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  1. I always decide after i get the game, i'll do Standard mode for the first playthrough. Proud Mode i'll do for the second run, just to try it out for shits and giggles.
  2. To me, i think it's going to release on either likely July/August, because i feel this is the most likely date for it, but we'll find out when the release date is announced. Let's just hope it's July!
  3. In case if you did not know, my birthday is at the same month as E3 2018, so it's pretty awesome to me. Just hope Kingdom Hearts III will be awesome.
  4. I am guessing that the release date for KH III (Too hyped) is at 7/13/18 because there is a reason. 7 Princesses of Light, 13 Seekers of Darkness. So, that means my release date proposal will be at July 13th. Just hopefully it'll happen soon enough. Have my fingers crossed, this is going to be a massive hype train when this date is announced at E3 2018. Just pray and hope it will happen.
  5. I'll be neutral at first since i don't look like i am a guy who can go with anyone and goes all out in solo to kill heartless and move on. But if somebody (I'd say either Sora or King Mickey) tells me to not go alone due to a huge heartless army or a stronger, yet bigger heartless, then i'll be on the good hero side because i don't have a choice when i fight stronger heartless out there and getting myself nearly killed due to their enhanced strength and magic.
  6. I am just gonna go with Journey, have the wayfarer w/Sora in order to defeat the heartless or avoid the scarf-eaters themselves. But if one game that i've played so much, it would be Fancy Pants Adventures. I imagine this crossover would have Sora joining Fancy's side to defeat Ink Heartless together, and hilariously have Sora and the gang have to wear only their pants and hats they choose to have. Or maybe my other prediction is have Sora and Joey Claire in HIVESWAP: ACT 1 get themselves through strange coincidences through the nature of paradox Space, yet Sora gets to meet up after disembarking into Alternia makes it have potential, but of course: Square-Enix may take permission from What Pumpkin studios in order to make this happen, but my guess it won't happen.
  7. I always take the Staff, then give up the Sword 10 years ago. And i am still doing it to this day.
  8. I named it USS Edge because...ehhhh? Well, you be the judge because i think i was inspired by No Man's Sky? No idea. But back in the day, i don't know the name for it i gave on my first playthrough, i guess i will never know because it's been 10 years since i played Kingdom Hearts for the first time when i was 7.
  9. Finally posted a piece of fanfiction i made! Now, off to my bed because it's almost 3 AM!

  10. "Darkness..." A female whisper echos in the void. "Everything i see is just...Void." The sounds of ambience surrounds the female. "Suddenly, i see a spark of light..." The female's eyelids started to open up to reveal her aquamarine irises. "Where...am...i...?" The female whispers one last time. All of the sudden, a bright light covers her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You are in the Wonderful World of Kutasia, dear." Another calming voice was heard through the young female's ears. The bright light fades slowly to reveal a society full of knowledge and seers. "You are part of one of the kingdoms, dear. The Sawaku Society welcomes you to its own kingdom of seers. But be forewarned; This society is full of False Knowledge through gossips and manipulating liars. They may fool and trick you, but if you are clever; You can outsmart them. You are reborn here into Kutasia's arms, dear. This world is ever-expanding, stretching for miles and miles. The further you venture into Kutasia, the more different and unknown it gets. Dear, now i taught you the basics, it's time for your own will to choose, decide, and where your oneself will do to the extent. It's time for my farewell, dear. I bid you good luck into this new world, into a new kingdom." The voice disappears, for the last time. The female woken up in the main marble street where an another female with lapis colored eyes, black hair that is neatly straight, pale tan skin, was wearing a purple, blue, and a radiant golden gypsy robe with a dark purple, but sparkly wizard hat covering her head. It appears to be a traveler from another kingdom far away. "Hey! I didn't see you around here! A new adventurer, maybe? Or...Oh! She's waking up!" A cheery girl voice sounded so clear to the female's ears. She stumbled groggy as she got back up in her feet. She yawns as she covers her hand near her mouth. "Where...am...i? Dang, i felt so...tired." The cheery girl giggled, "Hehe! Want me you become your friend? We'll be together, right?" The female looks confused in her eyes. Her short black and tinted sky blue hair looks neatly brushed, she looks pretty formal, as she wears a sleeveless cyan vest with a black belt buckled on her waist, along with areo/aquadynamic white/sky blue colored finger-less gloves that fits comfortably in her hands, a lapis colored skirt worn in her legs but tucked under the belt to keep it from falling, and high, long, back shoes with sky blue straps in front. "But...i don't know you. And why you want me to become your friend? We