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  1. This is something that thankfully will never exist in the actual KINGDOM HEARTS franchise.
  2. Please, PLEASE let it be positive news. I want to continue playing KINGDOM HEARTS! please let us see more of the Lost Master Arc!
  3. He'd be an important Final Fantasy character all the same, since he is the original villain of the entire franchise.
  4. A KINGDOM HEARTS Roleplay featuring original stories with OCs, exploring the era of Scala ad Caelum during the time and events of the upcoming Missing-Link. In other words, a "fictional" variation of the events that have yet to be officially transcribed. The story of the RP will feature characters that act independently from both Brain and Sigurd, going about their own daily lives and missions as Keyblade wielders whilst living within the borders of Scala ad Caelum's grand city. The starting point of the RP will feature my OC named Thor explaining things to new Keyblade wielders that have joined the secret society that safeguards the order of the Worlds. Afterwards, the main plot will begin, with everyone's characters beginning their travels across Disney Worlds that have yet to be explored in the games. Here are the rules: Please be respectful of each other or risk getting banned from the RP. This is not a rule per say but it would be nice if everyone would name their characters after figures from Norse mythology. However, names like Baldr and Heimdall for examples cannot be used, as they have already appeared in the games. No god-modding. No swearing. Use proper grammar when conveying the intentions of your characters. No including characters from the games such as Sora and Brain, as this Roleplay shares an indirect continuity with the events of the Dark Seeker/Xehanort Saga, the χ (Chi) series and the Lost Master Arc. Romance is allowed but nothing 18+. All characters must start off at the fountain plaza of Scala ad Caelum seen in the ending of KINGDOM HEARTS Union Cross. Finally, have fun to your Hearts' content. Character Sheet: Name: Age: Appearance: Bio: Keyblade: Weapon: (If you are not a Keyblade wielder.) Japanese Voiceover: (Not specifically required.) English Voiceover: (Not specifically required.) Theme Song: (Not specifically required.) Alignment: (Light, Darkness or Neutral.) (Please write down "May my Heart be my guiding Key" at the top or bottom of your Character Sheets to show that you have read the rules.)
  5. Honestly? it's difficult for me to ascertain just what is my fondest Memory of KINGDOM HEARTS, even though I have grown up alongside the series since the 1st game. I can name a few moments regarding Sora: Sora's very 1st speech of "My Friends Are My Power" when facing off against Riku at Hollow Bastion, followed by Sora standing against Riku-Ansem in order to protect Kairi's Heart, both scenes from KH I. Sora fighting Marluxia's three forms from Chain of Memories. Sora awakening from his one-year slumber and being a complete and utter badass throughout KH II. Sora's scene at the end of Blank Points from Birth by Sleep. Sora joined by both his friends and allies before combatting Xemnas, followed by becoming the Armoured Ventus Nightmare Riku duels in Dream Drop Distance. Sora beginning his next adventure with Donald and Goofy in A Fragmentary Passage by first visiting Hercules. Sora at long last sharing the Paopu Fruit with Kairi and the two lovers working together to both finally and ultimately defeat Master Xehanort near the end of KINGDOM HEARTS III. These are among my fondest Memories of the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise during the Xehanort Saga.
  6. If there is only going to be a few new Disney Worlds included, here are some suggestions: Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Treasure Planet. Zootopia. Mickey and the Beanstalk. Beauty and the Beast (Live-Action). 20th Century Fox's Anastasia. Basil the Great Mouse Detective. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command or Lightyear. Star Wars-Episode IV: A New Hope. Avengers Assemble. Here are some Square Enix character suggestions as well: Final Fantasy: Zidane Tribal (FF IX). Vaan (FF XII). Lightning (FF XIII). Noctis Lucis Caelum (FF XV). The Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy). The Bouncer: Sion Barzahd. Volt Krueger. Koh Leifoh. Dominique Cross.
  7. Not even close! KH and Disney are symbiotic, you can't have one without the other. Also, we still have Worlds like Atlantis and Treasure Planet for examples to explore still.
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