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  1. In re:coded we follow a data version of Sora, who starts out as the real world Sora did at the start of Kingdom Hearts 1. We follow him travelling through data versions of the worlds from the first game, and then the second half through Castle Oblivion where he and Mickey eventually learn that contained in real world Sora's heart is the means to restore various characters, tested by Data-Roxas as sent by Data-Namine. Messaged delivered, Data-Namine erases herself from the digital version of Jimininy's journal. And then what? We don't see Data-Sora erased or anything to suggest what happens after Mickey leaves for the real world. We know Data-Sora has a heart, he grew one and that's how he gained a new keyblade after his original one was destroyed. Did he stay in the journal programme and hang out with everyone there, put into narrative limbo? Did Jimininy add to the journal programme the worlds encountered in Kingdom Hearts 2 so Data-Sora had more worlds to explore and people to meet? Tangent here, if Data-Sora can grow a heart, like Tron grew a heart, does that mean the people in DiZ's digital Twilight Town are also capable of growing their own hearts? After all, Data-Sora started out a digital facsimile of the real world Sora, data loaded with base memory and personality that influenced his AI (which meant he mirrored the Sora he was based on), much like how the digital Hayner, Pence and Olette are based on their real world counter-parts, both sets being very open to friendship with Roxas. For an entry often passed over as filler, it raises a lot of tricky possibilities.
  2. Another plot omission in Corona is Flynn telling Rapunzel his name is actually Eugene, so it comes out of nowhere at the end. The Arendelle boss is called Skoll, after the wolf in Norse mythology who chases the sun to bring darkness. The storyline I think could have been expanded more is the seven new hearts, particularly as it could have given Kairi more to do as well as develop that bit of lore from the very first game. Yen Sid even mentions them in the build up to the Second Keyblade War, as Xehanort would target them if the Guardians of Light didn't assemble and he'd be after Kairi anyway due to her being a Princess of Heart. Another angle is Ventus as one of the seven new hearts, as his is a heart of pure light like the Princesses of Heart are. It's mentioned in Birth by Sleep when he visits Enchanted Dominion, one of the good fairies notes his heart is like Aurora's, but it's never referenced directly beyond this. Especially when those were two movie plot based worlds were Sora and co had the least impact on the plot while following the native characters around. Arendelle is literally running up and down the mountain, ending up at the bottom each time the top is reached at least two times. At least in the Caribbean Tia Dalma's crab constructions kept them out of the way until the climax of the world and we got the naval exploration.
  3. The Way to the Dawn breaking might have something to do with Riku's character development, as it represents his atonement after his temptation and fall in Kingdom Hearts 1. By coming to terms with the darkness in him, particularly by giving Ansem yet another beat down, Riku proves worthy of the Mark of Mastery. He's outgrown it so when it breaks, he doesn't need it anymore and passes it on to his replica who has his own arc that he uses the Way to the Dawn to complete.
  4. The whole thing about Sora being the Chosen One was retconned certainly by Birth by Sleep, and well broken by Dream Drop Distance when Lea of all people gained a keyblade.
  5. Vanitas is tied up with the Xehanort saga as far as we know, so unless there's an aspect to Vanitas that links to the Union Cross story, I don't think we'll see him again. One theory I do have is that even back in the Union Cross days Vanitas existed as a split personality within Ventus, a Jeykll and Hyde scenario. Ventus is actually scared of his Vanitas side, which is why he doesn't fight back against the Neo-Shadows that Xehanort has set against him in his Birth by Sleep backstory. It'd have been interesting if the story had gone along the lines of Star Trek's The Enemy Within, where Vanitas and Ventus need to be together to survive, just as the two Kirks represented a collection of character traits that needed the traits the other Kirk had to balance out.
  6. Given it's the only time we've seen Marluxia use this ability, it's probably a one-off excuse ability like how Larxene's abilities in Arendelle are more than just the lightning she's previously used (she creates a whole labyrinth structure out of ice). The plot of Tangled required night had to turn back to day, so Sora had to be excused from the plot.
  7. I don't think there was a traitor, MoM was manipulating the Foretellers so that they'd bring about the Keyblade War despite their efforts to prevent it. Interesting how the character models for most of the speaking characters got used in Kingdom Hearts 3, except for Ava. I wonder if the VAs recorded their lines in the same session as Back Cover.
  8. Roxas has had some pretty tough fights under his belt that's he's come out on top. The many Heartless he defeated while a part of the Organisation, boss mode Xion, non-darkness Riku, Axel (when Roxas is under a lot of confusion) all within a year. It takes a lot to knock out Roxas, and very few actually achieve it in-story. Sora's battle with Roxas at Memory Skyscraper in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix can be brutal if you aren't prepared, and can be tougher than the rest of the Organisation bosses depending on how you play. In a one on one, even playing field, I'd odds on Roxas.
  9. Return to Neverland is a brilliant movie, and addresses or at least sidesteps the elements of the original Peter Pan that haven't aged as well (Tink actually grows out of her more homicidal tendencies she showed towards Wendy). My still forming fanfic for a Kingdom Hearts storyline involves an original protagonist who fill's Jane's role in Return to Neverland, with his character arc being about accepting in other people and his arc in Neverland would be about faith, trust and pixie dust. A Moana world, I'm thinking called Voyager's Ocean, which has an open sea and islands you can explore similar to the open world of the Caribbean in KH3. If Sora is the protagonist, his storyline in KH1 mirrors Moana's own storyline in her movie. Both grew up on a tropical island, yearning to explore beyond their home but only being able to do so when their homes are threatened. They carry a heart with them that they need to restore to its owner to resolve the crisis, and are accompanied by an egocentric character who can use transformational magic. Plotwise there's so much Pacific mythology that can be tapped into, and the realm of monsters is rich for antagonist designs. Plus a mini-boss fight against Tamatoa would be amazing. A Pacific themed costume for the protagonist too.
  10. It's a way the game is more evenly balanced and you don't get overpowered drive forms once you obtain them at base level. If it says you can't level up the form, just progress in the story.
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