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  1. Nero Kunivas

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    Thanks for the warnings, the both of you. Now I'll have to be extra wary of what I search for and watch, but that shouldn't be too hard. I narrowly avoided a spoiler YouTube video for Destiny 2's latest expansion despite it having the spoiler in the thumbnail. I don't even remember what it was, I refreshed so quickly, but I know it was the spoiler itself. It always is. lol The people involved in this ought to be ashamed of themselves for spoiling it for the rest of us.
  2. Nero Kunivas

    Overworld RP

    - Ahriman, Aspect of Destruction, The Overworld's New God - Isopolis, City of Isolation - The incredible power and tenacity of Eclaire Tonnerre was something to be admired, for she persevered despite the odds stacking against her. Ahriman's moment of weakness was furiously exploited by the Valkyrie, who utilized Rebound Glyphs to enhance her assault. The heightened senses of the Aspect of Destruction allowed him to dodge the first attacks, following up by concentrating Lightning and the Void onto both of his arms, as to act as shields. He would defend himself against many of Eclaire's attacks, though some of them scraped and minorly wounded him, for he had ashamedly underestimated her speed, particularly after the Zantetsuken shattered his guard, but he clashed with her light-augmented slash with a Divine Aerial Blade: A larger, broader and golden form of Nergal's own blades protruding from his right hand, swiping the attack away. The energies from the clashing and rebounds would serve to discourage the Prime Helios, for Ahriman deliberately brushed off the Glyphs in a manner as to make them unstable, at least for a brief moment. But as Eclaire sped up due to the rebounds, Ahriman snapped the fingers of his free hand, summoning many small orbs of the Void around his perimeter as traps for the speedy yet single-minded Eclaire to impact upon and to further discourage the Shapeshifter. Lightbringer left it's mark however, a slash upon Ahriman's upper arm, yet it was a superficial wound, particularly in the face of Eclaire's finisher: She gave yet another fantastic speech, one that Ahriman would applaud were it not for his need to concentrate as he awaited her next move, intending him to "herald the frost of a new dawn" as she put it. Upon speaking those words, Eclaire charged at Ahriman with a greater slash than ever before, forcing him to respond by blocking Kugane Tragedy with his Aerial Blade, successfully avoiding another lost limb, but the blade was obliterated and the feedback from its energy mixing with Kugane's rebound into Ahriman's body, causing him a severe shock, the energies briefly enveloping him close to his body, eliciting a brief yell of agony. Angered, Ahriman simply turned partially toward Eclaire, who had landed next to the Merged Rufus, his arm extended as a great amount of power gathered in his palm: Wild amounts of Lightning and the Void mixing and being unleashed in an astonishingly fast chain of energy explosions headed Eclaire's and Rufus's direction, which he would follow up with a refocusing of his energy, seen by the others as his aura gathering into himself and expanding outward back to where it was around his body once more, all the while Ahriman took a deep breath...and shook his head. "I find myself disappointed...I truly wished the best for all present, to have you stand at my side as I brought these worlds their sorely needed rebirth and renewal!" Ahriman began, looking around, though his eyes never once looked in Yevgeni's direction, which some might find puzzling, though the words of Prince Jynn, now his spirit merged with that of the Lightning Spirit, caught his undivided attention and significant ire. "The decision is mine, Prince. It became mine when my predecessors took hold of the Source of All Life and eventually unified within my newly crafted mind and soul! I bring deliverance, don't you see? The Worlds are diseased...rotten to the core. None of you can save them, not with a new government, not with this fleeting unity, not even a revolution can bring about enough change to purify them. The slate must be wiped clean, so that war, injustice and despair are but things of the past, fleeting memories in the minds of mortals and demigods." He spoke with a reserved passion, a hand fell over his heart a few times, along with the general area his arms could sweep out to. "I will bring an end to all need for war, I will bring you true! Everlasting unity!" He then seemed saddened, as Light gathered to his right hand, beginning to create a very large, ornate greatsword: It was primarily gold, engraved and exuded a divine presence of its very own as he continued to speak. "But that honour will be reserved for those...who will yet live when my work is done. Those I recreate, rather than those who continue to stand against me...fighting a great battle, that will never be known. They will never know your names...for you are not fit to be even examples. You are fit...only to perish!" Ahriman concluded, raising his new sword, its blade physically extending to an unnatural length as he rapidly charged toward Arthynn to crush him beneath it, when-- - Soren Monroe, The Sentinel, Demonic Form, Has had it with this monkey fighting God in this Monday to Friday city. - Isopolis, City of Isolation - "ENOUGH!!" A loud clang sounded in the air as Ahriman's blade was halted by another large weapon wreathed in hellfire, for Soren had intercepted the God and halted him in his tracks, one hand upon the base of his blade as he forced it to a standstill. Soren Monroe glared deeply into the eyes of Ahriman, slowly walking forward as Ahriman was seemingly unable to stop this advance. "Your pretentious prattle has worn down our ears for far too long!! You, a self-proclaimed deity, cannot possibly know what we are capable of!" Soren went on, Ahriman's blade retracting as Soren encroached upon him. "I don't care who lies within your mind, who made your soul whole and what Fey you were built upon, they don't matter in this moment, as you yourself I am left with you. Ahriman. The Aspect of Destruction, oh how aptly named you are! For the only ruination that will follow in your wake, is your own! By the end of this day, we shall stand triumphant! We will put you down like the Pretender you are!" At this point, Soren and Ahriman were face-to-face, point blank as the demon roared in twisted baritones. "And when all is said and done...and you are nothing but a fleeting memory and your 'building blocks' are tried and penalized accordingly...we will! Rebuild! We will renew our own world! We will recreate the Human World! And the Source will be back where it belongs: Safely out of the reach of megalomaniacs who seek to play God!" Soren's aura had been building up as he slowly threatened Ahriman with his approach, the demonic energies almost merged with Ahriman's own aura as they flared. "And the only thing the name Ahriman will be associated with: Is the failure of a False God. And a man proven wrong by those he viewed as lesser than He." - Ahriman - "Then by all means...prove it to me." Ahriman whispered in response, revealing his being overpowered to be a ploy as he forced Soren back, albeit with some difficulty and the uncertainty that began to settle in upon his merged heart...for the Demon spoke with as much zeal as the Valkyrie and had much power, as she did...this fight could take a while, something that frustrated the true God, who steeled himself for further retaliation. Soren meanwhile, had caught himself, preparing to fight with a low snarl, heat fumes exuding from his mouth.
  3. Nero Kunivas

