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  1. Connected

    Telltale Studios discussion

    Super hyped, they even think that Episode 3 will be released before 2019.
  2. I believe that we are going to have a Xion-situation with Vanitas. Since he is part of Ventus, I believe Vanitas is needed to wake Ventus up. So yes i think he has to be redeemed in order to go back to Ventus heart.
  3. Connected

    Should Riku be killed off?

    I always thought that it was a possibility that Riku could sacrifice himself out of guilt for Roxas or Xion or out of friendship for Sora or Kairi. But I think that Riku would be too much for the fans and I think that Terra is the more ''obvious'' choice.
  4. Connected

    Will Radiant Garden be a playable world?

    They better bring all the original worlds back. KH3 wouldn't feel complete if we won't get to play in Radiant Garde, Twilight town and Traverse Town
  5. Now that we are only 99 days away from the release date, for which console you're going to buy Kingdom Hearts III ? And has it changes for the past time ?
  6. The story so far.... cuz boi you will get more confused even after this
  7. Might see you there then!(;
  8. Connected

    Telltale Studios discussion

    A little hope on the horizon for Episode 3 & 4
  9. On 13 and 14 October, GameForce will take place in Mechelen, Belgium. A fair where you can watch and play the latest games, get a lot of merchandise or play an old-fashioned game of arcade. The biggest titles like Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Kingdom Hearts 3, Fortnite, Hitman 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Spider-Man, Black Ops 4 and so much more make their appearance at the fair and will be playable for all visitors.
  10. Connected

    COM Gameplay Appreciation thread

    I enjoyed it very much when 1.5+2.5 came out. The card system is a nice way to strategy your attacks and makes you need to think before you attack. It's not like 1&2 that you spam X to get some combo.
  11. Connected

    Why are people...

    Nah, I really hated how they handled the situation. Mickey should told people about Aqua and that she was left behind in the Realm of Darkness. ''Go without me'' Really? She said leave without me guess I won't help here despite she helped me 10 times more. Also Yen Sid or Mickey, not sure anymore, said that it is really hard to enter the Realm of Darkness. Yet RIKU CAN USE CORRIDORS! If Mickey just told him he could open one for him.
  12. I want atleast all of them.