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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Malac ran through he frozen forest, hearing a howl to his right. He lunged forward, letting his feet leave the ground. While air born, he twisted in midair to throwing Dreadnaught's Swarm towards the howl. A Heartless Wolf tried to alter course to avoid the spinning Keyblade, but it was too late. The weapon cleaved through it, turning it into a small could of darkness before fading. Malac hit the snow covered ground a few feet from where he leapt, rolling up into a crouch. After a moment to confirm that the Heartless was gone, he dropped to a knee to take a few deep breaths. "Typical." He grunted as he reached out a hand towards his Keyblade. Dreadnaught's Swarm disappeared from where it lay and reappeared it's master's hand. "Go someplace new, immediately try to get eaten." Using his blade to help him get back up, Malac took stock of his surroundings. He only saw one wolf, but it had howled. That might mean there are more. That was assuming that's heartless wolves acted life the real thing, but Malac wasn't about to assume that he was safe yet. He took in another deep breath, this time through his nose, sampling the scents on the wind. "There you are." He growled before taking off again. Sprinting through the woods, Malac followed a scent to more of the Heartless Wolves. He caught sight of three of them, facing down...a person? His instincts were to go for the wolves directly, but there was possibly someone in danger. It might slow him down, but that had to take precedence. Putting on a little extra speed, the Keyblade Survivor made to reach the wolves' target, sliding in next to Miari, his Keyblade in a ready stance. "Weird time for a stroll." He commented in an off handed way as he glared at the wolves.
  2. While my experience with the older Final Fantasies are extremely limited, what I know of VI (particularly the villain) makes it one of the candidates I thought of when suggesting a pure Final Fantasy world.
  3. And didn't even leave a forwarding address. Thanks! From the beginning, I didn't think Mariel would have that happy an ending. Originally, it wasn't this dire, but when the Sanguis Vindicta came together, I realized that going down that path would preclude this chapter of her story ending with the identity of Guardian Angel she clung to surviving.
  4. {Mariel: Epilogue} Shortly after the restoration of the World Below, Mariel fell ill. She was feverish, delirious, and in considerable pain. Attempts to magically heal her of the affliction seemed to only strengthen it. Then, on the third day, the malady broke. Its symptoms vanished as quickly as they had come, though left her feeling strangely hollow and alone. To most concerned, she put it down as a temporal sickness from the time jump. But this is not what she feared to be true. The Sanguis Vindicta had been awoken inside her. Could she truly believe it had gone dormant again? Fearing the ancient magic within her, the Guardian Angel isolated herself. With the aid of a few she trusted, she tested herself. After several weeks of trials, the blood magic did not surface. While it still worried her, she listened to the council of others and put aside. As Mariel prepared to go to Jynn's coronation, she considered what her next move would be. The story of the Lost Legions had to return to the Hosts, but was she the right one to bring that message anymore? She had fallen to the Sanguis Vindicta on top of her disobedience eons ago. The Hosts could simply see her as a tainted and fallen angel. Would her fallen comrades be honored if she was the one testifying for their memory? Sifrei had offered to stand with her, which was a great comfort to Mariel. She wasn't sure how the Archangel's presence would influence her standing, but at least she wouldn't be alone. Though perhaps it was better to go alone. She fully expected to face some sort of judgement for what she had done. She didn't want to drag Sifrei into that as well. The debate on whether she would take Sifrei on his offer continued inside Mariel's head as she flew to Kilkis Seres on the coronation day. She had lodged far away from others, so the flight was long, but it was better for collecting her thoughts. Along the way, she came across a merchant and his family beset by bandits along the road to Kilkis Seres. Instincts kicking in, she swooped in to defend the innocent. Her duel blades flashed out, driving the bandits back. The merchant was already dead, but his wife and child remained alive. "Drop your weapons or face your judgement here where there is no mercy." She called out. "The local magistrates might cut a deal if you-" Mariel's words were cut off as an unseen archer fired. The other bandits started running again as Mariel whirled around to see the little boy struck by the arrow. At first she was shocked that they could have missed her, but realized she hadn't been the target. The bandit had shot the child as a distraction for their get away. Shot the child. Shot the child. Shotthechild. Shot. The. Child. The red haze enveloped her vision as her eyes fell on the fleeing bandits... During the coronation, the merchant's wife arrived in Kilkis Seres, carrying her child. When questioned, she spoke of a red winged angel saving her and her son's life before charging after the bandits. Sometime later, a scouting party found the site of the bandit ambush. Not far from there, they found a grizzly scene of a group of bandits hacked and torn asunder. There was no sign of the red winged angel, but among the dismembered bodies were found two angelic swords. One with a flaming blade pinned a bandit to the ground, charring the corpse. The other was found a few yards from the carnage, the blade snapped in two.
