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  1. To put it simply too much MP consumption and you don't get that many MP bars on level 1 anyway. Plus, the Damage Storage strat usually just takes care of an enemy already. If it helps you can also use this against Dragon Maleficent too.
  2. IDK if I would recommend that after my level 1 run. Magic power in Kingdom Hearts 1 is ultimately determined by how many MP bars Sora (or Donald has). Sora does NOT gain a lot of MP bars when playing on level 1 though. In addition, Goofy will never learn his MP Gift ability (where he donates his MP) and the rest of the team won't have a lot of item slots for the Ethers. So he will not be capable of using the strat above as much. If anything you are better off using the Damage Storage strategy instead.
  3. Part 2 of another video I posted with Stop+ Gravity+ Gravity. It sort of gives a cool reason as to why Stop and Gravity have not returned as much in future Kingdom Hearts games other than CoM and in a way Birth By Sleep.
  4. Let me clarify a bit more. What I meant by more "relevant" meant that if you removed that world from the game then Kingdom Hearts overall plot would not move forward. You remove Wonderland and Maleficent wouldn't have all 7 princesses & you miss out on the Gummi piece to travel to other worlds. Remove Neverland and you lose confirmation of Riku going, the location of Hollow Bastion, and even finding Kairi. You see what I mean? The Disney Worlds in KH1 are connected and relevant to the game's overall plot. They are more than just copy/paste the movie's plot. They are actually ADAPTED to fit Kingdom Hearts. KH2 on the other hand really struggled with this since most of its Disney Worlds are treated as straight up filler. Agrabah, Atlantica, Pride Lands, Hundred Acre Woods, and Halloween Town all serve no relevance to the overall plot on either visits. Nothing is accomplished there or found out there. If you remove any of these worlds from KH2's plot then the plot isn't affected in the slightest. Plus, it doesn't help that other worlds such as Land of Dragons & Port Royal have 1 visit dedicated to "copy/pasting the movie plot ft. Sora & company fighting Heartless/Nobodies" that's NOT an adaptation that's filler. Shan-Yu wasn't working for anybody. It was there just to copy the movie plot in a poor fashion. That being said Beast's Castle and even Space Paranoids are GOOD examples of how a Disney world SHOULD have been treated in KH2. Both visits are connected to the overall plot (Ansem and the Organization). If more worlds in KH2 were like them I wouldn't be complaining about this. What I mean is Donald & Goofy are NERFED so much more in KH2 than when compared to KH1. For example, Donald in KH1 knew all 7 magic spells like Sora, all of them get upgraded to tier 3, he learned Second Chance & Leaf Bracer, & he knew was capable of casting Cure multiple times. KH2 Donald on the other hand only knows 4 magic spells, none of them get upgraded (they all stay at tier 1), magic is also considered abilities for Donald meaning you can't go into every fight with them unless you give upgrade his AP, Cure takes up all his MP, he never learns Leaf Bracer, Second Chance, or even KH2's Once More. In return, you have Drive Forms & Limits. But here's the thing. Those abilities only "mimic teamwork." Sora using Wisdom Form or Whirli-Goof isn't the same as Donald casting Cure or Goofy using MP Gift on the player. Sora aka the player aka YOU have to activate those abilities. So even though they are listed on the Donald and Goofy's abilities list they might as well be on Sora's. So again they are "gloried items' for the player to consume when necessary. It also doesn't help that Sora is capable of using Trinity Limit & Limit Form by himself thus undermining your party members. NO. There is no platforming/exploration in KH2. There is no point in the game where the player HAS to use there growth abilities such as Glide, High Jump, or Aerial Dodge because the whole game is linear as hell. Hence why anyone can beat the whole game without even touching or knowing about the Drive Form abilities. I know because I was one of those individuals back in 2006. The only time the player has to use them is in the Cavern of Remembrance. A level which was optional AND was added in the Final Mix version when it could should have in the original to begin with. Not to mention that's only 1 level out of the 15 in the game. Final Mix even added "puzzle pieces" too but again should have been in the original. Nor could it really replace the linearity in the game. The linearity was there so that each room could focus on combat. Also Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden could not replace Traverse Town. You didn't have to return there after every visit to a world to return Dalmations. You didn't return there to find extra Trinity Marks. Plus, in KH1 Traverse Town was practically the ONLY world where you could buy items/equipment and even synthesis. KH2 removed that aspect with every world having a Moogle Shop.