    The Haven (RP)

    - Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest - Sapnin Village - The initial battles that took place once the group had reached the Village of the Aquafolk did not feature the Tempest, who while prepared to fight, decided to stay back, as to observe the fighters upon their first moves. Lucia essentially wished to test them, albeit indirectly, as she never got the chance to spar with anyone before they had to leave. One of particular interest was Henry: His distinct elemental styles derived from his spirit companions were fascinating and all the more impressive for being a power completely unfamiliar to her. It was soon after that Pang entered talks with the Commander of the Aquafolk's fighting force, discussing the perpetrator of this vicious attack, confirming it had to be a Lich raising these vile revenants. But when Pang heard who the Lich in question had to be, he turned to the group, his heart had sunk as he requested their help to not only put an end to this looming threat, but to absolve The Safe Haven of their involvement in Aprameia's departure from this town, her subsequent death and resurrection as a Lich. "I don't believe I've heard of this, Aprameia, but...ahh, forgive me if I've eavesdropped, Pang, but know that I will gladly help you free her of the torment of living as a Lich, I promise you." Lucia began, catching herself upon her potential impoliteness, then vowed with sincerity and a bow to Pang. - Reksis Vahn, the Voidstalker - The Elysian Forest - Hektor had dubbed the Eliksni "Herr Reksis", as a seemingly proper form of address, if his understanding of Human Culture was up to snuff. As such, he did not object to being referred to as such, so he indulged his request to know him better. "My race comes from a distant planet...our homeworld, its name lost to time and The Whirlwind which claimed our golden age..." Reksis reflected for a moment, finding a few more herbs that they needed before resuming. "I was born and raised in the Cosmodrome in Old Russia, Earth. A, different one to yours, I would assume, to the House of Kings, before our Kell was killed and we had to become what we are now." He went on, then pointed to the House Insignia upon his cloak. "The House of Dusk. One born of desperation...but a newfound unity and drive." Reksis however had to end it there, for they were not alone in this forest. Hektor advised that Reksis warn Hogarth before the Gentlemen went for Rhiannon, so he complied quickly, making for Hogarth at a rapid pace before the Triffid's made their move. "Hogarth!" He called as the old man was seemingly enveloped in their grasp, but was soon revealed to be a deception, for Hogarth possessed such a power and let the Triffid's have it, but some still remained out of the majority that were destroyed, with the man in question suggesting a retreat for all but himself. Reksis responded by drawing his Shrapnel Launcher and priming it to fire. "They're plant life, correct? Then they'll burn to a crisp." He uttered, before firing large Solar Fire-based shrapnel at the inbound Triffid's, clusters of four firing with each trigger pull, hopefully searing the plants as he hoped. Reksis's Ghost remained quiet and close to the Voidstalker, preferring to keep himself safe, especially as Reksis and Hogarth had the situation in hand.
  4. Nero Kunivas

