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    "Ansem" the Seeker of Darkness.
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    Young Xehanort.
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  7. Where does it say its the most popular video on YouTube right now? i'm finding that hard to believe among a world wide audience, something like that.
  8. Does the colour vary between consoles like the Star Seeker Keyblade? because this Keyblade with green on it just doesn't feel right with me if it's supposed to be Sora's version of Mickey's evolved Kingdom Key D.
  9. When can we expect the new trailer in Europe's time of day and night?
  10. Iamkingdomhearts1000

    King Motive in Sora

    I like this theory :], it makes sense in a few ways.
  11. Iamkingdomhearts1000

    Dissidia RP Interest Check

    Sure i'm game :].
  12. Iamkingdomhearts1000

    Will Sora be able to Save Aqua ?

    He'll save not just Aqua but also Terra, Ventus, Eraqus, Roxas, Xion, Namine and Ansem, as well, we can only hope and believe in that.
  13. You'll see most of these kinds of stories in Japanese Manga, Anime, Video Gaming and also not forgetting American Superhero based Comic Books and Live Action Films, in the case of Superhero stories, a good prime example of fiction telling a story of humanity is shown in the case of Batman which show us the dark and edgy parts of society being portrayed fictional wise, Batman's story in particular is about him fighting crime whilst not letting himself being corrupted by those same crimes, as well, despite his bleak outlook on life and very serious demeanor, he tries to uphold his humanity no matter what, even if he doesn't like it, there were many times he could have killed the Joker but the reason that he never does is because he knows that if he takes a life, even just once, no matter how evil that life is, he will be doing the exact same things, as the enemies he faces do, the Joker always tries to tempt Batman into killing him but he never does and never will, you could say this is a weakness on Batman's character's part but in actuality, it is his virtue and greatest strength of all, the strength to take a life is easy but the strength to not take one is even stronger, life is not always about what we want but in truth of what is right, what we know to be right in our hearts, that is the key to the balance of everything, of light and darkness, of good and evil, of yang and yin, of positive and negative, of love and hate, of white and black, etc, Batman is a very strong fictional character representing humanity not because of the gadgets, the looks and the secret tragic backstory that led to him becoming Batman in the first place but in truth of how much he is willing to sacrifice to keep his humanity, for the greater good of all and not just himself, there is a reason why superheroes keep the super-villains alive at the end of the day and its not because they wouldn't kill them because if they wanted to they would, its because the heroes believe in something bigger then acting in revenge and want to bring peace to the world by teaching everyone that revenge will solve nothing and will only create a spiral of hatred, at least that's what i think part of the true essence of what makes a true hero is, know what i mean?
  14. Iamkingdomhearts1000

    What was the most surprising part of the KH3 TGS trailer?

    Sora and Kairi together at the Destiny Islands :].