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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. It wouldn't surprise me if Ven was on that level. We know he was around during the Age of Fairytales and Eraqus would have deliberately held him back as far as he reasonably could. He certainly did all he could to keep Ven at the Land of Departure to prevent the formation of the X-Blade. Over the course of Birth by Sleep he gets strong enough to defeat powerful foes that Terra and Aqua have no trouble dispatching, as well as the strength of will to defeat Vanitas even at the cost of his own heart. Everyone looks down at Ven, seeing him as a tool, a potential weapon, a kid, when we see he's more an equal to Terra and Aqua than he's given credit for on screen.
  2. You should. Even if the missions can get a bit tedious some of the worlds have a really good story with great character aspects like the mentor role Phil takes for Roxas or the background plot with Jack in Halloweentown. I really like re:coded's gameplay because it's so varied particularly with the boss fights. Trickmaster on a railslider is easier than in the first game and properly exploring KH1 Destiny Islands and Hollow Bastion is fantastic.
  3. It plays a lot more like the Melody Catcher reality shift from Symphony of Sorcery in Dream Drop Distance, particularly with the hold targets.
  4. Anthro Lion form would be the most logical appearance if Sora ever visits Zootopia. There's a sketch of the original design in the artbook for the limited ediiton 1.5 release.
  5. Even Ubisoft broke off its yearly release schedule for the Assassin's Creed franchise to focus on quality over meeting a deadline.
  6. He's on the power level of Master and would have achieved the rank officially had Xehanort not poured poison in Eraqus's ears, or rather his eyes (it was through written correspondence he planted seeds of doubt).
  7. It was directly stated for the first time, but there was foreshadowing such as a scene with Axel late in Re:Chain of Memories. Even in Days it was shown that the Org members were acting a bit too emotional for being supposedly devoid of it by nature. Xion ends up having a major existential crisis.
  8. He's already had a spotlight, being a major focus in Kingdom Hearts 2 and the player character of 358/2 Days. His whole storyline was defined by his connection to Sora and the sacrifice he had to make to Sora whether he wanted to or not. Now he's regained independent existence along with Xion and reunited with Axel/Lea his story is done and as much as I want more with Roxas I can't see him having more story left. With so many character storylines wrapped up the best thing the story can do is not have so many character threads in play.
  9. Except for Assassin's Creed, which didn't have a game out in 2019.
  10. The BbS melding system is so broken. The re:coded command conversion at least doesn't make it so obvious like Fire+Fire=Fira.
  11. I'll happily take Tron Legacy over any of the live action remakes. Solid father/son reconciliation, love interest sub-plot very low key and Clu is an interesting villain in that he's not a rogue AI, he's doing exactly as he was programed. For trying to translate a PS2 RPG to a DS platform both Days and re:coded are very solid efforts, even if the graphics have aged poorly. Both the panel and the command circuit systems are creative ways to work with your set-up.
  12. I believe the exact words Ven uses in the Keyblade Graveyard is for Aqua and Terra to end him. I would definitely get a Day and re:coded remake release, even if it means going through the Infernal Engine in HD. The World of Final Fantasy XV has amply proven this. Cross-media should supplement, not be required to get the main story and character arcs. Aqua ends up being the wild card, like Sora in KH1, Axel in Com and KH2 and Xion in Days. The character the big bad didn't account for them when laying down their plans but this time she skewed things in favour of the big bad instead of against him.
  13. Doesn't help that the narrator could be interchangeable, since the only concession to Kairi narrating is referring to herself in the first person. She doesn't add insight or personality. Even a line of her recognising the castle at Radiant Garden from the professor's slides in Deep Jungle (reusing old assets so shouldn't affect the licensing rights in theory, although Deep Jungle was the only KH1 world absent).
  14. If you haven't played it or played it right through I highly encourage anyone to seek out a copy for the DS and play it. For once thing you can actually walk around Destiny Islands.
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