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  1. Stardustblade358

    Overworld RP

    - Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Helios would walk around, surrounding the god as he would seek his chance. The whole place utterly surrounded as powers and elements floated around them. Each attack drained more of each of them, but it also brought everyone close to the end of the battle. Helios would watch as Ahriman would fight against the incoming attacks on him. One after another. When he went for it he saw his chance. He charged forward, straight at Ahriman. He would raise his claws and wrap them around the god, trying to bring both paws down on him with bared claws. All while he tried to press the paws down and try to crush the god, he also opened his mouth. His teeth bloody as he tried to bite down on Ahriman. Swallow him whole. Kill him in any way possible. He was big enough to fight back at the very least, and he would have to make sure with the abilities that he was born with. "Thinking that you would win was your greatest error." Helios warned, his pupils sharpened. "We've already given up our lives for this cause since the moment the war began! We do not fear death! Only of the consequences should we fail!" He roared, biting down on him.
  2. Merry early christmas everyone


  3. Stardustblade358

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    - Hyssop Town - Oros would be at Hyssop Town with other Team Yami members. He played with his necklace as he stared at the GYM from afar. "The champion is still inside. He is currently watching a GYM battle." One of the members said. Oros nodded, looking over. "Do we have members along the route of the shrine?" Oros asked. The Team Yami member nodded. Oros sighed, playing with his necklace some more. "Good. We should be beginning soon, then." He said, turning to look at them. "Listen up, we have a plan. The point is to keep the champion within Hyssop Town as long as possible, the bosses working on taking care of the Shrine of Being. The process must not be interrupted, so we are going to keep the champion busy, understood?" He asked, looking over at Anna. "You will be helping me out, Anna." He smirked. "What do you say we drop by the gym and see how well the infrastructure is, alright?" He asked. - Shrine of Being - Team Yami had been working hard, setting up the device all around the shrine. On the outside, the contraption would seem to be a kind of cage. Nero would look around before looking back at his team. "Are we ready to head inside?" He asked. The team all nodded. "Good. Remember, we're relying on the team outside to keep watch. The team inside will be working in tandem. We will be taking turns." Nero stepped into the Shrine, walking down the stairs as his group followed. From the outside one of the members activated the contraption, the metallic stands slowly creating a surrounding shield of electricity that covered the entire area around the shrine, not letting anyone go in or go out. The same type of devices were being set up inside of the Shrine and where the legendary pokemon would appear. They had set up a whole command center inside, with cameras as they could see the three different chambers and how they were finishing up on making it perfect for the upcoming fight. "We will be using all three at the same time, sir?" One of them asked. Nero nodded. "We will begin with one, but if that stirs up the others, we have to be prepared to handle all 3 of them. Once they are weak enough, they will be liable for capture. Don't worry. Our pokemon won't be our only weapons." He reassured. There were three different chambers, for the three different pokemon. The Chamber of Time of Dialga, covered in illustrations of the pokemon's history carved into the walls, blue fire illuminating the chamber. The Chamber of Space, for Palkia, covered in carved illustrations and pink fire illuminating the chamber. The Chamber of Giratina, covered in illustration of its power as purple flames illuminated the chamber. They were ready.
  4. Stardustblade358

    Pokémon: Land’s End (Sign Ups And Discussion STILL OPEN)

    Welcome onboard Team Yami! My following post will help introduce your character, if you'd like! Ready to cause some trouble?
  5. My Lucas The Spider plushie arrived ITS SO CUTE!

