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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. "Kingdom Hearts III is one of the best looking games this generation and you can all suck it" I don't really know what else the man can say.
  2. I really like Captain America: Winter Soldier, but I HAVE to pick the original Avengers. NOTHING beats this cinematic moment.
  3. You're right, but it's still weird though. I wonder if they would've done the same thing if SORA's voice actor was caught in the same thing. Olaf is a pretty small role in the game, but would they have really gone through all the effort to find a new VA to re-record ALL of Sora's lines? Where does it end?
  4. Does it really matter? The work has already been finished, the actor was paid. I don't know what the benefit would be to replace him the game. The movie I understand, since there's still plenty of time, but why go back and change the voice? Surely people would understand that they hired and paid the guy BEFORE the arrest?
  5. Okay, I've been waiting for the Ultimania to release before I asked this. I think I get it, but I would like it if people double checked and correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. First off, be patient with anyone who says KH3 is the worst game of 2019, because they probably haven't played Jump Force or Crackdown 3 yet Secondly, I don't think there's anything wrong with comparing KH3 to KH2 at all (vanilla or FM). KH1 gets a pass since it was the first one, but KHFM built off of KH, KH2 built off of KHFM, KH2FM built off of KH2, so it's only natural that people would expect KH3 to build off of KH2FM. The same guy has been directing the entire series, so you would think every entry (or at least every main entry) would improve upon the last. I hope the Final Mix DLC makes it the best in the series, but yes, "vanilla" KH3 SHOULD have been better than KH2. KH2FM is great, but it's not perfect. A lot of the new scenes they added flat out ruin some of the pacing. Remember when they added a new 10 minute cutscene right before the final Demyx fight? The Roxas/Axel/Purgatory scene is also nice, but it's just kind of... there lol Finally, you're not completely off base. Fans tend to not like the newest entry in a series. Right now, Final Fantasy 15 is the worst in the series... until Final Fantasy 16 comes out, and then FF15 will be considered a "classic" lol
  7. I think I speak for some people when I say our first knee jerk reaction to this was... But hey, it is what it is. I wish the next KH game was starting off clean, but unfortunately it gets to inherit some of the KH3 burden. Yeah, the more people that can play the series the better. Not to hate on KH3, but it isn't exactly the most demanding game, and it might be worth cutting down on the enemy count & particle effects in order to put it on the Switch. I don't think the next game is on the Switch either, but ever since someone pointed it out, I can't get it out of my head: What do the color of Yozora's eyes remind you of?
  8. I hope you have a sewing kit nearby Pooh, because I'm about to rip you a new one. The worst world is 100 Acre Woods. What a f**king waste. I don't know what kind of sh*t show Square was trying to put on with this world, but it was terrible. Yes, it counts as world, because Square counts it as a world on the official website, and it should be judged and compared to the other worlds. Every world certainly has its flaws, but they all seem minor compared to the dogsh*t that was 100 Acre Woods. "(Insert World) was just gimmicky/forced gimmicks". At least those worlds HAD a gimmick. 100 Acre Woods just had a janky as f**k minigame (times three!). The gimmicks at least were mixed with combat and (let's be honest) you didn't HAVE to use the gimmick or it at least it wasn't that long. "(Insert World) was just a retread of the movie". I'll take a boring retread over... whatever the heck happened in the 100 Acre Woods. Ideally we'd get new stories for every world, but a retelling of a decent movie is a right side better than NOTHING happening at all. "(Insert World) was visually boring or had a poor level design". First off, it would probably take about fifty 100 Acre Woods to fill up ONE ROOM of any other world, so walking through a factory, going up & down a mountain, or sailing the ocean is way more engaging than being trapped in a room with stuffed animals. Secondly, while the worlds may not be the most imaginative (Arendelle, Monsters Inc.), I can't exactly say they're wrong. Every world stayed true to its movie's environment, so any gripes with the location or journey is really more to do with the movie. Compared to 100 Acre Woods, which just left a giant smelly pooh (pun!) on all the Winnie the Pooh movies. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I'm sorry, NOTHING is worst than the 100 Acre Woods in this game. While other worlds may be considered disappointing, the 100 Acre Woods was just straight up insulting. It was insulting to the KH3 game, the KH series, the Winnie the Pooh IP, the player, and for Sora and what he was doing there. Unlike any other world in any other KH game, I really wish this world was just NOT in KH3 at all.
