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  1. I am surprised by the writers for both IV and Missing Link. I never would have thought a FFXIV writer would contribute to Kingdom Hearts. Then again, I don't have much experience with Final Fantasy XIV's content or staff.
  2. Now that Kingdom Hearts IV has been announced, people are already discussing what they would like in this new title. Some of GameInformer's staff, for example, has already published their wishes in an article: https://www.gameinformer.com/2022/04/11/what-we-want-in-kingdom-hearts-4. Now I will discuss what I would like from Kingdom Hearts IV, from the developmental side to the game itself. Development Team Nomura should have a writing team to help him build the story and cast. Let guest artists contribute to the character designs. One possible candidate, for me, would be Kimihiko Fujisaka. Tetsuya Nomura and the development team should allow critiques on the story and game from other developers like Naoki Yoshida, Yoko Taro, and Final Fantasy creator Hirobu Sakaguchi. Editing allows the scenes and dialogue to flow naturally. The Game, Itself: The pre-rendered cutscenes should be on par with Final Fantasy XIV's trailers in terms of visuals and story usage. Please don't let Sora be the only playable character, let other characters shine like Riku and Kairi. Multiple costumes like in Final Fantasy XV and Dissidia. The story is deep and makes full usage of its original and Final Fantasy cast, something Kingdom Hearts III had an issue with. Yozora makes occasional appearances throughout the game to give hints to who he really is before Verum Rex. Maybe let him be a temporary playable character. The overall tone should be dark, given the initial trailer's main focus was on Sora's time in Quadratum. Yet have occasional light moments, such as Donald and Goofy's visit to Hades, to balance the content. The Heartless and other enemies have more monstrous designs, like the Darkside in the trailer. The minor NPCs, like in Quadratum, have more diverse designs than what we were shown, which include costumes, hair, and faces. More Square Enix characters than what we have had in the previous games. Especially Final Fantasy XV's Noctis Lucis Caelum; let Nomura write Noctis into the game. For Worlds, I do not want anything franchises that Disney bought like Star Wars or Marvel. Just keep to the animated films, original live-action films, Pixar films, and Square Enix worlds.
  3. I haven't seen any of these films. Only a little bit of Raya's ending. I have read about the film though. Best choice for combat, exploring and the themes being connected to Sora.
  4. August 21, 2021 Final Fantasy XVI Interview Questions I Would Have Before Release Hello, I was originally thinking of information that Square Enix could give out about Final Fantasy XVI before it releases. Instead, I've gone and made questions that I would want to ask both producer Naoki Yoshida and director Hiroshi Takai about the upcoming title. So, here are seven possible interview questions I would want to ask the two creators about Final Fantasy XVI. - About gameplay, will we have a party that fights alongside Clive? How will they be implemented? I think many of us are wondering about party members since the game was announced. For me, I want to know the basic details, such as if we will have party members, if they are temporary or permanent, and what roles can they provide in gameplay. Based on what we saw, though, we probably have temporary party members that are available at certain points. I just want to know about this aspect before release. About a certain comment made about voice acting, how is the Japanese voice acting progressing? We know that the English voice acting is almost complete, but I think there might be confusion about the Japanese dub. In the original announcement trailer, we have both English and Japanese dubs of the video. I feel like the Japanese dub should be progressing at a good pace than just starting off. If they were just starting the Japanese voice acting about a month ago, we wouldn't have the game until another full year or two. Yoshida-san, please clarify your statement about the Japanese dub. Will we be getting more character bios, artwork, and renders soon? More like a personal request than an actual question. I would like to see more of the cast of this game, like the council members, Clive's companions in the start of the Awakening trailer, and possibly older versions of Clive, Jill and Joshua. This is also because we are in an info drought like with Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Or, for the Sonic fans' case, last year where we received no new game information/announcements. Should we be expecting any DLC? The question is self-explanatory. I believe that YouTuber NightSkyPrince made a good argument about how DLC should be handled compared to Final Fantasy XV, check his video out: Final Fantasy 16: The CRITICAL Lessons to Learn from FFXV - YouTube. How will Clive be handled as a protagonist? Another reference to Yoshida-san's past interviews, I am curious to know what the creator's intent to do with Clive during the story of Final Fantasy XVI and what Yoshida-san meant by “Clive's psychology”. Is the timeskip shown in the trailer a gradual shift or an immediate shift? For this question, I am thinking of two examples of how the timeskip would work: Final Fantasy XV and The Last of Us Part II. For Final Fantasy XV, we are immediately sent ten years into the future where everything is shot to hell. Meanwhile, The Last of Us Part II, in its own way, has us seeing how Ellie and Abby have physically and emotionally changed in their lives over the four year gap between the first game and the second via flashbacks. Will we see a linear timeline where we play through Clive's life from 15 years old to his current situation? Or are we going to have this unexplored time gap like in Final Fantasy XV? Based on the violence shown in the Awakening trailer, will we be expecting a higher age rating for Final Fantasy XVI? The only other Final Fantasy game to have a lot of blood on display was Hajime Tabata's Type-0 which was rated M mostly for its violence. Currently, we have seen a few different deaths in the Awakening trailer, so we are probably going to see this game rated based for its violence and blood. I doubt there will be any gore presented however as this is a Japanese game and Japan has different restrictions to content compared to the Western world. - And there you have it, seven interview questions that I would want to ask Yoshida-san, Takai-san, or both. Have any other ideas for interview questions, please list them in the comments. Thank you for reading. From, TrinityXaos
  5. TrinityXaos#

