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  1. I´m back!!

    1. Daniel Black

      Daniel Black

      What did I miss?

    2. Iris


      Hi welcome back! Umm, You know, I don't think you missed anything. Glad you're back! x)

  2. Oh so it has begun again. Sorry my modem decided to die, so I coulldn´t check. I´ll post later tonight.
  3. SO.... how is the hypetrain going on?

  4. Happy New Year KH13!! May this year will be our guiding key to KH3!!

  5. Danny, seriously. Not to sound selfish or anything, but what’s taking so long with that fan art of my profile pic? You’re kind of worrying me.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Daniel Black

      Daniel Black

      Also family issues... oh well such is life. xD

    3. Jingilator


      So you gotta start over, huh?

    4. Daniel Black

      Daniel Black

      Basically, yes. But hey, could be worse... right? xD

  6. Finally saw Coco today. THe FEELS!!!

  7. Hey, Daniel. Is the preview ready yet? If not, then take your time.

  8. Also no news of TheTrascendentKey? I´m kinda worried about him. u.u

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    2. -Justin-


      Yeah, it’s not the same here without his posts ._.

    3. KingdomHearts3


      It will be a while before he can get electricity and get his life back in order.

    4. IwasBornAsVentus


      I hope he's alright.

  9. I really want to RP. Should I do some new story?... i don´t know.

  10. It takes some time. I´´ll Pm you a preview by friday.
  11. Its justa sketch but just to get the right idea, something like this? If then, I can start working on it. It would end looking something like this: so, please confirm to start working.
  12. It depends of the movement speed and the size of it. It can go from 8-12 hours to 1 day. The thing to be careful is the wind and the floods.
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