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  1. Ignis court has an Unique rule If a mage from Ignis sets things on fire too much, he is promptly thrown into the ocean in the nearby beach.
  2. So long as nobody loses their weapons or have the Iron in their blood messed wtih, I think it's alright. I did not think of the Iron in the blood thing. That's god damn terrifying.
  3. Hey @HeartOfFerria Metal magic's pretty concerning considering the setting, what kind of metal manipulation. Are we talking the "I can bend metal on touch or make things out of metal" Or "I can snatch your metal weapon out of your hand/break your weapons and armor entirely"?
  4. Name: Henry Heid. "The Sun of Ignis"Age: 24Gender: Male Appearance: General appearance. Dreadnought form: Court affiliation (if any): Ignis Weapons: Sun's Edge. Magic: Fire Magic, Blast magic (EXPLOOOOSIONS?!), Earth and Sunlight (Light + Fire) Sunlight is a combination of Light and Fire, creating an extremely hot energy that resembles light, but can set things ablaze and have other applications. Personality: Calm, collected, Just but kind is the best definition one can give Henry. He wholeheartedly supports and follows Ignis's teaching and treats all of its court members as brothers and sisters. He certainly has a heroic side of him he doesn't want to show much, but he is the first one to rush to someone's help as well as fight for his beliefs even if the rules have to be bended. During battle Henry is rather silent and focused, only ever speaking to taunt his enemy's stature and skills. Certainly in a state of battle focus. Background: One of the most respected Ignis mages, for his actions and upbringing within the court. Henry joined the court at a young age of 9, showing prowess in the arts of fire and earth and an uncanny ability with light magic, contrasting his father and mother who controled Wind and Light respectively, first of his family to join the Ignis court and began his training right away. Quickly finding many friends in the court, Arun and Lev beings notables ones. Both of which he trained regularly with. In Ignis he learned to wield all forms of swords, axes and other meele weapons, but he found himself most comfortable with Arming swords which allowed for a good mix of defense and ofense, and he focused on mastering his swordsmanship with his swords. His fire magic and Earth magic were used to cover his weaknesses of range and raw strenght due to his sword's weight and size. When he was around 19 years old he mastered the art of fire magic and threw his own spin on it, Fire and Earth when used together were very strong, but were limited in speed. But what if he could change that? He learned that fire could be used in many ways, such as charging at high speeds at an enemy, as well as flash stepping behind an opponent using very controlled fire energy. He took part in the fight which scarred Soren's face, he held himself rather well against the super powered mage, but he much like the others were unable to save Soren from the wounds that disfigured him. He was only 14 years old at the time and that experience had given him ideas on how to improve himself. And improve himself he did. His mastery over fire had gotten so high he branched it off into a new school of magic which he utilizes Fire's combustive force and earth's mastery over the earthly elements to allow him to cast controlled explosions around him as well as using this new ability in meele combat with his "Blast Armor" which combines it with his Sunlight energy to create a protective aura around him, which builds up energy and explodes when in contact with an energy, not much in the way of damage but with very good force behind it, usualy knocking an opponent off balance. His fire magic is used in many ways, both for close combat and ranged combat, with high mobility in the means of fire charges, blazing flash steps and more. Henry only truly proved himself within the court when he defended his court's honor in a four way fight between: Himself, an Umbra mage, A Somnus mage and a high standing mage from Vivifica. The fight itself was allowed on an official capacity. They all teamed up against him even if the rules said otherwise. Through a long fight, Henry emerged the victor, having had beaten down all of the other mages and succesfuly defending Ignis's honor. The Event had been shown publicly, officialy allowed as a sparring match. After said Henry acquired a nickname title from the people as "The Sun of Ignis". When he was 22 years old, it was his first no holds-barred, lethal sparring match with Soren, one of the most powerful of the court, the battle was long and grueling, but his improvements over his skills showed as he managed to survive the Bullwark's onslaught and deliver his own blows. In the end they fought to a complete stand still, as one had expended most of their mana and couldn't continue fighting, ending it in a draw. Henry still thinks Soren went easy on him, or underestimated him. Current events with Vivifica's disbanding has left Henry quite concerned, and he would jump at the chance of leading an investigation on their activity, especially when it comes to Itika. The Defection from Elliot only made him more determined to find out what VIvifica's been doing.
