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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Red XIII, simply because I really want to see more of him and he barely gets any screentime or character focus in anything outside of the original game. It's close between him and Barret for me for that same reason. Those two are the characters I'll be looking for the most in the FFVII Remake.
  2. Kinda wanted to pick Cars 3 as a joke answer, but Crash is too appealing.
  3. Actually, Kingdom Hearts would be a very entertaining series if everybody's lines stayed the same, but all of Donald's lines were replaced with "Quack" and Goofy's lines were replaced with "Woof". Sora's discussions with them would look much more strange.
  4. I would be fine with Xigbar saying nothing but "As if!" in response to everything. He wouldn't make any more or less sense than he does now.
  5. Honestly, transformation in Zootopia feels pointless when Donald and Goofy are already animals (though admittedly there are no birds in Zootopia. Then again, Donald doesn't wear trousers which would also be unusual to the residents of Zootopia). I think they'd get away with having Sora be the only human in the world and just pass him off as a curiosity to the characters of the world. Of more priority to me would be the Princess and the Frog. If you were to go on an adventure with Tiana and Naveen as frogs, you'd want to give the characters the opportunity to interact with each other on the same scale and fight together. You could do that with the crocodile character (I forget his name) but given that he's a side character and kind of an exception to the main cast, I think it'd be more fitting for Sora and Co to be at least closer to their size. Either deliberately as per the norm, or even better, by being turned into animals when they arrive by Dr Facilier as a way of one-upping them from the start. Could be a lot of fun. (Side note: So if Kairi went to the Princess and the Frog world and kissed Naveen, would that break the spell since she's a Princess of Heart?)
  6. "Don't you know who you're talking to!? I'm the Lord of the dead!" "No wonder nobody wants to die." That line is immortal. I can't even think of it without at least smiling.
  7. Nobodies can have hearts just because of how much build up went in to it and how much fore shadowing led up to it from the moment nobodies were a thing. It was something that was staring us in the face for so long and everybody was coming up with theories to justify the behaviour of Roxas and Co. because there was no way they didn't have real emotions. The pay-off for a plot twist has rarely been that sweet.
  8. The performances of Gula and Aced were on point, but I too was a big fan of the MoM's deliveries.
  9. Out of the foretellers, it was Aced. But I couldn't ignore the Master of Masters! Not just because of how mischievous and silly he is, but also because I just cannot make him out. As obvious as it seems, I still can't completely believe that he's an evil mastermind manipulating everyone, despite how possible that is. He could definitely be the greatest chessmaster the series has had thus far who made all of this happen by design, but if he is, we still don't know his motives. And I still can't overlook the possibility that he's innocent and there really is one particular traitor in the group. He seems shady, but he could just be a massive troll who's genuinely trying to do the right thing. He's not only fun to watch, he's fascinating. I still can't say for sure I know who's side he's on and I still don't completely know what to make of him. He's unreadable thanks to his playful outward attitude. He's just brilliantly enigmatic while also being fun. If he gets more screentime, he may end up being one of my favourite characters in the whole series.
  10. If nothing else, KH3 will be a gorgeous game. It looked beautiful and the effects were incredible. Magic was also so much more fun AND practical to use than it's been in any game before. Props for all those leaps and bounds forwards. That said, gameplay could have been tighter in some areas and overall felt like a cross between KH2 and BBS. That's not a bad thing, but I also don't feel like it's entirely a good thing. I can't put my finger on it. But yes, the shadow wave bosses were a bit cheap so if Square Enix iron that stuff out, we'll have a phenomenal game on our hands. But personally, given the stakes of the story, the set up, the writing, the overall creativity and really just how fun to play the series still is, I'll consider KH3 a phenomenal game if it holds this stuff up even without these things getting ironed out.
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