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  1. What's the best story obtained Keyblade in each game? Disqualifying Ultima Weapon because the only game you don't get it through side quests (the Mirage Arena in Birth by Sleep) or synthesis is Dream Drop Distance, and even then it's in the post-game and obtained by beating only the secret boss. This is for Keyblades obtained only through completing the story and not farming synthesis materials or doing side content.
  2. I'm replaying Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix and once again have hit a roadbock at Roxas in the World That Never Was. Any advice on best Keyblade, abilities and strategies, as well as abilities to unequip and what strategies don't work? I'm playing on Proud, around level 52.
  3. For a fifteen year old who spent the last year sleeping and before that was known for napping he’s in good shape. Atlantica is also the only world Sora doesn’t have his crown necklace. He even has it in Pride Lands despite there being no way to produce such things there. Sora has the line in Under the Sea “Darlin’ it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me” and he opens his arms out like he’s showing himself off.
  4. No spoilers for Onward! It’s not even out until next month for me because of when school holidays are on. Sleeping Beauty was done for Birth by Sleep and never had a sequel. Even if a follow up storyline was done, where could it go? Maleficent is done and Aurora has her happy ending. Even though the BbS version of the story does spare Maleficent, she had to live because she’s in the games later in the chronology. A weakness of the early Birth by Sleep worlds was that the villains apart from Maleficent didn’t have the power to act as a Kingdom Hearts boss. Terra and Aqua both had the same boss in Dwarf Woodlands, and Lucifer was only a threat to Ven because the boy was the size of a mouse (and the Unversed scaled down to the same size).
  5. I was picking up KH2 last night and decided to do Atlantica. Wasn't too bad actually, and pretty much breezed through the songs (HJO has a great singing voice). What I did notice was how much it stands out that they reused Atlantica Sora's character model from Kingdom Hearts 1 and put Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora's head on, which is a noticeable thing when you look closely.
  6. Moana has such amazing potential as a Kingdom Hearts world. Using wayfinding to navigate the ocean and exploring different islands, much like the naval exploration aspect of the Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 3. Maui would be a great party member, and his Hook is made to be the basis of a Keyblade design. Using Polynesian mythology as the basis of bosses, storyline and monsters (boss fight with Tamatoa in Lalotai anyone?) is so obvious. Even just the story of the film matches the first Kingdom Hearts so well, a native of a tropical island yearning to travel beyond yet only achieving it when their home is in danger, accompanied by a magic user they are initially argumentative with despite becoming close and transporting a heart in order to restore it to its home. In doing so they fix the wrongs made by a well-intentioned by rash individual.
  7. Anyone who can untangle what the frick went on in those last few volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle deserves a medal. The first rule of introducing time travel to a long running franchise should be that you don't introduce time travel to a long running franchise. Unless time travel is already an established concept it'll inevitably get many confused. Stargate did time travel well though, and was consistent with the methods. Futurama too. CLAMP is a creative team who have done manga like Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic (pronounced Holic, and it's not what the triple x suggests).
  8. Nomura has clearly been reading CLAMP when he was writing the later games. There's a young man who travels worlds accompanied by a warrior and a mage in search of a way to restore the young woman he loves. Behind the scenes there's a mysterious man who has planned for every eventuality and has agents across many worlds. Numerous clones are involved, and there's a convoluted time travel gambit to save a life that doesn't faze the big bad one bit and that comes at the cost of someone's existence. A major theme is destiny, or hitsuzen.
  9. A kabuki theme definitely, since Yokai wears a kabuki mask in the movie. Since costuming is used to indicate emotion, that might open up Unversed, since they're literally negative emotions made manifest.
  10. That mask reminds me of Oni. They'd be a really cool concept for a Kingdom Hearts enemy, shadowy demons. They work perfectly for character designs. In Teen Wolf they were associated with the Nogitsune, a creature who was a master of stealing someone's identity and playing mindgames with them. That's definitely something Kingdom Hearts has done with Ansem SOD, taunting Riku throughout the Reverse/Rebirth campaign in Chain of Memories.
  11. Still the most interesting of the wonders and potential for data manipulation. Re:coded explores the relationship between data versions and Hearts, with fascinating insights and potential.
  12. And between when Riku gives Sora's shadow autonomy and Sora reclaiming it (clever nod to the original Peter Pan movie), Sora doesn't cast a shadow at all.
  13. A one appearance wonder I'd like to have seen more done with is Shadow Roxas. He's one of the Seven Wonders of Twilight Town, but he comes for one pretty easy fight and goes without any fanfare.
  14. Don't forget the Dark Hide from the Birth by Sleep secret episode. There's a complete list here: https://kingdomhearts.fandom.com/wiki/Heartless
  15. I do have to say, the Stitch D-Link fully levelled is excellent for maxing out techniques because he has the Double CP ability. Combine that with the Seacoast stretch of Neverland, that's great for grinding. Better than Twister Valley because you can reset the Unversed by walking out of and back into the area.
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