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  1. Why would people say BBS it doesn't even have the same battle system
  2. Pocahontas and Princess and the Frog (I can see both being the new princesses of light)
  3. Would KH3 run smoothly on a regular PS4? OR should I upgrade to the Pro

    1. PrinceNoctis


      They'll make sure it's smooth...Probably not 60 FPS smooth though.

    2. KeybladeMasterBalo


      60 FPS smooth only on Pro, regular smoothness in PS4, better than 0.2 they say though.

  4. should i get a ps4 pro for kh3 or would it run okay?

    1. KingdomHearts3


      Anything to get KH3.

  5. At this point we might as well give the Statue of Liberty back

  6. I loved it. I had a few frame rate issues at parts (did anyone else have this problem?), but overall it was great. Not sure how I feel about how Mickey looks or the voice actor though.
  7. I was able to beat the final boss in 0.2 I'm so proud of myself. Also the game in absolutely beautiful.

  8. I haven't gotten home yet, so please don't spoil it for me, but how is the secret boss in 0.2! Is it epic? A fun fight?

    1. Kingdomhe


      I can't play it for some reason, one of the steps is glitched for me because I think I walk into the final boss by mistake.

  9. oh my gooood I called my local video game stores to ask if they had 2.8 in stock and all of them are sold out and are restocking on Monday rip

  10. The amount of 2.8 spoiler thumbnails/titles on YouTube annoy me. Like I feel like I know the entire story just from the titles. I'm shook

  11. Is there a way to sleep until the 24th???

  12. Just not going to watch any Youtube videos related to it, and I'm definitely not looking at Youtube comments on any Kingdom Hearts related video, cause those are the nastiest.
  13. Was the full Ray of Hope remix posted here? Here it is just in case you didn't know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB5a3DDp2FI

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