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  1. Many people that work in voice acting often have a huge selection of voices that they can put on for a multitude of characters--to make them soft and cuddly, or evil and harsh. Out of the four options here, who is your favorite voice actor? For fun, why are they your favorite, and who is your favorite character that they voice?
  2. Love it, hate it, or meme it, the cooking minigame in Twilight Town is an interesting part of Kingdom Hearts III. There are four aspects of the minigame--which one is your favorite?
  3. Due to our news team member KHWaterblock posting a lot of KH3 music recently and uploading it onto YouTube for everyone to see, we decided to talk about the music from the series today! We had recalled that Xemnas had FOUR battle themes, if you can believe it. (He deserves it though, don't you think?) Which battle theme was your favorite for when you fought him?
  4. That trailer really was something amazing, wasn't it? There were a lot more questions than answers but we're excited to see those answers! Personally, I really loved the possibility of seeing a Lingering Will VS Terranort fight! I'm super hyped for it! If we didn't mention something that you personally thought was awesome, let us know down below!
  5. That's right, we're about to ask you guys to look deep inside of yourself--look really deep, and don't be afraid to call yourself out. How many hours a week do you sit and play video games? (I usually play for 20 hours a week, about, give or take.)
  6. Apollo 11 returned from the moon today! Over at the social media team, we wondered about space, and what's out there. The biggest topic that came up and the one we talked about the most was the planets in our own solar system. Which one do you think we should explore more of in our solar system?
  7. Yesterday they announced a whole lotta Marvel stuff! They announced a few new series, a few new movies...and we're pretty excited here at the Social Media team! So, we wanted to ask--what are you most excited to see?
  8. Since the mention of new Kingdom Hearts figurines are all over the news, I thought it would be interesting to ask you guys how many figurines you have! I know many of us on the social media team have quite a few, and we have someone in the news department who is a full-blown collector of them. So, we wanted to ask you guys--do you guys collect Kingdom Hearts figurines and statues? How many do you guys have? If you want, let us know which ones are your favorites down below!
  9. Good news! Super Monkey Ball is getting a new game (releasing on October 31st in Japan)! We're pretty excited over at the social team, so we wanted to ask you guys what your favorite game from the series is! (Since there are a lot, I couldn't put down every game because the poll options only allow so many choices, so I put down the bigger titles. Let us know if there are others that you love, though!)
  10. Due to the recent news about the James Bond series, we decided to ask you guys who your favorite James Bond is! There's a multitude, and each actor brings their own unique thing to the table. Personally, I liked Connery, but I think Craig did a good job, too. What about you guys?
  11. Did you hear about the new Space Jam sequel they're planning to come out with? They cast keeps on growing, with Don Cheadle joining in on the basketball action! With the talk of Loony Tunes going around, who's your favorite Loony Tunes character?
  12. Did you guys see that new Pokemon trailer? Talking about it with the social media team brought us on the discussion about what our favorite generation was, and we decided to ask you guys the same thing for today's poll! So! What's your favorite gen?
  13. So anyway. As a 21 year old woman. I got back into Club Penguin. (Club Penguin Rewritten is what I'm talking about, mostly. It's the same thing, though. They manage to fight Disney on it for keeping it up by using the excuse "educational purposes", can you believe that?) Anyway, I'm back on Club Penguin, and I was wondering if I should join in on Runescape too, since my friend is on that. Then I got to thinking about other old games that I used to be on when I was younger. MapleStory, Neopets...there were so many websites that I used to be a part of online just for the fun of it! What about you guys? When you were younger, what online games did you play around with?
  14. Get out your streamers and party hats! Today is Sonic's birthday! He's turning 28 this year, can you even imagine? Today, in celebration, we wanna ask you guys who your favorite character is. Obviously, we can't list all of the characters because, let's be real, there are loads of them, so we're listing a few of the more popular ones. If we don't list yours, let us know down below!
  15. Since Marvel decided to place all of their shows on Netflix, and since the final season of Jessica Jones was released, we decided to ask you guys what your favorite Netflix Marvel show is!
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