  6. Stardustblade358

    Overworld RP

    - Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Helios would listen, claws digging down onto the ground below. This was it. He couldn't go back now. He had gone too far. With the taste of his own blood in his mouth he would step forward. He saw the sword heading right at him. Helios would extend his wings, darting into the air as he aimed to dodge the incoming sword. With the same movement he would fly towards the new god, roaring as he would try and practically bodyslam him. Claws and large paws aiming for Ahriman. If he could rip him apart, if he could squish him like a bug, whatever it took to get rid of him. He roared, opening his mouth as he even tried to just take a bite out of him...maybe just eat him too. Arthur would still be existing, energy without shape and barely any form. Electric energy existing in between existence and nothingness. Like the lightning of a storm, swift and deadly, if it actually hit. It was dormant, recovering of the blow. Yet Jynn's voice seemed to stir it from sleep. From the nothing a hand would form, before slowly crackling back as it would form the body's head, torso, and other arm, before the rest of the body formed. A mere silhouette of energy floating in front of the heir of the world above. " King...Jynn..." The figure spoke, the voice sounding in between static, as if the signal of a radio that was barely going through. "I remember...some...father ceased to exist long ago...mother and sister are gone with the place I called home." He would stare at the hand before extending it to Jynn. "King Jynn. I shall lend you all that I have left. All that I ask of you in return is for you to defeat the false god, and bring back my home." He said. He took Jynn's hand in his, grasping it tightly as the energy began to shift and crackle with a burst. "King of the Storm, I give you the full power of a Raiju." With that he would suddenly pull Jynn forward, the two bodies colliding as Arthur would disappear inside of Jynn. The grand energy would suddenly surge across from the inside out, sending waves after waves of reinforcing energy. It was a last resort, a thunder surging the storm inside until it snapped awake. The lightning would surround the prince, attaching itself to the armor as it made a sheet of lightning on the ends. Around his head, a circlet of lightning would surge, crackling across. "The throne of the false god is built on the base of the innocents. If to take him out requires all that is left of me, then I shall grant it all, my king!"
  7. Stardustblade358

    Overworld RP

    - Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Helios would have missed, flying past as he would remain in the air, only to witness the birth of a new god. His eye would widen, watching the being transform as reality itself began to distort around them. The city morphed, building curling around them to form a cage of sorts. Helios would listen to the new god, Ahriman. The mad man had only become even more powerful than before, offering the promises of a brand new world, future and life as gods themselves-no, as saints that would watch over the new incoming order of the universe. Helios would listen to the voices around them. Denial and acceptance. Truth and lies. Reality and myth. There was only so much he could do, that he could transform. But what if he tried more? What if he forced himself to adjust and to fix his DNA even more perfectly other than just a mirror? He was already playing with fire, and to seek it further would have him play with death. Yet with a god challenging to take down the world around them, what could he possibly do? "You speak of the order of the universe as if it were such a simple thing that you could possibly control and comprehend." Helios spoke, slowly landing down on the ground. He would stare at the new god, not moving from where he stood. "Are your promises anymore concrete than the world that surrounds us?" He asked. "Do you really think that you can control such a thing as free will?" Oh he had learned. Through blood, tears, and heartbreak, but he had learned. That life ain't no fairy tale. Not everyone can live happily forever after. To keep a balance in the world, death must remain equal to the birth of new life. There is no such thing as a perfect world. It is impossible, even for a god. Because if it was perfect, then it wouldn't be theirs. His body ached. He was tired. He was so tired already! The whole journey had beaten him down to a pulp and yet he couldn't help but to realize that he might not come out of this alive or even unscathed. "You say that if we join you, we will be spared...but for what?" He asked, extending his arms and wings. He could feel the headache becoming unbearable. His body was reaching his limit, and he was beginning to break. But he couldn't stop now. "This existence is the one thing that you can never gain...because it belongs to us." He said, opening his mouth as smoke would escape his lips. As smoke covered him it hid his body from the people around him, but soon enough the painful sounds would echo. The sound of bones snapping, blood splattering as Helios struggled to even breathe. Screams would escape from him, of utter pain as his body was forced to renew itself into something it was never meant to be. In between breaths and sobs he would continue. "This...existence...belongs to us alone..." He began. "Our hopes, our dreams, our lives, it has all come down to this. But then again, to speak of such words is meaningless to someone like you, isn't it?" He asked between gasps and whimpers. The smoke only got larger before a pair of wings would extend into the air above. "Actions speak louder than words. Therefor, why don't you shut the hell up." As the smoke would disappear it would show a new creature all together. The body of a dragon, scales white and pristine as they covered his body. Draconic. Yet, it was also different. An armor like exoskeleton covering his whole being, no eyes to allow him to 'see'. Cyph. The paws of the dragon were lion like, claws digging into the floor below. Lion. His back covered itself with dagger like crystals, extruding from his skin and in between the armored plates of scales. Basilisk. The end of the dragon's tail would move and wag, revealing it splitting into multiple snake heads, arching upwards. A chimera of different creatures into one. My greatest creation of all. Blood would drip from the lips of the large being, tainting the white scales as it puddled on the floor. The whole frame shaking ever so slightly, yet standing tall. "And fight!" Helios spoke, only to let out a roar. It is all or nothing. His vision was blurry and yet the target was obvious, and his conviction done. For Aura. For Henry. For his family. For the worlds and beyond. Oh body of mine. Bear with me for just a bit longer. Our work in hell is yet to be done.
  8. Stardustblade358