    Sora 4-20-2021.JPG

    Based on War of the Visions' art style. Also on DeviantArt.
  6. I'm not fully sure but the two realities, like the worlds, could be on different timelines. Riku may have ended up in Quadratum in an earlier time than when Verum Rex took place. Some of the Kingdom Hearts community have found Yozora to be talller than Riku via Data Greeting photo comparisons. So Riku's body could have grown up to not only be Yozora's height but also his age by the time "Verum Rex" and Sora happened. Not only that, time placement is tricky, as Union Cross started to show with Maleficent going back to the future of Kingdom Hearts II while Ventus somehow (via unknown means) ended up 4 years before Birth by Sleep. Also, Dream Drop Distance played around with time displacement with the two Traverse Towns and the TWEWY cast. Some characters had more or less time than their partners once they were reunited. Of course, that is related to dreams, so this may subtract from my evidence.
  7. Yozora, the mystery man of the fictional “Verum Rex”, holds an appearance similar to Riku's. However, Yozora himself and the Nameless Star both have implied that he was originally a very different person in looks. So, why does Yozora look like Riku in Kingdom Hearts canon? Perhaps Yozora's heart has somehow found refuge in Riku's body? If Yozora is indeed inside Riku's body, then he maybe in control and carrying on Riku's mission. When he first appeared in Kingdom Hearts III, he already had the Riku-like appearance in the promotional material for “Verum Rex”. He has this form again Secret Ending “Yozora”, when he was looking down on Riku. However, this was only a recurring dream Riku had as mentioned in the end of the Limit Cut episode. Finally, before you fight Yozora, he made a claim that the appearance he has was “not what [he] really looks like.” This is backed up by the Nameless Star's claim in her meeting with Sora: “[Yozora's] been changed beyond recognition – his heart replaced with another's.” If Yozora is inside Riku's body, it should not be surprising given previous cases of multiple hearts inside other people. Sora and Xehanort are the most well known in this field, only in different directions: Sora has hearts inside him, while Xehanort put his heart or pieces of said heart inside others. Riku has also had a record of possession and hosting other hearts inside him; from Xehanort's Heartless possession of him in Kingdom Hearts I to Riku's Replica's heart residing with Riku during Kingdom Hearts III. There also is a case of dominance, most cases of hosting don't have outside hearts possessing their hosts, like Sora's hearts. Hostile takeovers, however, tend to take control of the body or at least has some physical indicators. Either way, each method does hold influence to the host's physical or mental traits. Yozora may be a special case as he could be unintentionally in control of Riku's body because he has a stronger heart than the latter. The two may be exchanging influence on the other. While Yozora is the one acting for both of them, Riku could possibly be influencing Yozora's memories. Not much is known to why Yozora wanted to “save Sora”, but it could be related to Riku's goal after Melody of Memories: finding and saving Sora in Unreality/Fiction. Yozora mentioned that he had wondered into the location where he would fight Sora by chance and was eventually told to “save Sora”. While most of his abilities and weapons are his own, the one skill Yozora has that could be from Riku: controlling Sora's Keyblade. In Kingdom Hearts I, Riku took temporary possession of Sora's Kingdom Key at Hollow Bastion. In his own boss battle with Sora, Yozora temporary steals Sora's Keyblade but it is absorbed and added onto his laser sword. We may not know yet what happened to Yozora or whether he and Riku crossed before Yozora fought Sora or not. Due to their similar appearances, the clues to Yozora's current state, and the ability to use Sora's power briefly; it can be implied that they are connected to each other. Finally with the possibilities of heart and body possession, Yozora could be inside Riku's body. Only he is unintentionally the dominant heart. Yozora may ultimately be possessing Riku's body, but he is being influenced by Riku to reach the latter's goal of saving Sora.
  8. TrinityXaos#

    Sora at the Beach

    Based on the title screens from the numbered games. Medium: Traditional pencils then Krita. Also on: DeviantArt, Reddit and Twitter.
  9. TrinityXaos#

    KH Dark Road: Odin

    Medium: Pencils and a ruler This was drawn after I found out Square Enix officially revealed Odin’s name. The main objective was to draw Odin in the front and the right portrait is the opposite of his in-game model. I also added detail to his beard that probably isn’t accurate and some shading to Odin’s looks in an attempt at Tetsuya Nomura’s shading style. The first drawing (the frontal) is unfortunately crooked, sorry about that. The character himself seems more likely the Yupa, Sherman Potter, or Ansem the Wise in persona. The mention of “sharp glint in his one eye that is visible under his hat” is very interesting that reminds me of Odin in Norse mythology (AitaiKimochi and DChiunch, KH13.com, 2020). Another detail that I like about Odin is his clothing is a mixture of Xehanort and Eraqus’ future outfits (mainly, Xehanort’s shirt). Thank you for visiting. From, Nicholas R./TrinityXaos Also on Amino.
  10. Inspired by Team Four Star's character art in their Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged series. Also on my DeviantArt account.
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