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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. After I finished the game I have to say World - Keyblade Grave yard / Scads ad Caelum This is by far my favorite part. So much emotion and I just want to hug my half pint friends Favorite Disney world - Toy Box It always was going to be. This world is gorgeous
  2. Keyblade Graveyard I love the scale of everything and even if it is full of ex machina moments....I still love it. A ton of emotion and adrenaline comes from this world
  3. Yeah I do not know why this is not working
  4. I am loving the Keyblade Graveyard so far. I am near the end of it I think so no spoilers please. The zone is just epic and looks way better than the BBS version My favorite Disney world is probably Toy Box but I love Tangled as well
  5. There is a summon later in the game with draws dropping fire effects
  6. About 15 so far in the passed two days. Hopefully finishing story when I get home
  7. I was blow. Away by the graphics throughout that world but by when I got to that boss it really hit me how special this game would be
  8. Yeah I figured. That stinks though. I was really hoping for Sephiroth
  9. Not even a hidden boss? That stinks
  10. Someone make a meme about Donald and Goofy blocking preventing you from taking a picture OF THE DAM MICKEY EARS!!!!
  11. Yeah idk. Sounds like the disc or install file
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