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  1. - Henry and Hektor - Henry and the spirits listened to Uzumeashy's request, most importantly, to accompany them in this life threatening quest for...a dragon's gallblader? not something you'd get to do everyday, but then again Henry had done weirder stuff back in his world, like escorting items of...convenient value, all of which were rather silly sometimes. Not something he'd really get into detail, but still. "Well, much as i'd object against you going, we would need you to extract it. But im coming too, gotta keep my skills sharp, and helping someone along the way makes it all the more worth it". "He'd probably do it regardless if he knew of your condition." Undine commented. "Henry might try to act tough, but he's a real sweetheart in the inside." Salamander also opted in. "Henry's so playful he can befriend even fairies!" Sylph also opted in. Much to his dismay. Henry sighed as the spirits spoke and shrugged. Guess he couldn't hide much. "I assume the dragon needs to be alive for you to extract the gallblader?" Henry asked, following up on Rhiannon's question. Hektor stood quiet, drinking his tea in the seat Rhiannon had tapped and invite him to sit down to join them. As he listened, he was somewhat sickened by the big green man's words to Uzume, but would refrain from saying anything as to not cause trouble, he'd agree with almost everything everyone had said, especially Rhiannon's disposition to help her impressed him, no, everyone's helping disposition impressed him, these were good people. Hektor slowly got up from his seat as Rhiannon asked if he was coming along. "How would I be able to call myself a gentleman if I allowed the health of our precious cook to worsen? Much less allow my comrades to go fight a beast as powerful as a dragon without my assistance." Hektor explained in rather cultured words that he was indeed coming along with them. "Plus, I quite enjoy the company." Hektor spoke, but this line was more directed at Rhiannon, as Hektor shot a smile towards her, quick enough to go unnoticed by most as just a common courtesy. Hektor was going to say something else, but was interrupted by an excitable fairy flying up to his glorious and high class hat. Picking it up with her tiny arms. "Whooaaa, this hat is weird!" Sylph exclaimed, much to Hektor's chagrin, but he let out a chuckle. "Well it is quite unusual to see someone wearing one." He replied to the fairy. Sylph would then fly around with the tophat, and eventually place it on most of everyone's heads to see how they looked. First was Kolm which caused her to giggle a bit, afterwards was Galla, before the Necromancer could really react to the fairy's shenanigans, the necromancer's presence scared her a bit, causing her to relent and pick up the tophat again. Ending up placing the tophat on Rhiannon's head, as she giggle in glee. "You look so fancy with it! you'd just need one of those one eye glass things and you'd look like a propper mistress!" The fairy exclaimed, prompting another laugh from Hektor. "You speak of a monocle, but a lady does not need such things." Hektor literaly played along with the fairy's antics, not annoyed in the slightest, much to the contrary. Meanwhile Henry, Gnome, Salamander and Undine were just flabbergasted at Sylph's actions. Henry was just stuck with a face of quiet acceptance, Undine just had a frown, same as Gnome whose's expression, as Salamander simply smirked and laughed.
  2. *Angry fist shake* Protip: I don't recommend spoilering your posts with manual spoiler commands. Apparently it messes up and makes some of the text uneditable, so I got my entire post inside the spoiler. I've added spaces after the flashback so you can just close it and read the post outside of it for your convenience. Anyway, aside from that. Here's Henry and Hektor's new skills. Using both the character's 2000 acquired coins. Henry: Mark of Death: Henry places a darkness elemental mark onto an enemy. This is an instant castable spell that is both difficult to dodge and predict. Henry teleports behind his target utilizing good control over wind magic and darkness, usualy used in the WInd style for its speed, but can be used with any style as it uses Henry's natural dark magic. When an enemy receives a mark, they don't lose any attributes, but any attack launched against them, of whatever element, will deal 20% more damage. Only one enemy may be marked for a time, and the mark lasts for three minutes. Notes: If Henry uses his dark style, the effect lasts longer and any attack onto the target heals him for a portion of the damage dealt. And the limit of 1 target extends to upwards of five simultaneous targets, all marks vanish should he leave the Darkness Style. Hektor: Passive: Grace upgrade: Renewing Grace: On top of the normal bonuses to Hektor's grace (10% physical and damage buff and 9% cooldown or cost reduction per stack.) It now adds a passive health regeneration effect, speeding up one's body's natural healing with careful time magic. 0,5% Hp regeneration per second is granted per stack. With a Maximum of 1,5% at 3 stacks which is Grace's limit.
