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  1. Those costumes look more like cosplay. I know the original has a simplistic art style but live action there's so much more scope for costuming especially since the girls are aged up for this version. The rogues gallery is going to be either effects or prosthetics heavy. If Legends of Tomorrow has taught us anything it's that the more CGI required, the more likely the powers will be downplayed or sidelined. Would they even dare try doing Him?
  2. While it did negate the Metroidvania factor of previous games (returning to old areas with moves from later in the game), flow motion did add more for the verticality of the worlds (the town area in the Hunchback world for example). I'm impressed that areas of the scale were included on the 3DS cart, as there are multiple large maps with various possible routes as well as nooks and crannies that for the most part offset linearity. For gameplay mechanics the bug blocks in re:coded do a lot to evoke the platforming that was largely abandoned after the first game. There is a fun bit of platforming in one of Riku's maps for The World That Never Was in Dream Drop Distance, that wall with the blocks that protrude at various points but the wall surface hurts you so you can't flow motion up it. If the game had included more things like that then flow motion wouldn't be quite as game breaking for exploration as it is. I enjoy platforming in Kingdom Hearts.
  3. Nomura specified that a kanji difference or something was key to the Shibuya referenced in Dream Drop Distance and the one seen in the Yozora secret movie at the end of KH3 not being the same. It also makes easter eggs with the kanji harder to identify if you don't know the Japanese text and nuances, such as Oath Keeper and Oblivion's teeth being the kanji for light and darkness respectively (which also appear on Sora's clothes in Kingdom Hearts 3 for Light Form, Dark Form and Double Form).
  4. If you want to see how bad localisations can get, how about Final Fantasy VII telling you how to get killed by the first boss?
  5. One thing I'd like to see going forward is that if there are time skips within the narrative of the game, then alter character models if it's a significant chunk of time. In Birth by Sleep the models for Ventus, Terra, Aqua, Eraqus and Master Xehanort are the same in the Four Years Prior flashbacks as they are in the main story. Eraqus and Xehanort, they're older men so four years isn't a big deal. The Wayfinder trio however are teenagers (late teens at youngest for Terra and Aqua if they're not early twenties already) or pre-teens, suggesting Terra and Aqua weren't late bloomers while Ventus was. PSP game I know, so probably not worth doing four years younger sprites for for the three since it's five or ten minutes collectively across all three stories in terms of cutscene length in a game. The game is very economical with NCPs to the point a couple of cutscenes bring attention to a crowd of people who aren't there! Still, it can take you out of the time progression when the main characters don't appear to age at all.
  6. As it's been a long time since I've desired to know the current slang, I'm guessing flammable in some way, or at least luminous.
  7. Minor differences where base, Final Mix and re versions are concerned (Chain of Memories to re:Chain of Memories is probably the biggest shift between versions so far), but for the most part it's the same games.
  8. An upcoming mobile game that looks to be retelling the story of Final Fantasy VII and the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII (Japan exclusive mobile game Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children, an OVA called Last Order has been rendered non-canon from the Compilation since VII Remake), most likely to serve as a companion for the Remake series. It's due out for a worldwide release some point next year.
  9. Gameplay-wise there may be a small delay in triggering a style change and using it. Transfer as much data as possible for a smoother play process, and you get a cool screen of the characters walking across. If you're playing the vanilla version then the added features like unversed silhouettes won't be there, and the Secret Episode certainly won't be. Many Unversed got color changes between the vanilla and Final Mix editions. The hardest mode is Proud. Basically, it's worth looking up what was added with Final Mix so you won't be surprised by its absence in the base version.
  10. Cavern of Remembrance is a lot of fun to travel through, even if that Air Slide+Aerial Jump bit can be tricky to pull off. It feels more like KH1's Hollow Bastion than any other world in KH2 does in terms of how twisty turny it can be as you enter to and exit from different points in the mineshaft, as well as in the platforming you do (a far more engaging use of the Ride the Wind reaction command than Land of Dragons achieves in the overworld), as platforming is something that was toned down in KH2. Space Paranoids is a world that's aged really well visually because of how it's emulated the visuals from the Tron film, and the foley effects like reverberating footsteps help it to stand out. Things like curvature of walls look gorgeous and it genuinely feels other worldly.
  11. Did the last two posts get put in the wrong thread?
  12. As the title says, what are your favorite worlds in terms of the design? Not factoring in story or characters, purely the environments you walk around in and sometimes interact with. Maybe it's just really fun to wander around in, or it's a faithful recreation of your favorite Disney film. Perhaps it's ambitious in terms of what you can do or how you move about. Dream Drop Distance is quite good at this, with the help of reality shifts. The Grid where you can manipulate coding (and the code that appears upon completion of the reality shift makes logical sense in computer terms), or Symphony of Sorcery's unique soundscape and the way Melody Catcher opens up new paths. Atlantica, mainly the first game is a world I admire the ambition in because while the underwater controls and combat aren't entirely intuitive, it's at least ambitious and makes the areas more three dimensional without resorting to platforming. Not to say that platforming is bad, but swimming offers variation. For sheer size and beauty, the Caribbean. It properly feels like exploration and you immerse yourself in the islands and the water. The islands are visually distinct, it's not the same basic asset copy and pasted for quantity over quality.
  13. Managed to defeat Roxas in KH2FM Critical Mode! First step was to hightail to it the nearest save point. My strategy was a few rounds of Sonic Rave in Limit Form (had Ethers equipped), then using Reflega the rest of the battle. That cutscene with Roxas and Axel that follows is beautiful, especially "right back at ya, buddy". Now it's back to Drive Form grinding.
  14. One thing about Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS that impresses me is world scope, in terms of size and variation (except for Riku's side of Prankster's Paradise as it's back to Monstro's innards). Large rooms with the only worlds overtly recycling assets being Traverse Town and the tower areas of Symphony of Sorcery (reused from Birth by Sleep). Just look and rooms like Mont St Michel in Country of the Musketeers with the size, nooks and crannies. For Symphony of Sorcery the tower areas are the only maps Sora and Riku both access, they have a number of exclusive areas that are very expansive and use the Melody Catcher reality shift to manipulate. Compare with the worlds in the other handheld games, which tend reuse assets or designs from previous games or spread the same assets across multiple character stories. Terra, Ventus and Aqua individually have no exclusive maps in Land of Departure, Disney Town, Coliseum (itself a world made of four small rooms, three of which are carried over from KH1 and Days) or the Keyblade Graveyard. So for Dream Drop Distance to run what it did on the 3DS, which was new at the time the game released, is remarkable. The mobile game was updated episodically across the second half of 2009 in Japan, the final episode in the end of January 2010 (Birth by Sleep was released in Japan earlier that month). re:coded on the DS was released January 2011. I have fun with it and being able to walk around Destiny Islands is something that's become far too rare an opportunity.
  15. Is this the shortest amount of time between the chapter being released in Japanese and in English?
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