  5. Alright, sorry for the delay. Work has kept me busier than I had foreseen. To answer your questions, @Warin, I'm all for the basic plot you have so far. The Sages sound like solid primary antagonist. As for worlds, I've always been partially to ones like Treasure Planet and Moana. Might also be fun to stick in a pure FinalFantasy world, most likely one not represented by a character in the KH series yet. As for characters I'd like to play, I'm pretty flexible. There is currently no one I'd like to claim, but can take on what is needed.
  6. Sorry I’m late, but I got something together that I hope will be acceptable. Name: Malachai Racton Nickname: Malac or Mal Race: human Age: tbd Body Type: muscular Height: 6’ Weight: 180 lbs Personality: Malac has always had to fight for what he had. Life is a struggle, but one that forges strength in those that can survive. This philosophy causes him to seek out challenges in order to challenge himself. He seems at his happiest when something is trying to kill him. He makes jokes and laughs almost maniacal in the face of danger. His ultimate goal was to ensure some sort of peaceful existence for his little brother and himself, but that was shattered with the death of his brother. Now, he seeks to live as his brother would have had him live: using his strength to help those who sought to gain more out of life and make a difference. It can be difficult to earn his trust, but you gain a stalwart, if volatile, friend. Due to his background and personality, Malac has delved into darkness before. It seemed like the answer to all his desires for strength, but embracing it caused him to lose what was most precious to him. Knowing Darkness’s cost, he looks to the Light for a new strength. Appearance: Tall and macular with dark skin. Hair is a dark brown and woven into dreadlocks. His hair is mostly left loose, though he keeps a strip of cloth around to tie them up as necessary. His eyes are amber colored. He has a few scars across his body, including what looks to be a bite mark on his left fore arm. Usually wears a dark red sleeveless shirt, brown pants, and worn black boots. Over this he has a duster long coat. Accessories include a leather wristband on his right wrist, a simple metal ring on his left middle finger, and a necklace with what he claims is a dragon tooth on it. History: Malac and his brother Eli grew up on the fringes of society. With only each other to depend on for even basic necessities, an iron clad bond kept the brothers together as they fought for something better. For Malac, that was having enough strength to inspire fear enough to leave them alone. For Eli, it was to make a difference. It was Eli’s hopeful nature and drive to help that drew the attention of a Keyblade Master, who gifted him with a blade. After figuring out how, Eli passed it to Malac. With new power at his finger tips, Malac pushed even harder to gain strength. It was not long before Darkness’s siren call lured him in. He grew powerful in Darkness, but it began to affect him. Driving away what was positive in his life, making him even suspicious of his own brother. Blinded by the dark, Malac lashed out, putting many in danger. Ultimately, he could not control the dark power, leading to his brother sacrifice himself to save not only others put in danger, but Malac himself. Alone for the first time in his life, the surviving brother clung to his brother’s example to try to find a new way to live and a new purpose to fill the hole in his heart. Keyblade: Dreadnaught's Swarm; The hand guard looks like a stylized scarab, with the head connecting the handle to the blade, and mandibles extending a few inches up the blade. The blade is broad and mostly flat. The teeth look like the horns of the rhinoceros beetle, with the bigger of the two horns coming off the top and curving down, and the smaller coming out of the blade below the bigger and curved up so that they almost touched. The coloring is a dark turquoise for the hand guard and a dark reddish brown for the blade. The keychain is a jeweled scarab with wings outstretched. Colossus Defense; handle swivels 90 degrees, causing the beetle head to be opposing the users knuckles. The handle also bows out, allowing the blade to slide back. The retracted blade and the guard widen to become a roughly triangular shield. The horns rotate up and shift apart, leaving them and the mandibles as claw like projections on the shields narrower end.
  7. I’m interested in joining, though it may be tomorrow before I can get a character together.
  8. {Mariel: Isopolis} Mariel was relieved at Odin conceding. Maybe there was hope for him after all. Nergal too seemed taken aback by what he and Odin would have become. The angel was more suspicious of this lament, but perhaps even assassins had lines they feared to cross. It seemed like all was looking up. Henry’s words caught Mariel off guard. She reached out to the human, but the bargain had been struck. As the light enveloped Henry, the angel felt a fresh weight in her left hand. She looked down to find Bright Guard, the blade she had given up, along with her honor. It came flooding back to her. The training, the compassion, the duty. It made the ache of Henry’s sacrifice even more acute. “Rest easy, little brother.” She whispered. “Though your path was dark, you earned the title of guardian. May the Light show you the way home.” Closing her eyes, the red haired angel murmured a prayer for a fallen friend and comrade.
