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  1. Dustin Lübbers

    The Symbols for the Seekers of Darkness

    xehanort=master of puppets
  2. Dustin Lübbers

    What type of real life pet would Sora love to have?

    sora is without question a dog person. that reminds me at some point i hope to see sora as a dog when we visit lady and the tramp or 101 dalmations world
  3. Dustin Lübbers

    Destiny island as a bonus World?

    if thats the case than I would get some spyro 2 vibes with that
  4. Its happening! Its happening Dear sweet baby jesus its happening!
  5. Its so beautifull! That last scene has to be from the final battle so the keyblade graveyard is going to return it seems and serve as the entery point for the last world
  6. question is what is a kingdom hearts character? I mean do they talk about all the original human characters or do donald and goofy in their KH clothes count to? That has never been really clearly defined
  7. Dustin Lübbers

    Mickey's "New" Keyblade

    Uh I would love to see a new feature like a keyblade smith or something the moguls allready proved that It can be done
  8. Dustin Lübbers

    Kingdom Hearts III can now be preloaded onto Xbox One

    But,but they said its very safe and you can believe them because every system they have put up before git haxked eventually. Jokes aside i Hope people atleast habe the decency to give their videos titles like "you wont believe what happens in the last level" instead of " major hardcore Spoiler he dies lol screw you"
  9. Girl got some fight in her
  10. I can see it First you got socrates next to aristotle mext to sora 😋
  11. The only thing that comes close in recent time would be the original yoda doll in star wars or the hotel from the shining in ready player one
  12. My my! All the kids grown up