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  1. So i habe finally played octopath traveler after a pause of 2 months what a great game its like cocaine. Also finished life is strange today and cant wait dor the complete five episode collection of the second game to come out in a couple weeks. Fill me up with teenage angst good lord i want bittersweet tears running down my cheecks in buckets
  2. I dont remember if i ever did to be honest But hey there Welcome to the site
  3. Were they not done with Pirates? Anyway i jabe only heard bad things about the new malificent movie so far.
  4. Well i assume since its their first "own" game they dont want to turn people off
  5. I really hope the outer worlds kicks off so that we get proper Fallout competition. And yes fallout vegas is so amazing
  6. I assumed for a long time that it was nomuras goal to achieve comic book levels of confusion
  7. Its a bit spesific though i think a world hygiene day would be better
  8. Yea to me stop was always this kinda fun spell to use on important lower enemies not for the big guns
  9. I wish they would to another contest again to get named after a boss in the game or any other thing to get yourself immortalized in it Yea the phantom isnt actually hard at all its just that when i first played it i needed so much time to figure out what to do now these days its quite obvious
  10. Exactly seems likr a waste of money aside from the Pictures maybe but i can get those from the web
  11. Yea for me its kingdom hearts 1 all the way because its just 100% exactly what it needs and wants to be and just a perfect crossover overall and it takes libertys with the story Something that has come back with kh3 a bit but was still also just excellent in the first
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