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  1. Ursalink

    All worlds leaked

    Chirity will appear at some point of the game, and I truly want to know at which part. And we know that, somehow, Ventus WAS in KH UX. I suspect Ventus will have a flashback on KH-UX at some point of the game. Not to mention that Lauriam (Marluxia) and Elrena (Larxene) were there too. There's clearly some connection, so references to KH-UX will have to exist.
  2. Are you sure? Where has been revealed that the space between worlds is called "Ocean Between"?
  3. This list has some things that I can't understand. Let's see: Anyone has any idea?
  4. After seeing several videos of Gameplay, there are a few minor spoilers that I would like to comment. It gave me things to think: What do you think of this info?
  5. Less than 2 weeks now. And still, the closer we are, the more far away it seems.
  6. I swear, each day waiting seems eternal. I respect people wishing no spoilers because they want to experience themselves, but I'm so tired of the wait, I wish there would be an option where I could read spoilers.
  7. Honestly, I would like to know the ending already. There are people around the web who say they already played the whole game (except for the prologue and secret ending). Anyway, I'm really sick of waiting and I want to know the result of the final battle.
  8. Well, in the 30 sec commercial we had the scene of Sora crying; maybe we will have something even more intense here.
  9. Tomorrow we could have a new commercial in cinemas from Japan?
  10. Ursalink

    What was leaked.

    I perfectly understand what happened here was illegal and it gives problems at long term. However, after so much time waiting for KH3, and the remaining month going on forever, I'm not going to say anything if somebody post info about the story of the game. Sorry, but there's a limit for how much time can a person wait for someone or something.
  11. Well, I believe this must be part of the chess game where Sora's piece is surrounded by most of the darkness' pieces, in "check mate". Right before Young Eraqus says "It's still my turn".
  12. Curses!! Well, I hope the next one on 18th (or maybe 17th) will be a little better. The waiting is seriously killing me. Years waiting for this game to come out, and waiting for it one more month is getting forever.
  13. Wait, does this mean tomorrow are we no longer having a new trailer? Or this one was a preview for tomorrow FULL trailer?
  14. This is what happened in KH3D, but the way they will be reunited in KH-III could be different.
  15. Ursalink

    KHUX [12-1-18] December's Updates

    I don't see Elrena mentioned in the updates' list for December. Which day of December can we expect the story to continue?