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  1. Guys, do you know at what time of the month we will get the next quests for UX? I believe the next(s) one(s) should be the last ones, concluding its main story. Any idea?
  2. Something else came to mind. In "Dark Road", young Eraqus and Xehanort act quite similar to Sora and Riku; but I believe they could also represent (indirectly) Thor and Loki. I mean, Xehanort almost caused Ragnarok with his whole plot, after all.
  3. Those of you who read Marvel's comics will surely knows several details of the Norse Mythology. Well, I know several of them and I believe I just discovered some clues about the current mysteries of Kingdom Hearts' past. As you already know, it has been recently revealed the identity of the Master who taught Eraqus, Xehanort and the 4 new character how to use the Keyblade. Not surprised at all, it turned out to be "Master Odin", following Nomura's fascination with Norse Mythology. (I honestly suspected it). Ater knowing this, I couldn't stop thinking "Now where we could find Thor and Loki?". That's when an idea hit my mind quite brutally. In Norse Mythology, Odin is one-eyed because he sacrified one os his eyes in exchange of eternal wisdom. So, how about if the famous "Gazing Eye" that appears in the "Evil Keyblades" (like Xehanort's one) is actually this "Master Odin's Eye". I know it wouldn't have much sense because the Master of Masters is from a time previous to Master Odin; but considering how intrigant this guy is, can we really believe he said the truth when he said it was HIS eye? Besides, weirder things has happened already. Even more, how about if this "Master of Masters" is actually "Loki"? Using Marvel as a reference, the Master of Masters acts in a similar intrigant and manipulative way than Loki's; and his "sin" could perfectly be "Superbia" ("Pride"), which perfectly matchs with Marvel's version of Loki. And speaking of Marvel, all these references to the Norse Mythology and the way "Kingdom Hearts 2020" trailer starts (mirroring the introduction of Marvel's latest films), could this be actually a signal that the MCU is preparing itself to appear in Kingdom Hearts? I would love it!
  4. Master Odin? Seriously? Why am I not surprised, actually? You know, now that I think of it, maybe the "Master's eye" from Xehanort's Keyblade is actually "Odin's eye". Now where we could find Thor and Loki? With these references, now I can't stop thinking Sora meeting Marvel Characters, like Thor. Speaking of Thor, now that I think of it, maybe the Master of Masters' is Loki, fitting his manipulative nature.
  5. If this game has anything to do with memories, then I believe the key player: Ventus. Why?, easy, because maybe while they are trying to bring Sora's back, Ventus' memories of his life in Daybreak Town (during Union X) will awake and a bigger plot will be discovered.
  6. Makes me wonder if Eraqus and Xehanort's master will be named Odin. + Urd is the Norn of the Past, just like Skuld is the Norn of the Future. This just left Verdandi, the Norn of the Present. I wonder if Sora and co will meet her. + Hermond is basically the Messenger of the Asgardian Gods, just like Hermes in Olympus. + Bragi's name might be a God, but it calls my attention how close is his name of "Braig" (Xigbar). + I don't know who Vor is, but sounds like an Asgardian version of Athenna.
  7. Quite easy to suppose, pal. Basically just like any other "secret boss" has been in the past. I mean: + Kingdom Hearts - Final Mix: We had Xenmas, without being identified. + KH-II: We had the Lingering Will, Terra's ghost. + KH-BbS: We had Young Xehanort and his Time Powers. You get the idea.
  8. Well, I think the main focus should be "The Mysteries of the Past". I mean, there are a lot of weird stuff around characters we don't know much: The Master of Masters, Yozora, the Foretellers.... When Young Xehanort anf Young Eraques ended up their first game of chess, they started a new one indicating that the new enemies will likely be the Foretellers and the Master of Masters. Therefore, the next saga should be around them.
  9. Very interesting theories. And it would be quite funny if, by any chance, each group "accidentally" discover clues related to KH:UX, Luxu and the Foretellers. That's a very interesting point. During this year the good guys have been looking for Sora, what have Luxu/Xigbar been doing in the meantime? And what about Maleficent and Pete? I highly doubt they just sit and wait for the gang to rescue Sora so the main story can continue.
  10. I wish this book could have spoilers about KH:UX and the connections between some characters.
  11. Huh! Curious! I don't know as much of Final Fantasy as of Disney, but this quite a coincidence. But anyway, the worlds that are not based on a Disney movie (Traverse Town, Radient Garden, Twilight Town...) are usually the one who gathers elements and characters from Final Fantasy. Therefore, considering this, maybe some characters from Type-0 could appear in KHUX, somehow.
  12. Funny. Very appropiated! However, your picture just made realize something. Chirithy is a Dream Eater, so couldn't he help Kairi in her search for clues of Sora's whereabouts? I mean, as a Dream Eater, it can enter in someone's dreams, right?
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