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  1. Not relevant to the plot, just Wendy since that's how Hook knows he can get to Peter Pan. Out of the recreate the plot of the film worlds, Neverland has never been one of them.
  2. The worldbuilding around the Land of Departure is also lacking, even by Kingdom Hearts standards. Sora, Riku and Kairi, we know they live on the larger island with what looks like a rural Japan type community, and Kairi goes to school with at least Selphie (Tidus and Wakka are definitely the jock type). We can also work out how the Castle That Never Was runs. But the Land of Departure feels like a concept that's severely undeveloped. Only four people who live there full time, one of which has been there for four years and along with two others restricted to that world. I know it's meant to be like the Jedi academy, but the Star Wars films and if you explore it, the expanded media material, provide enough context it's not a glaring worldbuilding omission. It's not a good place to grow up as the only adult authority figure preaches a strong pro-light anti-darkness message, which has negative impact on Terra. At the very least a therapist was needed. What's also left largely unexplained is travel between worlds, as in how the trio know how to do it. It's up to supplementary material to explain that Terra and Aqua have made excursions before, but Ven hasn't and that's why he's in reduced circumstances for Castle of Dreams. This could have been touched up in game more for world and character building, as well as more interesting scenarios. Keyblade armour and gliders also go undeveloped, a plot device or inter-world traversal but not explored to flesh out how they fit into lore and practice. How does one gain armour and the ability to transform their keyblade as such? It's a really cool concept I want to see delved into, perhaps to introduce for gameplay mechanics in future games (the keyblade glider to fly or as a motorcycle for example).
  3. The Is Roxas in Love with Xion? thread on the general subforum, where Jennifer Chen bends over backwards to interpret romantic feeling between Roxas and Namine (and displaying appalling use of uppercase letters while doing so).
  4. My main issue with the game is that the dynamic of the trio is very much tell don't show regarding their allegedly close friendship. We're told they're the closest of friends, but the game demonstrates their connection is more for lack of other peers than out of choice. Aqua has spent at least four years growing up and training alongside Terra, but her faith in him is flimsier than a politician's promise when challenged. She puts more stock in what the dark fairy who sent her tumbling into a dungeon and turned into a dragon by all the powers of Hell regarding Terra over personal experience. KH1 and 258/2 Days show us the main trios in those games being friends and having a normal day so we can feel for them when it all goes wrong. Birth by Sleep only shows us a tutorial training session that most of us rush through or skip over after the first time and a single battle against balls of light that again, most of us rush through.
  5. KH1 still plays well and is recognisable in basic presentation compared to KH3 (contrast to Final Fantasy 7, the Remake being very different even in visual presentation and gameplay mechanics). The KH1FM remaster on 1.5 visually looks better than the remaster of Assassin's Creed 2 that was included with The Ezio Collection release, and that's a 2016 PS4 remaster of a 2009 PS3 game. Rather than a 2013 PS3 remaster of a 2002 PS2 game. Granted, Square put in a lot more work with 1.5 than Ubisoft put in the the AC2 remaster (the less said about the Siege of Forli and Bonfires of the Vanities DLCs being mandatory to progress to the final part of the game the better). Days is still a game worth playing if you've got the time and patience, with good replayability and the fact it's out of print on a system whose successor has been discontinued sadly means fans of the series who haven't played it need to source a second hand copy or use an emulator. Between the PS3 and PS4, including PS5 through backwards compatibility, KH1 is available in four different releases (1.5, 1.5+2.5, The Story So Far and All in One), three of these being on a current gen system that's being actively supported. Days is more than deserving of a remake. Union X does need a release in another format to be more accessible than just cutscenes on an app that's nearly 2GB minimum or YouTube videos.
  6. The manga makes the final scene of the KH2 prologue even sadder, Roxas saying that despite the world he was in being fake it was all real to him as he looks at his hand fading like he's Marty McFly, with flashbacks to his time in the Organisation. There's also more comedic effect, like Sora at one point ending up in a dress when Flora, Fauna and Merriweather fight over what his clothes should look like.
  7. A small quality of life change, being able to make the minimap full screen. In Kingdom Hearts 3 there are some areas like the swamp in Kingdom of Corona or the various snowfields of Arendelle that are so easy to get turned around and lost in. If this kind of expansive world design continues, it'd be good to pull up the map and see the whole map rather than just a section of it in the corner of the screen. More than nine save file slots. That this wasn't patched into 3 with the various updates is baffling and many players have had to sacrifice save files due to replaying or having saves at specific points like boss fights.
