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  1. All of these would be really good choices. Atlantis would be awesome for exploring, on land, underwater and in the air. The movie is about a Princess and a giant crystal called the Heart of Atlantis, that's perfect for a Kingdom Hearts story (and the crystal could be interpreted as a callback to Final Fantasy's regular use of crystals). Emperor's New Groove has a lot of possibility for more animal forms, which could factor into puzzle solving. "Pull the lever, Goofy!" "Where'd Donald go?" "Why does she even have that lever?" Treasure Planet would look gorgeous, and have proper space exploration. Take the naval aspect from the Caribbean and add the Z axis, wouldn't that be truly amazing? Brother Bear, again animal transformation potential and it's an underrated film. For a Pixar The Incredibles would be a lot of fun. The way the second movie ends opens up a lot of scope for Sora and Co to interact with the Parrs and the superhero community, and it'd get Samuel L Jackson in a Kingdom Hearts game. Samuel L Jackson is never not a win.
  2. I always make sure to get that chest during the Disney Town visit as Ven. When starting a new file of Dream Drop Distance I always carry over the spirits and put Ryu Dragon in the party first alongside Meow Wow for Superglide. Really, you can get it within a few minutes of customising your team. It's the same ledge as where the Prize Pods manifest in Disney Town when playing Terra's story. For Ven they appear on the roof area where the door to the giant pinball thing is.
  3. Playing Dream Drop Distance on Critical Mode (this definitely makes mash X to win a huge challenge), really keeping an eye on the HP bar and a Cure command always on standby (grinding Meow Wow to get Curaga as soon as I can). The lightcycle challenge took a few tries because you can't heal, really not looking forwarding to the rail grind aspect of the Spellican boss fight.
  4. Didn't really help that doing two visits cut down the length of each visit's story to be pretty much the length of a single Birth by Sleep world visit, and those were short. It is Disney, there's a tradition of parents being absent or bumped off, or bumped off in the backstory. That in Moana both parents are alive and stay alive while getting some semblance of characterisation (looking at you Mr and Mrs Aurora's parents, try naming her mother off the top of your head) is remarkable.
  5. The Land of Departure must have been a really toxic place to grow up. Only three, eventually four people there, making Terra, Aqua and Ventus more friends by circumstance rather than coming together as friends by their own volition. It really shows that as soon as they go out into the worlds the connection they have and the relationships between them end up tearing their bond apart. Terra's desire for validation drives him further into where Xehanort wants him, Ven's determined but very naive innocence make him willful and lacking in common sense, and Aqua's pride makes her unable to unify the other two with her. At the end of her Radiant Garden story she's still treating Ven like a wayward child, telling him to go home when anyone who's so much as looked after a child knows he's going to do no such thing. They all needed therapy, and to actually communicate with each other what was wrong with them. Ven even takes his dream for becoming a Keyblade Master because that's that Aqua and Terra are already working towards. Aqua does go through a lot of self-reflection in 0.2 though, better living up to her title as Keyblade Master. Compare with the Twilight Trio. Axel approaches Roxas with that becomes their clock tower ice cream tradition, and Roxas in turn invites Xion. They choose to do this and when one of them is in trouble another will watch out or actively try to help them. Roxas and Xion regularly made detours through Destiny Islands to collect shells for each other when the other was in a coma. When things are going wrong Axel's motivations are to keep the three of them together despite the toll it takes on the trust Roxas has in him. When Axel is on his Castle Oblivion mission Roxas is often shown as being concerned, especially when word gets back about everyone sent there being dead.
  6. Xehanort is a master manipulator, he plays many characters like a fiddle. He even played Eraqus, who knew Xehanort was dodgy. He played on Terra's insecurities, his desire to be recognised and gave him a lifeline for his internal conflict with the darkness within him. Terra doesn't take the villains at their word, he investigates their claims and comes to the conclusion they're up to no good. Ventus and Aqua are just as naive as he is, but they come across the heroes first or see the villains doing villain things. Terra is the one to realise he's gone down the wrong path and wants to atone, but Aqua acts all high and mighty by reminding him of his failures. His whole arc in the second ring of Disney worlds is rejecting darkness and recognising he needs the friends he's been pushing back. Aqua is the one who keeps making things worse between the three of them, proving a spanner in the works who ends up benefiting Xehanort. In Radiant Garden she pushes Terra away and insists Ven go home, once more separating the trio until the fateful clash in the Keyblade Graveyard. She believes Maleficent over her trust in the young man she's grown up training alongside.
