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  1. Like I never would have thought about this ever. To me this is the biggest curve I ever seen in kingdom hearts. Why is young xehanort talking to the master of masters? Didn't the secret report by luxu meant xehanort was unknowingly apart of a greater plan? How is he not in the world where sora is? Is this young xehanort after he disappears during the xemnas/Ansem fight? Why is the master of masters their during the current keyblade war? Where exactly did he go from back cover that lead him to the final battle? I have many more questions, but it's just too much based on this one meeting. Any theories you can think of, please share because my mind is officially blown.
  2. I'm bit confused at the moment with the kingdom hearts community. It's because the fans want kingdom hearts 3 to be more difficult, and I totally agree rightfully so. But my problem is some wanting it fair also. I understand the whole kingdom hearts 2 glass cannon critical mode discussion, but kingdom hearts 3 is in a new age of gaming. Unfair hardest mode are the thing now, kingdom hearts 3 should not be exempt of being unfair. Games like god of war (give me god of war), and DmD devil may cry 5 show after you beat the game, it's time to go a skill on the hardest mode. From what yasue says, you won't change your gameplay style in kingdom hearts 3 critical mode. You won't even change your gameplay style, your just gonna be more careful. Your just not actually changing your playstyle from my perspective. Kingdom Hearts 3 should learn unfair is the way to go because the amount of happiness to beat a unfair(not luck base) game is awesome. I exprienced pure joy when I beaten bloodborne, DmD devil may cry series, and give me god of war. I think kingdom hearts 3 should learn from them, and just go by pure skillbase. This is just my 2 cents on the critical mode debate. Thanks for reading.
  3. Well I mean I know the fanservice model from talking to people who actually explained it. Listening/taking in criticism are a good thing while fanservice is a bad term. One person how the arrow show (and maybe supergirl) got ruin by fanservice. I by no means to disrespect your opinion, just telling you where I learned about the fanservice model.
  4. I know the fanservice is so taboo that even the most divided fanbase don't want a fanservice or franchise. Why is it bad for video games? I know about other mediums, but fanservice model for in video games is like a big no no. Can someone explain why fanservice mode is so bad and notorious for video games & other media. Thanks for reading, I really need help understanding this.
  5. Sony has announced a nintendo direct style service. So what game's you want announced and updated? I have a big feeling on final fantasy 7 remake. And more dreams info. What games are you guy's expectin?
  6. Looking at kingdom hearts 3 criticism, final fantasy characters not included, and much more. If run by a fan service model, every fan will get what they want. Especially with fans that have better story elements than nomura. I know fanservice are notorious in games, but for Kingdom Hearts it could work into their favor. They got by story to the fans, ask what they want, fix the pacing, and what they want added. Heck even drive form would be back if ran by a fan service. All i'm saying kingdom hearts would benefit if run by the fans, especially since company forums exist. The positives are too great than the negatives. Plus the added bonus of no criticism because of fan majority if it does happen. a fan service model is what the next saga needs. Please tell me your thoughts, and should kingdom hearts 4 and beyond be leaf by the fans, and not by nomura or square enix. Thanks for reading. P.S.: I am willing to defend this discussion.
  7. Well it is what the title says. How will the community handle with the second generation? The reason this is most important in gaming history is one thing. We are getting older, and the new generation of fans is coming in. Remember kingdom hearts is a niche. Disney and square enix games, jrpg with disney characters, and a complex story (if the next saga is complex of course). So the possibility of ruining it for the younger/new generation is high do to nostalgia. We have to keep that in mind. As much as we want a carbon copy kingdom hearts 2, and drive forms returning, we have to be considerate to the new fans. Plus as with every generation or decade (like 90's ff fans), things change depending on the climate. What could horrible today in storytelling could ok with for the new generation. Just remember as with every generation of games (pokemon is a huge example of this) just remember not to ruin the experience for younger fans. Please tell me your thoughts about this. Thank you.