  8. How do we know Roxas knows how to articulate love on as deep and understanding a level as Sora and Kairi for example? Sora and Kairi spent years growing up together, and have put so much on the line for each other. Sora sacrificed his physical existence to save Kairi despite knowing there was a price to pay, and in the time he had left chose to spend it with her specifically rather than a final good bye to everyone else. That's love. By his own experiences Roxas is less than a month since "who else will I have ice cream with", I doubt he's ready to know romantic love when he feels it. Physically Roxas, Namine and Xion are teenagers, but emotionally they're still toddlers, albeit ones who have gone through more emotional strife than anything should have gone through at any age. You say you don't like kids dating, but ship Roxas and Namine? Roxas smashed the computer not because of Namine (who he'd had only a couple of interactions with at that point), but because he was frustrated at being manipulated, his past and very nature concealed from him. What he believed to be his whole world, being in Twilight Town with Hayner, Pence and Olette, was completely undermined by someone who couldn't even dignify his existence as a person. Only minutes later he's duel wielding against the friend he only just remembered walking out on, and then being told by DiZ he's just a pawn, taking swings at Diz. If you're going by KH3 evidence, there's more to suggest a Riku/Namine connection. He's the one to escort her to the Destiny Islands in her gummi ship chariot (taking her hand like he's her prince), and Repliku is very protective of Namine in Chain of Memories. Who's the one in the Keyblade Graveyard to sacrifice a chance at a replica body so Namine can have one? That's actual on screen evidence, not reading between the lines.
  9. To be honest, identity matters aside collectively the three have spent fewer than five years existing by the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. Despite everything they've been through they're still emotionally children (by his own personal experience of time Roxas still associates friendship with ice cream specifically) and need time to find their own identities separate from Sora and Kairi before any possible matching up is done.
  10. Anyone else excited by the Breath of the Wild sequel trailer? I like how it's coming full circle with the floating islands, like in Skyward Sword.
  11. Getting Donald to heal you is a matter of adjusting his settings. I figured this out just by exploring the menus. Besides, "I think this might be a good place to find some ingredients" has replaced Donald's healing tendencies as the overused Donald meme.
  12. Ah to the men on the Gummi Ship garage. It took me forever just to exit out of there, completely unintuitive and even counter-intuitive. Sometimes the gummi controls you go up instead of down or vice versa, but it's not hair pullingly frustrating.
  13. Big changes like this aren't new to the show. The War Games at the end of the Second Doctor era expanded on the Doctor's backstory and gave us the name Time Lord, as well as showing other Time Lords who weren't rogues like the Doctor and the Monk. The Deadly Assassin a third of the way through Tom Baker's era, for better or for worse characterised the Time Lords on Gallifrey for the rest of the classic series and introduced concepts like Rassilon and the twelve regenerations limit. The Cartmel Master Plan with the Seventh Doctor was about making the Doctor mysterious again, intending to reveal he was a reincarnation of one third of an ancient Gallifreyan triumvirate that also included Rassilon and Omega (in Remembrance of the Daleks the Doctor mentions "we" had trouble with the prototype of the Hand of Omega before hastily correcting himself). So the Timeless Child isn't anything new in terms of scope, but rather happened to air not only during the period of a controversial casting but also when people had the internet to bitch about their dissatisfaction. Rather it's a different adaptation of the Other concept, except when that was used in the show in the 80's and the novels in the 90's (most prominently in the penultimate New Adventure, the highly expensive to get second hand Lungbarrow) the internet wasn't nearly as ubiquitous as it is today. Brock's jelly donuts and the trainer's choice that stated Seviper was part of an evolution line? The dub for the first movie wasn't well received.
  14. One thing I like about Days and re:coded on the DS that the console games didn't do was being able to replay story points once you'd completed them. Days of course it's the missions, and re:coded you can choose the whole world or just the boss fight (just the boss fight is something Dream Drop Distance did with battle portals, with the exception of Riku's Symphony of Sorcery battle likely due to how that worked).
  15. Covers for the upcoming volume of Dalek Universe are up, and let me know what this, the cover for the third story, The Lost, reminds you of. Because I'm getting Grunkle Ford vibes.
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