  7. Does that include 358/2 Days and re:coded on the DS?
  8. The intro songs have reflected the numbered title they're closest to for plot, so I'm going with Face My Fears. Chain of Memories, re:coded and Birth by Sleep heavily link to Kingdom Hearts 1 for plot, the first two being based on visiting recreations of Kingdom Hearts 1 worlds, so use Simple and Clean. 0.2 being a follow-up to Birth by Sleep carries the Ray of Hope remix for Simple and Clean. 258/2 Days is the backstory of Roxas, a key character for Kingdom Hearts 2, so Sanctuary. Dream Drop Distance ties all the games together to build up to Kingdom Hearts 3, so it uses the orchestral version of Hikari and finishes with Sanctuary ~After the Battle~. As Melody of Memory is Kairi's experience in the aftermath of Kingdom Hearts 3 it'll likely be Face My Fears or Don't Think Twice, both reflecting Kairi's mindset and motivation in searching for a way to restore Sora.
  9. I finished 358/2 Days this morning, now the only Kingdom Hearts games on consoles I haven't reached the end credits on are Chain of Memories and re:coded. The missions could have used some variation, but at least there was only one tailing mission. The Emerald Serenades are a pain to chase because you need to intercept it and can only knock off a fraction of the health bar per intercept and they've got five bars. We all know the pain that the Infernal Engine, Leechgrave and Ruler of the Sky enemies cause. I've really come to appreciate the panel system, it's a unique mechanic and the most immersive resource management system the series has used so far. The customisation is a lot of fun and tests your tetris skills, as well as letting you try different features for things like High Jump, Air Slide and Glide. The way your magic casts are tied to the magic panels you've installed makes you more economical with your magic useage, and you pay more attention to your set-up if you want to make the most out of panel enhancing chains. The character work is mostly great, and it's always worth talking to everyone in the Grey Room to see what dialogue they have, items they give and challenges they give to unlock more missions (even though you can access them later in the game). We don't get much time with Marluxia, Larxene, Vexen, Zexion and Lexaous because Chain of Memories takes place fairly early on into the game. In terms of individual world storylines some are very well done. My favorite is the Olympus Coliseum because Phil is one of the few characters to treat Roxas as an individual, genuinely wanting him to meet his potential from almost a paternal postion. His final words to Roxas, "don't be a stranger", make it sad we won't hear this ever voiced. Agrabah is amost puzzle box, with successive visits unearthing more areas (practically the whole Cave of Wonders is areas exclusive to this game) until finally Roxas and Xion access the lamp chamber. Halloween Town has a great background plot where Jack's looking for inspiration for next Halloween, Roxas unintentionally giving him some. I do think Wonderland had a missed opportunity with the Bizzare Room, where collectibles only appeared in shrunken form. Maybe something more could have been done with the size shifting mechanic. A very clever touch I noted was that Disney characters from the first game and this one will talk about and are familiar with Heartless, but not mention Sora since the events of Chain of Memories mean it won't be until the start of Kingdom Hearts 2 that the links he's formed are reformed. This game definitely deserves a HD remake, and the only thing I can see being lost with the lack of a second screen is specific sequences when Roxas having flashes of Sora is shown as that Sora scene appearing on the bottom screen. I'd also add in more exploration of The Castle That Never Was as a hub area instead of just the Grey Room. One early and one late game mission do give you more rooms to go about in, but proper exploration would provide more insight into how the indiviudal members operate.
  10. Probably more that the names are thematic to the setting and characters of the games they're in. Roxas is heavily associated with twilight in KH2, the sun setting on his existence and his version of the tutorial Darkside being the Twilight Thorn (the manifestation of Nobody enemy types usually having a thorn type visual and they appear on the Two Become One keychain). Daybreak Town is the main setting of X/Union X and the earliest chronological point in the series. I'd elaborate on this but I suspect it would breach the spoiler policy.
  11. Just noting that even though Pridelands appears, Sora's in normal form which indicates individual world form changes won't be represented.
  12. I've only seen Gravity Falls, but there is a lot to recommend about it. The mystery is solid and stands up well on rewatching the show, lots of things that in hindsight were foreshadowing later developments. The characters are great, even if I think Dipper got a raw deal due to Mabel a few too many times. The comedy is spot on and the supporting cast is memorable without being overbearing. The villains are also very well written and performed, with Bill being one of the nastiest antagonists to grace fiction. If there's anything disappointing it's that Wendy never received a focus episode exploring her own life, the storylines she was a big part in revolved around the adventures of the twins or Dipper's crush on her. The episode The Society of the Blind Eye does present an interesting angle that was ultimately never explored.
  13. I'm up to Leechgrave for Days. Any advice?
  14. While it takes some getting used to, the panel system in 358/2 Days is definitely an interesting way to do magic, items and inventory management. It also tests your tetris skills. The flying mechanic is great across a larger area than just the deck of the Jolly Roger, and would have been really fun to see implemented in Birth by Sleep's Neverland. It's a pretty solid flying mechanic too, especially for the DS. Also, finally beat the Infernal Engine after dying a few times.
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