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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. man it sucks so hard that there there is no such thing as hulu germany I always wonder why dont they want my money?
  2. those are the most important subjects at the moment .I guess they have some ideas allready but they dont want to share them since they have to wait what the couple next disney movies like frozen 2 are going to be about
  3. Good thing i havent invested that much time in my first save file i havent even made ultima.
  4. I am all down for a riku kairi game if not for no other reason than to see them talk about how and why thing dint work out between them
  5. oh silly old me wasnt even thinking that it mayd was relating to the game lol... i am dumb
  6. I am with you an actor should always be seperated from his work. Most weird of all are those people that after Something like this happend say that he was never that good to begin with and such and such its scary how people seem to have a filter in their mind were everything must be viewed with a certain judgment beforehand. Yeah its sad that politics gets its dirty fingers into art. I personally have now problem saying that hitlers portraits were great and that i dont see why he wasnt taken into art school. But there are people who will read that sentence and interpret all kinds of things. To be honest i despise people like that, people to whom art is not a reflection of life and all its complexitys but just a mere expressiin of ideological preference Oooooohhhhh!
  7. What evil person would tell a someone to play ANY series not in the order its meant to be played Had a similar story there was once a gaming show on tv late at nigjt were they tested it for 15 minutes and it was so colorfull and pretty i knew right there amd the that i had to have this game Oh than you got i cheap at the store o presumme thats the nice thing about old games you find a bunch of treasures for low costs And thats what happens when you dont number your games really would it have been so bad to call it Kingdom hearts 2 chain of memories? And than go with that system Dude You are a legend!
  8. Agree. Or there will be a few pages of text before the story starts nevertheless i am very glad this series continues i thought it to be over since that what they said
  9. Same here used for every spell i had since i only use the links once and than think to myself " ok that was nice whats next"
  10. I mean they now have begun using Pixar movies so...i was for a long time hoping for up i want the old man to tell sora " there is always a light somewere" combined with your idea that phrase would finally have some more weight to it since kh1 and not be part of the "darkness darkness heart heart" dialog we are al to familiar with Could aswell be just an underling like xigbar now that we know that he was playing the pretend game i assume that he is much MUCH stronger than we thought. Oh that sound so epic i allready have the scene in my head Sora in huge armor shows up and you can see from the shape of the head that it is adult sora. "You must become stronger" you see in white letters on black screen and the batlle of the century begins. After its over adult sora says " good,good. But you must grow a lot more but i know you will."
  11. Finding nemo would fit theme wise best because sora know the feeling of losing someone and not knowing where they are all to well
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