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  1. YouTube have dropped the ball before on copyright, another case where users have no power in a system set against them. Even when users comply by the copyright rules they can still get strikes that don't get properly investigated and removed. Even when users are notified of one of their videos getting a strike they can't take it down to remove the offending content.
  2. Birth by Sleep takes a lot of cues from Revenge of the Sith. Both are prequels that ultimately explain why there's no more mystic sword wielders, due to a master manipulator tricking someone into giving into the darkness/dark side by alienating them from their friends and mentor. They set up the next generation as already seen in previous entries, and have people talking about the balance between the light and dark sides (Anakin being destined to bring balance to the Force and Xehanort's motivation being restoring what he perceives as a skewed ratio of light to dark), not to mention someone going into exile after a climactic battle. Mark Hamill is present as well, which pull in parallels to the Star Wars sequel trilogy and his character in that.
  3. And the second book from the left looks like it says Ultimania on the spine.
  4. jbmasta

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    I've just had a morning at work where afterwards my head feels like the train of thought is going everywhere. At least I've had the new Torchwood to stop it from going off the rails (pun unintended, since Dead Man's Switch is about people on a train).
  5. All the games have amazing soundtracks. It's the Kingdom Mix of Calling that plays in Riku's first Traverse Town scene, Sora gets Twister. Sacred Distance is perfect for the mysterious and atmospheric nature of The World That Never Was. The fact Dearly Beloved is worked into the plot of Symphony of Sorcery is beautiful, as is the soundscape for that world in general. The music tracks really elevate what's already a gorgeous and varied looking world. The jazzy feel to Traverse Town never gets old, and if Traverse Town does return Louis from The Princess and the Frog would be natural fit to be performing at an eatery there, likely run by Tiana and Naveen. I'd be cool with a Louis summon, with the finisher incorporating music like the Experiment 626 D-link finisher from Birth by Sleep. Actually, I'd not mind combining the summons with the D-links more consistently in future games, where all the summons are characters you've met and not just some of them like Genie or Tinkerbell. I think Terra's reputation for being a sap is unfounded. He doesn't trust everyone, and the only character he does take the bait of is someone who is Machiavellian in his schemes and knows exactly how to pull Terra's strings. Him, Aqua and Ven are all naive, tending to trust the first people they meet unless they act so obviously evil or are Unversed, and Terra tends to encounter the villains first. He doesn't blindly trust them though, and through his observations and conscious does come to the conclusion they're not allies, such as refusing to bring Snow White's heart to the Evil Queen or that Peter Pan isn't as bad as Hook makes him out. If anything his insecurities mean he wants to trust someone but doesn't blindly trust. Riku also fell victim to manipulation by Xehanort with the aid of Maleficent through his insecurities, but he's not got the reputation for being gullible.
  6. I've finished off Maleficent in her human and dragon forms, got the second Riku boss fight that I'm going to grind for. Any advice?
  7. I wouldn't touch the gameplay. Maybe I'd adjust the level design in a few places or at least add maps, as well as not lock Sora out of triangle commands when enemies are active on the map (really annoying needing to clear all the enemies in a room before being able to open a chest, or activate the switches at Hollow Bastion). Making the gummi customisation system more intuitive to use would also be on my agenda, I spent five to ten minutes trying to get out of Gummi Garage yesterday.
  8. I've had a couple of attempts at Maleficent and learned that she telegraphs her darkness meteor attack so I've got time to duck and cover. Is there any advantage to going with Goofy over Donald or Beast? Donald can heal Sora, and Beast is one of the best guest party members for attacking I've encountered in the game (Peter Pan is also pretty good).
  9. Understandable to see why Gravity was nerfed to the Zero Gravity techniques.
  10. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and up to the first Maleficent battle. What is the best party to bring to the fight, as well as best keyblade to use?
  11. System technical restrictions were probably a factor. There are a couple of times in Birth by Sleep where crowds have attention drawn to them despite not appearing at all. Both times occur in Terra's story, first in Castle of Dreams where the the Grand Duke laments the interruption Symphony Master put to the evening ("Thank you. You saved us all. *Ughh* The guests were just starting to enjoy themselves..."), and then in Olympus Coliseum when Zack is bolstering Terra's confidence by pointing out the cheers of the invisible spectators. The only NCPs are either directly story related or characters from the Disney properties the worlds are based on. It was made for the PSP though, and even some of the game mechanics have a notable time delay like D-linking or even just loading between scenes and going to other worlds. Dream Drop Distance is also struck by this. It's not so noticeable in some worlds because the storyline doesn't ask for non-story NCPs to appear (Monstro, Symphony of Sorcery) but when the Hunchback of Notre Dame world replicates the "Sanctuary!" scene the lack of anyone is jarring. Country of the Musketeers has an unexpectedly low population with just Micky, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Pete and the Beagle Boys. Again, it was made for a portable system and at least the dialogue doesn't refer to people who aren't there. The reversed gravity mechanic is interesting.
  12. For enemies that have a hierarchy it's not really much explored beyond us being told Dusks are lowest rank, there are different classes of Nobody that serve under the Organisation members and that Saix is in charge of anyone not Xemnas or Xigbar.
  13. If a reveal or development is casually brought up in later games, or later games by the nature of their premise spoil something, such as Riku's presence as a co-protagonist in Dream Drop Distance being a late arrival spoiler for his redemption arc or the very status of Birth by Sleep being a prequel leaving certain elements Doomed by Canon, it's not too much of a big deal. If someone is really sensitive to casual spoilers in things that are years old they probably should browse elsewhere. However plot specific spoilers should be treated with more care as to what context they're used in, such as [Character A] [verb]ing [Character B]. Even if something has passed into public consciousness such as what happens to Aerith in Final Fantasy VII still be aware of where you're spreading it since the remake is out next year and there will be plenty of people new to the characters, or at least the story.
  14. Space Paranoids has really cool ambient noise like footsteps having loud echoes.
  15. Fantastic to get the new story quests, definitely needed to think on one of them rather than brute force it with the strongest keyblade. Looking forward to upgrading the Bad Guy Breaker.
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