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  1. I'm saying Black Widow only because I don't personally count Guardians 3 because we already knew it was being made, but if I were counting it, I would say Guardians 3.
  2. Having Spider-verse in the poll makes this too easy. Aside from that, my top two picks would actually have been Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 1, which I know are controversial but I do enjoy them the most.
  3. My word, I don't really expect any of that, to be honest, but I would give my soul for The World Ends With You 2 or The Bouncer 2. I expect to see the Avengers. Since they've dropped the trailer for KH3 DLC and the release date trailer of FFVII Remake, I have no idea what else to expect.
  4. I'm a First Class kinda guy. ...In an X-Men movie sense, not in general.
  5. Probably Terra, to be honest. He's a pretty cool guy and if he's willing to hang out with Disney villains, his standards are surely low enough to hang out with me.
  6. Honestly, I just want to see something new. Like, completely new. Unrelated to any of the old characters or stories. A fresh take on the Star Wars universe, unrestricted by the existing timeline. Just a whole new Star Wars adventure. Well... That, or an Obi Wan movie.
  7. I say Makoto but it's close between her and Yusuke.
  8. Currently I'm playing a game as a Sorceror, which is the only current ongoing game I'm a part of. There is another less frequent one where I'm a Druid though. I've also played as a Fighter, a Wizard, a Barbarian and a couple of brief stints as a Rogue and a Monk. I'll play anything, just give me a party and I'll be whatever and whoever would work best with them.
  9. Didn't they outright say it's a Persona 4 Golden type thing for Persona 5?
  10. Cars. Iknow there are other Pixar movies that deserve it more, heck, there are other Pixar movies I'd prefer in KH. But I really really really want to see what a Cars world would look like
  11. Ideally you want a world to be a self-contained story so that Sora and Co don't just leave while major plotlines are unresolved (so definitely not Attack of the Clones). But since you also want the stories to be new, interesting and to work as part of the broader KH narrative, it's best to adapt the source material to original plots. I'd say the TV shows would lend themselves well to that because it's effectively like Square Enix writing an episode with SDG in it. Rebels in particular would fit in well with the setting of a party of heroes wandering around fighting evil, even if I do prefer the Clone Wars. If it had to be a movie then Solo, despite not being particularly popular, would also be quite easy to work with since it's not part of a trilogy (yet). They really couldn't do Rogue One, but I would love to see them try. Fitting Sora into THAT movie? I'd need to see it with my own eyes.
  12. I need to say Kairi, but I don't know if I can realy blame her. As a character (like, personality) she was good, but man, the writers just really dropped the ball with her.
  13. Red XIII, simply because I really want to see more of him and he barely gets any screentime or character focus in anything outside of the original game. It's close between him and Barret for me for that same reason. Those two are the characters I'll be looking for the most in the FFVII Remake.
  14. Kinda wanted to pick Cars 3 as a joke answer, but Crash is too appealing.
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