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  1. just a bot dealt with it on the forum
  2. on it it only happened once to me no matter how many times i refresh again thought i'm not sure if there's also a possibility that the video autoplays through the discord button on the bottom right of the site
  3. hmm interesting, i heard it too after seeing your message and going to the page, and the audio appears to originate from this^
  4. Hi everyone! A reminder to make sure to keep the posts on-topic and be nice to each other!
  5. hmm interesting i don't use adblocker for the page but i think there's one time where there's a audio from a video playing in the background
  6. Winning and losing against Yozora on Re Mind result in different endings.
  7. it's alright haha okay it's been taken care of
  8. From what I can read in the text beside the illustration, it's when Ephemer first meets the Player where the Player helps him defeat an Invisible.
  9. It's actually accurate to call them spin-offs. However, we need to make clear of the definition of a "spin-off". A spin-off is a work that is derived from existing works, telling a story in a different aspect but in the same setting. A spin-off can then either choose to either deviate completely from the main storyline or to remain in it. In the case of the KH series, the spin-offs focus on characters other than the main protagonist Sora (except for Re:CoM and DDD), telling their sides of the story while at the same time, expand the plot of the Dark Seeker Saga (up to KHⅢ) without deviating from it. Re:CoM serves as the bridge between the first two mainline games while the others introduce the background of characters (and are also the bridges between KHⅡ and KHⅢ) and eventually, everything converges and culminates in KHⅢ. So calling them as spin-offs is not wrong. It's just that people have the misconception that "spin-offs" are supposed to have nothing to do with the main narrative and so the spin-offs of the KH series are supposed to be unimportant. Then, they complain that the spin-offs are too closely tied to the mainline games. It just doesn't make sense.
  10. I'm thinking of getting Supernova - Sephiroth since I lack strong Power medals. Plus, I have like 6 Trait medals waiting to be used and it's very easy to evolve Tier 8 SN medals to SN+. Too bad it's not a Falling Price Deal and it would cost 15,000 Jewels to get him guaranteed. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  11. We're exactly 3 months behind now. The Japanese version is at 895 now while we're at 880. At the pace that it's going, we're actually catching up gradually. Back in April, we were around 4 months behind. Though I don't think the updates'll be simultaneous at any point in the future. Anyway, the music for Game Central Station (and its connected games) are indeed pretty good!
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