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  1. Happy Birthday, Kingdom Hearts! To think, while I first heard about it through DDD in a Nintendo Power issue when it was still new, I would become a fan in 2015 simply by remembering the series by hearing I’d be going to Disneyland for Memorial Day weekend.
  2. Just as the title says. Three Houses introduced a lot of new gameplay mechanics (Battalions, complete free-roaming, etc.). I want the next game (whatever it may be) to continue to introduce new kinds of gameplay mechanics on top of the regular Fire Emblem formula. A new mechanic I was thinking of is sending a unit with their own ally soldiers and funds to help out villagers or friendly armies, sneak up on wandering enemy forces, do reconnaissance missions, etc.
  3. Any hear that an ARMS character will now be FP6?
  4. Speaking as someone who thinks plenty of how things would’ve been better going, I agree.
  5. Been playing Smash Ultimate recently. With this Coronavirus nonsense going, though, I might have to stick with Ring Fit Adventure for a while.
  6. It’s a free-to-play MMO, and apparently popular in Japan.
  7. The big deal is exclusively towards Lotus, at least to me. Which is because Warframe was the last franchise I expected to be repped through a Spirit Event.
  8. Sort of? Lotus from Warframe is a Spirit in this event only.
  9. That hardly looks like a swastika at all. You probably might be overthinking it a little.
  10. Ever wanted to see how you'd design a KH boss battle? Well, this thread's the place for you. It can range from original (Heartless, Nobody, Unversed, Nightmare, or OC) or it can be within the range of characters from properties owned by Disney (PIXAR, MARVEL, Lucasfilm, etc.). I'll start: Sora, Donald and Goofy Setting: Olympus Coliseum Phase 1 Sora, Donald and Goofy are all separate bosses with their own health bars. Goofy’s Attacks -Circle Raid: Goofy throws his shield around himself to protect himself from danger. -Goofy Discus: Goody throws his shield straight towards the target. -Goofy Turbo: Goofy rides his shield like a sled and slides around uncontrollably. -Goofy Tornado: Goofy spins around uncontrollably as wind circles around him. Donald’s Attacks -Blizzaga: Donald fires a huge icicle that breaks up into a snowflake when it makes contact. -Firaga Meteor: Donald summons a meteor made of fire that covers a huge area. -Thunder and Wind: Donald shoots arcs of wind that turn into mini-tornadoes with electricity brimming inside. The tornadoes can be used for Flowmotion once the electricity clears up. -Cura: Donald will heal a decent amount of either his or an ally’s health. Sora’s Attacks (Phase 1) Sora can change into Second Form whenever necessary; he usually does so either right at the start of the battle or sometime after. -Magic Flash: Sora unleashes a combo and finishes by dashing forward and emitting a wide and powerful magical flash shaped like a blue sphere. This cancels out any incoming projectiles. -Strike Raid: Sora throws his Keyblade at the target multiple times. -Stun Impact: Sora unleashes a combo and emits a shockwave that stuns the target. -Sonic Blade: Sora thrusts forward six times before unleashing a powerful final thrust. -Ragnarok: Sora takes aim at the target and fires several beams of light. -Ars Arcanum: Sora slashes at the target ten times and unleashes three final powerful slashes. Team Attacks -Goofy Bombardier: Sora and Goofy fly into the air like a rocket, and Goofy is thrown into the target’s vicinity. -Combo Boost: Donald lifts up Goofy and attaches fireworks to him. Donald aims Goofy like a rocket launcher and shoots him. He flies all over the place with the fireworks still attached. -Whirli-Goof: Sora and Goofy both soin around three times, and then turn into a wheel and roll around. -Flare Comet: Sora and Donald both fire a flurry of fireworks that swarm the arena. -Unison Fire: Donald casts Firaga and Goofy spins around in a fiery tornado. -Dual Meteor: Sora and Donald summon meteors that rain down on the arena one by one. -Trinity Guard: Goofy takes charge with Sora and Donald behind him. They charge forward five times and charge one last time, with a more powerful and faster charge than before. -Trinity Limit: Goofy shoots Drive orbs from his shield, Donald casts Ultima, Sora unleashes the first part of Ars Arcanum, and then all three unleash beams of light that circle around the arena. Phase 2 Sora switches into Ultimate Form, and any of his allies that were defeated are instantly revived to half their health. Sora’s Attacks (Phase 2) -Barrier Blade: Sora surrounds himself with blades that circle around his barrier. Donald and Goofy, who use their exact same attacks, must be defeated to take it down. Sometimes blades rain down on the targets. -Spiral Drove: Sora spins two blades around in his hands, quickly dashing towards the target. -Radiant Brands: Sora summons blades from underneath the target, indicated by a brief flash of light. -Cirlce of Light: Sora scatters blades in a circle all around the arena, and the surrounds the player with a stationary, uneven circle with holes to escape through. Sora then spins the blades around the player, and dives down with a tornado of blades. -Blade Wheel: Sora forms a wheel of blades, dashes forward twice, and then throws his blades onto the ground in an angled area. -Barrier Counter: Sora raises blades to block attacks, and blades stick out when his target’s attack lands. Music: A mix between Hand in Hand and Go for It!
  11. Well...this was an odd way to end the pass. I'm conflicted. On one hand, Byleth's been one of my most wanted since Three Houses came out, but on the other hand...I don't think they should've been FP5. But hey, there's 6 more packs coming along the way, so here's hoping for any other characters people want!
  12. Yeah, sorta. It’s a reference to the E3 2014 teaser for KH3.
  13. One act closes…the next act opens
  14. Just as the title says. We all tend to have those moments where we just wanna complete a game just to see what we’ll earn from it, don’t we? Well, what do you think would make a good reward for beating a certain game, be it specific conditions or 100% completion? Here’s an example I thought of: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: All-Star (replacing All-Star Smash): Unlock every character Boss Battles: Clear Classic mode with all characters (base game only) 3-minute Smash: Clear World of Light at least once Rival Smash: Clear World of Light with the True Ending Race to the Finish: Win every Spirit battle in World of Light Endless Smash: Rescue every single fighter (base game only) in World of Light Cruel Smash: Clear World of Light on Hard mode with the True Ending Boss Battles EX: Play World of Light to 100% completion
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