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  1. Scrapmaster

    The Haven (RP)

    "I think I may have a way of helping out with those waves, as matter of fact i've dealt with *waves* before" Henry exclaimed as he placed a hand on Pang's shoulder as he walked in front of them. "I think I might be able to cut those waves short" Henry explained, as he summoned a blade of wind in his hands that would last a little while even without the wind style, Undine's eyes narrowed. "Henry! You-you're not thinking of using that technique, are you?" Undine exclaimed, a hint of worry in her voice. "Its either that or we try our luck pushing the water back, and I am not going to take that risk." Henry spoke as his eyes began to glow a bright blue color, as his aura changed to the water element as his eyes began to leave trails of energy as he walked. He noticed Kolm doing his best trying to freeze the water. Undine sighed as she disappeared, a faint blue wisp of light flew into Henry's back and was absorbed into it. "Stay back everyone, what im about to do has some recoil to it. both to me...and my surroundings" . Henry spoke as he slowly climbed up the pathways to the top of the walls, his aura growing in power with each step, seemingly taking the water energy from the atmosphere to boost itself evermore. As he finished his climb to the top of the walls he overlooked the oncoming waves, which were both frozen by Kolm, and those not frozen, crashing behind those that were. Kolm had bought Henry time to do what he intended, the wind sword still in his hand. "Oh noooooo! he's doing to do the Serene Demon Blade!" Sylph exclaimed, warning the others. As Salamander was along them as well. "This is bad, last time Henry used that in such a scale the recoil almost tore him in half!" Salamander exclaimed, clearly worried as well. "Everyone step back!" On top of the walls Henry focused, holding the wind sword on the side of his waist like it was a Katana, slowly tapping into the spiritual realm and the "Waves" of both the magical realm and the physical realm, which is what the water style did, granted him a super human sense of both planes of reality to amp up his attack and dodging maneuvers, and when concentrated enough, he could draw power from both planes and cut them both at the same time, with high damage to himself as a recoil, by far the most powerful of his water style skills, but also one of the most dangerous ones in his entire elemental arsenal aside from Element Spica. "haaaaaaaaah" Henry breathed deeply as he got into a 'drawing' stance with his sword. As his aura spiked to insane levels much above his safe threshold. The thick energy essence able to be felt from even where Pang and the others were standing. Hopefuly everyone heard the Spirits warnings and stepped back. "Here goes nothing! Serene Demon Blade!" Henry shouted as he drew his sword into one slashing motion, the attack was so fast and with such power it rended both the spirit plane and physical plane alike, all the accumulated raw magic power released into the slash, sending out a massive shockwave in the slash's wake, strong enough to cut through the waves and completely null any momentum they had as well as hitting the Lich responsible for them itself if it wasn't careful and dodged or tried to block it, which at the distance it probably was, the shockwave had weakened greatly with the large distance traveled. The attack released a massive shockwave behind him too, but it was just that, a harmless shockwave. Either way with the frozen and unfrozen waves slashed and nullified, Henry let go of the wind blade, out of breath as the wind sword dissipated into air, his hand he used to draw the sword dripping a bit of blood from the recoil from the attack, the attack had a very high recoil on his body, sometimes even bursting veins and one time even an artery from misuse, and one time he nearly broke his entire body using it at an extremely risky ammount of power. Henry stepped back, almost tripping as he did. "Huh, guess I managed to do it pretty safely?" Henry remarked, as Undine spoke inside of him. "Sure, you only busted your arm this time, but be more careful, please?" Undine scolded him as he had to laugh a bit at the remark as he stepped back, only to notice there was no more ground below his feet, meaning he fell right off the wall and onto the ground, safely as Sylph created a small whirlpool of wind to catch him safely as it dropped him on the ground. "Henrrryyyyyyyy!" Sylph exclaimed, small tears in her eyes from how worried she was. If one had a quick eye for wounds, they'd notice it wasn't Henry's hand that was bleeding, or rather, the blood was coming from his upper arm, he most likely has strained a vein with the recoil. /////// "The spell itself, lasts around...say...three minutes, and the only draining part is the initial cast, the one around you was free, I'l explain it more when we're out of here." Hektor explained to Rhiannon, before sighing, "I managed to acquire only one kingsfoil plant" Said plant as tucked nicely in Hektor's suit's chest pocket, safe and sound within the time wielder's attire. as they soon found themselves reunited with Hoggarth and Reksis. "Aah, Sir Hogarth, Sir Reksis, it seems we ran into a common enemy, one which I do not know the name." Hektor explained as he nodded as he brought a hand to his chin as Rhiannon asked if they should head back. "While heading back is the safest option...If we allow these creatures to multiply, it could be troublesome as they could spread to other areas where herb harvesting is done...It is not lightly that I say this, but I believe it would be prudent of us to take them out at their they won't grow into an army." Hektor gave his input, indeed, retreating now and losing a perfect area for harvesting to these triffids, let alone the fact they could spread to other zones as well.
  2. Scrapmaster

    Kingdom Hearts: Lost Radiance

    I am so sorry. I Ended up completely forgetting about this RP, I'l post as soon as im able.
  3. Scrapmaster

