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  1. Absolutely Kingdom Hearts should get rid of invisible walls all together and make everything open world or atleast take away. My ability to fly in those particular worlds
  2. This thinking that the story is badly told stems from a misunderstanding of how kingdom hearts chooses to tell its unorthodox plot everything will make sense sooner or later but it always takes its time even if it takes years
  3. I agree it's a long overdue that kingdom hearts expanded and explored more of its own lore
  4. I just hope they will put all the cutscenes up somewhere it would be a shame if the YouTube channels that upload it would be deleted and it would be lost
  5. There was a time when I would have felt much more giddy about video game culture entering the Mainstream but now it feels very much normal Still cool though
  6. Now this is how you integrate a character into a franchise
  7. I own now 1.5 and 2.5 for ps3 and both versions for Ps4 original kingdom heart 1 and 2 for the ps2 kh3 twice and the story thus far I think enough is enough
  8. Can't see it yet since Disney+ Germany releases it in a few months but I am looking so forward to it
  9. That's actually an extremely good idea for a reboot of the series that once a person has his or her own nobody and they both live at the same time it can result in conflict as they struggle to become independent people and also have trouble with their own identity and also refuse To return to their original self like Roxas did with sora
  10. i dont know if I ever will beat this guy, I havent even managed all data bosses from kh2. Though I did beat the lingering will after a couple of exhausting days. Great drawing I wonder if the world ends with you 2 is going to reference this moment or tie into the kingdom hearts lore in some way
  11. mine would be hollow bastion from kh1 there is just something unnatrual jet quite alluring about this place starting with the waterfalls going the opposite way to the castle with its strange shape that looks just plausible enough to be real. In that way its to me the perfect representation of kh1 the seriousness of Final fantasy and the cartoonish elements from disney in one building. and than there is the inside of the castle which is just the perfect evil lair followed by the dark jet also beautifull chapel and finally the strange machines on the highest tower
  12. zootopia seems to heavy a subject I mean I would love to hear kingdom hearts talk about rascism but it is unlikeley moana looks more like the right candidate though it would be to similar to the jack sparrow world and so soon nonetheless please none of the live action movies... guess only the a journey to the internet looks like a good idea hopefully sora dosent click on any spam mail
  13. Thunder Just spam It and constantly in Phil's arena and wipe the field clean
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