  3. - Henry - Henry's eyes shot open as he was sitting in a meditation position in his bed as came to, his hands shaking. "Another one..." He commented dryly with a sigh, his meditations would usualy resort in peaceful rest and recuperation, but sometimes they tapped into his memories, except it were only the bad ones, and he was stuck in them until they were over. "Power..." He commented. "Power should never be considered the true measure of anything." Undine commented within his mind. Since he and the spirits were all linked spiritualy, they could see his memories, but the ones before he had acquired them were unnacessible, but when he meditated their link would strenghten, one of the primary motives he would do such an act. Whenever he had a memory, they'd see it too. "Besides, what you lack in raw power, you have in skill." Salamander followed up Undine's comment. Clearly trying to reassure and comfort him. "I know...best not to think about it." He finished as he then heard the sound of music, drawing his attention outside. grabbing his things, putting on his usual clothing and walking out of his room, alongside most that did so, and seeing the note left for them. "A dragon? we haven't seen one in a while!" Sylph commented, appearing beside him. "True, lets go see her at the Cafeteria and check it out" He commented as he headed off to see Uzume about the job. It didn't take very long for him to arrive, the past week was mostly spent sparring, doing some collecting bounties for a bit of extra coin and walking around. "Morning" He spoke, announcing his presence and greeting everyone who had arrived there. The spirits appeared to greet them all as well, Sylph was just waving her arms around, Undine did a small wave with her hand, Salamander waved normaly, and Gnome hid behind Henry's legs, head head poking out. "Hey Ceres." Henry greeted her as well as she arrived. "Take it you've slept well?" He asked, trying to strike up conversation while waiting for Uzume. - Hektor - "Ah, good morning everyone!" Hektor greeted all those in the Cafeteria. "Hello there, Kolm, Galla." Hektor greeted them as he passed by, with a small bow. Nodding towards Henry and Ceres as he approached Rhiannon. "Hello, Rhiannon." Hektor greeted her warmly. As he proceeded to order a cup of tea as he waited too. "Must say, a dragon seems like an ambitious quest! I for one have only seen one my entire life." Hektor commented, his tone genuine
  4. I'l try to post soon, home has been very hectic as of late.
  5. When you were planning on some Wholesome as hell interactions in the Aquafolk party with the other characters but most of them went back to the Haven.
  6. - Henry - Aquafolk village - Henry smiled as the chief accepted his drink offer, as they quickly moved to grab the drinks, following the chieftain as they approached the distributor, Salamander grabbing a drink and floating off did catch a glance from him, Salamander was an extreme drinker...and lightweight, she would be drunk in seconds, and that could prove troublesome, but that was something he'd deal with later if it became a problem. Henry accepted the drink and held it in his hands as the Chieftain began to speak once more. Explaining what the Aquafolk were about to do and that there was no help necessary from the Haven, thanking him for his desire to help them. "My home was ravaged by war and chaos, despair and death everywhere you could go. Helping others was about the only thing I could do to make things seem less bleak. You don't need a reason to help people, if they are in trouble I will come to their aid." Henry spoke about his desire to help them in a short sentence, clearly and to the point. Quickly toasting to the aquafolk chieftain in turn, before downing the entire drink in one mouthful, carefuly placing the now empty glass onto the table. "Another one please", he called to the side as he looked back at the chieftain, Henry's face was unmoved by the strong alcohol, albeit he enjoyed the taste. It was clear he was a heavy, and strong drinker. "I'l let you know, I am pretty avid drinker." He commented with a smirk. - Hektor - Cafeteria - "I fully intended to provide you all with the finest tea possible, Reksis. But I have no excuse. that much is right..." Hektor nonchalantly, and sarcasticaly went along with Reksis's comment as he chuckled, no hard feelings from the comment. Hektor's posture would shift a bit as Rhiannon asked him what his world was like...a question none too easy to answer for the gentleman, whose current world was a perpetualy frozen in time void with nothing to do but wander the time warped wastelands until a higher call descended upon him. But he smiled slightly as he reminisced about his actual homeworld, the place he was born and raised. "My home world...it was a wonderful place!" Hektor spoke with a genuine smile, "My world was quite an...adventurous place. It had its fair share of wars, and other unpleasantries, but it was mostly at peace when I was alive, it had monsters, plenty of them, most deadly and hostile to life. But there also the adventurers who would take care of them, trained by the 'Adventurous School for emerging Heroes'. And I kid you not, that was the name of the academy." Hektor went on a mini ramble about how his world worked, somewhat, clear emotion in his voice as he loved his world and origin. "I was born in a higher class family, taught the way of the gentlemen and...well...the cane fighting." He spoke, tapping his cane lightly on the ground as he did so, "However unlike my higher class peers I often mingled alongside those of varied classes, becoming friends with a variety of individuals, all of which with their good and bad qualities. It didn't really take long for me to enroll in the academy, with an honest desire to help the world become a better place, being the second of my bloodline to ever consider adventuring and becoming a hero for their career, instead of managing the family wealth." Hektor spoke a bit more about himself, all with a bitersweet tone in his voice. Before his expression turned a bit sad for a second, before reverting to a neutral one. "Not all peace lasts though, but that is a story for another time. How was your world Rhiannon? I am very much interested in your story." Hektor quickly changed the subject, asking Rhiannon about her origin.