    Overworld RP

    - Nergodin(?) - Isopolis: City of Isolation - The emergence of Alastor, now free of limits, his powers flowing effortlessly and furiously in the visage of a dragon about him, came as an oddly present surprise to the rejuvenated fusion, now with a softer gaze upon the man who was once a friend to Lord Raiden, now a mere building block to something more, something truly greater than all Fey present. "Alastor! You wound me with your disdain...though, perhaps that is simply a remnant of your old friend, Raiden? No matter...your power impresses me. Finally, you and I shall have a fight truly worth our time." He spoke, with a new voice: One that carried elements of Nergal's tone, Odin's gravel and a new addition entirely: A slight backing, an echo of sorts, but it was subtle and holy sounding, like it was truly an ascendant being speaking. Soon, Alastor had imprisoned the fusion within a barrier, casting a spell that brought strangely vivid memories to the new mind's eye: Indignation, yet stronger and all the more dangerous. Though his movement was inhibited by the will of three runic circles, the Ascendant Fey was able to muster enough force to assault the imprisoning barrier with a Nothingness Charge, shattering it and allowing him to escape. During his imminent approach toward Alastor, Indignation caused minor damage to the fused being and while a fair few of the Orbs of Lightning were avoided, others were triggered: Exploding on impact and a few times more as smaller orbs converged...revealing a mostly unscathed figure before Alastor, who channeled Nothingness/Lightning to extend the reach of the broken Lysander temporarily, then unleashed a rapid, vicious attack upon him: Several twirling, fluidic slashes around himself, an expulsion of force from an extended palm, twirling slash to his left, which lead into an upward swipe from his free right hand; charged up with Nothingness/Lightning that exploded several times upon contact, in order to hurt or at least dissuade Alastor by knocking him back. Then the being dashed backward after Indignation had ended, avoiding Helios's attack, though a few rocks hit him head on, he ignored the pain but left a Mine of the Void in his wake, as a gift for Bherna, which would explode upon close proximity or a certain time. Stopping a distance away and lowering his blade, giving a soft smile. "Save your comments toward Nergal, or either side to be truthful...for I am neither anymore. Nergal and Odin have merged within me, allowing full usage of the immense power I hold! And with it, so you should feel by now...or, perhaps you need convincing further? I am happy to oblige." Speaking in a rather refined manner, the being simply held a hand to his chest upon his finishing words, then lowering it once more as power began to gather, unable to be seen at first, before soon concentrating as a pure white energy upon his body; erupting into a smooth, upward flowing aura of flame: Sky blue, fading into dark purple tips as specks of white, void-like light appeared and disappeared in great quantities around him continuously. Reality itself distorted for a moment at his presence, his hair turned a pale white and his eyes a crystal grey. With one simple movement of his hand upward, just a little bit: The City of Isolation began to morph, writhe and twist with several buildings rising from their foundations, exploding outward and the separate pieces began swirling into arches above the heroes, the landscape shifted up, down and along itself into fissures in areas far away from the group, but close enough to be seen by the naked eye, as the culprit spoke once more. "Now! You gaze upon Ahriman, Aspect of Destruction, Bringer of Rebirth, The Sovereign Fey and your true God! To continue this fight against me, it is foolhardy..." Then the newly christened Ahriman extended his arms further, from his back sprouted bright, glorious feathered wings! Six of them, all seemingly made of energy, yet were also as real as they looked, though this wasn't even intentional, rather a subconscious act as his aura continued to rage. Then Ahriman lowered his arms, looking upon the brigade of Fey, all of different species and creeds...and gave them an honest smile. - Ahriman, Aspect of Destruction, The Overworld's New God - "You are all truly mighty, so instead, I offer you all this: Surrender. Lower your weapons, take a knee and swear your fealty to me. As a reward, I will spare you all when I destroy this entire world...and recreate both this and the Human World, from the ground up. Then, you can bear witness to a universe rid of it's flaws!" Ahriman proposed, gesturing around and appropriately to his words, hoping to truly sway those who stood against him. "Furthermore...if you do so and understand my intent...I will uplift each and everyone of you and make you all! The first vestiges of my loyal brigade, the first sphere of a necessary hierarchy, to keep the world in order...we are to watch and act as necessary, to keep the new worlds on track, to keep the people safe...and end war. Forever! What say you? Ask your questions if you'd like." Ahriman extended a hand to everyone, landing upon the ground once more, stepping just a little closer, truly wishing to set aside such a pointless fight and simply move forward toward a new age...of prosperity. ------------------------ (I'll post for Soren later. And Meksis. :P)
  5. Nero Kunivas

