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  1. They had time to cut it down lol
  2. Chasm


    There's just a lot of contradicting things so i don't really believe it. Like a user said, they are missing confirmed worlds for this list so based on that alone i don't really believe it. A lot of it sounded dark enough for me to get behind, but again too many contradictions.
  3. I think it's illogical to think that just because Nintendo chose the dlc it doesnt mean we won't be getting certain characters. It just means that they had things planned for a while.
  4. Chasm

    What's the deal with Terranort?

    He still has his Terranort voice. I wonder if that means anything.
  5. I watched the trailer maybe...5 or 6 times and it wasn't until the 6th time that his line "Who are you?" stood out. He SHOULD know exactly who that is. What's going on here? Did Terranort fall to amnesia again? If so what could come out of this?
  6. What's the on going theory here guys? I'm leaning towards the Unchained Realm that's been lightly mentioned in KHUX. It seems Sora meets Chirithy there. Perhaps it's a world in the Realm of Sleep we haven't seen yet? Sora IS seen alone here with a bunch of...clone like Soras lol. What do you guys think?
  7. A friend of mine think he sees the nobody symbol. I didnt see it at first, but I started to. Anyone else?
  8. Chasm

    Should Riku be killed off?

    This is a good point. Extremely overused.
  9. Chasm

    Should Riku be killed off?

    Well i think it would be fairly obvious in this sense, which is why i think it shouldn't be done. Nomura has never been this upfront with us. Like others have said, Terra fits the bill for sacrificial lamb more than Riku. If Riku were to die i know it would impact Sora, but i don't necessarily think it would do well to impact Sora on a level we haven't seen him. I mean sure, he would probably be incredibly sad and it would force him to mature, but seeing Sora so close to darkness kinda feels off as a character development.
  10. Chasm

    Should Riku be killed off?

    See my understanding when it comes to death in KH is that it HAS happened, but people tend to return in the way the universe allows it. For example, all of Organization 13 died. Their nobody counterparts are NOT their somebodies. A Better example would be Ansem and Xemnas. They are dead. Finished. Defeated. Obliterated. They come back due to time travel. They still died. Eraqus' is special because we KNOW keyblade masters can transfer their hearts and i believe right before he died he did just that with Terra. I get the "Nobody dies in Kingdom Hearts" thing, but people have died. I think the better term to coin would be "Everyone comes back in Kingdom Hearts".
  11. Chasm

    Should Riku be killed off?

    This was another point of mine. When Nomura says some characters aren't returning post KH3 that could just mean some are leaving this life behind. I can see the Sea Salt Trio leaving just to hang with each other. It's just odd that people immediately thought "Riku is gonna die". I can be wrong. I just think if anyone is going to go the "I need to redeem myself so i'll sacrifice my life" trope then it would be Terra. Riku, imo, is too developed in a cast of under developed characters. If anything, he should be brought along to usher in the new times in KH4.
  12. This isn't a question of whether or not he will be killed or not, but rather...should he be. A friend of mine and I have debated this time and time again and i wanted some other points of views. He says the evidence is everywhere. I say the only evidence that points to him is Nomura stating some characters weren't returning after KH3. I don't see this as Riku's final outing. He JUST became a Keyblade Master. He JUST got a new Keyblade. Sure, his arc is finished, but that doesn't mean he can't get a new one. Besides, a game without the Destiny Island trio is breaking the trope of...well Trios. We all know Riku can't be replaced. They all started this adventure together and it would be silly to start the next one with 2/3s of a "trio". For me, a redemption arc is considered good until the redemption ultimately ends in a sacrifice. To me that's just lazy writing. Riku wanted the power to protect others. He can't protect them if he sacrifices himself. I mean he could. but after the sacrifice how is he protecting his friends? Now that he finally has the power to protect them, why give that up? I just don't see Riku as the one to go. I don't think i could support writing him off as a sacrificial lamb just to further Soras story. I'd be very disappointed.