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  1. Peter Pan just for the objective’s wording: ”Put Peter Pan in his place!”
  2. Part of Your World, because every KH2-original song is cringe incarnate. Also where’s Under the Sea
  3. Knowing this series and smaller titles, probably Simple and Clean. Plus, it likely won't be a remix.
  4. A few days late, but Min Min is the ARMS character. https://youtu.be/M_NNyXaBW-I And one of our latest Mii Costumes is based on...someone we didn't exactly expect.
  5. UPDATE: My aunt's dad died a while back. May his soul rest in peace in God's paradise.
  6. Oh yeah, sure. Let's totally only look at it as mental Sora torture porn and not physical viewer torture porn.
  7. If you could one character from an already-represented company PLUS Nintendo, who would it be? My picks are: Nintendo: Min Min Konami: Frogger SEGA: Either Sakura or Axel Stone Capcom: Jill Valentine NAMCO: Dig-Dug Square Enix: Sora ATLUS: Jack Frost Microsoft: If I HAD to pick one, Master Chief SNK: Nakoruru And bonus ones: Activision: Crash Bandicoot Ubisoft: Rayman Spike Chunsoft: Monokuma
  8. My aunt's dad is in the hospital, and he's not doing so well. He basically has his kidneys starting to shut down, and...none of my family can visit him, due to you-know-what. I think that's the worst part of this whole thing; when a loved one needs the love of another the most in this time, that's only possible via prayers or distant communication. I'll admit I was closer to my aunts, uncles and cousins than my aunt's father, but my prayers are with him and the rest of my aunt's family regardless.
  9. I think the title speaks for itself. Come up with a game idea so stupid that it’ll sell like complete trash. Here’s my idea: World War Z: Undead Olympics Play as millions of zombies at once, where you do dashing and hurdles. And nothing else. (Well, except for the minigame where you infect thousands and destroy entire cities)
  10. Only one month left until the ARMS character is revealed. In the meantime, I've been playing Streets of Rage 2 on iOS after hearing some good things about Streets of Rage 4. And now I support Axel Stone for Smash Ultimate!
  11. I’ve decided to watch a movie called “Tous les matins du monde” for a school assignment. And I couldn’t have been any more bored.
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