  7. Convenient for you to mention ultimate Ferria. I have been thinking about Henry's and Hektor's for a bit. Mostly how Henry's ultimate will change the longer the RP progresses, possibly changing itself entirely. Hektor will either get more control over the times stop for PVE. Or he will have other variations of his signature move.
  8. - Henry - To the ashes - Everyone's reaction to Henry's proposal of sacrifice did not help the poor man's feelings, part of him wanted to listen to them...not give his entire exitence away, but he would be dead regardless, and he'd be damned if any of them didn't have their sacrifices returned, even if this meant of him being gone...from...well...everything, not a trace left. And truthfuly, as the source spoke, as everyone's sacrifices were being returned, many hugged him, Elia and Helios especially, Aura tried to, ending up punching his arm, Soren bellowed his dismay, Jynn, Rhea and Eclaire all expressed their shock and feelings of his sacrifice, hell. Even Nergal expressed his sentiments. However Henry still had a few lasting seconds, maybe even a minute of tangibility and well...existence, allowing him to hug Elia, Aura and Helios in a big group hug, in a warm, yet fading hug. As he released them from the hug he looked at each of them, with a warm and honest smile as he began to address them. "I am sorry Elia, but I feel as If I must do this, for you...and everyone, in a sense...I guess my life finaly has meaning..." Henry spoke as he extended his hand to her, before wiping her tears with his hand "Don't cry Elia, smile, your smile is infectious." He comforted her , ruffling her hair he then pulled a necklace he had worn for years between his armor and clothing, a small pendant with a faint white crystal, which reflected any light that came upon it in the middle. Placing it around Elia's head, Henry simply nodded warmly to her. As he then looked at Aura, who also displayed her displeasure. "I am sorry Aura, I wish I had words of comfort...but I don't." Henry spoke, placing a hand on her shoulder, if one paid attention the hand of which he placed his hand was slowly cracking and...vanishing in an ever engulfing blue hue. "Here..." Henry spoke as he reached for his longsword with his other hand, his Longsword intact from the time travel, without having had Odin shatter it again. "Its for you...as a memento." Henry spoke, with a smile. Helios...probably one of hardest ones to say goodbye to out of them all, Henry walked over to him, placing his hand on his head and hair much like what he did with Elia. "I guess I just can't help myself with sacrifices...huh?" He half heartedly joked, as more and more of his body began to drift away, at this time most of his hand. "But I am the one who should be thanking you Helios, you've taught me...to hope again, I've learned that there is always more than meets the eye with you, that one should never give up...Thank you." Henry had nothing more to give as gifts to others, all he could really do...was hug him, with the warmest hug he could ever muster to give someone, he gave it to Helios. Before releasing him, and addressing a few others. "Soren...for as little time we knew of each other, it has been an honor, may your endeavors prove succesful in the future..." Henry spoke with the demon, before turning to Everyth. "This is not easy for me to say, you may slap me if you wish. But I hope you can forgive me one day, and...Everyth..." Henry spoke, grabbing her shoulder with his still remaining hand. "Live, don't throw your life away." Was all Henry could really tell her as he turned to Rabyiu and Nodded, same for Thane and the others. Smacking Jynn softly in the shoulder with a smile, as a gesture of friendliness and to honor the man. Henry would go and tell each one individualy his goodbye, but he had pretty much ran out of time, as he felt himself vanishing now, the process of vanishing was spreading much quicker now, engulfing most of his chest and shoulder already. As he walked in front of them all, turning to them. "Goodbye, everyone." Henry spoke, as he closed his eyes...and allowed himself to be erased. He felt at peace now, the weight of his power and body, gone. But it was bittersweet, as he did not know what would truly happen to him. Regardless, he willingly gave himself. As he disappeared along with the source. - Alicia, Typhon, Mikhail and Alastor - They were all silent, they did not know Henry enough to give their input, albeit most were saddened. Alicia stood beside Jynn, unknowing of Alastor having walked behind her, having regained his memories and...well...love for his daughter, he hesitantly extended his hand to touch her shoulder from behind, but hesitated too much at the end, and ended up turning around and walking, out of shame...and out of respect for her, coming back into her life now? it would only cause problems. Even if she somewhat knew who he was, it was best to limit contact. Alicia had regained her grimoire, as he looked at Jynn's