    Overworld RP

    - Nergodin(Nergal), Impermissible Unity, Against Many - Isopolis, City of Isolation - - Within the Mindscape - Nergal listened to Odin's response, then kept quiet as their Fusion acted under his will, yet one thing kept niggling at Nergal's mind: Eclaire Tonnerre; preparing a powerful attack, one that was sure to be devastating, even to a Fused Fey. Neither of them had thought much of it, but as more and more energy gathered to Eclaire and the almost desperate protections thrown her way by her allies, Nergal felt it had to be the priority, rather than the afterthought it had been thus far. "Odin, don't be a fool! The Cyph and his Pale Shadow mean nothing in the face of Shiva's Retainer! She is preparing something great...we have to stop her! Now!! And leave the other ruffians till after her gambit is thwarted!" -------------------- Nergal's mind seized control of Nergodin for now, his garish facial shifts ever visible as he called his Glaive forth, telekinetically commanding it to destroy the stalagmite hurled his way, then it flew back into his grasp as something began to distort his general aura, his presence was that of the Void. The power coalesced around him, quickly becoming more intense, crackles of pure white lightning and violent strings of energy manifested about him and from his body. Empowering his Glaive with this energy, Nergodin elected to tank Mariel's beams of light, but with an expulsion of Nothingness, Nergodin simply erased Yevgeni's attack, paying him only a slight gaze; one of sorrow, before turning his attention to Eclaire, focusing his power once more. "Eclaire!! Let the void embrace you! And wipe you from the face of these worlds!!" The twisted unity of Nergal's and Odin's voices cried out as he charged straight for Eclaire at high speeds, the Void coursing around him in an unstable display of vicious power and visibly warping the world around his general vicinity, coming to a point ahead of him, concentrating in order to attempt to break through her barrier. Nergodin braced themselves, as he made impact, sending a shockwave through the Dome. The attacks of Xion made contact as well, but they were distorted by Nothingness; lessening their effects, but not nullifying them. Yet this pain mattered not to Nergodin, who channeled this aura into both Lysander and Nergal's Glaive and struck the fiery/frosty combination with carefully timed and hard-hitting strikes and slices, the Void would distort the Dome, weakening it from the inside out, even erasing small portions of this ward, allowing even the smallest fractions of Void energy to break through and reach Eclaire and Rhea, if she wasn't careful. - Soren Monroe, The Sentinel Renewed, Demonic Form - Isopolis, City of Isolation - The influence of Lysander overrode King Alderon's reasoning, who resumed his forced betrayal with an attack towards Mariel, forcing Soren to act, chasing after Alderon, his flaming greatsword dragging along the ground behind him, bringing it up to knock Alderon's blade off balance, attempting to block a potential retaliatory strike and would then try to pin the King's sword to the ground with the side of his own greatsword wreathed in flame. Then, Soren would quickly zip closer to Alderon, attempting to headbutt him, then strike him in the gut with the hilt of his weapon, but then would spot Rabiyu's explosion of elements, sliding around Alderon to shield him from the attack with his body, some fireballs making impact but not affecting him all too much and a wild ice stalactite being smacked aside just barely by Soren's sword. "Rabiyu?! Has your mind been vexed too?!" Soren called out, assuming his own defensive stance toward Rabiyu, hoping by this point Alderon was incapacitated enough to stop fighting.
  6. Nero Kunivas