    Overworld RP

    - Typhon - Stopping a mad elf - No idea where - Everything was unfolding as expected from Typhon, complete and utter chaos as Feys and Humans are accustomed to causing, nothing he could really do about it, but he could do something, as they were all speaking to one another, Typhon had already activated his chamaleon abilities and was already moving over to Rabiyu to stop the elf from killing herself. However his initial plan from coming from behind her were thrown out the window because of a certain blonde elf trying to impale his friend. Because of that Typhon had to lunge in front of Rabiyu and take the brunt of Yevgeni's stabs with his back, "Ow, ow, ow" Typhon spoke in a monotone tone as he hopped Yevgeni would notice quick enough to stop the flurry, the attacks were mostly defended against by his exoskeleton. but some pierced through it and hurt like hell, but hopefuly he could heal. Without wasting any time Typhon grabbed Rabiyu's hand that had the forbidden spell charging up, releasing dragonblight poison through his hand's veins in an attempt to neutralize the spell. "I know just the thing that will bring you to your senses!" Typhon exclaimed as his free hand...began to tickle Rabiyu's waist and stomach, he hoped Rabiyu was ticklish enough to be distracted by it, and distracting her focus from the spell would be the best bet he had in saving the elf's life...and his own as he doubted the forbidden spell would be neutralized for long. If the tickling did not work, however, he'd slam his head on hers, with his enhanced strenght and her weakened form, it would most likely knock the poor elf unconciouss. Still, he did not wish for her death. - Alastor and Henry - Engaging Ahriman - Alastor focused for a few seconds as everyone else began their attacks, Soren blocking Ahriman's blade and Rhea assaulting the false god with a barrage of attacks Alastor concentrated. He nodded to Henry to attack first. Henry followed right after Rhea's attack, Dashing towards Ahriman but breaking into a circular slide around him mid way, allowing Rhea's attacks to go through as he stopped beside Ahriman, Henry reached for his sword, now broken in half, but considering it was a longsword before it was broken, it was now the perfect short sword with an extra sharp and pointy end, Henry performed a series of slashes, each leaving trails of pure energy in their wake, coating the surroundings with faint red particles as he, each slash would carry several tons of accumulated strenght within them, each capable of cutting apart the sturdiest metals and walls in the land, averting the angles of the slashes in order to throw Ahriman off. His last slash would be a downards slash as he would turn the blade and hold it in reverse grip as he would then slash up at Ahriman's chest, this would be easy enough to dodge but it would cause a wave of energy to explode in front of Henry in a cone, with the possibility of damage and knocking back Ahriman. Without letting up the red particles in the air began to gather around Henry's left arm, which was free, charging it full of energy Henry did a foward punch towards Ahriman, releasing a condensed bolt of energy towards him, except he missed by an was all part of the plan though. Because A few meters behind him, Alastor had flash stepped and closed the distance, extending his arm as the bolt of energy passed landed in his hand, quickly channeling the power to Alastor, the attack, was in fact a way to transfer power, and Alastor had just charged himself with even more power from Henry. Alastor draconic aura would then spike greatly, releasing a shockwave in his vicinity as the aura would now contain faint red hues. As After images began to form behind Alastor, two in fact, following her every movement. As he grabbed his two swords which floated behind him as he didn't even dash, he just flash stepped in front of Ahriman. "Alpha Combination." Alastor muttered as he began an extremely powerful flurry of attacks, most slashes aimed at his torso, others at his weakened arm, each slash in perfect sync and flow with one another, each time a sword would hit or miss, another would then follow, each sword sending out massive pressurized wind shockwaves in their wake, considering Ahriman most likely shared his affinity for lightning, wind would have been the best bet after all. Each shockwave cut appart the ground behind Ahriman, showing the sheer power of the wind pressure. The ammount of attacks in the combination in question? 26 slashes in total. Ahriman would notice however...that Alastor's after images behind him were not for show, each slice of his sword, would be followed by two more slashes of similar power from the after images, effectively making each attack, hit three times if landed effectively tripling the overall danger of the combo. Alastor would quickly end the combo as he stabbed the ground with both his swords, which would cause his aura to spike and release a massive draconic explosion around him, capable of doing extreme damages to Ahriman's body if the god did not jump away from the explosion's radius. "I you still carry the remnants of Raiden within you?" Alastor taunted Ahriman as he emerged from the aftermath of the explosion, completely unscathed and his aura unchanged. "Lets find out" Alastor spoke as he let go of one of his swords as it began to float around him with wind again as he extended his arm. As he would then began an incantation; "Oh sword of lightning, given to the noble with the name of Raiden, thy master is in peril, and he himself cannot wield you as he is. So I beseech you, grant me your power in order to save him." Alastor spoke, his words carrying the ancient powers of incantation, usualy as a means of summoning enchanted swords bound to said users. If the sword would hear him, it would answer his call. "Come to me! Shapeshifting sword of thunder, Zweishock!" Alastor shouted. Hoping whatever remnants of Raiden within the new being still carried the binding to the sword. - Alicia - The Dragon Mage - Glad as she was that Elia was ok, as the ice walls formed around them to protect them. Alicia smiled at Elia as the girl spoke to her to go help the others. Simply nodding as he slowly rose to a standing position. "I will, if Im not around, the prince will do something reckless again." Alicia commented as her aura began to manifest again. As she stepped foward. Overlooking the battle, and what Jynn was currently doing.
  4. Scrapmaster

    The Haven (RP)