despair at Henry's death, she could not do much other than keep at his side. But as she saw him despairing from his disappearance, she stepped up behind him, holding him from behind. "You did as any son would do...to learn of his mother's sudden death, and being faced with insurmountable responsability, it's not your fault..." Alicia held him for as long as needed, before the prince would be ready to get himself up. Mikhail was just lost, completely and utterly lost, he did not know much of what was happening, or why he was even there in the first place, he was more annoyed about the possibility of not being paid, albeit Henry's sacrifice did prompt a few nods of respect from him. Typhon was...more angered than sad, albeit Henry was an odd one, even if he hated the feys and what they did, he had to admit, some of them were not bad, even if his heart came back. Henry's death would cause a shift in Typhon's priorities for hate and well...snarkiness, the feys in front of him were not evil, nor were they truly good either, but he guessed he could respect them...except for one. Odin. A feeling Alastor shared, albeit killing Odin now was a bad idea, he needed to get him by surprise if he wanted to bring Raiden back, somehow...maybe the Djninni's lamp would prove useful? "Aura" Alastor spoke as he approached her, "Does the Djinni's lamp still work?" he asked her.
  9. - Henry - Information gatherer - Aquafolk party - "I know it all too well." Henry replied solemnly, with a matching expression as the Aqua folk chief commented about slaying people you knew, something Henry had to do before back in his world, not a good memory, but it is what it is and he is the man he is now because of said memories. Henry's face was quiet and serious as the chief explained what has been happening, two villages of the Aquafolk had fallen to the undead menace already, only furthering the undeads advance by bolstering their numbers, family and friends reanimated for devilish deeds was wrong. it was unethical and an insult to anything that is...well...alive or dead. He thought about things, only to listen in more as the Chief explained of the other villages. "That explains why they weren't Aquafolk or human...they were from different...that just entices my curiosity further, I've had experience with necromancers in the past, they're clever at worst and pure blown war tacticians at best. Whoever or whatever is the cause of this clearly has a gameplan. And that is most likely: Seek out and turn powerful individuals lead attacks into weak cities, and bolster their numbers with new kills." Henry commented, more like speculated to the Aquafolk chieftain. "Just the fact that today we faced off against a turned Fitzjerome and Yilwach means that this threat has grown exponentialy already." Henry finished before sighing. Still with a serious expression. "But there is nothing I or any of us can do for now...unless I can investigate one of the destroyed villages directly, but I am restricted by The Haven." Henry explained with a apologetic tone. "But I will relay this information to the others at The Haven, at least now I know what we're up against...and I just got into The Haven a few hours ago...hell of an introduction...already facing off against a necromantic threat...then again I guess its better than fighting ancient dragons." Henry commented with a slightly joking tone, albeit he did not give the impression that what he was saying was a lie of any sort, far from it. "But...lets not trouble ourselves for now, might I invite you to a drink?" Henry asked the Aquafolk Chief. Maybe even to a friendly alcohol drinking competition? Salamander was expressing mixed feelings as the Aquafolk in charge of the drinks began speaking of them. All of them sounded delicious, but not very strong, regardless a good drink's what she needed, she simply grinned back at the Aquafolk after he asked her her age. letting out a small laugh, "Hah, I am over eight hundred years old, don't you worry!" Salamander exclaimed. Fetch me the strongest one you got! Meanwhile Sylph waa already with a stolen bottle of liquor in her hand, barely able to lift the thing as she flew ever so lower because of its weight, Gnome grabbed it out of her hand, and proceeded to take a sip as well. And offered it back to Sylph, who turned the entire bottle over her fairy size body. Undine was just sitting by at a quiet table, enjoying a drink of her own. - Hektor - Ever the gentleman - "Well met Hogarth!, Rhiannon and...a pleasure Uzumeashy" Hektor introduced himself to the new person he had met with a slight bow, having overheard her name as they spoke, taking off his tophat so it would not fall off before putting it back on and resuming his stance. Doing as Hogarth asked, Hektor looked over the chair selection...most were good enough, and he was not one to be too picky, a gentleman from a humble beginning he was! He was not one to be stingy or annoying with tastes. "It seems like apologies are in order, Hogarth, Rhiannon. I promised tea but yet I could not have the luck to find some to taste with all of you. Terribly sorry." Hektor spologized, sincerely, his words were of true heartbreak, a day without tea was not a good day in his books. That and coffee was also a good alternative too. "But nevertheless I shall find a nice cup of tea for all of us to enjoy given time!" Hektor soon rejoiced again. His thick english accent only making his words ever the more comical