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    - Team Yami HQ - The ARK - Nero would step into the room, looking around at what would be considered to be his generals. Those within Team Yami that stood out of their own accord. He would step up and lean against the holographic map of the region. The metal border would lead to a glass sheet with a computer beneath, combined with a machine overhead that would create the holograms needed. "Are we all here?" He asked, glancing around. "Oros, Kris, Lara?" He asked, glancing at the three generals, who merely nodded. He sighed, rubbing the back of his head. "Right, this is what we have." He said, pointing at Hyssop Town. "We have located the Champion in Hyssop Town. This should give us the chance of a distraction before he even realizes what we are doing. We already have the equipment prepared for the first Shrine. We just need one of you go ahead and take a group, set it up, attract the pokemon, and follow the instructions. If things go smoothly, we can catch the three of them and transfer them here." Nero explained, expanding the map again. "Now, who would like to volunteer for the Shrine of being?" He asked. Kris raised his hand. "I." He chimed. "This is the one where the legendary pokemon of being are, no? The legendary Xerneas, Yveltal, and sounds rather dangerous." He smirked. Nero nodded. "It is." He would look back at the map. "But if things go smoothly, and we can catch them...then the rest should merely be formalities." Nero explained. Lara would glance up. "What would be the plan, exactly?" She asked. "We will be capturing one pokemon after the other. Of course, such beings will definitely cause a ruckus. They will attract the attention of the Champion, no less. Seeing that it will take us a while to capture all three, we have to make sure that we can keep the champion and anyone else that tries to stop us at bay until we can finish the capture." He said, turning to Kris. "The other two will have your back in helping out organizing any...disturbances to keep the Champion's attention away from the shrines." Nero asked. Kris smiled and chuckled. "Sure thing! When are we allowed to leave for the Shrine of Being?" He asked. "Soon. Do be prepared." Nero asked. Oros smirked a bit. "I already have an idea to keep the Champion within Hyssop Town for a bit longer, if push comes to shove." Oros admitted. Nero chuckled. "Planning ahead as always." He mused.
  9. Stardustblade358

    Overworld RP

    - Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Ah. It burned. Like lava flowing down one's throat when it was never meant to be swallowed, it burned and ached. He could feel the pieces of skin being ripped from his throat, the taste of blood already in his mouth coming after the fire. As he finished his beam, streaks of blood dripped from his mouth, the taste of iron snapping him back to the reality as the world shattered around him. He managed to land a hit on him but it wasn't enough! The god fusion would instead gain a new source of power all while fighting back, throwing the power he had just survived right back at then. Helios watched, hissing as he extended his wings, flying away as he did his best to dodge, before seeing that Alastor would do him the favor to get rid of the spheres heading towards him. He would roar in gratitude, only to focus on his surroundings once more. Elia had taken the hit for Jynn, placing her in a dangerous state. The clap of thunder brought his attention to the sky above, storms being formed by the creation of magic around the field, before they began to be dismissed. Helios roared, taking flight as he allowed himself to drop from the sky and then began to glide. He narrowly dodged the incoming lightning, spinning as he searched across the battlefield. Rabiyu and Nergodin versus everyone else. Even with the blood dripping down his white scales he knew better than to drop dead. He had to force himself forward and fight. He would fly across the air, turning to Nergodin as he flew around him. He would see the calico heading straight towards Nergodin, so he proceeded to provide support. He would take a deep breath and shoot another beam at Nergodin, this time it being less power, but quicker. With this he would shoot the beam around Nergodin, crushing the earth and flying the pieces of rock rising to the air. With the dust and rock giving some coverage, he would lift up and fly back down, heading straight to Nergodin to tackle him down from behind.
  10. Stardustblade358

