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  1. Because of this, it gives me another question what would happen if we will have another game that will be based on MoM's origins? I can already imagine Nomura and his team are going to make another prequel based-game. I mean look at Dark Road and Missing Link, but hey all of this is just a theory and also my headcanon. I created an X Saga which serves as a prequel of all the stories of the Kingdom Hearts series. Here are the lists. Kingdom Hearts 0/KH0 -A boy who can wield a key-shaped sword called the Keyblade by using the X-Blade as a model, has the ability to create his own Keyblade by using people's hearts. It also talks about a story of the conflict between light and darkness. This conflict continued for an unknown period of time, in which the boy saw many of his loved ones perish from the darkness overtaking their hearts. Kingdom Hearts: Before X (Chi)/KHBX -After the boy's homeworld is destroyed, the boy crosses into a new worldline, settling in Daybreak Town. The boy would later grow into adulthood, getting used to the new place until he traveled to the different parts of the town. He met some people in that place. People that might have the potential to fight the impending Darkness that would later destroy another world. The boy trained some of the people there on how to wield and craft their own Keyblades inside their hearts to protect themselves from Darkness. The boy would later adopt a moniker called "Master". The Master saw Daybreak Town as another world that would later be destroyed into darkness but he developed a plan. He composed a book called the Book of Prophecies from events foreseen by his Gazing Eye. This allowed Darkness to peek inside the Book, but the Master intentionally remained vague in order to mislead his foe. Kingdom Hearts X/Unchained X (Chi)/KHX -The Master raised many Keyblade wielders for many years until he found six individuals that would later become his apprentices. The Master gifted them different names and gave them an important role that would later change many events, including the lives of his six apprentices. Because of the distrust of the different Unions, it will create a war that will destroy many worlds. One of his apprentices finds out about the Master's dark motive and goal to defeat the Darkness. This leads one of his apprentices to act on his own accord but still follows the role that the Master gave him. One of his apprentices created a different union and rallied Keyblade wielders that will not participate in the Keyblade War so that they will be the only ones that will keep the light safe into the future. Kingdom Hearts Union X/KHUX -A new generation of Union Leaders are trapped inside a data simulation, finding out about the secrets of the Master's plans and motives, and also the ones who are left will face an entity called Darkness. The Union Leaders realized that Daybreak Town is about to be destroyed by the Darkness so they used a pod that will transport them into another world/timeline. Some of the fates of the Union Leaders after they used the pods are unknown but some of them got successfully transported into a new world so that they can keep the light safe. Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link/KHMS -An ancient keyblade wielder that got sent into another worldline called Scala ad Caelum. A city of light and darkness, dreams and distortion, the remembered and the forgotten, and also the city created by his old friend/acquaintance. Here, another generation of Keyblade wielders lived in societies that sprawled and branched like veins through the city. Kingdom Hearts Union X: Dark Road/KHDR -Two keyblade wielders wanted to become Keyblade Masters in their own right. One walked into a path of light, but the other walked into a path of darkness. It created a rift in their story. A rift that will create a new set of history. And that's how the Dark Seeker Saga started. What do you guys think? Which game's story summary interests you? I know KH0 and KHBX are never gonna happen since they are just my ideas, but hey I actually don't mind another prequel story about MoM's origin game/movie like X Back Cover. Because we all know Nomura is going to make the story even more complicated. But wanna hear your thoughts on my headcanon summary?
  2. I don't have proof just search it up because I'm not the only one who makes this type of posts before.
  3. Sadly the reason why I didn't put GF on the list is because Alex Hirsch the creator of the show hates Kingdom Hearts.
  4. Which Disney Animated Series do you want to appear in Kingdom Hearts series. We all know in reality not all of them are not gonna happen right? But hey a man/child can dream. Which Disney Animated Series you want to appear and why? If it does happen, the worlds I want to appear are: Gargoyles (I love the dark atmosphere of this series. A Q&A with Greg Weisman, the creator of Disney TV series Gargoyles, he confirms that Gargoyles was "getting close on Kingdom Hearts") Owl House (It would make sense considering the show is filled with magic I can already imagine Luz and King as your party members.) Amphibia ( Imagine if we saw an Amphibian versions of Sora, Donald, and Goofy or Sora, Riku, and Kairi and might meet up with Anne and her friends to stop King Andrias and his master.) Ducktales OG Reboot (OG or Reboot it doesn't matter. The reason why I included the reboot 2017 is because the reboot became one of the medals that you use in KHUX) Star vs The Forces of Evil (Same as Owl House but Star and Marco are your party members.) Goof Troop (Max and PJ) (As a way of providing more backstory and focus for Donald and Goofy, I'd love to have worlds that revolve around Goof Troop/A Goofy Movie and Duck Tales.) Tangled: The Series (Imagine Sora will encounter villains like Varian, Cassandra, and Zhan Tiri) Kim Possible (Most of the villains would make for EXCELLENT boss battles.) Motorcity (If it's at all possible, cause I can see a lot of cool fights coming out of this world. Plus, I just really dig that show's style, and want to see more of it.) Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (I can see this being a similar situation to Space Paranoids or the Timeless River, where it exists as a world within Toy Box). I know some of you may not agree with my list, but all of them are my opinions. That's why I want you guys to form your own answers and lists. But what do you guys think? Do you think Tetsuya Nomura will create another filler KH game and he will use Disney Animated Series' worlds as an example? Let me know your thoughts and answers.