  10. - Alastor and Alicia - The End - Alastor looked as things progressed after leaving the time travel process, apparently his mind was sent back in time, enabling them to undo everything that was done without any paradoxes. Clever, still. The others were quick to grab and restrain Odin, who quickly surrendered after listening in to everyone's explanations of what he did, Nergal seemed to do so as well. Alastor still did not buy anything Odin was saying, not for a second, but before he could do much the Source of all life was activated and a omniscient being appeared, or at least their silhouette, as it spoke about the Feys nature and everything they had done. Alastor was silent, not wishing anything, letting the others make the wishes as they all agreed on the same, Alastor figured it'd be best not to wish for anything. Alicia was much the same as Alastor, deciding not to wish for much, staying by Jynn's side as she waited for everyone else's wishes to be done. - Typhon and Mikhail - The End - Typhon, who was now sitting back in a chair made out of rubble of a nearby pillar was just looking at the feys and the humans making their wishes, joined in by Mikhail who was now drinking a healing potion as a beverage as they wathed everything unfold. "I really don't understand you Feys, doubt i'l ever will too." Typhon exclaimed, which caused a chuckle to come from Mikhail. "WHy won't you wish for your people back, Typhon?" Mikhail asked him, which caused Typhon a few seconds of silence. "My people have been dead for years now, I don't know if that would work, and besides...I think its better this way, we feys were in the hundreds, we would give it our all to save millions if we could..." Typhon solemnly spoke, sighing. Deciding to let the feys make their wish. - Henry - The End - As everyone made their wish to the source, and it responding in kind, soon enough turning towards him and contemplating his silence, was he ready for what he was about to wish? not even he knew anymore. So much had happened in so little time, and yet. Everyone had lost so much already. "I..." Henry tried to word his wish, but found himself unable to even think of the words. Nevertheless his wish would most likely shock all others near him. But as he thought, in the end, he smiled, a small chuckle chuckled escaping as he thought about his decision. "I know what I will ask is against everyone else here, but I do not wish for their wish to be ignored, in fact. I wish to make a trade..." Henry offered the source, much to the possible surprise and dismay of his companions. Looking back at each of them with a face of...acceptance? he turned back to the source's apparition. Closed his hands into fists and began to explain his wish. "We have all lost so much, sacrificed a piece of ourselves to save a world that might not even appreciate us, that might not even aknowledge our efforts, we've all given up so much for the world below." Henry began. "I am already a dead man, even should we leave here I will die in a few hours at most. No life force or anything to offer anymore other than...myselfwhat is left of my life...or...my existence if it means...that everyone's sacrifices would be returned to them." "I am not a good man, I've done so many horrible things, I killed dozens of defenseless people...I even killed Ariana, taking away Elia's sister from her, dragged others into their deaths, I do not deserve redemption ,but nevertheless I find myself asking you...no...begging you. Take my lif-no...my essence, all that I am. And return everyone's sacrifices back to them, I fully accept my death. Let me at least do something of good in my last moments...Please." Henry begged the source, his life, so that everyone can be returned what they've lost coming to the final room, his last gift to them all. Henry soon began coughing a lot, blood coming out of his mouth and into his hands as he covered his mouth, it was true, he was dying, this trade would be an all or nothing deal for him. He could die happy knowing that everyone else could leave without their sacrifices. "It is all that I can ask..." Henry spoke, looking directly at the source's apparition. Adamant about his request. As he said it all, he knew the others would find him crazy, some might try to top him, but he had to do this. His death was already certain, but he would give what else he could in his last moments. Strangely...he felt at peace, as he spoke, a weird feeling of relief even. Everyone there deserved to continue their lives, to live and be happy.