  5. Name: Richter Vanis Age: 34 Gender: Male Appearance: Normal unawakened form. Divination form Court affiliation (if any): Vivifica. Weapons: The Pendulum which he holds in his normal appearance is in fact a catalyst to his natural creation magic, allowing him to transform it in a variety of things, mostly swords and other weapons. He refuses to transform it into guns, however. Magic: Thaumaturgy (A combination of Creation magic as well as Holy magic). Lightning. Phasing, Divine Sense. Richter's Thaumaturgy works in creating weapons and other projectiles for damage during combat, as well as using holy spells for damage as well, all with a blue, glowing color much like his hair and divination form. Phasing: The ability to turn incorporeal for a few seconds, can also teleport short distances at ease, can be used both in and outside of Divination. Interestingly enough this ability extends to his creation magic. Divine Sense: A different take on aura sense in that he can feel a connection to the environment around him so long as there is magic in the atmosphere, and he can only feel the presence of those with magic. Personality: Kind and compassionate, but always has the look as if he is scheeming something, and in truth, he is always in deep personal thought, about his objectives, his peers, and the court itself. He is, however, easy to befriend, even though he may seem a bit intense in his beliefs. He is a genuinely nice person who looks out for his friends and peers, however he is rather merciless when it comes to dealing with any who threaten him and his friends of the court. He has a deep seeted contempt for how unafiliated mages are treated, and how unfair it is for those with weak magical affinity to join courts, and the necessity of said affiliation for a life of dignity. He wishes to change that one day, one way or another. During combat Richter's mostly silent, usualy speaking to shoot down the opponent's morale and toy with them further, as he enjoys testing others to what they can do. Background: Richter was born in a well off Court affiliated family of mages, all from Vivifica, and all boasting high affinity for the holier types of magic such as light. Richter on the other hand always had an affinity for both holy, and creation magic. Ever since a young age he has always created objects out of pure holy energy which emanated high concentrations of magic power. All linked to his mind, he can control them at will but they disappear a certain distance away from him. This natural power easily got him affiliated into the court of Vivifica, where he began his training as a Vivifican Mage, and rose through the ranks at a steady pace throughout the years. However an air of mystery follows him, even though he claims to have the best interests of the court in mind. Throughout the years Richter has proven himself quite the intense Mage, following Vivifica's beliefs to the letter he usualy does things that may break laws or customs if it means it'l save or better the lives of others. Richter has not been in too many conflicts or battles, but he has proven himself as a dangerous opponent during spars, due to his high mobility and damage moveset allowing him to rushdown an opponent at both range and close quarters combat.
  6. Name: Arno Cross Age: 29 Gender: Male Appearance: Court affiliation (if any): No affiliation. Bounty Hunter, mercenary. Weapons: Custom Sawed off shotgun Short katana: Kusabi. (Shown in the appearance) Perfect for close range engagements alongside his shotgun, Kusabi allows for good parrying capability as well as exceptional cutting potential. The Pay Raiser. Magic: Wind, Gravity and Fire. All untrained and tough to control, albeit he has been practicing, which is why he relies more on channeling the elements onto his weapons than using them himself. Personality: Arno used to be a kind and outgoing individual, but the life of an untrained and unsupported mage is a tough one, and has roughed him to the point that he looks and acts more like a tough, no nonsence type of guy who only really cares about himself. And that may be so. But he has a heart of gold when it matters, even though his profession doesn't exactly allow for much kindness per say. Bounty hunting is a dirty business, especially when one also doubles as a mercenary. He is rather silent when on business, and only ever speaks up to joke at other's expenses. Background: Born from a poor family, Arno always attempted to strike out and become a court mage, be affiliated with one and give his family the lives they deserved, as they were all humans with no magic, a rare occurance of non magic humans giving birth to one with natural magical affinity. Albeit it was not meant to be, his mother died of a disease and his father soon followed suit through suicide, leaving Arnor, 19 years old, to fend for himself in the harsh world. First, he tried going to one of the courts to try and get affiliation, he attempted to join all of them at least once, none of them ever accepted him. This resulted in his decline to criminality, turns out when you have gravity based magic there isn't much others can do to you, even other fellow mages struggle to act when slowed down. But after a few successful bank heists and criminal feats, earning him several nicknames for his criminal endeavors. He decided to retire from the criminal game as the heat was getting too hot for him, even though his fame preceeded him, they never actualy saw his face during any of them, as such he only needed a change in wardrobe. Using the money he got off the heists and robberies he bought himself a new coat, bought himself the parts to build his guns, and set off on his merry way. Today he travels from state to state, accepting mercenary work, and most importantly. Bounty hunting, a profitable activity, even though he feels some remorse because most of his targets are also untrained mages just fending for themselves.