  5. I think you quoted me wrong. I put Kingdom Hearts 1 in Perfect Tier with KH2FM in Great Tier. As for why that is: Storywise? Kingdom Hearts 1 blows KH2 out of the water. Kingdom Hearts 1 made sure to actually adapt most of his Disney worlds to be considered part of the overall plot. With worlds such as Wonderland, Deep Jungle, Agrabah, and Neverland all holding relevant information to the plot while still being Disney Worlds. KH2 on the other hand made sure that every Disney World(except Beast's Castle and Space Paranoids) had at least one visit which was filler. With other worlds (Atlantica, Agrabah, Hundred Acre Woods, Halloween Town, and Pride Lands) be straight up filler on all visits. So while KH2 has a lot of cutscenes all of it is boring and straight up irrelevant to watch through especially when you know it's filler or when you replay the game. Also KH1 had alternative cutscenes. Gameplay? I liked the closer up camera in KH1. Party members are ACTUALLY party members in this game and not glorified items. Plus, they can actually stand on their own and I hate that they were nerfed in KH2 though I understand why. There is platforming & exploration in the game. Particularly in the form of Trinity Marks, the Dalmations, and Traverse Town. All of which give the player reason to return to various worlds. Plus, they didn't need a Final Mix to fix this. The prologue was also less tedious in KH1 and the choices you made at the beginning actually had an impact on Sora. Thus, encouraging replayability. Overall KH1 felt more like a JRPG when compared to KH2. Or rather it did a great job in walking the fine line between JRPG and Action Game.
  6. Almost Perfect Tier: Kingdom Hearts 1 (Final Mix) Great Tier: (Re)CoM, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Only, Recoded Flawed Tier: Birth By Sleep (Final Mix), 0.2, Dream Drop Distance Absolute Trash: Union X/Unchained and 358/2 Days The parenthesis means either the original or the remake/final mix. This ranked based on combination of story and gameplay with Kingdom Hearts 1 being the best balanced of the both. With Days being the absolute worst in both categories in all. I'm surprised you ranked Birth by Sleep so high even with its broken mechanics. Plus, to me the story sort of falls apart once you know the amount of information Eraqus knew about Xehanort.
  7. Nice video. Though I will still save my judgement for the level design til the game finally comes out. Kingdom Hearts 1 IMO still holds the best level design in the series for me due to the Hub Worlds, Trinities, and Dalmations. They basically gave the player better reasons to revisit the worlds other than just finding treasure chests. Plus, it didn't need a Final Mix to do so unlike BBS or KH2.
  8. I dragged my friend to do something completely amazing for me.
  9. What if the video was bait? And we're actually suppose to play as Riku and Mickey against that boss instead of Sora? Though they didn't want to show the Riku gameplay for risk of spoiling. Also to answer your question no. Sora will be whatever level the player gets him to at that point since Sora will start at level 1 at the beginning of KH3. They made that clear by saying Sora has lost his skills thanks to the MX encounter in DDD.
  10. Thanks man! Though to be fair I honestly didn't want to do it either. One of my friends just dared me to do it and I just fell into peer pressure. If I'm being honest I don't even think KH1 was designed to have a Level 1 challenge. Yet in some ways it was easier than KH2's level 1 challenge imo.
  11. I know right?! But hey looks like we both are swimming in that unpopular opinion pool when it comes to Sonic stuff.
  12. Again Diamond Dust is still one of the best keyblades in this game. Too bad Ice Titan is a rough battle to get through to get it.
  13. True, but as mentioned in the video the level design at imo made up for that. Since most of the level design is divided into 3 sections to actually aid the player.
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