    - Henry - Aquafolk Village - "Necromancy's nothing more than a tool, the user is what dictates its use" Henry spoke, albeit more of a comment as the Aquafolk leader spoke about necromancers and his disdain for them. Henry had known one particular necromancer, Shadow, in his world, who controled an army of revived beings albeit his "zombies" were given life back and free will to do as they wished, if they wished for death...then they'd die again without pain, it was rather humane for such a thing. Henry had a lot of respect and understanding for Necromancers, a lot of them meant well, but were just misunderstood. And Henry was even more understanding of Pang's plight with his lost Aprameia. He had lost loved ones as well, so he understood the pain. Henry simply nodded with a serious and dedicated expression as he followed them to the gate. "If she controls wind and water..." Undine commented, as Sylph flew by. "Then we're a perfect match!" The wind fairy spoke excitedly. "Indeed...Pang, everyone, when the fighting starts, i'l draw her attention, I'l be able to fight her blow for blow with the spirits" Henry suggested a tactic for the fight. "I'l try creating openings in her defense, you all know the rest." Henry finished as he walked along them. - Hektor - With Rhianon against the Triffids - Hektor's expression had not changed, nor did he react much to Rhiannon's spear at his throat. Her reactions were impressive, as were her reaction to the Triffids appearing, not losing her cool during their appearance. "Such little things? I have just the thing for the likes of them." Hektor spoke, as he placed his hand on Rhiannon's shoulder as she'd notice her being enveloped by a faint, grey light which quickly vanished after a second as he touched her shoulder. He had granted her his Time's Gift, which allowed her to share Hektor's abilities when he casted them. Without changing his serious expression he snapped his fingers as a small spiral of time energy began to spin around them, one around Hektor and the other around Rhiannon, the spiral was around 2 meters wide for Rhiannon and 4 Meters wide for Hektor. Two triffids lunged at them, one at Hektor and the other at Rhiannon, both were promplty destroyed by the surrounding waves of damaging energy as their corpses fell in slow motion to the ground, slowed down by the time magic attribute as well. "There we go, provided we don't stray too far from one another, say twenty or so meters away, we should be fine as my magic won't allow them to get near us, and any ranged attacks should be blocked by it as well." Hektor commented, as he hit the ground with his cane a few times. "We should regroup with Hoggarth and Reksis, what do you say Ms Rhiannon?" Hektor asked her, casual and polite.
  5. Scrapmaster

    Overworld RP

    - Alastor, Alicia, Henry, Typhon and Mikhail - I have too many characters - FInal Battle - Alastor's attacks fell flat, the indignations weren't effective and neither were the homing cluster mines, regardless, Alastor faced down Nergodin as the being walked towards him and began a series of flurries with an extended Lysander. Alastor, without summoning his sword simply created a static field, with combined with wind magic on the opposite direction of Nergodin's attacks to lessem both the impact and block them. With Alastor's enhanced speed, strenght and spiritual power. He blocked and dodged almost all of Nergodin's slashes, the last one was a bit tougher, Alastor simply didn't care as he sidestepped the easily avoidable and telegraphed attack, a faint lightning barrier shielding him from the explosive power around it. However before he could do anything Nergodin jumped back...and went on a tirade. Typhon had just been saved by Yevgeni, who shielded the bug from Rabs's spell, the bug simply turned to the elf and just gave a nice thumbs up. Before resuming what he was doing, which was now pretty much watching Ahriman speak. He was prompted to assist Henry as he fell, but the human stood up before he could do so. Meanwhile Henry was all too distracted by what had happened to Elia. His heart ached the moment she was hit, it was like being stabbed in it itself, The whole world went silent as he stood in quiet shock. Until a few moments which he snapped back to reality. "ELIA!" Henry screamed in concern as he rushed to her side, kneeling as he looked at her. " dummy." Henry muttered under his breath, a tear forming up in his eye. When Elia's face twisted in pain, Henry calmed her down by focusing energy on his right hand as he placed it in her forehead, Henry was making his best to control his power to generate a healing effect on her, his aura turning a nice shade of green to signalize healing magic even, which would start working slowly, but steadily as the energy reached her body, it would close wounds and stop the bleeding...anything else was out of the question, it would at least soothe her pain. "Rest, let us handle this." Henry spoke, solemn as he looked to the side to see Alicia had walked to them. He simply nodded to her, "Can you please keep her safe? I beg you." Henry asked Alicia, who could not refuse as he kneeled beside Jynn, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Jynn...go, you have to fight." Alicia spoke, with comforting and caring words to the young prince, giving him the comfort he needed at the sight of Elia's wounds. Henry calmly stood up, turned his way towards Ahriman and Rabyiu. And began a determined walk...only to halfway through his chest began to tug and hurt..only for its skin to rupture as he fell on his knees coughing blood, his aura turning green again and healing the wound, he looked at his bloodied hands from the coughing and closed them into a fist, as he slowly got up from one knee to a standing position. A hand clutching his chest, it was probably no secret to anyone else now, Henry's time was coming to a close, even with Everyth's life energy, the energy he had absorbed was too much for his body to handle, and it was slowly shutting down...but he would push on through to the end. Resuming his walk and ending beside Eclaire who had just made her speech. "Why...Why is there always some fool...trying to rule the world?" Henry spoke to them, his words of disbelief and condensed hatred for such things. "Alderon and his witch, Midnea, Yevgeni..." Henry shot a look towards Yevgeni, a look with so much condensed hatred and apathy that it would send chills down the stoic elf's spine. "And now you...who threatens to create our world anew, erase everything that has been achieved, be it good or create the perfect world." Henry spoke, stepping foward. "A perfect world is nothing but an idiot's dream, there will never be a perfect world, no one and nothing can be such. That is what makes us Humans and Feys,, we have our flaws, we have our strong points, everyone is different, with different ideals, you will never change that. And I won't let you do so!" Henry spoke solemny as his aura began to flare, its white aura from having absorbed Nergodin's power turned into a bright red color as it flared around him, to symbolize his determination. "I will stand in your way, I will not waver, for as long as I have to." Henry finished as he stared Ahriman. And suddenly enough, the hexagons Rabyiu had created to threaten then was swiftly and unexpectedly cut down by two flying sillhouetes, covered from sight in wind magic spiralling around it, refracting the light to shroud them, the motions were done in the blink of an eye. As the wind shrouded sillhouetes flew to Alastor's back, floating there and revealing themselves as his two signature swords The wind blade: Storm Ruler. And the blade of lightning: Storm Quell. As he stared at Rabyiu, before stepping foward beside Eclaire. "Do all elves speak so much? Or is it just you and blondie here?" Alastor spoke to them, clearly trying to get a rise out of Rabyiu, and Yevgeni if possible, mostly for his own amusement. "What the human says is the truth, you can't just reset everything and try to make things right. And that is not how it'l go." Alastor spoke. "Eclaire, Rhea, Henry and everyone else. There is no turning back now." Alastor explained their situation for them. "If you wish to fight step foward!" Alastor suddenly shouted at the others.
  6. Scrapmaster