haven't met each other." She says to the cheery girl, who's giggling right at her. She takes a good look around at this place, to her it looks like a very, very advanced city. "Just tell me, where am i and who are you?" The cheery girl smiled cheerfully right at the female's eyes. "Hehe! Where are you? You are at The Sawaku Society! Oh, me? I am Anna Annabelle, the Journeyman's Magical Apprentice! So, what's your name?" Anna awaited for an answer from the female. "My name is Annie Merheart. I was reborn here, i guess? Can't remember after i blacked out." Annie scratched the back of her head, trying to remember what happened after all of that. Her memory is a blur, perhaps it'll be best to leave it alone for a while before she could figure it out herself. Anna smiled and lands a hand out to Annie, "It's nice to meet you, Annie!" Annie reluctantly shook her hand, "You too, i guess i will have to find some supplies because, hey. I am willing to become an adventurer now. Looks like my childhood dream has came true, well most of it." After shaking hands, Anna gave Annie a bag full of currency. "Here; This bag of currency is full of munny, 10,000 are inside this bag. Don't lose your own very bag, okay? Because i'll be very bad if you lost it in the first place!" Anna cheerfully said to her, she waves goodbye as she hops on her highly advanced broomstick. "Well, i hope we become friends Annie! Well, i'm off to return to La Arts! Enjoy the bag on munny, and spend it all wisely!" Annie saw Anna takes off into the east direction. "Goodbye, Anna. Now, let me see if i can buy some supplies..." Annie walked on the shiny, smooth marble floored walkway toward somewhere to search for shops to come by. All in a while, she hears people chattering about a rumor nearby her. She stopped and listened to the people quietly and stealthy. !: "....what mouse?" 2: "...They say that there is a mouse running around the society with a weird key." 1: "Oh...that mouse with a key? Yes, i have heard of him." 2: (a subtle, unknown reply) 1: "...There, i saw him again!" (The person points at the small shadow sillouette of a mouse, but it's hard to see due to a lack of clear hints.) 2: "...You are seeing this, right? Because if you aren't, i am pretty sure that it's a false rumor." 1: (a unknown murmur, possibly chuckling.) She continued on after hearing this conversation went nowhere, and entered a shop with a OLED display in front of the building. She takes a good look in the shop, goods stocked up to the fullest, strange equipment and accessories were showcased in the glass windows, and garment clothing neatly sorted into rows of rows. She was immediately greeted by the shop owner. "Well, hello there, young girl! You're here to buy and sell eh?" The shop owner said to Annie, with a smile on his face. Annie nodded and asked a question, "Um, i am here to find the recommended equipment and items because i need to explore the whole world. Can you at least guide me to the equipment that you think i needed for it?" "Why sure! Come here, lady. I have the best goods you'll need!" The shop owner guides Annie toward the equipment section first. He picked out a weapon from the combat section. "This 'ere lady, is the recently forged Atrink Cutter! It's pretty decent for a new adventure to start, lady! When you wield this cutter 'ere, it's pretty light, and enough to cut against Steel! The best part about this sword, is it has a hidden magical ability to increase your running speed by a decent bit! Would you want that, lady?" Annie nodded, "I think i'll get it. Is it cheap though?" she says to the shop owner, who nodded. "Well, only for Munny users, for others is very, very expensive, lady. For Gil, it costs 47,500 for a decent sword. For zeni, it may cost 750,000, and finally for our currency, Cora may cost around from 122,000 to 237,000. For you, it may cost 1,000 munny for you to buy." He said to Annie, who smiled at him. Annie then said, "Well, i'll take it. Because i have 10,000 munny from a stranger i recently met." The shop owner smiled gracefully, " You know, you are pretty lucky to have the bag of munny in hand, lady. Yes, i have heard of Anna. She recently visited here to buy some alchemy items for her recipe. Dunno why though she arrived here, maybe because she's in a hurry? Who knows, lady? Alright, give me 1,000 munny and i'll let you have the weapon in hand, complete with a free case for the cutter 'ere!" Annie hands over the 1,000 munny to the shop owner, who added in, "Oh, and you can call me Sir. Tsaba. I am the owner of said best shop around the Sawaku capital! What's your name, lady?" She answered Tsaba, "Name is Annie Merheart, but you can call me Annie just to make it simple." Tsaba, after giving her the weapon she ordered was in its sleeve for the weapon to put away, he guides Annie to the accessories, which range from rings, pendants, bracelets, and other fancy stuff she can have, including wings, gliders, boots that focus on either flight or running speed or both, hoverboards, broomsticks, and other stuff for travel and stuff she may find. "Lady, if you are here for a balanced adventure, have the Light Boots! These Light Boots will help you to glide far away, but not too far. Although, if you want to go really far, i can give you the Light