  5. Could work Demyx did refer MoM as the "May your heart be your guiding key" guy in his character reports from KH3 Ultimania.
  6. Now that Luxu was revealed to be the traitor thanks to KHUX finale, this got me thinking, how will Luxu betray the Foretellers and MoM? This got me thinking what if I told you that inside the Black Box that Luxu was protecting is the 7 darknesses that MoM mentioned during his meeting with Luxu. This got me thinking, we never saw how the 7 darknesses possessed the Foretellers in the Keyblade War. Similar to how many people believed that the Foretellers died in the Keyblade Graveyard, yet we never saw their keyblades as gravestones. It would finally make sense why MoM told Luxu not to open it, the Black Box can only be opened at the right time and place. Well let's see the status of the 6 darknesses that we met in KHUX, who were stuck in the data world. The one who escaped in the data world, and the one who interacted with Luxu and Maleficent. I think it’s the one that Xehanort sees and persists in spreading the Heartless to present day. But there's also a possibility that Xehanort will be possessed by one of the 13 darknesses. Since Xehanort has a strong heart there's a way to trapped the darkness inside his heart, since MoM told him that he will be a seeker of darkness someday (it was stated in KH3 ReMind). It would also give Xehanort to control the power to control the darkness. The one inside Ventus who killed Strelitzia, and also escaped the data world. And the one who will gain a physical form named Vanitas. And the four who were trapped in the data Daybreak Town by the Player. So in other words, we defeated/killed the 6 lesser-known darknesses, that remains 7. But if you count the remaining 4 who were trapped in the data world, that remains 11 in total. MoM said in his explanation that in order to kill the Darkness we need to: Give the Darkness a physical form. (similar to Vanitas) Kill the person who's been controlling it. (like Xehanort) I think this was his plan, let the Foretellers be possessed by the darknesses. So that the 7 darknesses will gain a physical form, but one of them chooses to become a vessel for the Darkness, Luxu. Luxu chooses to become a part of it because I think this is what the Master meant on why he called Luxu "a traitor", and he had foreseen it because of the No Name Keyblade which contains his eye. But I think the reason why Luxu would accept it is that Luxu never accepted MoM's plan to let his own apprentices and the Union Leaders become vessels for the Darkness. That's why Luxu went a different approach to accomplish his role, whether to meddle with the Dandelions (like Ventus, Brain, Lauriam). This also got me thinking if Luxu is the only apprentice of MoM to accept the Darkness inside his heart, is he also going to be the leader of the 7 darknesses? Look closely at the 7 black pieces, the goat piece (Luxu) is in the middle, while the other pieces of the Foretellers are on the left and right sides. I could be wrong though if Luxu is not going to be the leader of the 7 darknesses, it could be the dark half of MoM as his new master. But the problem here is the other members of the 7 Darknesses are just dark counterparts or abominations of the Foretellers. The thing here is according to MoM, what he read in the BoP "the traitor has a purpose". What is Luxu's purpose for doing this? What's his endgame? What's his plan? It would finally explain why MoM is in Quadratum, possibly looking for Sora to "team up" with him to defeat the 7 remaing darknesses. The sad thing here is in order to kill the darkness inside Luxu, you're gonna have to kill him. Whether Sora or MoM will deliver the final blow against him. So in other words this is how the fight will happen: Sora (and maybe his friends) vs Luxu MoM vs Xeprus (dark counterpart of MoM) Ira vs Dark Ira Invi vs Dark Invi Aced vs Dark Aced Gula vs Dark Gula Ava vs Dark Ava I just hope the names of the Foretellers are also revealed because their names are NOT their real names. The names of the Foretellers are the names of their 7 darknesses. As for the name Xeprus, all I did is to rearrange the sigil of the Black Box XSUPER and I kinda found a name for MoM's dark counterpart. But what do you guys think? Do you think this is how Luxu will betray the Foretellers and MoM and accept the darkness inside his heart? Let me know your thoughts and answers. References: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mny2p2M_iY&t=38s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J47RO3DoHB8 https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/nqipgr/theory_new_forms_of_darkness_part_2/
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