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  1. I’m interested in hearing what theories all you guys cooked up before KHIII came out that you were disappointed (or perhaps relieved) that ended up not happening, or being wrong. I’m sure we all had some we were very certain were true, only to find out we were very wrong! These can be theories before the game as well as any you may have come up with during KHIII but before you reached the ending. My favorite theory I came up with was the reason for Riku’s keyblade breaking. See, remember how both his original sword and then his keyblade had the same eye that was in Master Xehanort’s keyblade? And Vanitas’ keyblade had the eye too. So I thought, “what would be the logical connection through all of them?” Vanitas was Master Xehanort’s apprentice, so maybe his keyblade reflected that connection (even Terra gets a keyblade near the end of BbS that also has the eye, after he fully succumbs to the darkness under Xehanort’s influence). But then why did Riku’s weapon have it, if he was never exactly an apprentice? I thought that maybe Riku was sort of a “spiritual successor” to Xehanort, in how he was chosen and used to open the door to let darkness into Destiny Islands, and then was Ansem SoD’s tool through the first game. My explanation for him having the eye in his keyblade after he was returned to his own form at the end of KHII was that, as somewhat shown in KH3D, he hadn’t completely gotten rid of the darkness in him (which had mostly taken root in him to begin with because of Xehanort). He still had dark powers and dark attacks, and was still having personal conflicts with forms of Xehanort in KH3D due to their past connection. So my theory was, perhaps his keyblade broke in KHIII because he had another big confrontation with Xehanort (whether as Ansem SoD or some other form) in which he had a moment where he completely severed his connection to Xehanort, and then as a result, his keyblade broke because he was no longer in the line of successors for Xehanort. I was very dedicated to this idea! But, as we all now know, actually his keyblade broke because the darkness in that level of the Realm of Darkness was “just too strong.” I was very sad about this simple explanation, as you can imagine. XD
  2. Hey guys! So I had a mess of ideas in March about an Aqua tribute video after hearing this one song, and on a whim, I finally decided to take a crack at it last month. I’ve never made an AMV before, so I was a little intimated, but it ended up being kinda fun and feeling very rewarding. It focuses a lot on Aqua’s time in the Realm of Darkness, as well as on her relationship with Terra (was not made or intended to be a Terraqua video, though it was difficult to combat that with the lyrics of the song). I talked a little more about it in the video description. It’s not perfect, and probably whatever minor flaws you notice are things that I tried to fix, but was unable to come up with a better solution than what was in the final version of the video. All the same, I hope you guys like it!
  3. Thank you so much. T_T I was gonna be really depressed, because most articles called it a new patch but not DLC. Thank you for that.
  4. So I downloaded the update and chose to update the game before opening it to play, and I was excited for the updated scenes in "Tears" for Days. The battle scene was still not included. Neither was theater mode for when I tried opening up KH (which I've already beaten and saved). I tried going into KH and re-saving at the final door to maybe "remind" the game I was done, but I don't know if I just need to beat the final boss again. I tried closing the application and opening the game again, and the changes still aren't there. I also closed everything and restarted my PS4 and still nothing, and the disc does say it's on ver. 1.03. ? Help.
  5. Guys, I updated and everything and the new scene's still not there when I play Tears. ;_; (Neither is the theater option for KHI, which I've beaten.) I don't know what I'm doing wrong. T_T
  6. So I'm not in a serious competing party or anything, just joined up with some other person who is the admin of it, but I'm trying to help two of my friends join so we can be in the same party. They're in the same union, but when I try to help them use the search by filling out the descriptors to find my party, no luck. Is there a way to search for a specific party name? Or can users (who already have downloaded and made a character for KHUX) be invited to a party by maybe the admin? Thanks
  7. NOOO I LOVED THIS SHOW WHEN I WAS LITTLE Also I was just thinking about this show recently. Need to internet stalk it.
  8. Xion, because life is confusing and hard, and I don't really know what I'm here for and I don't know where I belong. I just want to be with the few people I care about most, but even that's too much to ask for. As sad as I am and unsure of my future, I would give up everything for who I loved most, even if they forgot about me.
  9. I was under the impression that if you fail (even with Mickey's help) it just resets the battle and anything that occurred after the start of it. Good question though.
  10. After a long hiatus, I am looking to jump back into the internet world! I was thinking of hanging out here again and on tumblr?

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      thank you. I am more part of the cat video mob though.

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  11. Daaaang, that's intense (I mean, I figured as much). I suppose I'll amp it up in the future, but hey! Here is the meager bit that exists currently and a post that would be relevant to KH (courtesy of Toominator). https://theguardianofpassion.tumblr.com/post/140205987216/daaaamn-axel-back-at-it-with-the-chakrams-again
  12. Wow, that's a disappointing drop in quality then. She sounded very different in 1.5 than she did in Days to me. Too long of a break in between I suppose.
  13. I'm pretty sure she spoke a lot more, didn't she? In the redone cutscenes for Days in 1.5; I felt Hayden was much less expressive than Xion's original voice actress, who was better at conveying a wider range of emotions yet still maintaining Xion's overall (usually mellow) personality.
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