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  1. So what area is this? It looks a bit like somewhere in Olympus.
  2. Jingilator

    These Spoilers are annoying. :[

    I’d hate to say it, but I’m gonna cave in on Friday because I really want to experience a game like this sooner rather than later, y’know?
  3. (Yes, I know these threads were done in 2013, but those were long ago) Hi, yes, you read that right. I haven’t necessarily seen the film, but I looked at it a bit and thought “hey, I wonder how that’d fit into KH?” I was thinking not only cowboy Heartless (and cowboy Sora) but also Keyblade Transformations themed after a gun; the first stage, Silver Bullet, is basically the Shooting Star arrowguns, but with dusty bullets and one big bullet after a combo. The second stage, Lasso Roundup, starts out like the Twin Yo-Yo’s, then ends a bit like drill claw. Like I said, Sora could be a cowboy, Donald could wear a getup based on the Three Caballeros, and Goofy could wear a black-green Western jacket and a green bandanna on his head. What do you think? What’re your ideas for a Lone Ranger world?
  4. I was mostly thinking voodoo and swamp-based Dream Eaters, but now I just thought of tap-dancing frog Emblem Heartless!
  5. We all know that, unfortunately, PatF is not in KH3. To further pass time while we wait for it to be in the series at all, let’s discuss whether or not Dream Eaters would be a suitable enemy type for the world, and what original plot could work involving them. I got this idea from the old PatF thread in the KH3 forums: https://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-iii/217676-princess-frog-world-confirmed-9.html
  6. Jingilator

    Which Riku is in the trailers?

    $20 says it’s Repliku to me.
  7. I highly assume we’ll be able to redeem them when KH3 releases. Nothing about it’s been announced officially, to my knowledge.
  8. Jingilator

    All worlds leaked

    Well, I’m accepted long in advance that KH3 won’t be as good as KH2. But I’m still gonna enjoy the game regardless of how many people sh*t on it.
  9. (Never mind its dub name that we shan’t mention, and yes I know I made a similar topic in 2017)Just as the title says. I know, not gonna happen, but I’m a Pretty Cure fan and I just want people’s opinions on how well the two mesh together.
  10. Hello, and Happy 2019! After watching some Code Lyoko last night, I was thinking of having a sorta crossover between it and KH! The plot I’m thinking of for it is set roughly two days after the prequel episode “XANA Awakens”. Rules: 1.) Keep it PG. Because Kingdom Hearts. 2.) As this is set after “XANA Awakens”, there shouldn’t be any information that chronologically comes after it. 3.) Pick up the plot from a post to how you see fit. 4.) All KH13 rules apply. I’ll start off the RP by narrating the story from the view of Sora, Donald and Goofy, while another person continues the RP from the view of the Lyoko Warriors. Then, once the two groups meet each other, each person continues the story until the length limit is hit.
  11. Jingilator

    Create a Classic Mode route

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Queen Sectionia: My Lovely Kingdom (represents the 6 levels of Triple Deluxe) Stage 1: Ivysaur on Mushroom Kingdom U (playing Floral Fields). Stage 2: Female Villager 1 on Super Happy Tree (playing Must Dash). Stage 3: Ice Climbers on Summit (playing Cold Odyssey). Stage 4: Gold R.O.B. on Kongo Falls (playing Spinning Jungle). Stage 5: Red K. Rool on Arena Ferox (playing Mysterious Trap). Stage 6: King Dedede on Dracula’s Castle (playing Revenge of the Enemy). Boss: Vs. Marx (playing Moonstruck Blossom). Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Adventure Stage 1: Vs. King K. Rool on Kongo Falls (mirroring Papu Papu). Stage 2: Vs. Incineroar on Great Cave Offensive Ω (mirroring Koala Kong). Stage 3: Vs. Wolf on Saffron City (mirroring Pinstripe Potoroo). Stage 4: Vs. Ice Climbers on Suzaku Castle (mirroring the Komodo Bros.). Stage 5: Vs. Bowser Jr. on Lylat Cruise (mirroring Dr. N. Gin). Stage 6: Vs. Dark Samus on Frigate Orphan (mirroring Dr. N. Tropy). Boss: Vs. Marx (playing Cortex’s theme from Crash 1).
  12. Jingilator

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 20

    3 all the way, baby!
  13. Jingilator

    Video Games That Deserve HD Remakes

    Well, I thought you guys might wanna see this: