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  1. I voted for Missing Link's full release, but I would love for Kingdom Hearts to have more collaborations having a guess appearance in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. I just want to see the Kingdom Hearts characters drawn by other professional artists from the JRPG industry.
  2. I agree with this because we don't know the full names of the other staff members, so I wasn't sure who these people are. For example, who is Shirakami? Excuse my lack of full knowledge.
  3. I want Destiny Islands as a full playable world with living people. I want to know more about the main island along with the Destiny Trio's lives before the Keyblade.
  4. I voted for Way to Dawn, but I often think Braveheart was designed to bear similarities to Terra's Keybaldes, Earthshaker and Ends of the Earth.
  5. Nomura and the writing team need to work on the "daily things" for the Kingdom Hearts' stories. Kingdom Hearts III is the most glaring of the stories compared to something like 358/2 Days. Yes, I did quote "Simple and Clean".
  6. Xemnas as a boss in Kingdom Hearts II is the best. Especially during the last battle, where Sora and Riku fight him in a void.
  7. Probably not. Geppetto is the obvious choice for his overall sweet nature. King Triton is stern, and often too hot-headed, as a father. But he does love his daughters, even willing to sacrifice himself to save Ariel. Kevin Flynn... he wasn't around for Sam. Zeus is a real change compared to his original source - Greek mythology. Heck, Disney's take on Hercules changed a lot of stuff from the myths.
  8. A New York City cop has to stop a genetically altered opera singer from destroying everything through mutation.
  9. Fire cat!!! Simba was very helpful in the Frozen castle. Ariel was useful during the Yozora boss fight when I learned of that trick.
  10. Name: Epic Brush Magic: 30 Attack: 25 Special Ability: In Cartoon Wasteland: Functions like the Magic Paintbrush from Epic Mickey with Paint and Thinner. Appearance: The Magic Paintbrush from Epic Mickey turned into a Keyblade. Here is a link to my visual idea: 20201215 My Clay Keyblades by TrinityXaos2 on DeviantArt
  11. I voted Geppetto, because he is the kindest of the fathers listed.
  12. I like Data Greeting to make a return. But with the choices listed, I voted customizable outfits. I would love if Square decided to let Sora wear different outfits and mix/match clothing throughout KHIV (like Stranger of Paradise, minus the stat changes).
  13. What if Kairi goes to the Awakening?
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