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  1. Whatever is inside that box, one thing for sure, it has something to do with the Master of Masters. Remember, it has the words "Superb" or something in it. And as you know, the Master and his apprentices have the names of the Seven Deadly Sins: + Aced = "Acedia" (Sloth) + Ira = "Ira" (Wrath) + Invi: "Invidia" (Envy) + Gula: "Gula" (Gluttony) + Ava: "Avaritia" (Greed) + Luxu: "Luxuria" (Lust) This only leaves "Superbia" (Pride), which must be the Master's real name, somehow.
  2. I know it was because he came from Halloween Town, but serious, Sora's Santa form should be red instead of black. Donald and Goofy didn't have any trace from Halloween Town in their Christmas forms.
  3. Long time without any news. I hope we get something soon.
  4. Demyx = Emyd (???) Luxord = Rudol (???) I have no better ideas.
  5. Not a real "revelation", but it was kinda surprising that young Eraqus was essentially very similar to Sora, especially in the first game with his first adventure.
  6. I believe we will see the fallen classmates of Eraqus and Xehanort again in the future. Probably in Quadratum, just like Strelitzia.
  7. Well, what can I say? "Dark Road" was a fitting name for this story, with a very sad ending. However, there are a few things to comment: 1º) Almost everyone died in the end. However, I'm pretty sure we will see them again somehow. If we consider the case of Strelitzia, who turned to be alive on KH IV's trailer, anything should be possible. 2º) 13 Darknesses: 7 (the most powerful ones) inside the Lost Masters, 4 trapped in the cable of Wreck-It Ralph's data worlds, and 2 destroyed. This last one is a lie, as we now one survived inside Ventus and eventually became Vanitas. But how about the last one? It was the darkness that corrupted Valdr? I'm confused about that. 3º) Not surprised from the fact that "Bragi" was actually Luxu. I mean, "Bragi" is almost identical to "Braig", who then became "Xigbar".
  8. They better don't, because if they do, I'll go full bersek.
  9. We are just days before we finally reach August. Anyone has an idea at which day we will have Dark Road's update? After making us wait for so long, I want the update to be uploaded at the beginning of the month.
  10. One month for the final part of Dark Road to be finally uploaded. They better don't come out at the last second with another delay, and this long waiting better be worth it.
  11. I swear, I'm bored to death waiting for the last chapters!
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