    The Haven (RP)

    - Reksis Sahn, the Voidstalker - The Safe Haven, Portal - Once the portal was activated and well-wishes were extended, Reksis set forth along with those who agreed to partake in the gathering of plants, as to sustain the Haven's medical and herbal supplies, into its swirling, unsettling maw. Traversal through this portal felt stranger than even the transmat that brought him to the Safe Haven in the first place, feeling as if he was being transformed into tiny pieces, particles, then reassembled at the other end in almost an instant. --------------------- - Herbal Gathering, with Hektor, Hogarth, Rhiannon and Serene, The Elysian Forest - (If I missed anyone, let me know.) Entering the vicinity of the forest in once piece alongside his allies, Reksis took a deep breath of void-laced ether, the purest form born from the Light he had taken in since the Eliksni's own Golden Age. It was a privilege, an honour...and above him, feeling almost unworthy of possessing the Light while the rest of his race did not, having to make do with artificial ether from their Servitors, or worse: Corrupted Ether that created the repulsive Scorn, like Fikrul... Reksis's thoughts were cut short, both when he remembered his current predicament and mission, along with Hogarth calling to him, having seemingly forgotten his name. "Reksis Sahn. I, don't believe you introduced yourself. Regardless, I will gather the Kingsfoil. Hektor?" Reksis spoke, reintroducing himself as required, then speaking the name of the Time Traveler as to get his attention, beginning to head in the direction Hogarth pointed toward. - Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest - The Safe Haven, Portal - Brushing her hair aside a little, to similarly little avail as it just bounced back, Lucia gave a warm smile to Kolm. "The pleasure is all mine, Kolm." She replied, glad that someone was eager and happy even, to meet her. Strangely, his pale, almost sickly skin, allowed his dark hair and blue eyes to stand out, giving him a striking expression, even as he simply said hello. Lucia's eye for details surprised her still, yet also amusing her with how weird she felt she sounded in her head, so she kept her thoughts to herself, even the ones regarding his bandaged arm, wondering if he had injured himself prior to his arrival in the Haven. Nevertheless, Lucia too entered the portal and emerged with the others near Sapnin Village. ---------------------- - Saving the Aquafolk, with Kolm, Henry, Pang, Ceres and Lukkel, Land of the Aquafolk, Near Sapnin Village - (Same as above.) The humidity did not bother Lucia too much, though she'd be lying if she said she was unfazed, opting to leave her helmet off and hood down for now. Following along with the others over a rickety pontoon bridge, noting Kolm's curiosity regarding the fruits of the Aquafolk. "You can always ask to try one when we save the village." She quipped, though the unsettling quiet up ahead did not slip by Lucia, quietly hoping to herself that they were not too late. They couldn't be too late, surely not, she would think as they approached cautiously.
  7. Nero Kunivas

