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  1. Wow, wasn’t expecting that! If KH is big enough for the Olympics, then it’s certainly…becoming more mainstream, but also it’s certainly big enough for Smash (not that I expect it, but still).
  2. https://youtu.be/FfFmXoZUtcg I can’t believe I never knew this existed
  3. I meant expression wise. For the manga specifically.
  4. Like everyone else said, only the games are canon. Which is a shame, because the manga is where Sora’s at his best.
  5. I still remember when I got this day 1, when it was still Unchained χ. R.I.P. χ saga, 2013-2021 Gone, but not forgotten (for better or worse)
  6. Speaking as someone who's had the game since Day 1 when it was just Unchained X, I'm both happy and sad that the entire X saga has come to an end after 8 years (not to say that characters from the X era won't be relevant in the future).
  7. I made a hypothetical Challenger Pack for Sora.
  8. I made a hypothetical Smash Ultimate Challenger Pack for Sora
  9. Sora's possibilities for Smash Ultimate are...up in the air at the moment, so I decided to do a hypothetical Challenger Pack for the Keyblade wielder. My only limitations was to not use any Disney characters other than Donald and Goofy. Moveset Stage: Station of Awakening Music Spirit Board Classic Mode: World Tour Mii Costumes Just to reiterate; this is purely hypothetical. I don't expect Sora in Ultimate, this is just something I did for fun.
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