    Overworld RP

    - Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Everything was going down to shit. Chaos reigned maximum above all as the battle for what remained of the world hung in the balance. With sacrifices made, and people changed, did the heroes even stand a chance against a God among gods? Of course such questions would be useless to ask in a time like this, when it was all or nothing. When they were all ready to die if it meant to stop the world that they had all come to defend died. When the blood of both fey and human alike had already stained the earth, absorbed by the soil and serving for the next generation of life that would grow from the death of them. When so many had died already with bravery in their hearts and bones, and their weapons held high as they stared death in the face and embraced it for the sake of allowing someone else who could not defend themselves live another day. Hundreds of thousands of souls who had yet to receive proper peace and redemption. What did they die for if it all went to hell anyways? The taste of blood wasn't something that the shapeshifter liked. It was the easier way, sure, but blood was the source of life in all beings that had a soul. Regardless of the color, regardless of the taste, it all felt the same down his throat. The slick liquid containing all of the information his body needed in order to change the appearance of the Fey to that of what he desired. It was like being transferred new memories into someone's head, to use magic to shove an entire book's worth of material for him to remember. The biological perfections and imperfections that his body would go through and adjust, the painful transformation and risk of being unable to change back or for his natural appearance to be affected permanently. The path of a shapeshifter was never one that has been easy. After all, you're nothing. You're just a mirror. You reflect what you see and then pretend that you can understand and blend in. Smoke and mirrors that were more at play than one would like to admit. You could be any species of the world and yet you would never be able to blend in with any of them; not even your own. Of course it came with risks, Helios learned as much throughout his life. To transform into something much too big or difficult when not physically nor mentally ready could rip him to pieces, leave his skin and internal organs ripped and open. To transform into something too small would have his organs unable to handle it, his body crunching itself down and eventually breaking apart when he were to return. And to transform into two things at the same time? That was the most dangerous of them all. A shapeshifter changes into shapes of already existing things, a mirror that copies. To defy the law and rules of such magic and create something of your own accord would not only require for one to break the contract, but it would require for one to accept the consequences of ones actions. The consequences of breaking the essential rules of nature and altering the DNA of what one already knows cannot be messed with; the consequences of playing god. It was a consequence he would have to come to accept if he were to find himself useful in such a situation. Typhon's blood had already provided the platform, the base, the basic armor like being that he could alter within his own body. Would he remain an atrocity after this? Most likely. I'm sorry, Aura. Rules no longer apply in this. If one is to defeat a god, one has to play like one. Helios would hiss, focusing on his body as he let out a bit of smoke of his breath. Yet the smoke didn't cover him this time, allowing view of the gruesome reality of the magic. The surface of the armored skin would slowly shift, pieces of white scales covering the already armored skin of the species that he presented himself in. They would grow in a single layer on the surface, the wings that already existed growing a membrane in between, a soft layer of skin that wasn't exactly skin, either. The sight of horns would slowly surge from the forehead, two that would curve upwards. The usually expressionless face would slowly crack, a mouth with sharpened teeth forming as a tongue would follow right behind. The ends of his fingers would sharpen themselves into claws, the sounds of bones cracking as his wings would expand. An unholy mix that was never meant to be. On the faceless mask a single line would slowly surface before opening, a bright blue eye with slit pupil showing up. He took a breath, fire and smoke escaping his lips. It was now or never. Could he even move? He hoped so, for the following thing that escaped his lips wasn't even a word, but a screech of unholy proportions. What happens when you mix a dragon's dna with the ones of a Cyph? An abomination. Helios. The Fey would take flight into the sky, his whole body aching. His skin burned under the scales, his bones hurting as it felt as if they were to crack and shatter at any moment. He would rise high into the air, as high as he could before rising his hands up to his face, placing his hands on either side of his face. Everything hurt. His head hurt. His soul hurt. But he focused. He opened his jaw wide open, the sight of a fiery beam slowly forming at the back of Helios' throat. It was as red and as bright as sun itself, scrapping itself from Helios' throat. He would aim right for the god like being, taking note of all of the others around him. His grip was shaking, he needed to push away the pain and focus. Focus, focus, focus- "Just don't tell god, alright?" Helios screeched, snapping his jaw open with a crack as he aimed right at Nergodin and let it loose, sending a powerful beam of fire and energy right towards the god from above.
  11. Anyone that has pokemon lets go pikachu? I need some help with pokemon trading