  9. {Mariel: Isopolis} Mariel gave Jynn a warning look as he began to explain to Odin what had been. With a lot of the details of Odin's actions and Ahriman's birth hazy in Mariel's mind due to the Sanguis Vindicta's influence, she wished to get things straight before trying to deal with her former pupil. Speaking too soon without knowing his mind might trigger the same result. But the young prince let the cat out of the bag, leaving the angel with little options aside from carefully watching Odin's reaction. "Yes." Mariel answered after a moment hesitation. "Whatever your intentions to begin with were, the result was madness and destruction. We were left in a situation where the risk of time travel was the better option."
  10. {Mariel: Isopolis; Back in time!} Mariel took in a deep breath after the time spell deposited the party back in time. Elia and Henry had done it! She had had her doubts, but there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. “And could be lost again.” The icy thought stormed through her mind. Her eyes fixed on Yevgeni, her muscles tensed to launch herself at him should the elf choose treachery once again. But he kept his word, speaking to Nergal before calling on the source. The angel gave Yengeni a lingering look. He had done well, but his part in this disaster was not easily forgotten. She moved on to the next threat. Her eyes sought out Odin, though she found some of her comrades were seeing to him. “Enough, Odin!” Mariel snapped. “This is about more than mere vengeance. Your son knows this. Your wife would have as well. So, step back and think.” She hoped her former charge wasn’t too far gone to take the rebuke to heart, the last sentence a common phrase she would use on a young Odin when he had been too reckless in training. Still, she moved so that she could go after Odin or Nergal, should they try anything. She gave the assassin a warning glare, her eyes faintly glowing red. “I echo the request of my friends and comrades.” She called out to the five interconnected beings. “We beg that the world below and those lost in its destruction be returned.”
  11. {Mariel} Mariel was starting to regain some consciousness when Ahriman was defeated. She was still within range of his death, causing some burns and for her tumbling fall to become add a few gyrations. That didn’t last long as the cracks in reality faded, leaving the angel in a heap on the ground of Isopolis. She lay still, still in the grip of unconsciousness. What brought her out was a feeling of warmth. Zion’s Divine Light washes over her, healing her wounds. The missing part of her left arm returned fresh and unblemished, but around the bicep where it had previously been reduced to, the angry and knotted burn scars from Yevgani remained. Her right arm was covered in the same scars. The Light also caused Heaven’s Flame, Mariel’s sword she dropped during the fight against the dragon Xeno’jiiva, to appear in its sheath at her side. As she came up through the dark to consciousness, Mariel stirred. As her mind got up to speed, she was surprised she didn’t ache more. But there was something wrong. The air was thick of it. She pushed herself up to see the encroaching end. Sorrow struck her. Though they had defeated the false god, the damage was done. All had been sacrificed for the hubris of a mad man she once thought of as kin and an assassin. She sat on her haunches as even Isopolis started fading. Elia’s call cut through Mariel’s dark musings, giving a glimmer of hope. Time magic was dangerous, the angel well knew, but there seemed to be nothing left to risk. Pushing herself into her feet, she hurried over to the growing circle. She reached out to join hands, but stopped as she gazed upon her scared right hand. With the wish still keeping the volatile Sanguis Vindicta under control, it was possible to use it to help empower the Time spell, along with her other Angelic Magics. Feeling the weight of her returned sword, she pulled it partially out. One at a time, she slashed the palms of her hands with the sword before letting it slide back into the sheath. She bunched up her fists as the blood seeped out. She chanted in the angelic tongue, calling on Light and Holiness to come to her aid. “Sorry this is going to get icky.” Mariel said as she reached out to join the circle. “But this isn’t the time for half measures.” Something made her take Sifrei’s hand. Though he was still void of emotion, something about his presence gave the former guardian an ounce of peace. Success or failure, they had all still fought the good fight, even at the bitter end. Though she wasn’t sure how to properly use it, she opened up her stored up Light and Holiness combined with the blood magic inside her to the spell Elia and Henry were making.
  12. {Erinys: Radiant Garden} Erinys listened to Aurion's story. Wanting to escape Dramos was a common motivation among the Free Tribes, but few could go so far as the Realm of Light to get away from him. She wanted to be mad at Aurion for running, but she couldn't muster it. She would have given anything to escape her own problems. But she knew in her bones that she couldn't escape. And now, with Dramos preparing an invasion of the Realm of Light, it looked like Aurion couldn't escape either. "Oh, the usual." Erinys said, her voice sounding hollow as she stared blankly at the wall across from her. "Abused and taken advantage of because of what I am. Got rescued by a decent man just trying to do the right thing. He takes me in, trains me, then dies on me because he wouldn't bend the knee to Dramos. And I end up right back at being used and abused." Tears welled up in the Noxling's red eyes. The ache of missing Nick was back again, made stronger so far from home. "Now I've got to decide if I'm going to risk my life not just for the ungrateful masses back home, but for the stuck up egomaniacs of the Light." Erinys hadn't meant to say that last part aloud, but the words slipped out as the weight of the codes Nick had taught her settled on her shoulders. He had spent his life and lost it trying to protect 'the Balance'. Was she willing to do the same? {Kira: Twilight Town} Aether found Kira crumpled on the street below, her armor cracked and crackling. She struggled to her feet then ripped her helmet off. Her eyes and veins glowed with an orange-ish light. She spotted Aether and waved her on before breaking out in a stumbling run towards the clock tower. From inside the ruined office, sounds of guards yelling "Halt" was cut short as another flash of Light emanated from the hole in the wall. A few moments later, the Stranger stood in the hole, eyes peering around before spotting Kira's retreating from. It hovered off the ground for a moment before flying after the Gunslinger. Around the town, alarms went up, calling patrol craft towards the decimated building.
