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  1. How would Garland be brought into the Kingdom Hearts universe? Should he be the Garland from the original Final Fantasy? The Dissidia version? Or should he be Jack Garland from Stranger of Paradise? I would love for Garland to be an interesting neutral character instead of a plain old villain like Maleficent.
  2. I voted Final Fantasy XV. I also would love for Square to reveal more about Versus XIII's original designs and scenarios. Still would been nice to see the contrasts in story and style.
  3. Who is King Deoxys? What is the tone for the fan game? What's the story premise? A Final Fantasy world I wouldn't mind seeing is probably Ivalice.
  4. Thank you for the answer, @FadedSparkle.
  5. Wow, people are voting for Kingdom Hearts III. I wonder why they find that version of Kairi the best.
  6. Which numbered Kingdom Hearts title had the best interpretation of Kairi's personality?
  7. Thanks for your feedback. I honestly wasn't sure how dark I was going with this story. I also wasn't sure how well I have written Kairi, maybe I really don't know her. I probably shouldn't have been listening to music like "Blood Upon The Snow" from God of War Ragnarök for inspiration. That had added to the dark/aggressive nature of the viewpoint. I did have this idea an unknown entity inflicting Kairi's heart with darkness and locking away her Keyblade powers, but it would have come after this story. Sacrifice, to me, becames less noble when you think about it. Even if the sacrifice came from a selfless place, it would still carry negative consequences. For example, Aqua's sacrifice to save Terra-Xehanort had severe consequences in the long run. It could be seen similar to an upsetting topic where those who remain are left without complete closure or understanding. So, I'm not sure where to go about tackling Kairi's actual response to sacrifice yet. Sometime today, I was thinking about using Noctis' Final Fantasy XV personality as a basis for writing Kairi as a person. There might have some similarities to Noctis' feelings about his last moments with his father when Kairi thought about Sora's actions. I also thought of Kairi just releasing her anger because of what she learned about the Wayfinder's choices. She found out her birth parents and her beloved grandmother were lost because Aqua saved the man who took her away from them. That anger also had consequences as Aqua starts to become concerned. About Aqua, I guess I wanted her to carry some of Eraqus and that will end up making her viewed negatively in the possible future. Aqua had just seen Kairi's past anger as a warning sign and something that needed to be addressed or monitored. In a way, Aqua is repeating a past mistake in not seeing the whole story like with Terra. Also, there is the whole Princess of Heart matter about Kairi, so Aqua will try to keep Kairi under further watch. Thank you again for your feedback. I hope you don't take offense to some of my reasoning in this reply. I also hope my reasoning wasn't too argumentative. Maybe I should revisit Kingdom Hearts and study the characters as best I can.
  8. Sacrifice. What a despicable thing, Kairi thought to herself. How can anyone be okay with doing such a thing? This question has been trapped inside her mind since she left the Final World. Every time she thought about him disappearing, not once, but twice, doesn’t just give her sorrow. It provided her with anger. The anger she didn’t know she could have. Why did he smile when he left her? Left them? Didn’t he think things through? How much it would hurt everyone? He didn’t save her. He just gave grief to her and everyone else. Perhaps learning from Master Aqua could give her a chance to release her pain. Kairi didn’t think about it when she announced her decision to Master Yen Sid. If she had, would he permit it? Would he understand? Would the others? Maybe they just wouldn’t care. … It was sometime after she arrived and started her training with Master Aqua that Kairi came to regret it. Even though she knew he wasn’t Xehanort, Kairi couldn’t shake off the resemblance Terra had to the man who took her away from her grandmother. Ventus was so much like Sora, with his smile and his gestures, Kairi wasn’t sure if she wanted to ask Ventus about Sora. Or if she could use him as practice for when she screams her grief at the real deal. Then there’s Master Aqua. She seemed so absolute in her teaching and philosophy; Kairi felt a chilling resemblance to Sora. That selflessness hurts. Then she was told their stories… Kairi had to turn away from the three. She had to go to the training grounds. She didn’t remember what happened next, except for a heavy scream. When she came to, she saw the poles torn to pieces and the shocked expressions of her teachers. The return to the castle was in silence. … Maybe she had darkness in her heart. Yet, she didn’t care. She hated it. She hated sacrifice. She hated them for sacrificing themselves. She hated him for sacrificing himself. She didn’t care if she had darkness. She wanted it. She wanted it to grieve. To cry, to scream, to rage, and to fall. What would everyone say about it? Darkness was the ultimate evil in their eyes. Well, maybe not Roxas and the others in Twilight Town. But Kairi didn’t want to think about Axel and Xion right now. They made the same choice as everyone else she knows with the Keyblade. All but Roxas. He didn’t get the choice. He was forced to give up. … Master Yen Sid called before Master Aqua could call him. He had a task for her. Some worlds were behaving oddly as if they are connected. Such interaction between worlds shouldn’t be possible, nor is it allowed. The task was to investigate these worlds and determine if the World Order needed to be restored. Just what is the world order, Kairi wanted to ask. What was the point of it anymore? She had been in Traverse Town, and she had seen Hayner, Pence, and Olette on her Island’s beach with the others. Too bad Master Aqua was the only one to talk to Master Yen Sid and no one else. Kairi volunteered to go with her to these worlds. Kairi needed to leave the Land of Departure. She reasoned to everyone that if the only Master went, she should follow and learn further from both Master Aqua’s teachings and experience. Terra seemed to have agreed with her argument. Ventus was silent. Perhaps he was afraid of her? Kairi saw it on Master Aqua’s face – she didn’t believe Kairi’s words. But Terra’s support and Ventus’ fear must have convinced her. Master Aqua nodded slowly and told Kairi to gather what she needed. Kairi only sighed in relief when she left the master’s harsh gaze. It was only when they were outside Master Aqua give Kairi a cold, stern glare. She told her student that she must follow her orders at ALL times and disobedience would immediately send her off to Master Yen Sid for discipline. For the first time since she met the woman, Kairi fear her. So, she wisely and formally replied yes. … Despite the fear Master Aqua imposed on her, Kairi felt she needed to do this. She wanted to journey to different worlds with Riku and Sora once upon a time. Now, she was finally going to see these new places with her own eyes. Not from reading or through someone else’s eyes. This was her chance to begin anew, and Kairi won’t let anyone, or anything, stop her this time.
  9. I actually have some ideas of my own with Kairi...
  10. I guess I want more human consequences.
  11. I am asking, because I want to believe there should be consequences for Sora's actions. The consequences being negative opinions about Sora from his friends. I think it's worth exploring that area on how Sora's sacrifices impact everyone. Do they accept it willy-nilly, or do they have serious problems that they need to let out?
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