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  1. Kairi is probably the most booksmart (seeing as she actually went to school for at least a whole year longer than the other two, lol). Non-keyblade wielder related knowledge would probably be useful. I feel that Kairi and Riku would be smart enough to survive, especially together. Kairi knows splitting up is a bad idea when you're surrounded by a horde, she tells Ventus off for it. In Re:mind Kairi can noctis teleport. In dying light the grappling hook gets you out of the zombies way pretty fast, so being able to to do what noctis does is even better than that. Sora not so much 😂 At least at the beginning. My reason is I feel like Kairi and Riku would understand nothing can be done for them, but Sora would try and save them 😂
  2. Happy Birthday! 🧁 Wow, the website itself is almost as old as I was when I first signed up! 😱 I want to thank you all so much, and the staff for the all work you do for us. KH13 will always be my number one place for reliable kh news, and I'll always look back fondly on the road to kh3 and the hype with reading every piece of news dug up. This website and community also helped me through a really difficult time in my life, and without it I would of never met the person I hold closest to my own heart . Here's to the future, and may our hearts be our guiding key
  3. I love these so much ? They're adorable and not that expensive compared to other wedding rings apolgiesfornecropostingbutihadtoman theurgetoostrong
  4. I don't think it will be that long (Well, hopefully). I think I read in an interview Nomura and the team expressed that they don't want it to be that big a gap of time again.
  5. Hi! welcome isthatriddle? pog
  6. Remind and khux for sure surprised me the most out of the whole series
  7. I think it's implied to be namine who opened them
  8. I don't really dislike any of them. Obviously, Kairi is my favorite, but also adore xion, aqua and namine. I guess olette or larxene would be my least favorite if I had to chose.
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