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  1. KHLegendIII


    Yeah. Also, I was browsing through Twitter, and this user said that this 'leak' was posted more than once previously or something.:
  2. KHLegendIII


    Yeah, I just saw it myself, but I don't believe it, but it had some interesting things in there.
  3. At least it's not story DLC, but man, Amazon's 'announcement' was a train-wreck.
  4. From what I've heard, 1:00 PST, which is 4:00 EST, but I'm not too sure on that.
  5. KHLegendIII

    What are your gaming plans leading up to KH3?

    I would say Dragon Quest XI, bu tI already played and beaten that game, and I got 100% with the platinum trophy for it on October 3rd, but I intend to get Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate and play it as long as I could, as well as keep me busy during the wait for KH3.
  6. Actually, 'Xionnort' may actually be a version of Riku, someone compared his 0.2 model to the character.:
  7. KHLegendIII

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    I'm really happy that Dark Samus is playable in the game, she's definitely going to be one of my mains alongside Cloud, Ridley, Wolf, and Mewtwo. I wanted her to be playable since Brawl.
  8. This was one type of news I was waiting for; the amount of hours for the main story, and I'm really happy about this, but we'll see if it holds true when we play it. I might take my time with it, by grinding, exploring, doing some mini-games as I progress through the main story.
  9. KHLegendIII

    Your greatest fears for Kingdom Hearts 3

    While I have confidence in KH3 being a great or decent game, there are some concerns, which I'll list here.: -Xehanort's motive for wanting to 'balance' the Light and Darkness through a second Keyblade War, and how he fell into the way he was, if the motive ends up being evil for the sake of evil, then I'd consider that lazy and cliche, I hope they address his motive in this game. -Balancing -Story longevity; I hope the is 40 to 50 hours long, or as long as KH2's story, or around the 30 hour-mark to 37 hour mark or around any of these frames. -Keyblade Graveyard; I hope we get to visit, and explore this World at some point before going to the location where the final battle takes place, because I want to see more of it, and explore it further.
  10. The Situation Commands were tweaked a bit in the E3 demo, so that's one thing they've done in terms of tweaking so far.
  11. According to Aibo from Twitter, Nomura is treating the DLC in an interesting way, he said it would be a 'single delivery of content, in a flipboard style.:
  12. KHLegendIII

    Kingdom Hearts is my favorite thing in the world but...

    I don't mind which direction Nomura is taking KH3 to so far, and I do have hope that it could turn out to be a decent game, in terms of story and/or game-play, for me to enjoy, but I hope that he'll be able to deliver a conclusion to the Dark Seeker Saga that I, as the rest of us, could be satisfied with, but I don't like the time travel aspect he introduced in DDD, it felt cheaply shoehorned in, and doesn't make any sense, Xehanort could've just made Replicas of Marluxia, Larxene, and Luxord, as well as the other members of the Real Organization XIII as norts through the Replica Program, and I wouldn't mind, I liked DDD, but the time travel thing was something from it I didn't like at all. I do find the concept of new Seven Hearts of Light to be interesting, but I hope Nomura explains why they're a thing in KH3, cause if it's not and is answered in another game, I would feel as if it's shoehorned in as a retcon to the game's lore. As for Sora not being his favorite designed character anymore, I'm not bothered by that, not every person who had designed a character is going to stay liking it forever, times can change, and not every creator may not like their main characters as much as they used to, and even Nomura admitted that he himself got confused by the story, even though he does have KH3's storyline planned out. I don't mind KH3 having a dark story, in fact, that makes me even more interested, especially since KH3's theme is 'resolution', but this is all jus tmy opinion, and you don't have to agree, but I understand what you're saying.
  13. KHLegendIII

    My problem with the seven NEW hearts (possible retcon)

    I'm not too bothered by this, personally, but I do hope they explain why there are another set of seven Hearts in this game, because if they don't and save that answer for another game, I would feel irritated about it, but overall, I'm going to judge it when the game comes out or Nomura decides to give information on it.
  14. KHLegendIII

    KH3 Worlds You Are Looking Forward To Playing?

    So far, the Worlds I'm looking forward to the most are Olympus, Toy Box, The Caribbean, San Fransokyo, and Kingdom of Corona. I may add more to this list depending on what get's announced next.