  12. Stardustblade358

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    Xero nodded. "Thank you." He said, smiling as he sat down and settled Eon down next to him. "Can you see, Eon?" He asked. The pupitar would jump up and down cheerfully. Xero nodded. He would reach for his pokedex, zoning in on the pokemon on the field. He scanned the Butterfree, staring down at the information that was given. "Butterfree! The butterfly pokemon! Its wings are covered in toxic scales. If it finds bird Pokémon going after Caterpie, Butterfree sprinkles its scales on them to drive them off." The Pokedex spoke. Xero would stare down at the information, tilting his head as he showed it to Eon. "What do you think?" He asked. Eon would tilt to the side before humming. Xero placed the pokedex down, glancing up at the battle before pulling out what looked to be a camera, placing it over Eon's head and starting its recording. "Keep a watch over the battle, Eon. We will be fighting him too." He explained. Eon would nod happily, Xero looking back up. He glanced over at the Lucario, smiling. "I've never seen a Lucario before." He added, tilting his head. "I didn't think they would be that tall."
  13. Stardustblade358

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    The day was sunny, mild temperatures as it seemed that everyone was enjoying their time outside in Hyssop City. Xero stepped out of a store, eating up a sandwich as Eon looked up at him with big beady eyes. Xero hummed, looking over as he reached into the paper bag, taking out a treat before offering it up to his Pokemon. "Here you go Eon." Xero smiled. The oddly colored pupitar would quickly munch down on the treat, chiming out happily while demanding for more. "No. The rest are for the rest of the team, Eon. You can't eat all of them again." He insisted, warily staring at his Pokemon as he got the bag away in his backpack. He munched down on the sandwich, humming at Eon. "Come on now, let's head to the gym." He asked. Eon would happily tag along, hoping to steal a bite out of Xero's sandwich when he wasn't looking. Another city, another chance at clues, but so far nothing other than the typical trainer things. The gym! The badges! The battles! Not that he minded...all of it was always fun. He would glance up at the gym, finishing his sandwich before looking over at Eon. "Think that we'll see some Pokemon battles today?" He asked. Eon would nod, burying itself against Xero's arms. Xero chuckled, rubbing the Pokemon's head gently. Eon was surely one of a kind in more ways than one. He was the one that kept Xero from getting into biting off more than what he could chew. Xero entered the gym, looking around a bit before heading to the stands. There was a man sitting down already, with a Lucario. He gasped, pausing a bit as he stared at the Pokemon. "So cool." He whispered, quickly taking out his Pokedex. He scanned the Lucario from where he stood, staring down at the information with Eon. "Lucario! The Aura Pokemon! They can detect the species of a living being— and its emotions—from over half a mile away. They control auras and hunt their prey in packs." "Oooooh." Xero cooed, looking back at Eon. He got his Pokedex away, picking Eon back into his arms as he walked over to the Lucario and trainer, unaware of the champion. He had honestly haven't even thought of it, too busy trying to find his parents. "Excuse us, may we sit by you?" Xero asked. Eon chimed, rather happy in Xero's arms.
  14. Stardustblade358

