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  1. It doesn't look like we are getting a new world reveal this weekend. Yes Jump festa will probably have a few trailers there.
  2. Yes I would like to visit the good old classic world of the Jungle Book. It's one of the major classics that really stands out as working as a proper explorable world where Sora can fight heartless in.
  3. What if for kingdom hearts 3 we had only new Disney films/ worlds as so far we mostly have the CGI films Toy story, monsters inc, tangled, frozen and Big Hero 6 and the only old classic now is Hercules. There is still lots of films from the 20th century that square could use. So why are they just going for the new films for kingdom hearts 3?
  4. A trailer featuring Big hero 6 world! And a new world reveal! Jungle Book? Atlantis? Brave? The Incredibles or even Tim Burtons alice in wonderland?
  5. When we will see Big Hero 6 trailer? Are you excited to see Sora with Baymax?
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