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  1. Curses!! Well, I hope the next one on 18th (or maybe 17th) will be a little better. The waiting is seriously killing me. Years waiting for this game to come out, and waiting for it one more month is getting forever.
  2. Wait, does this mean tomorrow are we no longer having a new trailer? Or this one was a preview for tomorrow FULL trailer?
  3. This is what happened in KH3D, but the way they will be reunited in KH-III could be different.
  4. Ursalink

    KHUX [12-1-18] December's Updates

    I don't see Elrena mentioned in the updates' list for December. Which day of December can we expect the story to continue?
  5. Ursalink

    KHUX [12-1-18] December's Updates

    Hey!, which one is the update for the story mode? It could be the last one before we get the game, so I want to know when to expect the story to continue.
  6. This is just an idea, but usually, when an important game (like Kingdom Hearts III) is about to come out on sale, there are some kind of "special event" or something where some lucky ones can get a copy before the official date. Do you have any idea if there will be one for Kingdom Hearts III?
  7. Ursalink


    I read that information and I want to believe that's false. However, I can't deny that PART of that information could actually be true. It happened once to me, I found information that was supposed to be false, but it turned out some parts of the info were actually true. (It's a way to keep confused fans). So, I'm going to say there might be part of truth in the info. I personally would prefer the part with some beloved characters' death to be false, but I'm worried that it might actually be truth, considering the information revealed about the game in ESRB's description of "Kingdom Hearts". Especially the part where it mentioned this: <<A handful of cutscenes depict off-screen stabbings/impaling of protagonist characters>>. I just hope to be wrong about fearing.
  8. Not with all the members, but yeah, that's a way to describe it. Not entirely. Let me explain: Master Xehanort has returned to his original old self, that means he had to leave Terra's body at some point. Leaving Terra's body free can give us Terra joining Sora's team for the last battle. However, if Xehanort returned to his old body and left Terra free, how could Ansem (Seeker of Darkness) and Xenmas be back when that can only happen if Xehanort (Master Xehanort in Terra's body) turn into a Heartless and Nobody again? Easy, use the Replica Program to create copies of both individuals. It's quite easy, if you think of it. Why waste time and effort in taking 12 different bodies by force, when you can simply create them from zero and without minds to compete for control? Also, in the manga, Vexen created several copies of himself. How about if this part of the story is going to be adapted to the official game? How about if the Vexen we saw is actually a Replica while the original one is back as Even?
  9. This is just getting weirder and weirder. I have to say, I always thought Larxene name would more like "Elenar". Well, something fishy is around here. The idea of fighting "Data versions of Keyblade Wielders"... Don't you think this is suspictious? It makes me think Data Sora will be involved in this. Not to mention Master Xehanort could have used this to create his Organization XIII.
  10. OK, Lucca 2018 is over. Any other event for November or December? I really want to see more trailers and I wish for more worlds to be revealed officially.
  11. Ursalink

    New World Reveal

    I hope they will reveal the rest of the worlds soon.
  12. I hope the conventions in London and Mexico will give us some new info.
  13. Ursalink

    New Design

    Hey!! I think there's an error in the new site. When I enter in the forums, my name is signed up; but in the main page of the website, it is not. In fact, I try to sign up my name again, but it says there was an error. Anybody knows what the shell is going on?
  14. Well, it's no surprise for Zeus to debut here. I mean, the moment we saw Sora and co. would enter into Olympus' itself and not just the colisseum, it was obvious Zeus (and probably the other gods) would appear in the story. And not trying to be technical, but the screenshot also shows the Ice Titan. Besides, their names are "Lava Titan" and "Tornado Titan".
  15. Ursalink

    New Design

    CURSES!!! They could have warn us about their plans to change the design of the site at least!! I'm really unconfortable with this new design, and I really don't like it.