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  1. This story belive it or not I think is actually referencing an older short story. Allow me to spin you a tale.... Kingdom Hearts II Other Diamonds this was a book of short stories released ~2007 only in Japan with several short stories from different characters points of view. Some have been translated and one is actually a story about Namine while Sora was still sleeping where she went into Twilight Town to get ice cream. She wound up interacting with Hayner, Pence and Olette and she had a nice time but in the end wiped herself from their memories because they wanted to be friends with her and were asking too many questions. She still enjoyed the experience and it really was a wonderful story. But I dont think the line you quoted isnt coming from Roxas though. In fact the way I read it, i think it's just Hayner, Pence and Olette. They are talking about him like hes not there. But when they reference the girl having blonde hair, and feeling like they knew her it's because THEY ACTUALLY DID ONCE!! This really blew my mind tbh that they would remember that from so long ago. Here is a link to the translation for that story if you wanna read it https://www.kh13.com/forums/topic/53783-english-translation-of-kingdom-hearts-ii-other-diamonds-episode-2-the-twilight-short-stories-volume-1/
  2. I went to a KHO this year, which makes it the 3rd time I've been to one in total. It really made me wish there were more fan meet ups in person. Like scheduled ones during the year. Like if it wasnt specifically for kh (like a KH convention that I still think is a fantastic idea) then have them at larger conventions, or something. I went to Phoenix fan fusion this year and they had a few KH fan panels but it didnt fell like near enough. The series is so large, so vast that no one seems to know where to begin, and we only have an hour and we want to make it count but you leave and wish there'd been more time.
  3. And especially with the other members now being more important to the plot with the whole *spoilers* revealed about them, it would be a great way to flesh them out a bit more. Even if it was just giving us more of their reports! Like remember how you unlock secret reports in Roxas diary? Which dont have the names of the authors but are clearly written by the other members? That would be a perfect way to do it if dedicating extra screen time to them would break the flow. Because their indifference to Roxas is kind of what makes his relationship with Axel and Xion special in context. No one else really cares about Roxas or seeks out his company unless they're on a mission (and even then, *ehm, Demyx flaking off, and Xigbar just leaving at the start of a mission*) It serves a plot and story and character purpose, but seeing more of the Org was a huge hope at the time it came out and was a huge disappointment to a lot of the Org fans. And though some of that has been made up for in the novel, it still would be nice to have a bit more. And I think the best way to unlock more of their reports would honestly be either through playing them in mission mode or having a cavern of remembrance type place where you could choose a member of the Org to play as and then go up against other members. And this would be a great post game thing to do! Opened by doing things in story! Or even what about giving each member like an Ultima weapon that you could craft so you could use it while in mission mode or in these data battles! And the ingredients could either be gained by that character during their mission modes (which would encourage you to go through all the missions as each of the characters). But then, A TWIST! Have it be so that if you've crafted the ultima weapon for that character, every time you fight that character in the data battle THEY HAVE THAT WEAPON!! And it now becomes a totally different fight! Or alternatively have like a little setting choice before the battle that says like, "Start" and "Ultimate challenge" so that you can go back to fight them in their normal state with their normal weapons if you wanted. Dude I want this so FREAKING BAD!
  4. A mix of story and characters for me. A story can be really gripping and amazing, but if the characters arent interesting or worth following, I'll either fall out of the series or finish it just to see how it ended and never come back. And if the characters are great but the story isnt, I may fall out of the series but if I do and the series is still going, I'll occassionally check back up on it by reading their wiki pages or maybe going back and giving it another try. But I may also just accept all the bad story just because the characters are so amazing that I don't care and want to see their arc finished. (KH falls into this category sometimes) And game play is important but not immensely. So long as the two above are checked, I'll suffer through it usually at least once. If the story or characters arent good enough though, I may never replay it again though. I'll watch the cutscenes or a let's play, but play it again myself.
  5. UPDATE! The rest of the trip went smoothly and I met a couple cast members who LOVED my KH hoodie and asked me where I got it (which was Disneyworld actually lol) and one really shy guy who was behind me in line for almost 20 min before he like blurted out really quickly 'I like your back pack!' before clamming right back up again! Tried to talk a little more with him but he was very shy. I love finding them at Disney, and others representing in the parks. It was a good day
  6. I'm at Disneyland right now. And everytime I go to Disney I wear a KH shirt, hoodie or backpack to ya know represent in the park since Disney aint. I was in line for Space Mountain, and this group behind me started talking about my KH backpack. At first I thought, 'Oh some other fans!' And then one of them says, 'I HATE Kingdom Hearts. It's so complicated and stupid and I cant stand RPGs and the FANS!' and they just go on and ON bashing KH and people who like it right BEHIND ME! With me standing right there! If you dont like something that's totally fine, and talking about how you dislike it infront of someone who is a fan is kinda a jerk move. But if you start bashing the people who like it right in front of that person....ooooooo I almost told these people off. What is wrong with you people? How rude can you get?!
