it comes to politics and diversity in video games -.-) and considering diversity and racial sensitivity aren't really Square Enix's forte, I don't really think they would handle it well. So my vote goes to Guardians!
  6. I don't think saying it is one of the worst in the series means they hate it. It could also mean it's just among their least favorite games in the series. For my part, I like all the games in the series (except UX), I just think some are better than others. In DDD's case, I personally have a big problem with the combat. You HAVE to rely on flowmotion and deck commands to do damage. The base combos are terrible and the enemies don't stagger if you're not using flowmotion, deck commands or a command style. People also didn't like that the game was unbalanced (you can spam balloon commands to beat tough enemies) and stuff like that. I still like the game though, the worlds are big and fun to explore. Flowmotion is fun to use and makes traversal much better than in previous entries. I personally thought the story was fine...I mean I never expect a masterpiece of storytelling when it comes to KH. And I actually thought 3D's story was super entertaining, even if a lot of it had nothing to do with the main storyline, the individual Disney stories did enough to keep me interested. It's a fun game overall, but it has flaws like every other KH game.
  7. I really do think it is the best in the series honestly. Combat feels good and fluid, you have a ton of options, good amount of content (LOTS of mini-games), visually beautiful, great music, superb direction for the cutscenes and a mostly satisfying story. Only thing that's really lacking is challenge and more post-game battles would be appreciated. Sure it has flaws, but all other KH games have flaws too. I feel like the other games don't compare to this one in terms of quality. Now if we were to compare KH3 with other video games outside the KH series, my take on it might not be as positive.
  8. Um...maybe my game is broken but I got Curaza as a situation command at least five times while playing through the game, I did eat meals though so maybe that's why. But I don't know what I ate specifically lol
  9. Aqua is the boss! I do like Ava and Invi a lot though.
  10. They could've left KH0.2 as a part of KH3 tbh, it would've been a fun intro section.

  11. This concerns KHIII's secret ending...so beware SPOILERS!
  12. Dang...why does Frozen 2 actually look good? I didn't really like the first one, but that was a good trailer.

  13. I put 9, but it would be more of a 8.7 (Yes, I was hating on IGN for giving the game a 8.7 instead of a 9, but I understand now). I don't think it's deserving of a full 9 (yet). I only have VERY small issues with the story and I feel like the game was too easy, but I do think it's the best KH game out of all of them. If I'd put 8, that woul've meant the other KH games would be rated 7.9 and less and I think they deserve better scores...Am I making sense? lol
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