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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. "Photo Mode allows you to choose a location to pose the game's characters and enemies in, as well as customize your images with props and background effects." I already know people are gonna use this for shipping and other chaos.
  2. I'm glad he has lines here. I understand not having them in the game, but it makes the scene a little awkward and ooc-feeling
  3. It was revealed in KH1 Final Mix that Kairi was adopted by the mayor. So maybe Sora's the only non-rich one haha Edit: Kairi also gets better grades:P
  4. Them: *Creates a small figure of KH1 Kairi wielding her Keyblade for the game* Me and Javelin: I approve of this alternate KH1 fanfic creator Edit: Lmao Xion, Ventus, TERRA and Aqua during KH1. My brain is trying desperately to think about how that could work in an alternate universe
  5. I completely agree and I just want to say that maybe HJO isn't entirely to blame for the voice acting in 3D. Weridly enough, his Sora voice sounds younger 6-7 years later, which leads to believe the voice direction probably plays a big role. theymightalsobepitchingitnowbutican'tdetectany
  6. Look at this D E T A I L No wonder Amano-san took so long(tho not really all factors considered), I keep noticing more and more detail!
  7. Big agree. I miss them a lot, and I partially owe my relationship to status and chat tab, which I feel says something about how it brought people together Also, maybe we could toggle between square and circle? Like, whatever you choose is how you see people's avatars
  8. It shouldn't look any different, or much different. I've found that it doesn't really make all that much of difference which one you use. Baked goods only seem to change drastically once you take the gluten out, and even then it's just smaller or the texture is a bit different. I think gluten free flour would do fine for a tart, though. I definitely going to try this one, it looks like a lot of fun!
  9. It's kind of implied Kairi wanted to fight in KH1, but Sora and Riku were like "plz don't u will die, just run/stay here". Which is true lol. But anyway, yeah, you're right. We don't how how her character might develop. It just feels kind of unnecessary when we have Kairi & Xion. I'm also worried it would make the three too similar. That aside, I actually think she might have the ability. She's the nobody of a Keyblade wielder, who got what was needed to make her physical form, from another Keyblade wielder. So, I think Namine has a good chance. If a puppet made from Sora's memories could, why not a nobody who took a (if small) piece of him? Another thing in her favor is that Lea managed to, and Strelitzia (a character with similarities to Namine) was obviously a wielder, even though we don't see it. I think if she absolutely had to, maybe she would try. I do wonder what Keyblade would appear if that happened. She's her own person now, so probably her own? But Xion still has the Kingdom Key somehow, so maybe not.
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