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  1. Drastic times call for drastic measures,he did much more good than bad but I'll stop here so it won't turn into a debate.
  2. How was Light evil tho?Sure he went a bit of the edge but he wasn't evil.
  3. I can't say since I have no idea who Irina Shayk is and I'm to lazy to google right now but Imma just say Hatsune Miku.
  4. I forgot to mention and this deserves a serparate post........DIGIMON TRI HYPE!!!
  5. I am a huge fan of digimon, rewatched all the series a few years back when I was now getting into anime,that said the best imo is Digimon 01,02 was good(only cause of season 1 characers) but I couldn't care less about the main cast aside from Hikari and T.K. Basically what he said^ in regards to O2 Anyway,Digimon Tamers has to be the second best Basicaly what he said^ Xros wars and Xros 2 was similar to my opinion on Digimon 01 and 02.Xros wars was pretty good for me,espically how shoutmon started to resemble mechas lol but the the epsiode with all the heroes from the various series meeting up alone made Xros wars 2 worth watching imo. Digimon Savers(Thomas should of been the main character) has to be my least favourite in terms of characters but I did love how they went for a more mature audience since all the characters were older. Digimon Froniter wasn't the best but it was good,not as good as 01 and Tamers but around the level of Xros wars.
  6. I didn't see her as representing survival at all lol, I was really pissed at the ending cause both Muroi and Sunako live as well.Poor natsuno.
  7. Would like and sub if I had a youtube account...so I just liked here.That said this was pretty well done,you gotz skillz.
  8. NANI?! DId lelouch sign up here after I mentioned code geass?
  9. This is great and all......but why stop here,we have have VR already,what we all really need is VR YU-Gi-OH, It'll be just like the Anime too......kinda.Anyway I had this idea for a time,we could have a VR headset(or just use AR alternatively) that is connected to our duel disks that displays our cards with holographic like 3D models and we would see a hud with our life points and whatnot...C'mon someone make this happen!!
  10. Go watch code geass(The best anime ever created,you too shall know after you watch the epicness that was code geass,also C.C Best girl) now,you won't regret it(as for dub vs sub,the dub was good and sub was pretty good imo,pick your preference). I also recommend Steins;Gate but it's better if you play the VN but if you do decide to watch the anime,watch the sub or else you are gonna miss out on MADO SCIENTIST!!
  11. I'm not even surprised at all by the delay,as playing P5 this year felt unreal to me.in fact I'm happy they are taking their time to polish the game,that said summer 2016 seems like a perfectly good time since I'll be free from exams for a little while before I move on to form 6(idk what the equivalent is in American system) I just hope it releases the first week in summer.....well it's summer all year round where i live anyway lol.I'm mainly hoping for a PC port of P5 cause I really don't wanna get another console.
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