  11. - Henry - The Feast - Henry returned the Aquafolk's general's bow with his own, paying back the respect and accepting his apology, "I will tell Pang that." He commented as he looked over the festivities being prepared, a bit saddened that most of his companions would resort to coming back to the Haven instead of taking part in this. "Sylph, Gnome, Undine and Salamander, you're all free to do what you wish in this party." Henry spoke, not to the General, but to his spirits as they appeared behind him, Salamander had a smirk on his face, fist bumping the air, Sylph was ecstatic as well, zooming around Henry. Gnome had the same face and expression as ever, and Undine had the same composed face, with a silent nod she was the first to break off and go do her own thing in the festival, mostly assist in the set up of the festivities and look for something interesting to do. "Alrighty!" Sylph exclaimed as she zoomed off into the festival and out of everyone's sight. "If you need me, just call." Salamander commented as she slowly floated off to the festival, mostly to look for a drink. Which there would obviously be plenty. She approached an Aquafolk, who looked like in charge of the drinks and food. "Hey there...so...what drinks will be served?" she asked him. Gnome simply nodded as well and walked off, she would help out with the preparations with her earth magic if she could, then look for something else to do as well. "Excuse them, we don't get to have celebrations often." Henry spoke, smiling as he looked at the General. "I'd invite you to a drink so we could have a more casual talk, but I see you're busy, so I will cut it straight." Henry exclaimed, sighing as he thought about his question a bit. "You and your people seem to know The Haven's occupants well, I am quite new you see. Have there ever been an attack of this scale here before?" Henry asked him. Direct and to the point, Henry did not want to jump around the subject. If there has been any prior attack of this magnitude before, maybe he could piece something together to get a bigger picture over whats going on, considering Pang exclaimed she was being controlled by something or someone. "I ask this because if I can find a connection between these attacks I can relay the information to the others at The Haven, so we can get to the bottom of this, it can't be normal for a prior haven member to come back as an undead, she must have become a lich because she was previously a powerful mage...but who brought her back." Henry finished, sounding somewhat puzzled as he did so. - Hektor - Lost in The Haven - Hektor continued to walk around, checking every bit of the haven as he possibly could, even if he did look mighty lost, and he was indeed mighty lost, a small robot called him and walked beside him. "Excuse me, sir...Codename: Hektor." The little robot announced, grabbing the gentleman's attention. "I am very sorry...but my name is Hektor, its not my codename." Hektor explained, the robot did a quick beep. "Aknowledged, Codename changed to: Sharp dressed bourgeois." The robot reafirmed. To which Hektor chuckled. "Cheeky." Hektor spoke with a slight smile, "Since you're here, could you point me towards the cafeteria?" Hektor asked. "Oders aknowledged, please head left and continue until the second right, you will find yourself in the cafeteria." It spoke in a monotonous robot voice, that of which was found in most common GPS systems nowadays. Hektor simply nodded and began to follow its directions, the robot turning around and continuing what it was doing.
  12. Undine's made of water, so alcohol would have an incredibly high effect on her. Salamander's a total lightweight, even if she doesn't combust the alcohol. Gnome's size doesn't help with Alcohol ingestion, neither does Sylph. Henry's the only one who can actualy handle his drinks out of them.
  13. You guys will get to experience some very drunk elemental spirits. While Henry has a casual talk to the Aquafolk chief. HAve fun everybody!
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