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  1. ~Vic~ "The sweet sound of the bells rang throughout, causing a young daydreaming teen to snap out of whatever he was thinking about. He looked around the classroom and saw all of the other students packing up and writing down notes. Vic proceeded to do the same, but mostly with scrambling to write down notes for an upcoming quiz. Once he was finished with that, he stuffs the notes in his bag and heads out the classroom and toward his locker. He gleefully punched the combination on the lock and put in the books that he didn't particularly need. He happily waved hello to a couple of the teens walking about before storming towards the library. Vic was very excited to do more research for his story. Thankfully, tonight there wasn't much other homework to do. At least, not from what he remembered. He was quick to approach the library and start looking for books to read. There wasn't much online about was he was researching for, in particular, so he figured local libraries were the best option right now. Plus, it's helpful that he was already a frequent visitor. He checked out a lot of books and proceeded to sit down at a table near the middle of the room, somewhat close to the emergency exit and windows. He cannot wait to get learning.
  2. Name: Vic Crosley Age: 17 Gender: Male Appearance: Occupation: Student Personality: Vic is very inquisitive, has a big imagination, yet is very indecisive. Because of this, he loves to write short stories, mostly about adventure, romance, and fantasy. He loves to research for his stories and does it frequently. He might have to slow down on it though or else it sometimes gets in the way of his studies. He's a little bit shy when meeting new people but usually, wants to be nice to everyone. Despite all of this, he is a believer of many types of myths, legends, and stories. He tends to be on edge about the forest and going near it, but at the same time has an odd need to find out more about it. It doesn't help that he's already somewhat a worrywart. Bio: Vic has lived in this city his whole life and is no stranger local myths and legends. In fact, he secretly likes to look that stuff up whenever it comes up but tries his hardest to not let his curiosity get the better of him. His parents never seem to bother him with whatever he's believing or imagining, but they are strict about his performance in school, which could be a whole lot better, especially with being a senior at Ascendance High. Right now, he is both trying to improve his grades as well as going around the city to research a story he's writing.
  3. I'm so excited for D23 this year, and not just for Kingdom Hearts 3!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. WakingDawn96


      No, I was seriously asking. I dont really follow D23 like I should, so I really don't know what they show off besides the movies and KH. I know they did show off Disney Infinity last year, but now they are done with that, I don't know what else they will show off. :)

    3. Hargleblargleboo


      Oh! Well, that's all the public stuff I know about so far. They like surprises, so all will be revealed in due time, I suppose.

    4. Green Sparrow

      Green Sparrow

      There is suppose to be some impressive stuff for the parks to be announced. I'm pretty jazzed for that!

  4. Here are my sheets! Thanks for waiting and I hope they're okay. If there are any problems, please tell me! CHARACTER #1 Name: Marluxia Contray CHARACTER #2 (The one I never got to fill out before.) Name: Clear Kamau I have a lot of favorite games but at the moment, my favorite is Resident Evil 7!
  5. hhhhhhh. I like this and am tempted to join... Are sign-ups still open? If they are, would it be alright if I reuse some characters I played in the older RP? One of them had a proper character sheet and one didn't...
  6. Man, I missed you all. I should visit here more often!

    1. Javelin434


      Welcome back mate!


  8. Hargleblargleboo

    Lineless Kairi

    A Kairi I drew! If you have a tumblr, please refer to the original post! https://tweltchy.tumblr.com/post/158360818825/lineless-kairi
  9. I'm never gonna get over how Lea and Kairi are training together. That makes me really happy...

    1. DoDo4869


      It is pretty neat isn't it? :3

    2. Hargleblargleboo
    3. DoDo4869


      I hope we get to see some cutscenes (or even play a small sequenze like the tutorial) with them. I'd be cool to see conversations between the two to get some developement between their relationship, like you said after their encounter in KH 2 :D

  10. God. Every single RP idea I have in my head that I wanna do all have something to do with the spooky or the supernatural. I need better ideas...

    1. WakingDawn96


      How about this: The Spooky Supernatural!


      That way you fused the two ideas together and create something new! :)

    2. Hargleblargleboo


      That is...

      a brilliant idea! I'll keep it in mind!


    3. WakingDawn96


      Good! I mean it's so obvious to do something like that, but sometimes the easiest way is the best way, as it can combine ideas and become something even greater! :)

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