    Overworld RP

    - Nergodin, Impermissible Unity, Against Many - Isopolis, City of Isolation - - Within the Mindscape - "I'll hold you to that, vow, Odin...but this blade of yours, Lysander, it will not work on everyone, surely? Some of them have stronger minds, wills of iron or are simply too stubborn to turn. Should Henry rise again, his will cannot be broken, neither will he be swayed...I know this much about him. And forget people like Soren or Alastor. The former has already changed sides once and lost his cannot deter him, he surely considers himself a wall for his friends. As for the latter...perhaps he is a contentious issue. I can feel your mind, at least partially. Alastor is a friend to you, no? Maybe you can appeal to this, or he will simply ignore you, for you are not Lord Raiden and you don't have his fire." Nergal postured for a while, his gestures oddly light and dismissive at times. "As long as you lack a heart, you will never win this battle alone. Yet I feel so little in the way of inclination to help you...if only to protect my own blood and flesh, as it is a part of yours now. But so long as you a part of me, you will not stray, nor will you bring harm to my dear friend." He declared calmly, yet disdainfully, his eyes leaving their squint to glare sharply, ensuring his words were clearly heard and understood. - Within the City - Within an instant, Nergodin's demeanor changed in a disturbing flash, Nergal's consciousness taking the reigns, calling his Glaive to protect him; the weapon twirling aggressively as if it held its own will, to block Arthur dead in his tracks, leading to the weapon swiping as to knock the energy being away, all while allowing Nergodin to focus on more imminent and important threats. Elia's powerful arrow being one of them, requiring Nergodin to take what was left of the Lightning Armour Odin had cast during his turn, focus it to a single point: The tip of Lysander, aim and with some extra power courtesy of the Void, fire at the arrow to meet it halfway, all in just a few seconds. Now while he was more vulnerable to lightning damage, Nergodin turned his attention toward Jynn Venas, who called forth eight portals, that prepared to fire dark energy at him from several directions. This led to the fused being attempting to protect himself with a void-borne spherical shield around himself, which took the brunt of the impact, but aftershocks from the darkness hurt him, even if but a little bit. Hearing Mariel's rage behind him, Nergodin concentrated the shield behind him and fired it toward her, hopefully it would push past her sonic waves and knock her down, but if not, it would at least take the brunt of the sound-based pain, for he needed to now engage Prince Jynn personally. Jynn aimed to attack and damage Lysander, like it was a cursed blade, so Nergodin had to respond and quickly: Reinforcing his guard with light, Nergodin took the force of the attack with said well-timed guard, then counter-attacked, allowing his arm to become ethereal, slashing at Jynn multiple times, hoping to ensure at least confusion, if not a turn from the Prince, seeking to exploit his anger-riddled mind. - Soren Monroe, The Sentinel Renewed, Demonic Form - Isopolis, City of Isolation - The chaos of battle intensified in such a short length of time, Soren was unable to act for a little while, but what really caught his notice were a few things: Henry remaining mortally wounded, Everyth seemingly sacrificing herself to restore his life, an act that brought sorrow to Soren, for despite hardly knowing Everyth, to see another life lost so that someone else may live was both admirably selfless and tragic. Alderon's attack upon Rabiyu however, came as quite the surprise, the action preceding was a failed attack by the King against Nergodin, who slashed him with an ethereal blade, followed up by a seeming betrayal by the Human King. Dawson's attack with a boomerang, coated with a paralytic substance, was a bit odd, for no one attempted to reason with the King, instead opting for immediate violence. Soren however was in some degree of agreement but from a different angle: The Sentinel followed up the attack from Dawson, by charging at Alderon, aiming to knock him down, then pin him by the throat, with only a mild strangulation and keeping his claymore at bay with his other hand. "Alderon!! Never mind Yevgeni, this...fusion, is our enemy! And you didn't even strike him! You attacked Rabiyu!" Soren began, doing everything he could to keep Alderon in place if he had him, otherwise he would continue to try and subdue him. "He may have started this, but we will finish it! First you need to clam down and remember who's side you are on!! Take it from me, Alderon...just listen to me and breathe. It's me, Soren." He went on in a more reassuring tone, as best he could with a distorted voice, yet his words would still carry their intended weight, with Soren hoping that the King would not be deaf to his pleading.
  8. Nero Kunivas

