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  1. Agree! The more I look at it, the more the gameplay is growing on me. I think this will be really fun to play even if it doesn't look like much initially. I am also super happy to see more Kairi lore/development!
  2. "Photo Mode allows you to choose a location to pose the game's characters and enemies in, as well as customize your images with props and background effects." I already know people are gonna use this for shipping and other chaos.
  3. I'm glad he has lines here. I understand not having them in the game, but it makes the scene a little awkward and ooc-feeling
  4. It was revealed in KH1 Final Mix that Kairi was adopted by the mayor. So maybe Sora's the only non-rich one haha Edit: Kairi also gets better grades:P
  5. Them: *Creates a small figure of KH1 Kairi wielding her Keyblade for the game* Me and Javelin: I approve of this alternate KH1 fanfic creator Edit: Lmao Xion, Ventus, TERRA and Aqua during KH1. My brain is trying desperately to think about how that could work in an alternate universe
  6. I completely agree and I just want to say that maybe HJO isn't entirely to blame for the voice acting in 3D. Weridly enough, his Sora voice sounds younger 6-7 years later, which leads to believe the voice direction probably plays a big role. theymightalsobepitchingitnowbutican'tdetectany
  7. Look at this D E T A I L No wonder Amano-san took so long(tho not really all factors considered), I keep noticing more and more detail!
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