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  1. I just can't deal with the KH community anymore (not specifically KH13, just the community as whole). The inability to accept criticism is maddening. I can't be associated with this. Peace!

    PS - Rax is MVP

  2. I'm actually quite interested to know your opinion! Why do YOU think Kingdom Hearts 3 deserves the Game of the Year award over all the other games that came out this year?
  3. Congrats to the KH3 team!!! KH3 in no way deserves that award, or even the nomination. It doesn't push gaming forward, doesn't do anything new, or bring the series to new heights. I could see it potentially being nominated and winning awards for: visuals, music, and best action game (but not best game overall) though Devil May Cry 5 would probably beat KH3 for action game. Doesn't matter though. We all know Geoff Keighly is going to stuff that ballot box with Death Stranding votes for all categories lol
  4. I agree that rewriting a story is easier than writing a story from scratch. I also agree there is no way to know how an audience will react to something until it's released. Finally, Nomura definitely gets more hate than he deserves. All that being said, yes, Nomura could have written a better story because he's a pretty smart guy. There are some things that should have been obvious to him. -Who in the world would think that Kairi being demoted to a damsel in distress was a good idea? -Sora dying for Kairi in the end is... fine. The problem is that you essentially killed off your main character off screen. Um... hooray? -Nomura had so many good payoffs in KH3, that I'm surprised he didn't have TVA do or say anything directly to Master Xehanort himself, since they were the only Guardians to have a personal relationship with him. I don't want this to become a rant list, but you don't need hindsight or fan reaction to write some of this stuff. Nomura has had since 2006 to plan this story, with the side games supposedly helping to set it up. Nomura deserves more respect, but he also really dropped the ball in some areas that are just... baffling.
  5. It's amazing. After beating KH3 I lowered my expectations in regards to the DLC. After the E3 trailer I lowered my expectations even more. Now, after yet another trailer, I'm lowering expectations again. Some things get me excited, but other things are yuck, and obviously won't live up to the jump from KH2 to KH2FM (in some regards). Good -It looks like cutscenes will be added to clarify and set up things properly (Lea/Kairi scene, Namine scene), which is great, since there are STILL things about the KH3 story that I'm scratching my head about. -The chance to play as other characters is fantastic! -Similar to the Secret Episode in BBSFM where we play as Aqua in the Realm of Darkness, it looks like there will be an episode dedicated to Sora searching for Kairi after beating Xehanort. Probably involving a boss rush mode, which is what that Xigbar and Vanitas fight were. -Getting Oathkeeper & Oblivion is just... yes yes YES! Bad -Other Final Mixes added new Keyblades, but they usually attached them to new boss fights or minigames (Roxas fight, Ice Titan fight, etc.). Unless there's something I'm missing, I think you can earn Oathkeeper & Oblivion... now? Take a picture of all the Lucky Emblems for Oathkeeper, beat the game on Critical Mode for Oblivion, and I think they'll just unlock whenever you download ReMind. Sad there's no extra content in that regard. -I have no proof, but I just have a bad feeling that these other playable characters (Riku, Aqua, Roxas) won't be available in the main game, but just a side option on the main menu. I'd rather Nomura rewrite those scenes than to make it non canon. -Some scenes point to more time travel and branching alternate reality nonsense, which is bad, but I'll acknowledge that's probably just my personal taste. Even if I'm not excited about the DLC I'm still going to buy it and give Square my money, so I guess the real joke is on me lol It's weird that it's September and they can't obligate themselves to December yet. I'd say prepare for this dropping early 2020.
  6. My theories before KH3 that didn't come true: -The fact that Xehanort came from Destiny Islands would be revealed to Sora and have some importance -That a playable Radiant Garden would be revealed that it was home to a powerful darkness -That KH3 would be the best game in the series -The Foretellers would come back as part of Xehanort's plan (this kinda came true) -That Sora would temporarily lose access to his Keyblade once Ven's heart was released. None of these came true. The only theory I had that (unfortunately) came true was that Xehanort would be redeemed at end. Now he wasn't totally redeemed, but he got off waaaaaaay to easy. This guy (and all of his forms) has been nothing but an asshole towards our main cast for the entire. You can't tell me at the 11th hour that poor old Xehanort just wanted balance and was misunderstood.
  7. Based on the typical Middle School age range, these books will be for those ages from 11-14 years old.
  8. True. Disney straight up just owns all the original KH stuff. I was always under the impression though that they ask for Nomura/Square's blessing on stuff. Similar to how a boy might ask a girl's parents for their blessing to propose to her. He's not getting "permission", because she is independent and can make her own decisions, but it's still nice for everyone to be on the same page. Similarly, Disney does not legally need to get Nomura's PERMISSION for anything, but out of respect they run things by him. At least that's what I always thought.
  9. I mean, Kingdom Hearts has been a part of quite a few D23 events by this point, but only in a videogame section (like a panel or demo). To the best of my recollection, this is the first time Sora (or any KH character) has been a part of a general Disney lineup (with Star Wars, Marvel, Princesses and whatnot). I think this is probably because of the "shared rights" of Sora. I wouldn't view this as a sign for things to come though. Sora is probably only on here because KH3 released THIS year and, unless I'm mistaken, is one of the highest selling games of the year so far.
  10. Disney calls Nomura. Disney: "Yo Nomura! You cool if we put Sora on a poster?" Nomura: "Do I have to draw something?" Disney: "No, it's just a silhouette of Sora." Nomura: "Never call me at 3 in the morning again." Nomura hangs up the phone.
  11. It usually depends on if anything has come out. For example, the week KH3 came out, I would say I was around 31-40 hours, but after I beat it my hours went down to 1-10. Actually ever since I beat KH3, I really haven't played videogames that much. I anticipate that number going up though since Death Stranding, Jedi Fallen Order, FF7R, Cyperpunk, Avengers, and The Last of Us Part 2 are right around the corner.
  12. This is all nice, but what was the cost of such achievements? A broken fandom. A monster unleashed. And questions that will not be answered for years. I'm not sure what kind of world we're living in now... #Sora4Smash
  13. For whatever reason I like Pearl's design, but I don't really have a favorite character. The show overall is kind of a train wreck.
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