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[Theory] If Vanitas is one of the 13 Willful Darknesses that gained a physical form. What do you think the other 12 Darknesses would look like if they finally gained a physical form of their own?

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While this technically isn't canon, the Birth by Sleep novel said that Vanitas used to be a faceless being with red eyes until Ventus and Sora formed a connection, which is what made Vanitas' face look like Sora's. So, it may be possible that the other Darknesses would not have faces either, unless the person they came from formed a connection with someone too. Either that, or their faces would look like whoever they came from. As for what they will be wearing, I would guess that their outfits would look similar to Vanitas' since he was wearing his outfit from the moment Xehanort extracted him from Ventus.

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"Darkness is so abstract" - Laurium, KHUX

In KHUX Darkness did not require a unique form to exist separate from a heart as we are introduced to an abstract figure responsible for Starlitiza's murder that declares itself to be pure Darkness. 

However if I am correct that this figure was Vanitas prior to existing in Ventus' heart than it would seem that pure Darkness shares the concept of the replicas in that it is shaped by the heart as Vanitas came to resemble Sora (though I don't see as much resemblance as the characters seem to) due to Sora's sutures in Ventus' heart. 

Therefore it stands to reason that if others' Darknessess existed as separate entities because most don't have such complex hearts as Sora and Ventus, they would just be identical to their humans. Sort of like Anti-Sora. 

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