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  1. Only show I've seen on this list is Phineas and Ferb, which I can totally see being a great world for mini-games. Still going to vote for Kim Possible, since I know enough about that show to know it'd be a great adventure. I don't know anything about Gargoyles, other than that the art direction of it would be cool to see, especially when it comes to heartless designs.
  2. Moana wasn't my favourite of the films listed, but it was still a fantastic film that practically looks like it was designed to be in KH someday. A Te Kā boss fight would be so epic.
  3. TWTNW is my pick. It's linear, but the atmosphere of it is palpable. And the straightforwardness of it just makes it feel like a big long arduous journey to the top, overcoming anything in your way to reach the end - it's a very "endgame" feeling. Plus it's beautiful. End of the World is a close second. A weird but incredible place that throws together a lot of elements from throughout the journey. Getting to the end of it felt like a reflection on everything I'd been through and a final exam rolled into one. The Keyblade Graveyard is atmospheric in abundance and has a cool soundtrack, but the world itself is rather small and quite uninteresting to play through. Scala Ad Caelum, even in ReMind, just doesn't feel much like a final world. It's an interesting, beautiful place that also has fantastic music, but it's more of a stage than a level and the trials faced in it just seem a bit haphazard, like the conflicts are kinda disconnected from the world they're happening in, if that makes sense. Dem be my takes.
  4. Yeah, based on some of Vanitas' dialogue at the end of Aqua's story in BBS, recreating the Keyblade War was the next step after claiming Kingdom Hearts' power. So we prevented that from happening by defeating Xehanort in KH3.
  5. Kairi. Not necessarily for gameplay purposes, more just the satisfaction of one of the members of the first main trio in the series who has had a keyblade since the third game finally being playable, even if it is for just one boss fight, complete with some really unique and cool moves. Can we get a game about her now? Apart from anything else, her character could really use it.
  6. In my early playthroughs, Genie was the only summon I ever used. I never realised how useful Chicken Little was until I didn't use his FPS mode attack. After realising that, I used him quite a bit, particularly for level grinding and stuff. But I also love how I can basically spam magic attacks when Stitch is around, which is fun. So naturally, my final answer is Peter Pan.
  7. Put them in the Clone Wars. Scar Sora for life. Donald just looks around and says "Brings back memories..."
  8. I'm saying Black Widow only because I don't personally count Guardians 3 because we already knew it was being made, but if I were counting it, I would say Guardians 3.
  9. Having Spider-verse in the poll makes this too easy. Aside from that, my top two picks would actually have been Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 1, which I know are controversial but I do enjoy them the most.
  10. My word, I don't really expect any of that, to be honest, but I would give my soul for The World Ends With You 2 or The Bouncer 2. I expect to see the Avengers. Since they've dropped the trailer for KH3 DLC and the release date trailer of FFVII Remake, I have no idea what else to expect.
  11. I'm a First Class kinda guy. ...In an X-Men movie sense, not in general.
  12. Probably Terra, to be honest. He's a pretty cool guy and if he's willing to hang out with Disney villains, his standards are surely low enough to hang out with me.
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