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  1. Like I said, and I repeat, there's no need to make Smash canon. But we could have a similar crossover if Sora visits the world of "Wreck-It Ralph".
  2. Barbie appeared in "Toy Story", and Sonic in "Wreck-It Ralph". Why it would wrong for Sora to meet Sonic or Mario through Wreck-It Ralph's world?
  3. It's a crime to waste a good idea, and while they can't use Tarzan's world, I think the Jungle Book is a good replacement.
  4. I didn't say use the SMASH's story to make it canon with Kingdom Hearts, but to make something "similar". Like I said, the key could be the world of "Wreck-It Ralph", as Sonic, Mario and other characters from videoagems made cameos in the movie.
  5. I wasn't able to post anything here for a couple of weeks, but I managed to solve the problem now. So now I have to comment something I wanted to say since then. Well, I have to say that the idea of Sora being part of Super Smash Bros Ultimate is really fitting. I mean, he's the ultimate "crossover character" thanks to his ability to travel to different worlds, from the most dangerous to the funniest ones. And the most funny fact here is that the idea of Sora meeting all the characters from the Super Smash Bros Ultimate could work to be part of the official story of "Kingdom Hearts". 1º) Thanks to "Union X", we know the world of "Wreck-It Ralph" could have a big role in the future. And in this Disney movie, they gathered a lot of characters from popular videogames. If we compare the movie with this game, which franchises coudl Sora meet in "Wreck-It Ralph" world? Let's see: - "Sonic the Hedgehog": Sora can't run as fast as Sonic, but his Flowmotion allows him to move in a similar way. Sonic would be an excellent replacement for Donald or Goofy. - "Pac-Man": The modern version of Pac-Man could be very useful to Sora, and I mean the version that we saw in the latest animated series on TV. - "Street Fighters": I don't know much about this franchise, and I haven't seen many of its character fighting using weapons; but I can see Sora fighting alongside Ryu or Ken. - "Mario": I suppose Mario could be the replacement of King Mickey here. Mario and Sora are similar enough to work great together. By extention, Mario's franchise could allow Yoshi and Wario to interact with Sora too. - "Donkey Kong": Donkey Kong is an extention of Mario's franchise, so if Sora meets Mario, he could meet Donkey Kong too. There's also the fact that Wreck-It Ralph is based on Donkey Kong, and if Sora fought alongside Ralph in KH III, he can definitely work alongside Donkey Kong. - "Metroid": This franchise didn't appear in "Wreck-It Ralph", but the world of "Hero's Duty" has elements from it; not to mention Calhoun is based on Samus Aran. So this is another franchise that Sora could find suitable for his style. 2º) There are other franchises in "Super Smash Bros Ultimate" that didn't appear on "Wreck-It Ralph", but Sora's previous adventures could be a hint about which other could work for him to visit. Let's see which ones: - "Final Fantasy": Need any explanation? Final Fantasy is already half of Kingdom Hearts' Universe, so Sora could visit some of these worlds. Also, he already knows Cloud and Sephirot. - "Pokemon": Many people laughed at me when I mentioned this, and I don't see why. Have they forgot about the Spirit Dream Eaters in "Dream Drops Distance"? Don't tell me you didn't see their resemblance with Pokemon? Even the last scene in the game with Sora, surrounded with all the Spirit Dream Eaters made me think about Ash Ketchum along all the Pokemon he has captured through the whole series; with most of them now living at Oak's Lab. I have to add, it was really funny in the trailer the scene where I saw Sora attacking Mewtwo. - "The Legend of Zelda": Well, I think Link (at least his adult self) and Sora are similar enough to work great together. Don't you agree? I can't talk about the other franchises because I don't know them, but I suppose all the games that are about adventures and have human looking characters like Sora (or even anthropomorphic animals) could work great with Sora. What do you think?
  6. Easy, guys. Toy Story was going to be part of the original KH, but it was postponed. Woody and Buzz were going to be summons at KH-II, but they removed the idea. We finally had Toy Story at KH-III, and I think it was totally worth it to wait. Give them time. I'm pretty sure they still have "The Jungle Book" in mind for a world in a future game, but we must not hurry them, so they will do it the best possible way.
  7. I have managed to solve the problem. Sorry for any inconveniance I might have caused with this topic, but I got really nervous.
  8. I tried another browser, and although I can access the website, it still warms me about something not being right with it. Something is definitely wrong, and it's not me. UPDATE: Now the problem with the wrong date and time are gone, but it's back to the original problem about a Certificate of the Server that has expired. I'm starting to get desperate.
  9. Well, I'm sorry, but something is really wrong, and I can assure you it's not from me. I have news: The problem with the Server seems to be solved, because it no longer appears. But now, when I tried to enter in the website, it says me that the date and time in my computer are wrong. I triple checked, and I can assure that's not the case. I have the right date and time according to my time zone in the planet. Please, somebody solve this new problem soon.
  10. My computer says that one of KH13's "transmitters of the server's certificate has expired". It makes me almost impossible to access it. Can somebody please fix it?
  11. Any info about the day they will update Dark Road?
  12. Was about time!!! Do you have any idea at which day of September will the last update come out? The waiting is killing me!!
  13. Either if he knew herc was alive or not, that doesn't change the fact Hades was gathering an army to attack and conquer Olympus.
  14. In the animated series of Disney's Hercules, which happens in the middle of the movie, during the training that turned Hercules for a slim boy to a muscled hero, Hades' main objective was to eliminate Hercules before the date when he could free the Titans arrived. Also, he was recruiting all the monsters he could for his army. This was a clear continuity error, because in the movie, Hades didn't know Hercules was still alive until he finished his training and was already muscled; that's when he met Megara for the first time and Megara told him about her encounter. However, in the tv series, Hades already knew Hercules was still alive and tried to eliminate before the moment to free the Titans and conquer the Olympus arrived. Anyway, Hades' plan was clearly the same from the series: Eliminate Hercules so he won't stop him from conquer Olympus (as the Fates prophetized) and gather as many warriors and monsters he could to attack Olympus. According to what we saw in the movie, we can assume Hades' army was erradicated by Hercules as he tried to use them to eliminate him (as we saw in the musical numbre "From Zero to Hero"), leaving him with only the Titans to conquer the Olympus. You know? Something I don't understand from KH3 is, if they managed to make boss battles for all the Titans, why they didn't use the Cyclops too?
  15. I can't believe nobody has commented it. Haven't you noticed that the whole part where Bugs and LeBron use Marvin Martian's ship to travel to different worlds based on the franchises of Warner Bros is incredibly similar to how Sora travels to different Disney Worlds with the Gummi Ship? In the Serververse we had worlds based on DC Comics, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and others. So, I don't see why Kingdom Hearts can't have worlds based on Marvel and Star Wars.
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