    The Haven (RP)

    - Reksis Sahn, the Voidstalker - The Safe Haven, Job Board - "There would certainly be use in finding medicines for this, so-named "Haven"..." Reksis began rather suddenly, entering the frame with the rest of the crowd and his own piece on the matter. "What are we to do if we run low or even out of medical supplies?" He posed, his Ghost seemingly beaming at the Eliksni for his suggestion. Reksis folded his upper arms, opting to gesture with his lower pair from thereon. "I will gather the medicinal herbs. If anyone wants to accompany me, please speak now. If not, I can handle myself. I'm more than used to scavenging in the wild by now." Declared Reksis, with an affirmative nod to start off with and a general glance around the crowd to finish. "As for those fighting to save the village, I'm sure this Hunter will be more than happy to accompany you. She seems to be...itching for a fight, as it were." He added, tilting his head toward Lucia, who had followed with him to regroup with the majority. - Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest - The Safe Haven, Job Board - "I prefer to say: 'Sharpen my skills', as it were. No more will die to that Lich under my watch." Lucia replied curtly, then stepping forward, wishing to accompany those wishing to fight to save Sapnin Village from the forces of the undead. "Though I'll admit I've been waiting to get back out there for a while now." She then caught herself, realizing she hadn't introduced herself to the newcomers. "I'm Lucia, by the way. Lucia Quinn, I've been here for a little while now, though not long enough to know all of the ins and outs." Lucia allowed herself a short chuckle by the end of her introduction, almost seeming just a little ashamed, yet amused all the same, of said fact.
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    Overworld RP

    - Nergodin, Impermissible Unity - Isopolis: City of Isolation - The display of power Nergodin emitted, though merely a glance, did elicit a few looks of fear, The Queen of Lust almost submitting to the throes of despair, were it not for her spawn motivating her and all those present with a grand speech, denouncing the murky ideals of the Fused Fey and declaring herself as no mistake, but something truly belonging, a woman with great purpose behind her every word and action...the Nergal within Nergodin was able to smile, at least half of his face, in admiration. King Alderon and the others were spurred on, the former seeking a way to still fight despite being without sight. Though it shook part of Nergodin's core when Yevgeni stood against the two of them, Nergal wanting desperately to scream out, to beg him to stand aside, but his words froze within a seized up throat, like the claws of a hawk had strangled him. The best he could manage...was a single tear from his right eye, his expression unchanged or even indicative of sorrow. However, something soon altered this; a quiet voice had finally spoken up, yet it was in defiance of the heroes. Aqua, the White Mage without a staff, was calling for pacifism, to not kill Nergodin, seeking to save those merged from their entwined fate. The viciousness of Nergodin blocking, enduring and throwing Mariel off with his left arm was more than telling of how he felt about this, tilting his head at the Elf. "Perhaps you weren't listening, little girl? Did dear old Eclaire's posturing fall upon deafened, pointed ears? Or are you simply so self-absorbed that you didn't care, electing to project a foolish, failing ideal upon those who simply seek, to protect the lives of others? Granted, they too are misguided, they cannot see what I want for them...but put them to shame, young one." Nergodin shook his now straightened head at the last few words, gesturing at Aqua with Lysander lightly, smacking his lips as he went on with his train of thought. "Do you not know who we are? A treacherous, nihilistic Lord of Thunder and a Queenslayer, melded together with the power of the Worlds within us, seeking to change the world, by force, starting from zero to restore it to a glory long since lost...and you wish to save us? Protect our lives even if it forsakes your friends and spits in their faces? Do you think yourself as the only one suffering here?!" Lysander crackled with volatile energies, as he brought it to his face, to eye it closely, then swiping it to his side as a gesture of disdain, narrowing his gaze squarely on the young Elf, his aura seemingly getting more wild as he kept on. "Then good! Excellent news for you, Aqua! You can now watch as your friends hopelessly throw themselves against me and stand proud amongst their corpses, while you hold fast to your morals and keep your head! Held! High! The good little girl...who did nothing, as your new God butchered the valiant warriors and now looks to drown you in their blood." Nergodin spoke, gestured and even cast Lightning across the skies with his mind in hopelessly dramatic, and very hateful fashion, his words spat like snake's venom, his expression a misshapen grimace, but, just as quickly as it came, it faded into a cold distaste upon the last sentence, as he then literally spat at the ground to his left, shaking his head slowly at Aqua. "At least these Fey and Humans have something to fight for. Something to live for. Something to die for. What hope do you have? You're not even worth the effort and yet...I cannot stomach the sight of you any longer!!" Within an instant, Nergodin focused all of the energy from before into his Glaive and tossed it at lightning speeds towards Aqua. Whether it hit her or not, it would swiftly expel all of the energy within it violently in a large radius, such was his intent to wipe her off the face of the Overworld.
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    Overworld RP