  7. I'd gladly do the arena fight with Kuni and you Vaude through PMs. Im ready whenever.
  8. - Hektor - Shopping spree with Rhiannon - Hektor cocked a smile at Rhiannon's reaction to his question about accompanying her to the shops, as he also noticed Reksis sitting alone, being pestered by Sylph. He let Rhiannon speak for them as she began to lead him off while gripping his arm. Hektor smiled as he saw Reksis trying out some tea, his favorite beverage, but rhiannon pulled him along quick enough to make him unable to comment on the sight of Reksis drinking tea. Rhianno commented about the shop area, saying it was replete with weapons, gadgets, you name it. "Certainly sounds pleasing to adventurers such as ourselves!" He commented as they soon arrived in the merchant district. Hektor followed her to the shop in which Rhiannon found herself poking the bottles, casualy waving to the shopkeeper to not get too mad on the girl. He was about to join Rhiannon in the bottle spelunking but he then heard a stranger's voice to their side, turning to face the man, he noticed two things. One was a shifty looking man in a trenchcoat, addorned with a belt that had some weird casings in it, his stall full of weapons he'd never seen before, with casings and the like, gunpowder's smell permeating the atmosphere of the shop as the man's glowing yellow eyes were the only things he could see through the man's hood, trenchcoat and bandana covering his mouth, the other was a seemingly blind man, another cane afficionado, which pleased Hektor greatly. Looking over the man, he did not look like your common medium class citizen. Hektor tapped his cane to the ground as he answered the man. "Most certainly!, me and my lady friend would be delighted to answer your questions." Hektor politely spoke. - Henry - Cafeteria - "Not enough action in the lab?" Henry casualy replied back, sarcasticaly, to the three eyed, mask wearing man, who had just commented on his predicament, the idea of a match in the arena appeased him greatly, Salamander beamed up as well, always excited for a fight. "Well the idea is very appealing, I haven't had much practice aside from training dummies in the past week." Henry explained. "I'l accept." he finished with a smile. Salamander laughed at the back as she approached. "Well, always eager for a fight aren't ya?" Salamander commented. "Like you're one to talk." Undine chimmed in at Salamander's expense. "Well, what do you say Lucia?" Henry turned to the arena fanatic. Before remembering something, Ceres and Winona were long absent. "By the way has anyone seen Ceres?" He asked, curiously; " - Sylph - Shenanigans - Sylph's antics towards the ghost, and the latter's lack of reaction, and its companion seemingly unaware of her, not that she minded, she wanted to mess with the floaty thing right in front of her, even after Rhiannon and Hektor came and spoke to them she didn't leave until she saw something most peculiar...Pointy ears, coming and entering deeper into the cafeteria!. Like a lightning bolt Sylph shot out so fast she probably spun the ghost around as she followed Uzume into the cafeteria's interior and kitchen, quickly approaching them from behind. "Ooooooohh!" Sylph exclaimed from behind Iseult, "Excuse me! Miss! my friend, Henry says its rude to just come up to strangers and mess with them, but...are you an elf?!" Sylph asked shyly at first but quickly the exicitement got the best of her as she exlaimed her question with pure glee in her voice, as if seeing something rare and unique. little wings flapping in exciement as her size was roughly the palm of Iseult's hand. Small wing particles floating around her as her aura also beamed, star glints in her eyes as she looked at Iseult.
  9. *Prepares to edit a casino in Vaude's future map* Hye hye Also, RIku, your characters could meet Hektor and Rhiannon, as they're heading to the shops. Would be a good starting point.
  10. *Starts buidling an auction house straight out of Final Fantasy IX* *Starts bulding wrestling ring.* *And a casino*
  11. More opportunity for Hektor to woo new ladies is always welcome! /s
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