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  1. Im not a fan. Kind of straps away the crazy cartoonish style the game is based on. If its just in one world im fine with it.
  2. https://gist.github.com/xPaw/6a42aafd3c9d19b3ceab2e90b5a37cd2
  3. Thanks all for replying! I was watching 10 minutes of cutscene's and it just didnt feel right. I stopped and bought the DLC. Do I regret it? No Was it worth the money? No.
  4. I have been stranded away from Kingdom Hearts after I finished KH3. I've not been caught up with Anything KH-related except for watching the trailers and I've been stranded away from gaming at all. Have two games laying around that i havent even finished yet. Although Kingdom Hearts was always a big part of and for me. I'm wondering if the DLC is worth the money to jump back in. Do you have to replay the game to fully appreciate the ReMind DLC? How does it work, to play the new content? Also, is radiant Garden playable now or only cutscenes of it?
  5. hey guys, ive been away from the whole KH side of the internet for a while now, Anything news from the DLC after the second trailer?
  6. Since the REAL Sora isn't the main protagonist you can consider it as a spin-off. It was also more the story about Mickey and crew investigated the Journey.
  7. I kinda get it but games like Re: Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance shouldn't be considered as a spin-off imo since Com picks up where Kh1 ended continues the main story. Same with DDD that picks up where Kh2 left.
  8. I'm totally fine with this if it's going to be a Re: χ[chi] remake and just sums up the whole story (Unchained, Union Cross & Back cover)
  9. I think you confuse hate with a ''negative'' opinion they have. after 13 year everyone expects the game to be perfect but it sure has it flaws.
  10. Believe this is false. Didnt they say they are thinking about? Believe nothing is set in stone
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