    The Haven (RP)

    - Henry - Protecting the Aquafolk gate from a score of undead - [Wind Form] "Not really, whenever I tap into an element I feel as the element itself so...I guess I can't say." Henry answered Kolm's question before they had arrived at thei destination, the aquafolk gate. His teammates soon rushed into combat, Galla and pang supported them from behind, Henry stepped fowards, still in wind form as Sylph materialized beside him, he frowned as he analyzed the battlefield, everyone was putting up a good fight, but they had to take out the mages before they took down the Aquafolks protecting the gate. A whirlwind of wind formed around Henry's feet, before shooting him up high into the air, high enough for him to completely oversee the battle as he aimed for one of the undead Aquafolk magi as another whirlwind formed behind him as he launched himself in its direction like a missile. 'Gnome!' Henry spoke in his mind, signaling Gnome to grant him her power. [Earth Style] Henry's appearance changed yet again, this time for brown additions to his clothing and eyes, as well as a powerful physical aura emanating around him and rocks floating around him. as Henry was already flying towards one of the magi he formed a gauntlet of enhanced magic rocks on his arm as he used the momentum of the lunge as he smashed the ground with it, this unleashed a large shockwave in his vicinity as the ground around him suddenly shot up, sending many undead flying high into the air, many dead from the sheer impact of the blast, others like the magi alive. Henry then switched elements once again, back into wind. [Wind form] Henry's eyes began to glow brighter as wind magic began to flow around him as he snapped his fingers. this caused all of the undead that were sent into the air to stop falling, and float mid air as a barrier made of wind magic formed below them, as several wind blades began to form around it, and it were literaly blades made of wind, and many of them. As they began to make mince meat of the surviving undead in the air, including the Undead Aquafolk magi. Afterwards several wind blades formed around his back as he began to assist the others in dealing with the undead as well. - Hektor - Gentlemanly Herbalist - Just as Hektor had just managed to spot the kingsfoil plant he and Reksis were looking for, the plant was indeed leafy and looked just like a poison ivy from his own world, hopefuly it wasn't poisonous, or made you itch uncontrollably, either way Hektor barely had time to pick the herb up and pull out the important bits of the herb and put it into one of his pockets, once the plant was safely there he noticed the rustling in the bushes. "Herr Reksis...something lies in the bushes, keep watch...i'l go warn Rhianon, if you could do the same for Hogarth i'd be eternaly grateful" Hektor spoke, yet politely towards the four armed being as Hektor almost instinctively reached into his suit for his pocket watch, as it clocked, time began to slow down. A few seconds wasted as he looked for her through the thick bushes and leaves which stood in the way, but he eventualy found her. He dashed towards Rhianon, avoiding bushes as when time time returned to normal the bushes would move from touching them regardless if done in stopped time. He managed to get behind Rhianon with time to spare in his time control, as he reverted time back to normal as he placed his hand on Rhianon's left shoulder, stepping beside her as he hoped he hadn't startled her. "I am afraid it is neither, something else lurks in the bushes." Hektor spoke to her. His tone a bit more serious.
  7. apologies for the wait everyone, i'l try my best posting tomorrow.
  8. Scrapmaster

