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  1. I love these so much ? They're adorable and not that expensive compared to other wedding rings apolgiesfornecropostingbutihadtoman theurgetoostrong
  2. I don't think it will be that long (Well, hopefully). I think I read in an interview Nomura and the team expressed that they don't want it to be that big a gap of time again.
  3. Hi! welcome isthatriddle? pog
  4. Remind and khux for sure surprised me the most out of the whole series
  5. I think it's implied to be namine who opened them
  6. I don't really dislike any of them. Obviously, Kairi is my favorite, but also adore xion, aqua and namine. I guess olette or larxene would be my least favorite if I had to chose.
  7. Release order works the best imo
  8. These are so adorable ? I love all the plushies they're releasing Oh, you're right wakeless! I didn't notice, but now that I do, it does look incomplete.
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