  13. (Was going to have music, but the spoiler tab was messing with it.) {Mariel: Diving through the Cracks} The Blood Angel prepared to dive full speed into Ahriman, but his punch opened up cracks in reality. She froze in mid air. She could feel the damage the false god had done to the world. Laws had been broken... "Including his cowardly field." She muttered, a smile growing on her face. Feeling the full power of the Lost Legions return, she took several deep breathes, drawing in more Light Magic. The ghostly images of other Guardian Angels flickered around her. She felt the prickling sensation of an ethereal hand on her shoulder. "One last charge, old friend." The Spirit of Zauriel, her comrade and friend from eons ago, spoke. Another ghostly hand landed on her other shoulder. "Time to take what's ours." Asmodel added, grinning madly. "One last time." Mariel murmured. Glowing like a star, the Blood Angel dived down through the cracks of reality. As she passed through the cracks, the images of the ghostly angels around her seemed to become more solid. In this damaged reality, their spiritual presence could exert more influence. As the last survivor of the Lost Legions sped towards Ahriman's defenses, she heard Soren's rallying cry. A part of her felt cold. The others! They might not make it down safely. She looked to her side, finding Zauriel already looking at her. They shared a look and a nod. With a flap of her wings, the Blood Angel increased her speed as the majority of the ghostly legion broke off to aid the other heroes. They couldn't prevent the other heroes' fall, but threw themselves at Ahriman's attacks, trying to saving them from some of the direct damage and traps before fading away. "Foolish!" Asmodel growled. "You've weakened us, and for what? We don't need their help!" "They earned this." Mariel whispered before she hit Ahriman's defenses. Using her built up Light Magic, the Blood Angel did her best to draw fire away from the others. The ghostly angels still with her acted as the others, taking hits for her before dissipating. She used the Light to speed up her dodges, taking care to keep farthest from the void portals. She hit a Time Snare, but burned up the rest of her Light Charge to come out of it. The last bit of extra speed sent her hurtling directly at one of the false god's Divine Projections. With slowing not an option, she desperately tried to roll out of the way of the Triangular trap. She tucked in her wings, it wasn't enough. Desperately calling on what power she could, she reached out with her left arm to cast Light and Holy magic, augmented by the Sanguis Vindicta infused blood that oozed from her arm. It created a concussive force that jolted her to the side, avoiding the Divine Projection...all except her left arm. Smashing onto the trap, most of Mariel's left arm simply disintegrated from the divine energy, causing her dive to become a tumbling fall. Blacking out from the pain and excess energy, she hurtled past Ahriman, no attacks left to give.
  14. {Mariel: Isopolis} The Blood Angel straightened up from her attack on Ahriman, prepare to attack her prone target, but his leg sweep was quicker than anticipated. She landed hard on her back, quickly rolling away. As she rolled, her weight came upon her injured left arm. For a brief moment, the pain was able to eclipse the adrenaline and anger. A muffled grunt escaped her lips as she came to a stop. She carefully got up, taking a moment to take something stock of herself. While the Sanguis Vindicta along with the healing magics of Sifrei and Typhon kept her going, Mariel's body was still in need of recuperation from the near fatal strikes from Yevgeni. Plus the new wounds from the false god, she would need some series time to recuperate after this. She could hold off the feelings of weakness and pain, but that didn't change the fact that her body couldn't keep this up. Pushing herself to death didn't concern the Blood Angel, but doing so without insuring that the power mad combined being was stopped wasn't acceptable. Though Ahriman's spell kept her from calling on the Lost Legions directly, Mariel could still feel the specters of her fallen comrades with her. Through emotions and images, some were trying to get her to do something with her power. But what she was shown she didn't know how to do. Not any more. A clear voice of Asmodel called for more blood, to get in there and rip Ahriman apart bare handed. Mariel managed to resist this urge with what felt like the help of some of the others. "No." She thought. "Have to make use of mind. Save brawn." Getting up, the Blood Angel took to the sky. Light danced around her as she gained height. Positioning herself almost directly above Ahriman, she fired off a barrage of Light Bolts at her foe, empowered by the Wish. "If that doesn't work." She thought. "We may have to test this barrier's strength."
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