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  1. I picked 3 minutes because I want to keep my expectations in check, but it wouldn't be completely out of nowhere if this was a chunky trailer. BBS and 3D both got lengthy Jump Festa trailers (which is basically what's coming out on the 18th), with the BBS trailer clocking in at 7 minutes and 28 seconds, and 3D about 8 minutes and 4 seconds. Just for reference: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Jump Festa trailer, with the game releasing a couple of weeks later. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Jump Festa trailer, with the game releasing a few months later.
  2. I'm expecting/hoping for one more Disney world. As far as what it could be, I feel like I always see the same ones thrown around: The Jungle Book, Princess and the Frog, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, and Brave. I'm just going to throw a different one out there: The Emperor's New Groove. It's different and would be a good contrast to the overly serious tones that a lot of the worlds seem to have. Similar to how the Country of Musketeers was fun and had little to do with the plot of KH3D. Probably won't happen, but it would be fun
  3. Green Sparrow

    What version of KH3 do you have pre-ordered?

    I know it's a sour topic, but now one of the options should be: "The illegal copy I purchased from some ass-wipe employee"
  4. Green Sparrow

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    Be strong my friends! If we band together as a community, we can withstand this storm. Avoid looking for spoilers, squint at images and report videos. We've waited so long, we can be strong for a month and a half. Even if someone ask for information, DO NOT give it to them. Forget your family, friends, and coworkers, the KH community is the only place you can trust anyone. Together, we can do anything. May your hearts be your guiding key... ...but seriously, is there another Disney world in the game? I'm dying over here lol JUST KIDDING DON'T TELL ME!!!!
  5. After watching it multiple times, I'm beginning to like the sing more and more. After years of Simple & Clean and Sanctuary, people just need to get accustomed to a new song. There's really only a few things to take note of: -Two of the dark chess pieces clearly have the top of Vexen's shield and Demyx's sitar, so it's nice to get "confirmation" that they're officially a part of the Seekers. It was a little vague for a bit. -Once again, Marluxia's eyes are not yellow. With all the Union X nonsense, I wonder what he's really up to. -Despite constantly saying for years this is a 7 vs. 13 situation, this is twice now that we've seen Sora being surrounded by multiple Darknesses and having to fight them on his own. I've got a bad feeling about this... -Wow. The Organization gloves are a lot shorter than I thought. I assumed they went to the elbow lol -People have mentioned Xion having silver hair. Um... maybe? It could just be the lighting, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was a Seeker. While KH isn't as complicated and messy as some like to make it seem, fans should be preparing for some unexpected side swapping here and there. That's all I got for now.
  6. GREAT SNEAK PEEK!!! And with that folks, this is the final nail on the Disney worlds. There's still a chance for original worlds like Radiant Garden, but there's no way they announce more Disney worlds after the opening. I would've liked one more just to match KH1, but these worlds are going to be way bigger than those, and we have a nice lineup to boot
  7. I understand it wasn't really their fault, but I'm still a little salty from Kinda Funny's last interaction with Kingdom Hearts. What a sheet show that turned out to be. No one should show up on the show. I wouldn't force any company to go through that mess.
  8. To each his own and all that, but this just isn't worth the price
  9. Jim Hill, host of the podcast "Disney Dish Podcast", recently held a live Q & A at Disney's Coronado Springs in Orlando, Florida. Jim has multiple inside sources not only at Disney Parks, but Universal as well, and frequently gives insight into future announcements and the thought process of Disney in regards to the parks (he discussed the Guardians of Galaxy ride, Mickey's Runaway Railway, and other park attractions MONTHS before they were announced by Disney themselves). In the recent Q & A session, an audience member asked about why Kingdom Hearts didn't have a larger presence in the parks. Jim explained that, while Disney acknowledges there is a large and passionate fanbase behind the series, interacting with the series is complicated. Parts of the Kingdom Hearts series are shared between Disney & Square Enix (most likely the original characters like Sora & Aqua), and therefore twice as many meetings are needed for approval on creative decisions. The length of game development is cited as an issue as well. The Disney properties in any given KH game are set in stone so far in advance, that there's little chance of proper cross promotion (which Disney loves to do). Jim notes an example of how there is nothing substantial in KH3 to support the theatrical releases of Ralph Breaks the Internet or Mary Poppins Returns. Jim hopes that the sales of KH3 will encourage Disney to give it more support in the parks, but to not hold your breath. There's nothing insanely new, but I just thought it was interesting. The link to the session is below. The KH section starts at 11:06 and ends at 13:50.
  10. Green Sparrow

    Are you getting the KH3 PS4?

    No. I already have a PS4, and I can't think of any game I love so much that I would want my PS4 to match it. I play other games besides Kingdom Hearts lol
  11. I hear that. Personally I'm staying off the internet (or most of it) a week before the Japanese release, and spending a few before that blocking every videogame and KH video on Youtube so NOTHING KH comes up in my recommended videos.
  12. Green Sparrow

    Which FFXV character would you want most in KH3?

    Uhh... what kind of choices are these? lol You left out the main character! Noctis of course! Noctis Noctis Noctis Noctis NOCTIS!!!!
  13. We pretty have the same view on DLC (it shouldn't have BIG story elements, not announced before release, etc.), but I also think it depends on the game, pricing, and community. Final Fantasy XV, Spider-Man PS4, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate all had DLC announced shortly before release with different results. People were hesitant with 15's announcement, but overall seemed pleased with the content. People were uneasy with Spidey's announcement and(so far) receptions seems to be mixed at best. Recently Smash announced a season pass and people couldn't throw money at their screens fast enough lol Some of these DLCs should/could have been in the main game, but other bits are just nice extra things to keep the hype going. I also agree that I would prefer the team to work on something new instead of DLC, but what does that mean in this situation? What exactly happens to the Osaka/KH team when Nomura leaves to focus on Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Personally I want Nomura to focus solely on FF7R, but that remake is going to take a good chunk of time, so what is the KH team to do until he returns? Working on DLC could be a good way of keeping the team together until final decisions are made.
  14. I think both Alyson & Hayden are good voice actors and did fine jobs voicing Kairi. Voices actors change for a multitude of reasons, and you just kind of got to keep rolling with it. You can have your own preferences certainly, but I personally never understood the unhealthy attachment some people have with VAs. There are some people who still think that Billy Zane is the only TRUE Ansem Seeker of Darkness and that Brittany Snow is the only TRUE Namine, even though each only did ONE game for their respective characters. As long as the VA doesn't give a trash performance, I focus on the character, not necessarily the voice. Alyson, if you happen to find your way to this forum (probably not), please ignore some of, "passionate" fans in regards to you voicing Kairi, you're doing great