    Overworld RP

    - Henry, Alicia, Typhon - The Battle of end all battles - It was all happening to fast for Alicia to process, Jynn had been struck, but unharmed? before she could say anything off he went attacking again. "Jynn wait!" She could only shout at him in vain as the reckless man charged off to his possible demise, again. Eveything was going well, until Nergodin used Lysander to not only turn the sword ethereal but his whole arm as well, as he broke his hold and proceeded to, whole taking massive damage from the all charged attacks, Nergodin still managed to fly away and save himself, leaving Henry and Eclaire to take the brunt of the attack's collateral properties. Henry, in a rush of adrenaline rushed towards Eclaire, dropkicking her in the chest, it was the only means he had to knock her out of the blast radius as it was empowered enough to throw her out of the range of the attack, leaving only Henry in the area of effect. Henry was engulfed in light, the entire combined forces of the attacks engulfed him, under normal circumstances he'd be disintegrated, Henry however...had absorbed enough of the source's power from Nergodin to survive long enough to try something insane. He outstretched his arms and faced upwards. And began absorbing all the energy that was in the blast area. It was grueling, painful...but...he could take it. Henry screamed, as after a few seconds, he had absorbed all of the magic energy in the area around him, not only saving himself from the blast, but addings the combined energies to his own power pool. After a bright flash of light and cinged and destroyed ground, Henry stood, still. breathing albeit heavily, as he fell flat on his back, exhausted from the sudden absorption of such massive quantities of energy. He was still in the fight, he slowly rose to a standing position, albeit still slow. Source powered energy crackling around him. Blood dripping from his forehead, his right cheek, his right arm and his left knee was nearly fractured, but he still stood. "Eclaire...are you alright?" He asked her. Typhon shrugged at Rabyiu as the spoke her part, and soon enough three six daggers at him and Soren. Typhon managed to dodge his part and grab one, and break it in half by pressing it enough wit his hand. The others redirected themselves at him, he broke one with a punch and deflected another with an armblade. "Really? Daggers?" He snarked back at her. - Alastor - Divina Ultor - The battle to end all - It would take only those disconnected from the battle to notice at first, but by the time the attacks landed, a thunder storm had manifested on top of them all, blocking the sky as thunders struck in the background. The orbs the new Nergodin launched were struck down by lightning strikes long before they could get even near their intended targets. It was then that a presence much like that of Nergodin's, but was...ancient, and it was another type of divine power, not from the source that Nergodin had taken the powers of, but it felt truly....purely...divine. A thunder fell on top of Nergodin. only to not strike him, instead, a figure emerged from the bright flash that followed the thunder's falling. "You combine yourself with a hollow man, you strike down those who would have followed you had you taken another path. you proclaim mass genocide and apocalypse as a saving option..." The figure would speak these words, his voice bellowing the entire landscape and storm that raged in the background. It was Alastor, with his full draconic power unleashed. "You turn others to your cause through mind manipulation because you cannot make arguments good enough to convince them. And you commit the gratest travesty of all, your foolishness has doomed both worlds. Did you not think there would be divine intervention?" Alastor stood behind Nergodin, his back facing the abomination's. Alastor's appearance was now different, clear as day than before. His arm with the tatoos, previously covered in armor, had its armor completely ripped off, as white runic tatoos glew ever so brightly, leaving a trail of pure power with every movement of his arm. His eyes glew with divine dragon power, leaving trails of energy in its wake as his elemental energy was no longer just lightning. It was Divine Dragon Lightning. "Raiden was always your better...whoever you are. That much is clear. And you know it yourself" Alastor spoke. "And you, Queen Slayer. We have unfinished business, you and I, you weakling without a soul" He added. "Either way, have at you." Alastor bellowed as he stepped foward, as he did so a bubble like barrier appeared around Nergodin, not to protect him, but to trap him inside, magic spells could still pass through the barrier, it was simply a means to keep him stuck there, as three runnic symbols all appears in different positions around the barrier, two on opposie sides of it and one on top. The runic circles were at least 6 meters round each. Nergal's side of Nergodin would recognize them immediately, It was indignation, but in a more compact, and much more powerful form, and tripled!. The runic circles that surrounded each had the same effect, to slow down one's movements and stall any counter magic cast, except this time it was three of them. There was no windup, no chanting from Alastor, the Indignations simply fired off, covering the entire area Nergodin was in pure divine light. "Trigemius Fulmine". Alastor muttered after the fact. Should Nergodin have survived or nullified or blocked that, he'd have to content with the twenty or so divine lightning orbs Alastor had created around him, which would home on him as soon as his he showed himself, each carrying extreme elemental energy within them. The kicker was that if Nergodin blocked them, they would divide into increasingly small orbs with an explosion, every orb would explode and divide itself at least four times. Releasing damaging energy all around them. if one paid enough attention to auras, one could notice Alastor's aura now formed that of a huge dragon.
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    Overworld RP

