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  1. Welcome (back) to the site! We're happy to have you here
  2. I had to go with KH2. It's my favorite of the Ultima Weapons Aesthetically, which to me even outweighs KH3's for being my favorite gameplay wise
  3. I'm normally one for finding cheese strats for bosses, but I will say the one thing that in all my years of playing the original KH series, I have NEVER thought to use Stop spells on bosses since that kind of thing just... doesn't usually work. That's a pretty nice way to beat the crap out of Cloud though that's for sure.
  4. Honestly I can imagine this is immensely helpful to some people. I know for me, no matter how many times I clear the game, there are always treasures that I run right by without even realizing it until much later in the game. Trinity Marks will always be my biggest bane though, I will say that much. Can't tell you how many times I've forgotten to go back and get all of them after unlocking all the abilities.
  5. Those two games were originally DS titles. They worked with remaking them as best they could into an HD format, but unfortunately being created when and how they were, the games would show lower quality than the ones that were originally released on PS2 that had a higher base quality It's not a system or game issue, they're just a product of their initial creation
  6. Greetings from my place of employ! And Happy Easter to those that celebrate it
  7. I definitely agree with them focusing on the friendship aspect. Like I think the idea of Sora and Kairi as a couple is cute, and have a couple of other characters I would ship, but that stays entirely in a headcanon and fiction and not something I would get outraged about personally. I do feel in KH3 they kinda pushed the idea of Sora being in love with Kairi a little bit more than just saying they were friends though. When most of the Disney worlds were basically of the theme that you have to understand what TRUE LOVE is in a romantic setting in this game it kinda gave off the vibe. Sure in San Fransokyo it was about friendship, and same with the Toy Box and Monstropolis, but when it came to Olympus, Kingdom of Corrona, Arendelle, even The Caribbean, romantic love was kinda a big thing. Herc loving Meg enough to dive into the well of souls and recover from his slump, Rapunzel loving Eugene and understanding that's what love was instead of what her mother was showing, Arendelle was Anna falling in love with Christoph and using her love for her sister to save her life no matter what their past was and The Caribbean concluded with the whole "If you love someone you have to be willing to make sacrifices" with good ol' Will Turner becoming the Captain of the Flying Dutchman and even Jack helping to bring Will back to life with knowing the Elizabeth loved Will. THAT ALL BEING SAID, there are multiple ways to display love and while I personally feel they didn't need to have Sora and Kairi kiss, there is love there whether it be as friends or more and I quite enjoy it no matter what way it is shown to be.
  8. For the Fantastic 7, how you do each one is kinda up to you and how you play, but there is this guide which I think is pretty useful. https://www.ign.com/wikis/kingdom-hearts-3/The_Flantastic_Seven_Locations_and_Tips
  9. The Omega fight is a lot more difficult. Even with a Lv. 99 I kept failing until I got a new ship, that being said I'm also not an absolutely AMAZING Gummi Ship pilot myself. The gummi ship is more important than the level though so I highly recommend doing other Gummi Ship missions to unlock more ships and explore to get more parts to help
  10. 301 here as well! I think last summer I played during a 0AP campaign and fought the Jewel Princess at like... lvl 20 and was solo, but I kept just chipping away at her, over and over. I got hundreds of millions of Lux even though I died repeatedly until I finally beat her around 300-301 and I haven't been able to level up since lmao
  11. For me I honestly just used the special ones. I don't think I really actually made a Gummi Ship in KH3 at any point. There's a couple of special ones with REALLY HIGH attack that you can unlock just doing some of the fights around the area and completing Gummi Missions. Those don't require you to have the blocks nor do they require you to fit them within the cost allowance. I highly recommend going through your Special ships section when you choose what ship you want to use and see what you have and what ones are good in terms of attack damage and at least a few hundred points in mobility. Other than that the other materials were fairly simple. I honestly had most, if not all of them, by time I got all the Orichalcum +. I think the only material I actually had to farm for was the Wellsping Crystal and that I found just doing The Caribbean's Battle Gate a few times was all I needed to get all those.
  12. Hey, really sorry to bother you but I tried to link my discord here and I think I messed up x.x


    Is there any way you could fix it?

  13. The Seasalt Trio reunion. I literally had to pause the game because I was sobbing from it. Q~Q
  14. I LOVED the Xion and Saix fight. Especially after Roxas joins in and we get the amazing remix music Q~Q Plus Roxas and Xion returning had me literally sobbing. Tho I did kinda just keep hitting Saix until he fell down. Learning more about him and his motivations was really nice too
  15. Welcome! I actually had to do a double take at your name because I used to play Final Fantasy XIV with someone named N’hara and am still (albeit much less talkatively) friends with them on Twitter lol but it’s nice to meet you! And I hope you enjoy the community
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