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  1. okay but than the story has to be written as a time loop By which I mean all the things that happen have allready happend otherwise It would complicate a lot of things even more. Or we start out a seperate timeline
  2. Thats actually a pretty interestin idea o will keep in mind. It is fascinating how i still regulary spemd time on a game that started 20 years ago and wont continue for another 6-7 or so and yet here i am posting comments making YouTube videos by which I live what the series is about. Me expressing how i have been affected emotionally by this Game and its hero
  3. Maybe yes maybe not Thats the issue with plams of this sort there is no guarantee that it will work out exactly as planned thats what i thought was to bad about Avengers endgame. That it seems thanos was essentially right we needed to see how it dint work in many places
  4. plus there dosent seem to be large keyblade wielder organisation around anymore so who is going to enforce these things? I would rather be much more interested knowing when scrooge discovered that he could build space ships to visit other worlds since there were walls that seperated them alltough they dont seem to matter since BBS
  5. A Realisation that I have to catch up on kingdom hearts lore
  6. Name: Kingdom hearts Union X Finale HONEST REACTION Category: Parodies Date Added: 06/02/2021 Submitter: Dustin Lübbers Kingdom hearts Union X Finale HONEST REACTION
  7. I guess they would give you simply NPCs as other players
  8. nomura...literally ...did the meme ,I am impressed we have to be so carefull what we post from now on
  9. true but I am someone who needs something physical it just feels better somehow. I just like the feeling of actually knowing that the game,book or comic that I have actually is there with me
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