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  1. Basically this. Closest we got was the 1.5 and 2.5 games. That said, on a side note, I think Re:Chain of Memories should’ve been on the Wii (as well as PS2).
  2. Pretty weird that this wasn’t in the game to begin with (or at the very least, wasn’t added in sooner).
  3. Well, it’s been a hit minute yet again. Both since I’ve been in here and since the last new Smash character (that ebung Oura/Mythra from Xenoblade 2).
  4. KINGDOM HEARTS The Deep End Night on the Bald Mountain Forze del Male KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix Disappeared KINGDOM HEARTS Chain of Memories The Fight for My Friends Graceful Assassin Scythe of Petals Revenge of Chaos KINGDOM HEARTS II The Encounter ~KINGDOM HEARTS II.5 version~ A Fight to the Death KINGDOM HEARTS II Final Mix Deep Anxiety KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Unforgettable Unbreakable Chains It’s a Small World KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Final Mix Master, Tell Me the Truth Forze dell Oscurita Night of Tragedy Hunter of the Dark KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Dream Eaters UNTAMABLE Rinzler Recompiled Gigabyte Mantis Ice-Hot Lobster Dread of Night L’Eminenza Oscura KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- Simple and Clean ~Ray of Hope Mix~ The World Within Aqua ~Mirror Illusion~ The Forest of Thorns KINGDOM HEARTS III Hero’s Fanfare The Deep End ~Rock Titan’s Rage~ Titanic Clash Toy Box Jam Skyward Striker Swinging Free ~Into the Forest Deep~ Zero Hour ~The Chase~ Monstropolis Now ~Code 72-16~ Miracle on Ice Flags of Fury Winds of Fate Eye of the Storm Dawn of Hope Forza Finale KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind Cavern of Remembrance ~KINGDOM HEARTS III version~ The 13th Struggle ~Data Luxord~ Others He’s a Pirate L’Apprenti Sorcier
  5. I only really completed the Lucky Emblems by consulting the internet. I’m at the last Battlegate, but have yet to complete it.
  6. Beginner. Because lord knows a Full Chain can be hard enough, even on that difficulty
  7. World: Agrabah Based On: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996) Plot: Loosely follows the plot King of Thieves Areas: Palace Sultan’s Throne Room Courtyard Bazaar Mount Sesame Theives’ Hideout Ring of Fire Treasure Room The Sea Vanishing Isle The Chamber of the Hand of Midas Enemy Type(s): Heartless Neoshadow Bandit High Soldier Fat Bandit (with a redesign and color change) Fortuneteller (slightly redesigned) Earth Core Sneaky Snake: Hides in pots and baskets and shoots poison at the party Elephant Rider: Jacks an elephant to cause mayhem Charmer Snake: Plays a song that summons Pot Snakes Barrel Spider Popcat Pot Scorpion Kurt Zisa (boss) Nobodies Dusk Ninja Gambler Sniper Assassin Other 32 of the 40 Thieves (part of a side quest) Party Member(s): Aladdin Normal attacks: Some slashes with his sword Slash Frenzy Quickplay Monkey Business: Sends Abu with his sword to attack enemies for him (Half MP cost) Jasmine Normal attacks: Magic-induced kicks Magic Shot: Shoots a small beak of magic at enemies (Small MP cost) Sandstorm: Uses Carpet to summon a sand tornado (Large MP cost) Team Attack: Carpet Ride; Sora hops onto Carpet with Aladdin and Jasmine. The three ride around charging into enemies, and finish by swirling them up in a magic tornado. World Villain(s): Sa’luk 40 Thieves Other Villain(s): Pete Young Xehanort World Boss(es): Remnants of the 40 Thieves; each of them has their unique fighting style The fat one can reflect melee attacks with his belly The Mongolian (?) fights with martial arts The triplets are acrobatic and can stack on top of each other The knife nut throws knives in every direction and wields two scimitars Sa’luk, who is fought twice: The first battle is in the Ring of Fire, where Sora must face him alone to save Aladdin The second is in the Chamber of the Hand of Midas, where darkness overtakes Sa’luk and he reanimates as a golden Heartless Monster Boss(es): Kurt Zisa He’s fought in the Palace Courtyard shortly before Sora and co. head off to save Cassim He has all of his familiar moves, and he can be affected by Carpet Ride Other Boss(es): N/A