  7. I always related more with Roxas and Xion most ever since I played their games, but as time went on and especially after KH3, I've found I've been drifting over to Axel more and more. So the entire Sea Salt Trio in various different capacities I guess!
  8. Okay, I am so embarrassed that I didnt realize this sooner but you know how the stained glass place is called 'Station of Awakening'? And where did Sora go when he used the 'Power of Waking'?! Station of Awakening ---- Power of Waking GOD DANG IT!! How did I not see that sooner?
  9. Just sending out another reminder to anyone interested in taking part!! I'm trying to make the envelopes with different themes for every reminder and next up was Sea Salt Trio!! So happy with how it turned out
  10. I also think that Atlantis is a really strong possibility. The themes in that movie, the visuals, everything would go so well with KH. It isnt a Frozen or anything in popularity but it does have a cult following in the community so it's also a strong contender. If they explore more of the whole Data Worlds thing then Wreck it Ralph is almost a guarentee. If they give Kairi her own game I could totally see her going to various disney princess worlds like Moana, New Orleans, Scotland, or even Atlantis to interact with them. I would also love if they explored more her being a princess of heart and what exactly that means now that we know those titles are only temporary and can be passed on. I honestly think it would be a a very fitting arc for her to realize that this power she has can only be used so many times, or is dormant in her to be used at a pre determined time and that afterwards it will leave her and move on to the next person who's trial requires it most. It would be interesting to see her go through an arc like that when she has always had this special power, then has to choose what she gives it up for, and then realizing that that power wasnt the only thing that gave her worth, and that she can still have strength and power without it. I personally would love to go back to Neverland to see what's been going on there since we last saw it in Days. With Capt Hook getting more and more consumed by Darkness and all. I mean there is a totally real story there with the Peter Pan sequal with Wendy's daughter Jane. I personally think it would be interesting to have her interact with the KH characters because Jane's character is so focused on being serious and 'grown up'. I personal think it would be good for her to interact with Kairi (if we get a game for her) Mostly because there draws a connection between the two of them. Jane is living in a world rearing itself apart with war and there isnt anything she can do because she is a child. Her loved one (her dad) is fighting in that war and she fears for him. Kairi also recently was in something similar where everyone she cared about was fighting in a war and there wasnt anything she could do for them because of reasons really outside her control. And she knows what it's like to fear loosing someone you care about and wanting to become more 'grown up' like her friends who have grown so much where she hasnt really. If they went that direction with her arc (which I feel would be the right choice with her character as it is now honestly) and if they wrote it well, I think these two characters would work well off each other. Anyone who hasnt seen Peter Pan 2, it is truly one of the better Disney sequels out there with some really good themes and great animation quality.
  11. I DEFINITELY think Treasure Planet is a strong possibility because in KH3 they had those treasure spheres that you can find while flying the gummi ship and they are uncannily similar to the treasure map from Treasure Planet. I have a hunch that going forward in the series they might experiment further with the idea that other people on other worlds are able to leave their world and travel to other 'planets' in their part of the universe. We already saw that this is a thing (though it was woefully and tragically unexplored) in BBS with Stitch in Deep Space. We saw alien lifeforms from what we can only assume are various planets, and Stitch steal a ship capable of interplanetary-or interworld in this case- travel. So I do rather strongly believe this MIGHT be a concept on the table they may choose to toy with. Also it would even be a great way to get Star Wars into the series. If it's a thing that they discover after KH3 that, 'Well golly, gee, hey, people from other worlds are able in some parts of this universe to travel and contact others and even maybe have been able to for a long time' I think it would be an interesting direction for the series to go in. And that's not to say that would open the door for inter disney cross over or that be a direction they would have to go in. They could keep the ones that could travel to other worlds/planets-in the KH galaxy universe-very far away from everyone else to where without a gummi ship they wouldnt be able to reach the other disney worlds. Like they managed to get out of their own world through that worlds tech but that without the gummiblocks to make a proper gummi ship, they cant leave their sector of the universe. So that to them, they think, and their charts suggest that there is nothing else other than what is in their area. I think it would be a great and relatively easy way to explain why this is possible sometimes but not all the time and allow the KH team to include interplanetary stories like SW or Treasure Planet.
  12. PLEASE REBLOG, REPOST AND SHARE IF YOU LIKE THE IDEA!!I've been posting this everywhere I can for a the last week or two and people have been pretty on board. I created a tumblr for the idea too if anyone wants to go reblog this from there.Its, 'ThankYouKHTeam'This also isnt the only one I've made. In trying to keep the idea fresh in the tags and peoples feeds, I'm making varriations of the envelopes with different themes. This one is Destiny Trio themed, and I'm gonna try to make a new one every week til the day of to help remind people. Again please share if you like the idea, even if you dont want to participate but like the idea please share. I think it would be so fun to have a sort of KH Community day on twitter.
  13. Man KH in almost 20 years old at this point! If there werent like 30 year olds there who got KH1 for Christmas when it was brand new at 10 yrs old I would be ASTOUNDED! This game belongs to the old guard and even older newer fans as well as the younger people.
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