    - Nergodin, Impermissible Unity - Isopolis: City of Isolation - As those who fancied themselves heroic, self-righteous and brave in the face of their new future or simple doom, something seemed to happen to Nergodin, in but a split second, something about him changed; His face visibly shifted in structure, yet remained lopsided and unpleasant to one's soul, while the colour balance of his clothing went into reverse with the white and purple switching places and gold coming into play upon the shoulders out of nowhere. Even his posture changed, albeit more subtly, simply gesturing and posturing more with his right side, though his words and body language were anything but calm or even Nergal-like. "Stand against this form and die, or bend the knee and live...what is so hard about that?! Ahh, it matters not, one half of me only cares for one person here. And...a-and..." Nergodin shook their head, his eyes twitching as he grimaced for a few moments, before sharply looking to the group once more, gesturing with Nergal's Glaive, continuing to speak with both of the voices that reside within, Nergal's unsettling yet comforting tones and Odin's baritone did not meld together smoothly, rather speaking with each other in a dull, mixed up unison, one voice overlapping the other intermittently. "The Blind King. The Formless Spark. The Sentinel Renewed. The Dreadnought Reborn. The Elven Marksman. The Chimera. The New King. The Dark, Elderly Sorceress. The Angels. The Dreadnought's Consort? Shiva's Retainer. The Lycanthrope. The Once-Cursed Princess of Humanity. And the Lost Girl, one who shouldn't be here to begin with...someone, else should be in your place young one...yet here, he is no longer." Nergodin steadily addressed all those he could see, the people he gave an inkling of a damn about today, those who stood in his way, along with even more than those called out. Soon however, an unstable aura of energy and power enveloped around Nergodin as translucent flames and purple arcs and sparks of lightning, with the slightest of effort on his part; a buffed out chest and a low grunt. "We will send you all to your final rest for your disobedience!!" Nergodin bellowed, the fused being was maddened, Nergal's mind rebelling yet unable to do anything but project his rage through the words of a mixed mind and mashed together ideals. Yet inside the mind of the new entity, things were...different. - Mindscape of Nergodin - Within an endless, swirling and violent white void, with only two figures to break the monotony of colour with their presence: The Queenslayer and the Thunder Lord, stood not too far from one another, in the midst of a property dispute. "Odin..!" Nergal called out, his expression dour and reeking of contempt, much like his singular word. "I care not what happens to most anyone present...but if you so much as think of having this...this, fusion, hurting Yevgeni? I will ensure any plans of yours fail simply to spite you for such a transgression!!" The Queenslayer growled his words, true anger leading him as he gestured in an animated, vicious fashion, almost spitting at Odin while he did, unable to bear the thought of being a part of Yevgeni's death or even bodily harm. (Big post, Soren can wait.)
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    Ahh! Little late, sorry about that, busy day. But thank you all for the well wishes! It has been a good day, though realizing I'm 21 makes me feel old... lol Ahh well, 2019 is KH3 Year, me being 22 later that year matters not. Thanks again, guys.
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    It's just occurred to me that KHIII is 3 months away... That's, not long at all. My oh my!