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  1. I reckon early 2025 at the earliest. Let's face it, it's likely to get delayed because Square Enix are the kind of company that take their time to make sure they get it right at launch as much as possible and this'll be a big new game using big new technology. I wouldn't project it being any earlier than that. But 10 quid says we get at least one more smaller game release in the meantime, in addition to Dark Road and Missing Link.
  2. It's a tough call, but I gotta give it to Xaldin. He's got, what, 6 lances? All flying around him and controlled by his wind powers? That's so cool! I thought so when I was 10 and I still think so now.
  3. Would easily have said WandaVision for quite a while, but Hawkeye really stole the show at the end of the year for me. Loved them all though.
  4. Normally, I'd be inclined to pick almost any character other than the main protagonist - no dislike for the main, I'm just usually more drawn to the comic relief, the rival, the villlain, the love interest, etc. And Beat is definitely a very close second, but Neku's personality and character development are legendary.
  5. Zantetsuken. You know why? *Sunglasses* Because it's simple and clean (Also because it has the coolest name)
  6. I mean, Terranort is basically just Master Xehanort with a younger body. "Anything you can do, I can do better" and all that. Young Xehanort has neat unique powers, but apart from that, he's still the most inexperienced and weakest fighter of the lot. I think it's kind of cheap that he was capable of combat in KH3 at all, let alone given as much significance as he had. I still picked Xemnas. At full power, he had that multi-stage fight in KH2 that required multiple battles and the near-sacrifice of one of the combatants to defeat him. In general, I think he's one of the most powerful characters in the series. I'd love to see a KH tournament, thinking about this.
  7. I honestly think the intros have generally improved with every installment, but I still pick 0.2's as there's something so colourful and beautiful about the whole thing that the others don't compare to. KH3 would be a close second though.
  8. Someone described Minamimoto's new design as an achievement in somehow making him more edgy than he already was and that's just one of the reasons why I have to pick him. Also, INSANELY stoked for this game!!
  9. I'm dying to see Treasure Planet at all times. It's such a wonderful movie and it needs more love. Granted, Atlantis is also great and is probably more underrated. Both of them definitely deserve more time in the spotlight. And while we got the first 5 minutes and a cameo throughout multiple other games, we should really get a proper Lilo and Stitch world because that film is a genuine masterpiece. There's never a wrong choice for these kind of questions though.
  10. I've always been an Under the Sea person, but over the years I've drifted more towards Part of Your World. If you made me choose between the original songs to KH2, I'd pick Ursula's Revenge, hands down.
  11. I picked Demyx because with Luxord, though he (literally) plays his cards close to his chest, I still get the vibe that he's totally honest. I feel like I'm definitely seeing 'the real Luxord' even if I know little about him. But with Demyx, I don't have a clue. Is he 100% legit? 0% legit? A mixture? I have no idea. I don't like the idea that MoM is anyone we know but I can get why people make the comparison; they both manage to balance comedic attitudes with a layer of serious investment. Demyx could be a master genius or a total idiot and I'd be easily convinced either way.
  12. Since this is the films, I'm saying CLU. I just don't remember the MCP or Sark in the original film that well, but I vaguely remember thinking they were more interesting in KH2. I do want to say Rinzler because he's basically evil Tron, but again, his potential was explored better in KH than it was in the movie. CLU is more of a character and I've always appreciated that he's quite a tragic villain. I'm forever bitter that TRON Uprising got put down, by the way. Not a super relevant thing, but I'm never getting over it.
  13. It's funny because I recently just watched Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 back to back for the first time in my adult life and I did keep thinking throughout the former "Oh yeah, that was an area in DDD" while throughout the latter I thought "Ooh, I'd love to see that in KH". (Disclaimer: I did also have opinions on the films in general, I'm not a KH robot) I do think it would make sense to have a Fantasia 2000 world in the same KH game as one that has a Moana world as it would be a good opportunity for Square Enix to flex the lava effects they used on the Lava Titan from KH3's Olympus and go all out with lava monster boss fights. You can never have too much of that! Anyway, yeah, I think Fantasia 2000 would be my first choice and Goofy Movie would be my second because I'd love for Sora to meet Max and Roxanne. Be interesting to know how Pete would fit into that though. Only reason I wouldn't say Pocahontas is the aformentioned historical inaccuracy stuff. I genuinely think someone, not necessarily even Disney but anyone, ought to try their hand at a more historically accurate Pocahontas film. She's an interesting person and deserves to be seen by audiences as more than a typical Disney heroine.
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