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  1. Se"es sora cry" Lord have mercy my baby they hurt ma baby!
  2. More like a day one patch sonce something like this was to be expected
  3. Dustin Lübbers

    What was leaked.

    Its allright its my own fault, damage controll went in quick enough
  4. Dustin Lübbers

    What version of KH3 do you have pre-ordered?

    Yea I remember seeing pictures when Read dead 2 came out and people went to the store in full Cowboy gear. Release dates should be events like that
  5. Dustin Lübbers

    What version of KH3 do you have pre-ordered?

    I will Get the Deluxe Edition I would get the toys aswell but man If there ever was an item that was overpriced its this Someones taking care of the enviroment Well I would do the same thing if the next electronics store wasnt 20kilometers away.
  6. Dustin Lübbers

    What was leaked.

    Ah dammit! I read the first few words thankfully I was able to scroll down quick enough before my eyes could read the rest..quick reading skill has its disadvantages
  7. Dustin Lübbers

    Where were Jessie and Bullseye again?

    ah ok, well then I dunno maybe she is on a special mission or simply left out which I dont hope
  8. Dustin Lübbers

    Where were Jessie and Bullseye again?

    wasnt this story supossed to take place at a time after toy story 1 but before 2?
  9. Dustin Lübbers

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    it is to some Well first it has to be seen if this is legit in the first place or someone just being very talented at photoshop. But if it is Imagine my surprise. After all we had the discussion just a few days ago that hackers could crack the dowload version on Xbox one. I really wish people would not do that so that others can have a more pleasent game start on launch day but thats simply not how it is. If they atleast could keep it to themself we all know that if this keeps on happening eventually we wont get any pre dowloads until games come out. I feel you but if they do I hope the uploader has atleast enough courtesy to name his video "HUGE KINGDOM HEARTS 3 REVEAL" and not "WOW WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED THAT ----- DIES!"
  10. Dustin Lübbers

    Quid in KH3 Confirmed

    good job! Make sure sora gets an awesome keyblade from you
  11. Dustin Lübbers

    How long do you think it will take you to play KH3?

    Really? I plan on taking my sweet time and look into any corner the way is used to do it in video games. Once the game comes out I will avoid this forum for a couple of days. Or maybe we can Put in a spoiler and spoiler free Zone. I am not a big fan of minigames either but With this game I will make an execption. "Crys in adult" Plot twist square enix got inspired by Far cry and you just have to wait 5 minutes to get an alternative ending
  12. A Xehanort you handsome devil, Literally! Also is it just me or does riku look like as if he is going to join a british punk rock band any minute now
  13. Dustin Lübbers

    Will Hayner, Pence, and Olette obtain Keyblades?

    Hey if everyone gets a keyblade why not them? Jokes aside I like your idea very much for one thing it would lay out the groundwork for KH4. By which I mean kh4 could take place somewhat 10 years or something after Xehanorts defeat when a considerable new keyblade wielder army has emerged again only for it to be befallen by corruption from within again of course. But yea if you think about it most worlds we visit have some kind of protection of their own. Neverland has peter pan, halloween town has jack, the colloseum has Hercules radiant garden has leon and the gang so it only makes sense for twillight town to be protected by the residents themself aswell
  14. Dustin Lübbers

    The Symbols for the Seekers of Darkness

    xehanort=master of puppets