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  1. I still talk to you lol, talk to me on twitter more often
  2. Just letting you guys know, I haven't been on much of 2016 or 2017, so it'll be same old, same old. I won't be in your memory or heart, see ya ladies and gents.
  3. I might watch, just for the hell of it haha
  4. your a guy to go for the challenge right away, it was good.
  5. Did you talk in it? nvm I just watched, it looked really tough fam
  6. if the quality is bad, come back later since i just uploaded it on youtube, but I have a mic so you can hear me talk about various things. but i'm kind of sick lol will stream in better quality next time, i really didn't want it to slow down during live play.
  7. SMH Nier and Yakuza are hype, I can't get hype over some teaser for Last of us part 2 battle tendency
  8. Been friends with him for months haha we follow each other on twitter
  9. Bought Tales of the Abyss and will buy a lot more on steam, probably two games and Metro redux
  10. I don't blame you, It's a lot quicker to read a series rather than watch it.
  11. Pretty much done for the most part on what I have on my anime list. You can compare and discuss since I haven't written reviews on any of my ratings. I would like to talk about opinions, shows and recommendations all around. Here's my list link: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Comp_Shut_In Ask anything, and talk about anything regarding shows.
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