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  1. Wow. I thought this would be a small trailer, which I guess technically it is but nooo Sora! The part with him and Remy is really cute though! Also comments were disabled for the video, I wonder why....
  2. I mostly stay on this site and watch KH news videos on youtube, so I don't really go on anything like Reddit and 4Chan which seems to be the websites to avoid. I'll probably be careful around the comments section of youtube, but I think I'll be OK if I don't go looking for them. From what I understand nothing too bad has been leaked so far. But as a reminder, if you here some odd "spoilers" they might not be true cause we this stuff happens people like to make stuff up. So if you see a "spoiler" that makes you upset just remember it might not be true.
  3. Who knows? Probably some sort of world reveal, either Disney or original (I'm 50/50 about another Disney world but I'm still pretty optimistic cause I don't find it that weird if they wait that long to announce it if it's a property that's not as popular as some of the other properties, they waited till the last second to announce others worlds before, but I also don't want to be too upset if this is it, with original worlds, I really don't know cause they never gave much clues about how many there were in the game). Probably a little bit more plot (but not too much hopefully), gameplay, a character we have not seen yet. Basically, I'm making easy predictions.
  4. Dude it was taking me awhile to figure out who the heck he was talking about. I should have just went to the comments section.
  5. Wow they did put a lot of detail into Xehanort huh? That said it's always fun to get new screenshots. I'm kinda sad Lilo and Stitch is not getting it's own world (most likely) but at least we know he still exists so maybe some day we can have the full world. SOMEDAY.
  6. Depending on how long it is. But I'm gonna estimate about a month for the main story. So I'm most likely gonna see some spoilers. And I'm gonna look at them cause I don't know any better. But knowing Kingdom Hearts I'm gonna see the spoilers and not fully understand what's going on anyway until I play the game.
  7. So I saw on a tweet that Tron was announced only a month before KH2 was released. So it's not impossible for another Disney world to be announced. It would probably just be a less popular or not a mainstream one.

    1. Merilly


      I don't think it's impossible either. 2 worlds are less likely but 1 is still within reason. They could potentially show more than 1 too in a really long trailer, but I'd be fine if it's just one more. I mean, it's just wishful thinking at this point but as you said, it's not entirely out of the question either. But I consider it good that people's expectation have decreased a little and that they've started to accept the possibility that this might be it.

      I kinda wanna see something from the hand-drawn era and not another Pixar movie though. Nothing against Pixar but there's no need to use up all the suitable movies in one game. A returning world would also be fine as long as it has another color scheme.

    2. Tyranto Rex

      Tyranto Rex

      I've been lowering expectations as well, but I'm gonna wait until they either say something or probably after Jump Festa, before I fully accept that that's it. I also hope for some information about some of the original worlds at Jump Festa or something. Though I don't think there are gonna be as many playable original worlds as some people think there are gonna be.

  8. They seem to prioritize Japan and the U.S./Canada alot. Which, being from the U.S. I should not really complain but it's not really fair to other countires. Though they did just announce an exclusive for France so maybe more is coming for other countries?
  9. Tyranto Rex

    Destiny island as a bonus World?

    I don't really see Destiny Islands being playable either. Of course we won't know for sure until they announce all the worlds, it's just the general feeling I have. I think it's almost confirmed for some cutscenes though from what we have seen in the Big Hero Six and Frozen (or was it the Pirates?) trailer, so there's at least that. I would not mind visiting it again, even though there are other original worlds I would like to visit more. It's sad that there's a huge possiblity that they had to cut down the worlds, like I know that the worlds are bigger then they were before and it will be great none the less but....I dunno. Maybe it would be a good idea to have some bonus worlds?
  10. Tyranto Rex

    What's your favorite Kingdom Hearts opening?

    I'll wait until I hear the whole of "Face My Fears" before I fully judge it but as of right now "Sanctuary" is my favorite.
  11. It might take some getting used to it personally for me. That said I don't think it's a bad song by any means. Maybe it will grow on me, maybe it won't, who knows? I do really love the beginning of the song though. I really hope they go into more depth with Xehanort cause I feel like he could have a lot of potential, he just has not reached it yet.
  12. Well it's about time we get to hear the whole english version of the song! Instead of just hearing bits and pieces of it for almost a whole year in every trailer! But yes, I'm really excited for it.
  13. Let's not jump to conclusions. Remember in that one interview Nomura said there were a few left and only 100 Acre Wood was confirmed after that interview. So unless there was a translation issue or Nomura was lying, there should be at least one more left. Now, it might be something like Disney Castle, but that's besides the point. And I think Jump Festa is gonna annouce some worlds too, hopefully some confirmation for original worlds cause we only know like two or three confirmed ones.