  8. Sure, but I’d like to see the template I laid out under it.
  9. Ever wanted to see a certain world but wondered how specifically it’d happen? Then this thread needs no further introduction. Just note that I’ll be writing my entries assuming they were in Kingdom Hearts III.World: Kuzcotopia (Beta)Based On: The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)Plot: Loosely follows the plot of the film, but with things of note: The Heartless appear in huge numbers because of the burgeoning darkness in the heart of the world’s egregiously selfish ruler Maleficent and Demyx, both coincidentally arriving at the same time, attempt to manipulate Kuzco for their own reasons; Maleficent wants a new base of operations in Kuzco’s Kingdom (and sends Pete to meddle around), whereas Demyx seeks to present the emperor to the Organization in hopes of getting another reserve Sora is disgusted by Kuzco’s selfishness, and is briefly tricked by Yzma (whom Sora thinks wants to help Kuzco become a selfless person) into coming with her and Kronk to the Secret Lab; however, he overhears about Yzma’s assassination attempt after straggling behind on the roller coaster* and wants to warn Kuzco and Pacha when the time is right *The coaster tracks are a Rail Gauntlet with a windy design where you protect Donald and Goofy in the coaster car while fighting off Heartless both in the air and on the tracks Enemy Type(s): Heartless (Here’s where I got the idea for some of them) Shadow Soldier Large Body Powerwild Fluttering Gold Beat Kuraka: Runs around with its lance and can either stab Sora with it or twirl it Jaguar: Swipes around with its claws, its front side protected by the helmet on its head; it can sometimes be found with a Kuraka or a Powerwild riding on top of it Alchemist: Transforms itself into one of three animal Heartless Frankenwild: Slowly walks around and throws electric coconuts at Sora Wild Jaguar: A much more ferocious Jaguar without a helmet Toadish Popcat: Hides in a pot riddled with gas that inflicts the Frog status, which it expels upon defeat Nobodies Dusk Creeper Dancer Others Royal Guards: Stab Sora weakly and rally together to surround the party Party Member(s): Kuzco Normal attacks: Bites and rolls into enemies (sometimes doing Llama-fu) Llama Kick: Kicks an enemy high up into the air (Half MP cost) Charge: Charges headlong into groups of enemies at uncontrollable speed (Medium MP cost) Llama Spit: Spits on enemies, sometimes slowing them down (Low MP cost) Graze: Eats the grass (if there is any) to restore some of his HP (Low MP cost) Team Attack: Llama-rama; Sora curls up Kuzco into a wheel and rolls across in a straight line Pacha Normal attacks: Punches and kicks enemies Cart Rush: Pushes his cart into enemies, sometimes picking up a rare item drop (Medium MP cost) Body Slam: Jumps up and slams the ground with his body (High MP cost) Llama Herd: Calls a group of four llamas to attack enemies (Low MP cost) Healing Herbs: Fully heals either himself or an ally (Half MP cost) Team Attack: Cart Ride; Sora hops onto Pacha’s cart, and Pacha runs around uncontrollably while Sora smacks enemies with his Keyblade and casting Thunder. The finisher has Pacha spin his cart around. World Villain(s): Yzma Kronk Other Villain(s): Pete Demyx World Boss(es): Kronk (after Yzma leaves him in charge after Sora discovers their plan; an army of Heartless sent by Pete are neutral in this fight) Music: Rowdy Rumble Shoulder Angel: Occasionally bumps Kronk on the head and provides MP bubbles using his harp Shoulder Devil: Shoots Fira and throws his trident at the party Yzma (Sora, Donald and Goofy pursue her while Kuzco and Pacha escape) Music: Rowdy Rumble Bomb Vial: Yzma tosses a vial that explodes in a large radius Poison Vial: Yzma tosses a vial that not only explodes in a medium radius, but also poisons anyone in the party who makes contact with it Wrong Lever: Pulls a lever that activates a trap door, where an alligator is waiting for a member of the party unfortunate enough to fall in it (sometimes happens to herself) Monster Boss(es): Alchemy Empress: A giant lizard-like Heartless who resembles Yzma, leading an army of Kurakas and Alchemists; Pete summoned it in the throne room, but is forced to retreat when Demyx (who also retreats not too long after) tries to take control Music: Eye of the Storm Summon: Summons Kurakas and Alchemists Bombga Vial: Throws vials that cover nearly the entire floor Frog Vial: Throws vials that explode in a huge radius and inflict the Frog status on unfortunate victims (even nearby Heartless) Poison Tongue: Snatches a party member with it tongue, poisoning them Magic Vial: Drinks a vial that grants it armor and allows it to shoot eye lasers Bio: Conjures a giant poison puddle in the center of the floor Other Boss(es): N/A
  10. If the Emperor‘s New Groove were in KH3, I think it’d lend itself to the story in some neat ways: Demyx and Maleficent discover that lots of Heartless are drawn to the world by Kuzco’s selfishness, and seek to manipulate him for their own reasons (Demyx seeing him as a potential reserve vessel, and Maleficent hoping to use his kingdom as a base) Sora wants to help Kuzco be a selfless person, even if the reasons might be selfish (which could foreshadow Sora’s fate at the end of the game)
  11. Peter Pan just for the objective’s wording: ”Put Peter Pan in his place!”
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