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  1. any kpop fans here? xD

    1. Kittenz


      Girls generation fan here

    2. Kairilein


      ahhh snsd *-* taeyeon and baekhyun r so cute together xD

    3. Kittenz


      haha. Yeah

  2. this looks just perfect.. can't describe it in words I just cried when i saw this I can't even wait anymore I so need a ps4
  3. i will just watch gameplay and try to skip all cut scenes xDDDD
  4. HOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! what should i say? I NEED A PS4 wtf wtf wtf wtf cant believe it this is just the best feeling i ever had xDDDD
  5. hmm I'm just playing RPG's and MMORPG's I love games with a good storyline ^^ and not something like uhm.. cod..
  6. and you're watching live stream from kh hd 1.5 remix re:com at the moment!!!!!
  7. oh yes I totally agree with you and especially pen15 xDD I super duper hyper love smosh they're just amazing.
  8. of course I listen to music whenever it's possible I rly couldn't imagine living without music
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