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  1. Exactly!! Itt's not a series you can just jump in and skip 3-4 games and hope to understand everything. Lots of game series are the same (Metal Gear, Mass Effect...), why KH takes all the "hate". Right now my only problem with the series is time travel (not the time travel itself, but how it works). Like, if all the Xehanorts went back to their own time and live what they're supposed to live, then how the hell members like Ansem, Xemnas... can come back on KH3 if they're supposed to be defeated?? It's small stuff like these that make me made lol
  2. I never actually understood why people think the KH series is so confusing... It's basically 10 games covering up a whole arc, just like an anime, series, movies... you just can't jump in the middle of it and think you'll be able to understand it. It just makes me mad when people bash on the series because of this... Anyways, it's a really good video. Simple and straight to the point. It might help some people that don't understand the ties between characters. For me, right now, the most confusing points are 0.2 and Terra/Naminé scene from the Orchestra and Time Travel (I understand its rules but the end game for me is really confusing and doesn't make scene at all).
  3. Hey!! Nice!! I've 100% the three collections and I know it's not easy. And yeah, the ending screen only shows the report section completion rate but doesn't tell if you've got every item and stuff on the game. Glad to know I helped you and if you're ever stuck again, I'll gladly help you out! Good luck on your next game!
  4. Well... From what you said, can't think of anything you might be missing... Item section counts the following: All keyblades for all characters Meld items (includes secret gem from Mirage arena) General items (like meld recipes, ice cream recipes) I advise you to go back to Mirage Arena and take a look with all three character on the shop, since they have different items (like the arena tickets) from each other. And take a look at Keybaldes as well. You must have all keyblades for everyone (people usually forget the racing and ice cream keybaldes from Disney Town)...
  5. Now that you mentioned it, the stop animation at the end actually bothered me a lot in past games, just didn't noticed it in the new videos. The momentum thing I never really noticed it, so I think I won't be annoyed by it if it makes into the final game...
  6. I totally agree with everything he said. Ground/air combos do look a little floaty, most videos I've watched shows Sora hitting nothing while doing a flashy attack. Situation Commands needs to be cleaned up on my opinion. Too many opitions activated at the same time from what I've seen, party attacks should be moved to Link (just like Limit on KH2) and Attraction Flow should be activated like Reality Shift in DDD (two buttons at the same time or a different way). This would clean the SC opitions and make things a lot better. Also, if I may ask, what's the problem with air slide everyone is talking about? Never had problems with it but everyone is annoyed by it in KH3.
  7. What a bummer... and no one knows how to avoid these glitched trophies... I'll just have to hope for luck now
  8. oooh I've been looking at the Storyteller trophy. It actually takes in consideration the story % on the Completion Rate tab and you must have one of every dream eater. Maybe it's that?
  9. For real!!!??? Which trophies didn't show up?
  10. I do hope they fixed it! Most topics about it are around it's launch at the beginning of 2017, but I thought I should ask anyways. lol But thanks anyway!
  11. Hey everyone! So, I'm doing a 100% playthrough for all the KH games and I'm currently playing DDD on Critical. While searching for some tips and stuff for trophies, I came across the fact that the journal related trophies (100% story, itens...) are glitched. There are several posts around the internet with people complaining that even with the Mickey head on said journal entries, they still don't get the trophies. The problem is I can't find someone who knows why they happen or how to work them around and avoid it... Does anyone here knows if they're still a thing or were patched (my game is updated)? If they're still happening, is there a way to avoid them or what? Thanks in advance!
  12. Oh my... when did the leaks on kH3 get out of control!!!???

    1. Zeldablade7#9650


      are you referring to the one that came up a few days ago?

    2. Qrow


      Yep! There were some leaks yesterday and a new one today on Reddit! Be careful if you go there!

    3. Zeldablade7#9650


      could you PM me the new leak if you don't mind?

  13. Really!? I did it a few weeks ago on Neverland as well and it worked out pretty well! After you hit it you do have to move Sora a little bit closer or he'll miss it (I think it's due to 60fps) but it's pretty much the usual, just keep it away from the deck and it will be fine. Also, aeroga doesn't work very well here and when you hit for the first time you already need to be flying. Good luck!
  14. If I remember correctly, they said it would be 3 worlds before it's release or something like that. Japan already had Enchanted Dominion, several Daybreak Town quests and went back to Agrabah, so it's probably the next world after Agrabah's story ends.
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