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    Team Yami had been years in the making. The leaders delving themselves into businesses and gaining the funds in order to afford the necessary operation. The main base was just as impressive as one would expect, the large city like vehicle flying in the sky above the clouds that looked down on the Tamara Region. Inside the place was a technological marvel which was built specifically for the task at hand; to catch and contain legendary pokemon. Nero would stand on the deck, staring out at the clouds as he gently rubbed his pokemon's head. "You shouldn't overwork yourself, dear." Nero spoke, staring at the screen in front of him, where he could see his wife working in one of the many laboratories. "If we are to do this, everything has to be perfect! All calculations have to be exact, all machines have to be functioning, especially if we are to expect any interference from the local police-" "Calm down, I trust you...I just worry, Astra." Nero insisted, a smile on his features. The young woman would sigh and nod. "I not worry. We will be successful. I know it." With that, the call was ended. Nero sighed, rubbing the back of his neck before taking a seat on the chair. "Call in the others. I want information on how the progress is going." Nero explained, looking up at the sky again. "If things go according to plan, we will have a legendary pokemon in our grasp by the end of the week."
  15. Stardustblade358

    Pokémon: Land’s End (Sign Ups And Discussion STILL OPEN)

    Name: Astra Age: 32 Appearance: Pokémon: Personality: Upbeat, tactical and stubborn, it is hard to get her to give up on her ambitions, whatever that might be. She can end up being blinded by her ambitions, to the point of giving up on any emotional attachment in order to achieve her goal. Though she does show to be an emotional person, she seems to lack empathy to those who she considers to be unimportant and useless to her plans. The more time passes, the more apathetic and blinded she becomes on her goal, to the point where it's the only one that matters. Bio: Astra and Nero met in the Kanto Pokemon League, to which they have been together ever since. As they grew together, they began to share the ideas involving the world that they lived in. They continuously saw the bad in the world; the greed and the sin made by both humans and pokemon. It was Astra's obsessive goal for peace that became the solid ideal for the foundation of Team Yami, creating a sinister plan of years in the making. Now she is the co-founder of Team Yami, and the sole instigator of the plan to capture the legendary pokemon. She built and designed all of the machines and technology that they plan to use for the capture, and takes pride in her inventions. The two had a son over a decade ago, but left him in the care of his grandparents when they began to work on the fulfillment of Team Yami. Name: Nero Age: 34 Appearance: Pokémon: Personality: Playful, aloof and mischievous, he's more empathetic than his wife. He genuinely cares for the team Yami members, and treats them all as family. Because of this there are members that are more loyal to him out of respect rather than their goals. Bio: Nero and Astra met in the Kanto Pokemon League, to which they have been together ever since. As they grew together, they began to share the ideas involving the world that they lived in. They continuously saw the bad in the world; the greed and the sin made by both humans and pokemon. It was Astra's goal for peace that became the solid ideal for the foundation of Team Yami. Sticking alongside her, Nero is the co-founder of Team Yami, and is currently helping with the incoming plan of capturing the legendary pokemon. The two had a son over a decade ago, but left him in the care of his grandparents when they began to work on the fulfillment of Team Yami. Name: Xero Age: 18 Appearance: Pokémon: Personality: Kindhearted, upbeat and stubborn, he is rarely deterred by his goals. He isn't easily afraid, and its his adventurous heart that has led him to both discoveries and troubles. It's usually his pokemon that are the voice of reason when he gets way over his head. Bio: Raised by his grandparents in the Kanto Region, he grew up with having little to no memory of his parents. He left off for an adventure with his pokemon, and has been traveling for a while before reaching the Tamara region. He had heard of the rumors of Team Yami, but he thought of them as being as a good for nothing gang, and not an actual threat to worry about. His ultimate goal is to become the pokemon league champion for Kanto, and maybe encounter his parents in his travel.