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  1. This needs to be shared across all video game media. We should be bringing light to this. Sexual Abuse is not okay. Male or Female. Probably not the right place to put this, but it needs to be noticed.
  2. Hey I think i'm willing to try this out. I'm a fan of Kingdom Hearts as well. I do content over on Youtube specifically for Kingdon Hearts. I believe i'm just as creative as the next person. I'm mostly active on Facebook and i'm a frequent lurker. I manage my own page and group on Facebook. I handle ad campaigns and moderate my group alone. My writing skills are above average and I'd love to sink some time into being a Staff member for KH13s social media team. Can't even begin to say how much of a fan I am of Kingdom Hearts. I like to spread the joy and news concerning Kingdom Hearts so this would be a great opportunity for me to do just that! Plus I live on the east coast of NA ...so yay for time zone diversity! I'm told i'm fair and just! I'm fairly active enough and i'm easy to reach. Volunteering for this is a dream i'm ready to make new friends.
  3. Dno how I feel about the whole thing. She seems to be turning into a darkling, but it doesnt explain the hair.
  4. I do and I dont. If hes gonna be our protagonist post KH3 I want him starting off with some trauma.
  5. It wouldn't work. The whole purpose of Xehanort manipulating Terra was to get Terra to foster his darkness. Once Terras darkness was "high" enough, he was ripe for the picking.
  6. One thing i'll have to disagree on is Time Travel making things more complicated. The rules were stated and things can't be changed. How's that complicated?
  7. THIS. I know maybe 3 people in person that actually knows what Kingdom Hearts is. Anyone one of my gamer friends that does know what it is isn't entirely fond of KH. It's so weird
  8. I've always wondered this too because as much publicity is getting now i still feel like it's extremely niche here in the U.S. I don't think the turn out would be that crazy.
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