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  1. We'll have to see the scale of the Disney worlds I reckon to see if we can get this slide. If they are all one huge speck...takle... spectacle? *ahem* then I think all may be forgiven. We'll just have to wait and see.
  2. I apologise if I'm ranting about it too much. I guess it's only one world and we have to wait to judge the full final product that I'm sure will be amazing. It just gets to me sometimes when I think about it but I know it's not the worst thing in the world. I need pizza.
  3. I agree with Twilight Town, I was very angry and upset when I saw what they had done. I'm still slightly mad by it but I'm grateful that I know this now rather than when I play because it may have ruined my experience. I honestly believe the engine switch in 2014 really hurt them and they've had to cut content and compromise on worlds like Twilight Town. Like, they would have literally had to start from scratch 2Quid, seriously. Realistically this game has been in development for 4 and 1/2 years not over 5 so they will had to make the decision what they need to make the main priority. At it's core this is a Disney game so they would have choosen to make them the main focus and made them as vast and grand as they possibly could, to satisfy not only fans but to entice newcomers. If they chose to prioritise original worlds they would have still received criticism with people saying, "This is suppose to be a Disney game?" So they couldn't win either way. After losing a full year of development they would have had to make the decision to chose either Disney or original, they probably didn't have the time to do both since they switched engines.
  4. We're still going to enjoy it regardless of all this talk and it will probably be the best KH game based on everything we've seen. Like, compare Pirates and Olympus in KH3 to KH2, it blows it out of the water and it's night and day.
  5. Hi everyone! Due to the recent trophy list it seems that Sephiroth won't be a secret boss at launch. However I do think he will be implemented eventually. My idea is that Sephiroth and Cloud will be added as DLC* later on in late 2019 or early 2020 to help promote the Final Fantasy VII Remake when promotion is in full swing or near release. Since the confirmed worlds do not seem revelant to place Sephiroth in e.g.. Toy Story, I think Sora will go through a portal like in KH2 that transports him to an area in Midgar. Here the art style will be changed to match the environment and with it being DLC they can take their time to make the fight the most epic it's ever been with Cloud in your party battling Sephiroth. What do you guys think of this idea? Feel free to share your own. Thanks for reading *Free DLC
  6. Maybe it was more of a mistranslation/miscommunication and Nomura actually meant it will serve as the hub world instead of a tutorial world. Yeah, I think it definitely meant along the lines of hub world than the tutorial.
  7. I'm disappointed, I wanted to see the glorious sunset from Station Heights in Unreal Engine 4. It would have been beautiful, I've been thinking about that for years and it's upsetting to know we'll not get to explore that area. Although I'm sure they will show the sunset in a cutscene so I'm cool with that.
  8. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted a meaningful topic on here it feels nice to be writing on here again. First off I would like to say I like the new site design and layout however I'm not too keen that I'm now over 300 posts overall because they've combined my posts with my status updates and replies together. I was around 275 posts so I was hoping to have exactly 300 posts when KH3 came out to round things off nicely but I guess beggars can't be choosers. Anyway, today I would like to share with you my opinion on whether a KH3 trailer will be shown at the Xbox X018 showcase tomorrow. I believe there will be one shown because firstly Shinji Hashimoto will be at the event and whenever he goes to conventions he's more than likely there to reveal big information about the game. But I feel the bigger reason and more importantly is that Square Enix have been promoting KH3 every single week since E3 and the promotion, tweets and posts haven't stopped since then. Every single convention since E3 Kingdom Hearts has been there with demos, live streams and new information. KH3 will be playable at the event and I would be very surprised if it doesn't showcase a trailer during the presentation. What's more is that the event is being live streamed and I can't see Square Enix passing up this opportunity with potentially millions of people watching to promote KH3 with a new trailer. Square Enix have had a huge presence at all major events and I can't see this being any different. To capitalise on this I think we're going to be getting not just a new trailer but a new world reveal. It's been a decent amount of time since the Big Hero 6 reveal and this is the last chance to promote KH3 to Xbox fans. With the event being broadcast worldwide there's no better way to do this than a new world reveal. This may be our final Disney world shown and personally I would show the last world here rather than The Game Awards or Jump Festa to target Xbox fans. We may get more Disney reveals after this but I think for The Game Awards and Jump Festa they could show the original worlds that will have a deeper focus on the story. This would be my approach if I was marketing the game. What do you guys think of this; do you think KH3 will be at the presentation; how would you choose to show the remaining content for KH3? Thanks for reading.
  9. I see 'I don't want DLC' is winning. If you have a problem with the prospect of KH3 having DLC and you are a Kingdom Hearts fan then you are done. I don't wanna be mean but remember Final Mix where they would re-package the game with just a few more boss fights and charge another $60. If I only have to pay £20 post launch to have more KH to look forward to then that's fine by me.
  10. Hello everyone! This is going to be a speculation and theory post. It's only when little things start popping up and falling into place that you realise that maybe things are happening for a reason and there's no smoke without fire. So a few days ago a private video pops up on the Spanish and German playlist of the Kingdom Hearts YouTube channel. This happened to be during Gamescom in Germany but no trailer was released during the event. Okay, fair enough. The webmaster of this site stated that this could be a private video of an old KH 2.8 video. Whilst I respect his opinion - i've had a look through both German and Spanish playlists and all of the trailers for 2.8 are still public to view. This is just my opinion but why would Square Enix add a private video of a game that has already been released? A while ago KHInsider reported and uploaded a video to their YouTube channel where Spanish voice actors we're working on voice acting for a video game that shows them doing the fist bump and ... ba-lalalala lol! That all but confirms they we're working on Big Hero 6. The video was also uploaded in March around the time voice acting for KH3 was being undertaken this year. As we know voice acting for a video game is one of the last part of the development process. Since E3 2018 has passed there has been no reveal of a Big Hero 6 game. So it has to be for the Big Hero 6 world in KH3? These little breadcrumbs of information lead me to believe that the private videos for the Spanish and German KH playlists are for the dubbing of the Big Hero 6 world to be revealed next month. However I know that Square Enix has confirmed that there will only be dubbing for English and Japanese languages but it just seems peculiar how - - There was Spanish dubbing for a Big Hero 6 video game back in March - A private video get's uploaded to the Spanish KH channel a month before the new Big Hero 6 trailer At the end of the day Square Enix has confirmed that there will be no other languages for KH3 but it's strange how these little events may connect together. So in the end do you think maybe they attempted to dub KH3 in different languages but eventually decided it was too expensive to do so? It certainly is interesting to think about yeeesssssss.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku-AzlIAwt8
  11. Hi guys, I accidentally pressed 'Continue' on Riku's Re:Com story for the silver trophy. If I restart the PS4 without saving my file will the continue not register so I can still obtain it? Or do I have to start from the beginning now? Also I'm looking forward to Big Hero 6 footage next month.
  12. The fact that we can level up Keyblades means we can whack Mr. Xehanort with a giant hammer and a set of Yo-Yo's at the end of the game. And shove the Pirates flag transformation up his ass.

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