    - Henry - Reformed Dreadnought - Back in the fight - Henry stood on shaky knees, barely keeping himself standing, he managed to absorb the energy and store it, but he did so with the paralysis effect too, but it was wearing off, and his body was weakened by the sudden revival, he stumbled foward a bit, before tripping and fallint on his face. Taking a few seconds to breathe and gather his strenght, he slowly rose onto his feet, steady...steadyy... he overlooked the fight...and it wasn't going well, Rabiyu was turned, Alderon driven to blind insanity, Typhon had wings now and there was two of them. Eclaire was acting a big attack and Rhea protecting her, Alastor was nowhere to be found. Henry watched with widened eyes as Odin launched himself at Eclaire and Rhea. Slashing at them, to break the barrier. seeing him attack them...triggered something within him, and in that exact moment he felt instantly better, all the pain, tiredness, numbness was gone. And...the entire world slowed down again around him, Henry broke into a full sprint towards Nergodin during the slowed down time as he dashed mid way, closing the rest of the distance, in Nergodin's view Henry just teleported in front of him and his barrage of blades. "How about you stop talking?!" Henry rolled with the punches, forming two barriers of energy around his arms as he used them to block and deflect the Glaive and Lysander, it was tough to do so and some hits were getting into him, one glaive attack cut deep on his side waist, but he kept on trucking, protecting Rhea's barrier and Eclaire's attack with his body if he had to. It was then Henry began to think, seeing the patterns of which Nergodin used to slash with both weapons at him, and after analyzing enough. Henry decided to act, as Nergodin slashed diagonally in the flurry, Henry concentrated and delivered a super powered punch to the blade, much to Nergodin's surprise, Henry's energy the same as the source of all life and his own energy, the parry was supposed to knock him off balance for at least a second. IF it worked Henry would move his feet foward his feet circling around Nergodin as Henry would then proceed to grab his sword arm, with one arm going under Nergodin's other arm's armpit, ending up pulling it along as his arm ended at his throat, holding Nergodin still with as much power as he could, his sword arm held by Henry's and his glaive arm disabled by the hold. During the hold Nergodin would also feel Henry's aura sapping his own, adding more of the source's energy to it. As Henry braced his head and kept his body steady, channeling the newly acquired energy into his arms and legs to hold Nergodin from trying to break out, headbutt him, throw him and the like. However if his parry attempt did NOT work and he could not get a grab, Henry would grit his teeth and hold back the barrage for a long as he could. "ECLAIRE! NOW!" - Typhon - The Dual Bug - City of Isolation - "Hey what are you-" Typhon's protest was cut short as Helios struck his unprotected area, slashing it, drawing blood as Typhon recoiled in pain as Helios drunk from said blood. And after a few minutes of quiet bemusement from Typhon, he saw Helios turn...INTO A CYPH! much like himself! in fact copying every characteristic of Typhon's body, even the wings! with the distinct white color. "Well now...I guess I can forgive you." Typhon commented, as Helios right then and there asked him what his plan of action was. "Bold of you to assume I have a be honest, Helios, Im trying to do my best from keeping these idiots from getting themselves killed, so I guess you can say Im running interference." Typhon gave a brief, snarky and thoughtful explanation of what he was doing. And of course, exactly as he explained a fireball shot past him as he dodged it by moving his head out of the way. As he pointed at Rabyiu. "Like that, how about we do something about it?" Typhon commented. "Alright, vibrate your body...and activate you camouflage...thats how you turn invisible. Feel a little tudd on topf of your arm? thats your arm blade, you also got glands that can encoat it in poison." Typhon began to explain to Helios what he could do. Typhon then began to vibrate, and as he explained, he became completely invisible. Allowing to move through the battlefield safely until he arrived behind Rabyiu, a few feet away. "Hey, what the hell are you doing? I don't remember asking for a fiery hair cut." Typhon commented.
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    The Haven (RP)

    - Henry - Elemental Shenanigans - On the boat to the village - "Alright then!" Henry spoke, smiling and sounding rather excited to try out his magic on Ceres, Pang quickly overcharged Henry with magic, an action that surprised him as he had never seen such a type of magic before, pure superchaging of magic? any magic? it was incredible! even if it was for just one spell. "Heat used to be a problem for me, until I bonded with Salamander, wheather stopped having a toll on me after I bonded with them all." Henry began to give a bit of insight on how his body handled the current weather, small talk really. "Well, we are the spirits of the elements, its only natural." Said Salamander, folding her arms. As Henry shrugged, "Guess so" was all he said before walking over a bit closer to Ceres. "well considering I don't feel like I can transfer this magic boost you gave me, Pang, to Sylph...I might have to show a bit..." Henry began to speak. As he looked in the direction of Sylph, who was floating around giddily alongside Lukkel. "Hey Sylph, get over here real quick." Henry spoke, extending his arm and raising it high, holding out his hand open as Sylph excitedly flew towards him. "Alrighty! Wiiiiiiiiiiiind boooooooost~" Sylph exclaimed excitedly as she high fived Henry's hand with her...miniature ones, she was the size of a fairy after all. The moment their hands collided, everyone could feel wind energy rising up in the surroundings, before surrounding Henry as his eyes began to change color, alongside the normaly red parts of his tunic and clothes, changing to a bright green color to conceptualize wind magic. As the element of wind empowered Henry's body, a small burst of magic energy was released around him, signalizing the change. To anyone with aura reading capabilities, they'd notice that Henry's aura, which was null, meaning it could not be felt because he had no element activated, would be able to be felt as pure wind. A small faint wind aura spiralled around Henry as he looked at his hands, snapping some fingers. "Gotta say, I'l never get tired of this." Henry commented. "Anyway." he finished as he snapped his fingers. As an orb of spiraling wind formed around Ceres, shooting a steady, cool and relaxing breeze all around her, to keep the paladin up and alive from the heat. "That should do it. Thanks Sylph." He thanked Sylph as his aura went back to normal and the power dissipated. His clothes returned to their normals colors and all. "Any time! wheeeee!" Sylph replied back as she began to fly around again. - Hektor - The Time Lord - Herb connoseuring - "Thank you all, Hogarth, Rhiannon." Hektor spoke in a characteristic politeness befitting of a gentleman Hogart and Rhiannon began to explain the mission and its details for him. Hektor analyzed all the information the others compiled for him. The plants and herbs were explained to him in detail, and pictures were even given, as everyone else began to act on their own volitions, the four armed ally of theirs spoke to him. As did Hoggarth, "I shall do as you ask, sir." Hektor spoke politely. "I shall assist you in your herbalist endeavours Sir Reksis, afterwards I shall split up and assist Miss Rhiannon in her whitenectar endeavours as well!" Hektor proposed. Keeping a picture of each of the plants that Hogarth had provided for reference. "So, Herr Reksis. Where do you originiate from?" Hektor asked Reksis along the way, trying to start up small talk between them.
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    The Haven (RP)

