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  1. I voted another character. I voted for Aqua.She's sweet,she suffered much. I think she needs to enjoy the Christmas spirit.And Terra too.His will and kindness is strong. I ressented Eraqus so much untill I forgive him for his mistakes with the Wayfinder trio.I didn't choose Ven because he had Sora all the time he was asleep,so he had much love more than other two had.
  2. Definetly Post Renaissance. Treasure Planet,Emperor New's Groove,Lion King II,Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc,The Incredibles,Atlantis,Lilo and Stitch and Brother Bear are great . It's the era Disney wasn't afraid of trying new things and get away a little of their classics and it's my childhood era ❤️
  3. I have hopes of good things for KH,since the release of HiFi Rush(the producers initiially thought the game was crazy and no one would produce it) and it is a huge sucess. The characters have charisma,the story is great and have a huge social critic(excessive work,labor rights,harassive bosses,etc). Even me ,a bad player at rythm games like this love the game and want to be better in it.I think Disney has the potential to mix old favorites,like Drive from KH II,new worlds like Moana (Sora will feel at home in Motonui),new mechanics(Yozora could link his sword with Aegis and Aegis and even lend them to Sora).I think there's nothing wrong with a hybrid of new and classic with the soundtrack too.
  4. I definitely agree and I really don't know why Max never appeared in the games,Nomura has some restrictions in his contract?Never understood why they didn"t explore Tangled rhe series season 1 in KH III,for example. Disney series can't be used,only movies?
  5. I remembered Ursula battle yesterday! .R.I.P. I'm brazilian and the dubbing is awesome ,different voices ,however,but KH games presented me to Pat Carroll and her amazing work .
  6. Hey,guys.What do you think of ML?You think we will capture and defeat Heartless on real world like Pokemon Go? I like character customization from 0.2 and KH Union X Cross,so I'm satisfied if they upgrade it a little.About world's exploration, I know Scala is the main world,but I think Foreteller-themed worlds(clothes ,personality and sin as new Heartless) is a really cool idea to put in this game!!!😊💙
  7. Can't wait to play as Roxas and a little more as Riku when the DLC comes.Remind has a Endgame vibe too.
  8. Hi! About Verum Rex, I have a doubt: Magia looks like a hybrid of Prompto and Ardyn.He performs magic attacks ,according to Rex and Verum Rex trailer. Aegis is a defenisive type guy and loks like a hybrid of Gladio and Ignis and uses a halberd . Who is the main villain of the game? The unnamed girl looks like a hybrid of Stella and Kairi.Which is her role in the game?
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