  8. Personal Exp of feeling bad for playing KH3: The reason I say this is because the sheer amount of criticism. Even checked on youtube, there's not even one positive video. Zero, none. 😟 As a fan, I had my opinion and loved. I thought it exceeded in being fun, I loved the follow the movie bases, and the situation commands that actually helped me make strategies. But soon after looking, and checking personal reviewss, facebook post, instagram, and gamefaqs reviews. I just couldn't take it, and started playing less and less of it. I know am allowed to have my own opinion of the game, it just finally got to me. I'm not able to play or enjoy anymore because I think about what they say (only the criticism parts). So basically I entirely saw the game as a 100% imperfect. The flaws in the scenes, graphics, gameplay, story, minigames, pacing, and much more. At this point I just can't stand the game. I was loving the game then ultimately hated now. This is in no way a rant to people who criticize. I'm just being vocal how division in the kingdom hearts community got me in the spectrum from loving it to outright hating it. Thanks for reading my post, and understanding how I feel. I appreciate it.
  9. serious discussion:After looking at kingdom hearts 3 criticism, I am freaking worried for ff7remake. Because unlike kingdom hearts 3 with criticism everywhere, and barely any positive stuff, it makes me realize ff7remake is on a bigger scale. The reason I say this unlike the original which has it flaws, ff7remake don't have that chance of getting positive reviews due to the fact of capturing the original feel of ff7. And because of that it's gonna get really bad as soon as one thing is changed that was important in the original, it's open to downright negative comments like you never seen. Plus being square biggest project, this could really hurt them. Like it's probably gonna ruin square enix legitimacy, and lose chunk of money. Sorry for my grammar, I had to write this because I have legit fears for the game.
  10. Hello I want a serious discussion on critical mode for Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts 3 critical mode should be tough, and not like other kingdom hearts games. Playing games like devil may cry, dark souls, and many more made me realize kingdom hearts critical mode makes the difficulty seems like a cakewalk. This best we got to true difficulty was kingdom hearts BBS 0.2. It was hard, no mp/Hp orbs, enemies hit hard, and the final boss of 0.2 was hard no matter your level. Even then, once you get the hang of the controls, you know how to beat them much faster. So here's what I want to propose for Kingdom Hearts 3 critical mode to be apart the special game community of difficulty(yes the community exist).1:Make the basic enemies have ultra A.I. I got this off of devil may cry DmD (dante must die) mode. The enemies should be ruthless, work as a collective, take less damage, and actually be smart enough when to attack & when not to attack. Just like dmd, this is supposed get the feeling and understanding of the gameplay mechanics. These enemies should not be a force to be reckon, but should be so tough a basic shadow should keep the player on their toes.2:Bosses should have new attacks, and higher defense. Especially with predictive A.I. (A.I. that actually thinks ahead of you, and knows how to kill you quickly). This will definitely grueling yet when you beat them, just imagine the joy you feel when you beat them.3:Keyblade transformation should have different requirements on critical mode, like defeat certain amount of enemies to active & for bosses after certain milepost of damage for the boss.4:A bit harsh, party members should be more susceptible to be taken out first. Basically the A.I. knows to attack sora's allies first so that way they can give sora a pounding.And finally 5:Is their one thing difficulty modes they all have in common that KH3 should have is multiple attacks on sora and allies at once. Look Devil may 2 argosax boss, certain dark souls/bloodborne bosses, and some more I forgot. This will definitely be unforgiving. So at least add it to bosses.Basically let kingdom hearts 3 be tough. The highest difficulty are supposed to be tough, not balanced when gameplay is already balanced. Tell me how you guy's feel.
  11. Just some advice on what to do with these runs. Especially with lvl1 hands off proud mode. Like what recipes I should, and perfect timing to use attraction flow. This can be a full guide, and I will totally credit you guy's if the tactics are good enough and helpful. Thanks for reading.
  12. Well I think with the recent union cross update kinda told it differently. With that big reveal.
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