    Henry watched as everyone spoke their fill and entered their respective plates and embarked on their designated quests, Henry eagerly stepped onto his, the spirits going back inside of him so they could travel with him. And a feeling all too familiar came over him as he was casualy teleported by the portal, he had experienced this type of transportation before, mostly the displacing type. Luckily, he was never known to conflict with portals. As Henry arrived at his destination, he waited for the rest of his allies to arrive as well, Ceres and some woman whom he felt quite the dark aura coming from had already arrived, Ceres was having trouble with her armor, or with the climate at least, understandable with the thick humid weather. Henry on the other hand, felt energized by the surrounding, a small perk of being bound with a water spirit. "Alright, Undine, what do you think?" Henry asked the spirit, who appeared beside him, this time with a more apparent and stronger aura, due to the surroundings. "I think we should hurry." She spoke coldly...before muttering. "But I do feel good in this weather, this should prove useful to you as well." She explained, which made Henry smile, it wasn't often that Undine would open up, even a bit, she wasn't as outgoing as Salamander or Sylph. "Hey Ceres, are you alright?" Henry asked as he walked beside her as he noticed her problems, "Think wind magic might help you feel better?" Henry asked her, curiously. Hektor appeared in his quest area and immediately looked around, analyzing and taking in the sights of his surroundings. The time wastelands were always so dull, so he always enjoyed taking the time to enjoy any living scenery he could find. This was one of them. Standing still, with his cane serving as a support as both his hands lay on top of it, he looked at his pocket watch for a quick second before putting it back in his suit pocket. "So, what would be a good medicinal plant? I am afraid I am not versed in the herbalist's arts" Hektor commented to his fellow allies, who may have followed along on the same quest as him.
  12. Scrapmaster

    Overworld RP

    - Alastor, Alicia, Henry, Typhon and Mikhail - All over their heads - City of Isolation Mayhem - "I can't leave you all fighting for five minutes before someone screws everything up." Typhon snarked at the party as he clearly directed it at Alderon's reckless attacks towards Nergodin, and ended up attacking Rabyiu. "Someone restrain, or preferably cripple the blind dude, please." Typhon spoke as he cracked his knuckles, stretched his legs, his arms. Before standing up and beginning to twitch in pain. "Alright Typhon, you got dragon genes now...come on...come on...god dammi- Oh there we go" He monologued to himself as he tried to grow wings so he could fly and miraculously he indeed did grow a pair of fancy, dragon wings, with pulsating veins of dragon energy on them, much like in his exoskeleton. Typhon analyzed what was happening, and saw Nergodin repel most attacks, but now he was attacking Jynn, "Dammit, Prince." Typhon spoke, as he gestured at Alicia, who immediately took the signal, casting a large fireball, before compressing it and sending to Typhon's hand, apparently grabbable now, as he prepped his wings for a lunge. and with great wing strenght and impulse he flew towards Nergodin like a torpedo, attempting to grab him in the middle of his combo on Jynn, grabbing Nergodin by the waist with both his arms, and stickying the miniature fireball onto him "Hold this for me please?" Typhon spoke as he would then, if his grab was succesful, spin around using the momentum to throw Nergodin a fair distance away from him and the prince. He'd land safely on the ground, using his wings to stop his momentum and landing on the ground. Alicia's fireball would ignite after the throw if evertyhing went smoothly, exploding on Nergodin's back with a fierce explosion. "Jynn! are you alright?" Alicia shouted at him, rushing over in case Jynn had been hit. "You're being too reckless!" Alicia proceeded to tell him. Meanwhile Henry's had been infused with Everyth's life force, she sacrificed her own life for his, the immediate injection of life force made Henry's eyes spring back to life and his torso shoot upwards, making him stay in a sitting position, as his breathing normalized. "No...Everyth, no!" Henry spoke, distraught, shacking the now pale woman's corpse, to no avail. A small tear flowing down his face, which then turned from sorrow to a tranquil rage. As he begun to stand up "I will...I promise you, Everyth..." He spoke with a voice full of conviction. Mikhail just watched as Nergodin then threw a shockwave of lightning their way he attempted to use his quen shield spell to protect both him and Henry from the strike, but Henry quickly pushed him to the side, throwing the witcher out of the effecitve range of the electric attack as Henry spread out his arms and let the attack hit him square in the chest. Taking the brunt of it, Henry, however, was not thrown back out of the platform, nor was he paralyzed, he slid back a few meters and staggered back from the impact, but managed to recover back to a full standing position. The lightning, empowered by the source crackling around Henry now, he had absorbed the attack...and with that, a fraction of Nergodin's power along with it, However, he could still not do much, as pain wrecked his body, the sudden absorbtion wasn't a painless process, it certainly put a strain on him from such a blow. "Nergodin!" Henry screamed from the top of his lungs, with clear rage in his voice. Henry just stood there, still adapting to the power now flowing around him, this would certainly give him an edge, he just needed to have his body adapt to it in time, and his own power to integrate it, first of all. Alastor, meanwhile, continued to hang on his position on the exterior of the foundation they all stood in. hanging by his sword. He pondered what to do. 'This is not Raiden...he wouldn't wish for such a thing...and he'd have had his eye wound healed by now too...I know he enjoyed having two eyes.' Alastor thought as he then looked back up, the way he needed to climp to come back into the battle. "If it isn't Raiden...then...I don't need to hold back at all then..." Alastor spoke as electricity crackled around him. Bringing his index finger onto his chest, Alastor spoke the following draconic words "Alok Suleyk" the word combination for 'Arise Power'. Which could unleash some of a person's latent power, as the electricity around him began to crackle ever more intense, and a dragon aura began to rise around him, his dragon blood's power was being released...
  13. Scrapmaster

