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  1. Japan. Hence why it's only being sold there They also still like the PSVita
  2. Kittenz

    What's your Favorite Gameplay Feature in KH3 thus far?

    Keyblade Transformations/Forms. I'm really excited for the guns and rage form!
  3. Jan 25 Other australians: Australia day Me: KH3 Day
  4. Kittenz

    Would you read a novel from Saïxs' point of view?

    I think it would be interesting
  5. Kittenz

    Last Post Wins!

  6. Kittenz


    Dude this thread came out when I started high school
  7. Kittenz

    weird glitch I found in 0.2

    Welp *Presses F*
  8. Kittenz

    How to get Sora

    I made a guide of what to select
  9. I got sulley! Also I tried to get Sora just to see how well I know my boi. It worked lmao
  10. Kittenz

    Kingdom Hearts III: CM 120 Trailer Analysis

    Sora: "WHY?!" Xehanort: "This world was a mistake"
  11. Kittenz

    Who are your favorite look alikes?

    Lol. It's between Kairi/Namine, Roxas/Ventus & Sora/Vanitas for me
  12. Lol I like that he made an inside joke AND LOOK AT THAT SUNSHINE BOI I think he is picking up remy
  13. Your post reminded me of this bad boy
  14. Kittenz

    Signature Bug?

    I know VENROXAS already made a topic about this, but I thought I'd demonstrate exactly what the problem seems to be: The image is tiny, and fits all the criteria. It is still not accepted by the site.