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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I wish this book could have spoilers about KH:UX and the connections between some characters.
  2. Huh! Curious! I don't know as much of Final Fantasy as of Disney, but this quite a coincidence. But anyway, the worlds that are not based on a Disney movie (Traverse Town, Radient Garden, Twilight Town...) are usually the one who gathers elements and characters from Final Fantasy. Therefore, considering this, maybe some characters from Type-0 could appear in KHUX, somehow.
  3. Funny. Very appropiated! However, your picture just made realize something. Chirithy is a Dream Eater, so couldn't he help Kairi in her search for clues of Sora's whereabouts? I mean, as a Dream Eater, it can enter in someone's dreams, right?
  4. OK, this is just a theory I had about what happens in the Secret Episode of "Re:Mind", but I believe it's worthy to mention it. There are more new mysteries in Kingdom Hearts than answers to old mysteries, so we had to think about them. Either way, this is really confusing and already quite long. I'll explain more after some answers.
  5. "Dark Road". HA!! I was right!! Well, actually, my version was "Dark Path", but I almost hit the jackpot. A four letters word to describe "a life journey through darkness".
  6. Probably, but since Re:Mind seems to give us more hints about Yozora and his world, I though this scene should be re-added here.
  7. We had an extention of Xigbar's scene at the end of the Olympus in Re:Mind. However, there's another cutscene I expected to be modified. Back when there was a demo of the Toy Story's world, there was a scene where Rex identified Sora as Yozora; then he identified Donald and Goofy as "his super sidekicks, Magia and Aegis". I expected this scene to be added in Re:MIND, but it wasn't. Why did they remove it permanently? Are they going to give Yozora's partners other names or what?
  8. Doubtfully. But wait.... Now that I think of it, how about if Yozora's world appears here? I mean, Sora has traveled through Disney Worlds that represent beautiful stories, but Xehanort surely visited worlds where things were quite "ugly". No Disney world comes to mind to convince Xehanort of the dark path, so maybe another kind of world instead.
  9. HA!! I was right!! Well, actually, my version was "Dark Path", but I almost hit the jackpot. A four letters word to describe "a life journey".
  10. Nine hours, to be more precisely. By the way, I have to say, I was starting to think Ventus was the Unchosen One from some time ago, and I was right. The first candidate was Lauriam, as Marluxia is called "the Assassin", but when it was revealed he was Strelitzia's sister, it was removed. The other one was Brain, as it was the most mysterious one, but now we know he was actually chosen. Ephemer and Skuld couldn't be, as they are the "Light of this era". Ventus was the only candidate left, but we know him to know that was impossible. But then I realized something: Vanitas! He should be still be inside of Ventus at this time, and after what we discovered on Re:MIND, it would have sense. This could also explain how Ventus was alive so many years ago and he's alive nowadays. Finally, the return of the mysterious laboratory from the first KIngdom Hearts was a total surprise.
  11. Let's try this: Sora gained the ability to use the Keyblade because Ventus' heart was inside of him. At first, Sora was actually using the power of Ventus, but as time passed, he gained his own power to use a Keyblade. (Ventus' heart influenced Sora's heart to be like his own). Roxas was able to use the Keyblade because he was Sora's Nobody, although his appearance was caused by Ventus' heart being present inside of him. In fact, technically, Roxas actually had Ventus' Keyblade power when he was "born", while Sora developed his own Keyblade's power. When Sora was trapped in "suspended animation" after KH:CoM, Xion was created with part of Sora and got Sora's power. When Xion disappeared, Roxas absorbed her into himself, which gave him a double Kingdom Key to use (his own, thanks to Ventus' heart, and Xion's, thanks to Sora's heart). But then, because Sora was the place from where both Roxas and Xion came, the double Kingdom Key transformed into the Oathkeeper and the Oblivion, representing Sora's most important characters (Riku and Kairi). Is it clear now?
  12. Considering what happens in the Secret Episode, I think Sora has a reason to return to Toy Story's world in the future. He will surely want to investigate more about the character he just met.
  13. You remember the secret ending of the first KH's Final Mix? You know, the scene where Riku and Roxas fight the Heartless. In that scene, Roxas threw the Oblivion Keyblade to Riku for him to use it. That was because of Xion's lingering influence. Xion was inside Roxas, and made him throw the Oblivion Keyblade to Riku to fight.
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