  9. @Merilly I couldn't agree more. I joined the KH series because I love the Disney stuff, and I'm partially still here because of it, but there's no doubt it definitely took focus away from the original parts. Having the original Disney & Pixar creators give input is a great idea on paper, but was it really needed? As a big Disney finatic, I have never played a KH game and thought "Hey, that's not what Ariel sounds like!" or "Yuck, Aladdin's hair is wrong!" or "What is wrong with Simba's eye direction?". Square has always done the Disney properties justice, so I don't know why Disney needed to be more nitpicky now? Personally, I would've been willing to sacrifice Monstropolis (or the Caribbean) to have a fully playable Radiant Garden with FF characters. I wish there was a proper way to voice our complaints, but with the high scores and sales numbers of KH3, Disney & Square are going to go with the whole "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" plan
  10. I played KH3 on an older PS4 model as well. Did the game ever crash on you? It crashed several times for me, especially in the Caribbean.
  11. It's probably just me, but this interview makes it seem like Xbox Wire are holding a (water) gun to his head. Xbox Wire: "Isn't Xbox One X the BEST console EVER!?!?" *points gun to Tai's temple Tai Yasue: "O-Oh yes! It is the bestest! Most supreme! A BEAST of a machine".
  12. I have come to the conclusion that, for me, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the same as Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. There is a lot of good, with only a little bad, but ultimately it couldn't make good on its own promises. Parts of KH3 are the best the series has ever been, while other parts are just head scratching from a story point of view. Nomura said that the ending would be divisive, and it is, but I don't think in the way that he intended. A theoretical "Final Mix DLC" could fix a fair amount of issues, but there are some aspects that are just too baked into the main game to be altered via DLC. Much like The Last Jedi, KH3 is a good solid story, but it just makes me not care about the future of the series. KH2, Days, BBS, Coded, and 3D left me wanting more, and KH3 stopped that train in its tracks. KH4 is going to be for a particular audience, but unfortunately that audience no longer includes me. Good luck and happy gaming to those who continue to follow the series! EDIT: I guess I just needed to vent somewhere because upon further reflection, I've decided that KH3 is better than I gave it credit for. Some of my concerns are still there, BUT it can potentially be fixed with Final Mix. KH3 is a better experience once you judge it for what it is, instead of for what it isn't.
  13. From best to worst. CI = Character Interactions (as in, interacting with the world's characters: Elsa, Hiro, etc.). 1. Toy Box: Great music, story, and CI. Woody throwing shade at Young Xehanort is amazing. 2. San Fransokyo: Wish there was just a little bit more to the world and CI, but overall a fantastic world. 3. Arendelle: Labyrinth is GREAT, beautiful world (but just a hallway), decent CI, and Elsa should've been in the party. 4. Kingdom of Corona: GORGEOUS world (I love forests), lovable CI, and screw the temporary party member idea :( 5. Olympus: Impressed me. It would be higher ranked, but I just love the other worlds/movies more. 6. The Caribbean: Great aesthetic and ship mechanics, but the story and CI are laughably bad. 7. Monstropolis: Shallow story, ironically the only world not to make me laugh, and mostly an actual hallway wtf. 8. 100 Acre Woods: What a f***ing waste of a world. I'd prefer they cut this to make Twilight Town slightly bigger. For the record, I actually REALLY like numbers 1 through 6. Toy Box, San Fransokyo, and Arendelle are actually really close in my eyes, but you gotta rank them somehow. I've softened my hatred for Monstropolis, but it's still boring to me, and seriously, Pooh is just the worst.
  14. Mad Tea Cups, but where is the "I wish they weren't in the game at all" option?
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