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  1. I went back to my Proud Mode file and took pictures of the remaining Lucky Emblems, and got the Proof of Promises, which should hopefully get me the Oathkeeper next year if that's what you need it for.
  2. I just beat KH3 on Critical Mode, now, to wait for Re:Mind.
  3. The PS Store pre-order glitch is currently still here, but hopefully, it'll go away eventually.
  4. Hopefully, this glitch can be fixed in time of release.
  5. The PlayStation Store says on my pre-order for Re:Mind comes in for 387 days, anyone else having this glitch from their pre-order?
  6. I am curious as to how we'll be able to access explorable Scala Ad Caelum in the DLC, whether it's part of Limitcut, if it's part of the main game or menu, or Re:Mind itself.
  7. I pre-ordered the Re:Mind DLC, I'm currently rushing through my Critical Mode playthrough currently before it comes out.
  8. I've reached San Fransokyo in Critical Mode, but since the "Re:Mind" DLC had been announced today, I'm thinking about just grinding to level 46 or 50 after beating that World, and go on a hiatus before going on the last streth of the game until the DLC comes out on July this year. I'm curious about the Limit Episode and the Secret Episode the most out of everything in the first wave of DLC. Hopefully, the latter won't be too hard to unlock after I purchase it.
  9. You can carry Ultima Weapon into NG+, and it get's dropped to level 1 like all Keyblades.
  10. I'm looking forward to potentially carry over the Ultima Weapon to a Critical Mode play-through if it's possible.
  11. I had put 41 hours of play-time in this game according to the in-game clock, I took my time with this game.
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