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  1. He has for certain the most impact in the Future,while aqua and terra are off the playing field ventus is giving sora advice in the dive to the heart and is responsible (not on purpose but still) for roxas look and personality
  2. It could be a good way for unversed to jave their comeback feasting on the negative emotions of the family
  3. The last 2 movies were quit the letdown so i am Not getting my hopes to high up
  4. I heard on a ted talk reccently that the progress made on the covid vaccine could help cure cancer to which if true would be great because this illnes has taken so many
  5. Darkness plus the regular Organisation outfit. Would that not be just a huge piece of cloth like a dark baloon ir Something lol On a serious note having dark animal versions of each of the fortellers sounds like a cool idea
  6. Encanto is also a great choice each room can be its own level plus the village is nice to Absolutely it has this moving from the fantasy to modern times theme to it which is also fitting for the FF series as they combine magic and techonolgy aswell Yeah still waiting for a world were sora just stands on the beach and is reminded of his own homeworld
  7. I agree with you part of why i always liked Kingdom hearts so much is that the way it presents itself other games can be compared with other games only Kingdom Hearts is like kingdom hearts The only reason i would like to see a reboot or a more Traditional sequel by which i mean regular story telling is out of curiosity but thats really it i would never want the series to give up on its Special trait
  8. I would finally like to know whatever happend to the animated series for a kh4 its a bit to early in my opinion
  9. I would say space paranoids its one of the last few times were other franchises Crossover into the main story that made perfect sense (the entire computer world being part of ansems research) while the world itself is not all that impressive and i agree with other comments here that the one in DDD is more fun to explore i still like the boss fight and the allready mentioned story reasons
  10. now this one is almost even. I was undecided between destiny island and the world that never once but eventualy picked our good old home for the nostalgia factor
  11. I mean riku was basically responsible for all the others on the island so he has training There was a short Moment where we could see that he was having repercussions from that traumatic experience but that was shrugged of rather quick Would have been nice if in the kingdom hearts books they gave us some of rikus inner thoughts and how he felt but thos sadly only tell the story all over again with minor additions
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