Gliders! It'll help you very much, as it has a 25 minute flight time, what's so amazing you ask, lady? Well, it comes with a free Iruim Blast Boots which i'll help you to double jump to higher places, and has a 10 minute flight time, as well as very fast running speed. Plus, it may help you to swim faster with these on too! Also, another free outfit was the Light Grid Augmented outfit that will negate all kinds of fall damage, have a 15% increase on sword, technology driven weapons, and magic weapons! Don't forget, it has the ability to greatly increase holding your breath underwater while diving too, and when you go underwater..." There is a pause in Tsaba's offer, "...It'll make you swim faster, glow a nice sky blue color, and increases defense by a decent amount, lady!" Annie smiled, "Well, i have 9,000 munny left, is the Light Gliders affordable, Sir.Tsaba?" Tsaba nodded, "Well, yes. But only if you are Munny user as well! Otherwise, if you aren't, it won't be affordable for you, i'm afraid. But! At least it's enough, lady! It will cost you 2,500 munny!" Annie gave the required amount to Tsaba's hands. "Here, i'll take that too. Now, i have about 6,500 munny, is it still enough to buy health stuff too?" She was handed over the outfit, the boots, and the gliders which looked really cool. Tsaba answered her question, but not after he tells her, "Annie, before i tell you, go and try the outfit on and see if you like it, lady!" Annie nodded, "Sure. I'll go in the dressing room." She enters the dressing room, she took off her own outfit and puts on the Augmented outfit she got it brand new. Annie steps out after she wore the Blast Boots, the Light Grid Augmented Garments and the Light Gliders on her back by itself. "How do i look?" Tsaba clapped with a thumbs up, "You look even better than your formal outfit has! Those colors of your new outfit of Black, Cyan, Platinum, and Sapphire goes well with your new Blast Boots, as well as your Light Gliders!" Annie smiled, "Thanks, Sir Tsaba. I'll definitely put this outfit to good use!" Annie's new outfit is based on a keyblade adventurer's expert outfit, except it has some major differences. Her new garment shirt is sleeveless, with a cyan colored undershirt with the open zipper on her sleeveless Black, Platinum, Cyan, and Sapphire garment design is based on Hearts, Leaves, and flower petals, and yet blended beautifully on her new outfit. She has a new necklace, which it's the famous outlined heart symbol on her neck. She wears full on fingerless gloves, with a platinum outlined heart symbol in her left hand, and the scorpio symbol in her right hand. She wears a Jade colored belt on her waist, tightening the new black and sapphire colored skirt beneath. She wears a glow in the dark, but long Blast Boots with the cyan flames in the bottom of the shoe's design, and finally she wears a pair of knee pads covering her knees fully. She puts the Atrink Cutter inside it's sleeve to put it on her back, but Tsaba stops her. "Annie, it's best if you take out your weapon at your hands rather than the old fashioned sword pull, lady. Now, follow me to the last thing that you said, lady." He begun to guide Annie to the items section near the exit. Before she can pick, Tsaba offers her something, "Now, in order for you to save your munny savings, i have to give a free pack of health potions. Now, which one you like? The small pack or the big pack?" She points to the big pack, which contains 15x ethers, 15x potions, 10x Hi-Potions, 5x Elixirs, and 3x Megaelixirs. "Oh, the big pack, lady?" She nodded as Tsaba handed her a big pack of potions. "Here's your big pack of potions, lady!" Annie grabbed the big pack, and noticed it was gone in a small cloud of blue sparkles, indicating that her outfit has a bulti-in inventory. "Thanks sir, have a great day!" She left the shop with her new items, equipment, and weapon in hand. Tsaba waved her goodbye. "You too should have a great adventure with you!" Annie begun to try out her Light Gliders, as she went to another part of the city. "Okay, here we go. Lift off!" She felt the gliders activate with a pleasant hum as she was lifted off from the ground, with a almost quiet noise. She begun to fly forward, and upward into the urban development of the high rise buildings. "Woah! This must be a huge city! Bigger than my hometown, i guess?" She flew around the buildings, like a small plane through a futuristic city. She begun to go toward the outskirts of the Sawaka Society border, and onto adventure. But a mouse is witnessing her first step towards her direction. "This is must be her...hope she dose not meddle in this world." A small, familiar voice was heard by the ambience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Chapter 1! Leave me feedback on how you like my first attempt at a fanfiction! And As always, thank you for reading this!
  11. You're welcome, buddy. You are truly a talented person.
  12. Personally, i have to vote for Mickey. Why? Well, i think he should be an importance to the plot, and i really, really want to see him again.
  13. Oh my god, i like your art! It's pretty great, to be honest.
  14. I am very glad that it taught you a lot too. Kingdom Hearts will be in our hearts, forever.
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