    The Haven (RP)

    - Henry and Hektor - Double H - Haven Gate - Hektor stood mostly silent, awaiting for someone more knowing than him about the gate could provide some insight as to how it functioned, still, the arrival of a new person into the party did catch his and Henry's attention. Hektor tipped his hat at her introduction with a smile, "My name is Hektor, pleasure to meet you Rhiannon" Hektor introduced himself to her as Henry followed suit right after. "Hey, name's Henry." He introduced himself, as the spirits quickly chimmed in As well. "Im Undine." Said the aptly named water spirit "Salamander." Salamander right after "Sylph!" And Sylph being the third "..." Gnome, as always, was silent. "That's Gnome, im sure she's please to meet someone new." Henry introduced her on her shy behalf. "As for what we're currently doing, we're heading out to save the village of the...uh...Waterfolk?, I don't know the name perfectly, currently its being attacked by undead, Hektor and Reksis here will gather medicine for the reliefefforts." Henry explained their mission to the best of his ability. remaining silent, awayting Rhiannon's response.
  14. Scrapmaster

    The Haven (RP)

    - Henry and Hektor - The Element and Time - Haven - Gate - "I am curious as to how the gate works" Hektor announced his curiosity, having never seens something so advanced as the such before, as technology wasn't exactly in the modern era in his world. "Do we step in, and it magicaly teleports us to our destination? or does it simply releases us in the world and we have to make our own way to our objective?" Hektor pondered, ignoring the fact Lukkel went on to check the store items. Hoping his question would be answered. Henry and his spirits simply watched the gate and as Winona threw the boy a sack full of money for him, or them to buy equipment and restock. "Well restocking sounds nice." He spoke, with a casual tone as Undine floated beside him. "Well currently we don't require any..." She spoke, as Salamander interjected as well. "Plus, your weapon appears to be better than the ones on display." Salamander spoke to Henry, whose's sword as currently nowhere to be seen, as it was a summonable sword, bound to him. "You two have a point." He admitted as he walked back to the others at the gate to wait for their departure. "I hope you'l let me watch your back as well in return, Ceres." Henry spoke, replying to the Paladin's former statement. "Gee, I never thought you'd be friends with a Paladin." Salamander snickered, much to Henry's annoyance, but it was true, his experience with paladins in his world was troublesome, very troublesome, the moment regular order paladins saw Henry's power they'd attack him on sight after all. But Ceres seemed to be different...and friendly. "I will pretend I didn't hear that, Salamander." Henry retorted, with a frown, but it was notable he enjoyed having the spirit's company.
  15. Scrapmaster

    The Haven (RP)

    - Henry - The Element Master - Haven - Bounty Board - Everyone made their opinions sound, Kolm was the first to choose, citing with sarcasm the idea of catching bugs, before choosing to take on the Silver Ranked job of saving a small village from a monster attack. Something Henry was all too used to doing. Pang gave his mind, and Winona asked them if they wished to take herbs or bugs first. "A village is being attacked, which means the only two pertinent jobs right now are collecting medicine, and saving said village. To me anyway. Saving the village should be our top priority." Henry spóke, heating himself up unconcioussly as his voice sounded outwardly heroic as he brought a fist up, as the elemental spirits flocked behind him. "Medicine will be useful, but it will be more useful after the village is cleared." Undine spoke. "Plus i'l get to see what these newbies can do!" Salamander announced, excited. "Yay! Adventure!" Sylph spoke, excited, as Gnome just stood quiet and sighed. "So let us save this village first then!" Henry exclaimed, hammy and bringing his fist up, it looked rather silly, especially as Salamander and Sylph did the same thing as well, Undine didn't bother to embarrass herself - Hektor - The Gentleman - Job Board - Hektor had the rudest awakening one could really have in a place like The Haven, he woke up inside a room, with no recollection of how he got there, and nausea...albeit he didn't throw out, his conditioning made such things impossible, after all time traveling was a lot more nausea inducing than mere dimensional travel. He was then introduced by a friendly robot who showed him what the place was, and what it was all about. Much to Hektor's surprise, it remined him of the TIme's End hub he and his fellow time blessed usualy regrouped and talked about things. One of the only sources of entertainment of the dreaded, ever frozen time wastelands he traveled through. "If so then I shall accompany this gentleman in the retrieval of medicine for wounds and other ailments, provided a part of them goes to the relief efforts of the village" Hektor spoke, revealing himself to the party as he walked to them, using his cane as a means of assisting him walking, giving the impression he had some sort of problem on his legs, but in truth it was just for show. His voice was dignified and polite, no tone was raised more than it should have. He brought his free, gloved hand, to his chest as he introduced himself. "Alas, my Name is Hektor, It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances" He introduced himself with a light bow of his head.