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  1. Hmm.......maybe. Xehanort says: "As if I’m experiencing a life that belonged to someone else." From that, i get the impression that he experienced most, if not all, of [Player]'s life. Hmm....well....I guess he also says: "I’ve been having the same dream over and over again for as long as I can remember." Wait, the same dream. So it's always the same dream..........but how much of [Player]'s experiences is in that one dream I wonder.......???? Wait....but how would Xehanort figure out there was the first Keyblade War? The only people who are aware of that are the MoM and Luxu, right?? I guess the MoM himself could've told him about it. *shrugs*
  2. Yeah.......in English, Xemnas says they will reveal their 'greatest secret'. So the scene where he talks about Subject X, it's when he and Ansem the Wise are at the haunted mansion in Twilight Town. (Wait, he says 'mystery' instead of 'secret'.....but still....) He says In Japanese it's: (From all the Japanese I know, looks like it says about the same thing) But.......but what more does Xehanort need to know?? What does he NOT know????????? edit: I remembered that Xehanort was curious about something in BBS so I went to take a look. He says: I feel like Nomura just retconned this, because Xehanort knows A LOT about the Keyblade War already.......right?? Maybe?? I dunno
  3. Well, I was just playing yesterday and came across it lol.
  4. Uhhhhhhhh.............. They make us get all of those blocks when it's not necessary in order to actually reach it:
  5. EXACTLY LOL There's millions of things to remember and I'm forgetting some of them. I totally was tripping myself up. Haaaa okay, Xehanort did know that his dreams were of the age of fairytales. Nomura said that he knew that Ventus was an ancient Keyblade wielder from the very beginning......which could only mean he knew the truth of his dreams. Totally forgot about that. Twitter user @lunesacree translated this section in the KHIII Ultimania. WHICH..............confuses me all over again. LOL 'Xehanort thought that the ancient Keyblade wielders held the secret to the past fight of light and darkness'.........Ansem SoD also said that about Subject X. But...... but WHY??? Xehanort already has the dreams of that time; wouldn't he know the truth about it? He has dreams of [Player], who was literally in the middle of the battlefield during the War. All this is confusing.......... This makes the most sense right now. Just considering other things......just jumbles my mind up LOL But still.........what about that mysterious Luxord???? What does he have to do with any of this????? Hmm....the closest I can think of is: That's what I was thinking. From what Xehanort said in Re:Mind: it sounds like he was searching for him then. HMMM.......it's super hard to tell. But....HMMMM.....I have a feeling he still has his memories, but who knows lol. I kinda just realized, but members 9-12 never talked about their past. Weird.
  6. Makes sense. Gosh, this 'fictional world' is already so confusing even with the little info we have lol I was thinking about this for a while. Hmm........maybe, whoever uses the arks gets their pieces rearranged? Like how [Player]'s pieces got rearranged and he got switched out by his 'other version' (assuming that theory is correct)? So, in that process, Elrena's and Lauriam's hearts got lost......maybe?? Speaking of which, I was thinking of how the Union Leaders lost their memories. It couldn't have been the arks, as Maleficent used one and she didn't lose her memories. Perhaps, the Union Leaders' pieces were rearranged not 100% correctly? *shrug* Just speculation.......... I knooooooow............everything about him confuses me..........but.....what I'm still wondering\: ......What.....what the heck does he have to do with any of the ancient Keyblade wielders?? What made Xehanort think he could be one?? I mean, that line Xemnas was something like Xehanort was searching for ancient Keyblade wielders among Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene, right?? But then it was revealed that Xehanort himself was having dreams of the ancient past, so he would know who the ancient Keyblade wielders were........unless, he just didn't realize that his dreams were of the age of fairytales.........???? But that wouldn't make sense..........right?????
  7. I.........I don't know!!!!!!!!!! TIME WILL TELL
  8. I read most of it......gosh, THAT's cOnFuSiNg. Not sure I fully understand it lol. Hmmm......something I'm wondering is: if the MoM and Yozora are the shadows of Demyx and Sora, then how do they coexist? Yozora exists and is from the realm of Quadratum, so his case could be understandable, but the MoM is not from there; he exists in the KH side of reality. Well.......I guess the MoM is implied to be from somewhere else so......*shrugs* But hmm............ I'm getting confused about the Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion arks all over again. In 0.2 Fragmentary Passage, Mickey says this when he finds Kingdom Key 😧 And......this is from the words on the controls of the RG/HW arks. It's like it's a prophecy from the Book of Prophecies. BUT THEN WHO THE HECK BUILT THOSE ARKS AND PUT THAT INSCRIPTION ON THERE?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm just.......so confused......... edit: I found this line, not sure if it has any significance:
  9. I'd think we'd have to play through the quests to unlock the story in the theater. but who knows
  10. They closed it the day they announced the app shutdown.
  11. But once you play a [DR] quest, you can't replay it. So you just play it once, then never again.
  12. Hmm........I was considering this for a bit and it actually does fit. In that scene, Vanitas and Aqua are blocked out by the glass dome, so Vanitas wouldn't have to worry about Sora, Donald, and Goofy interfering. Then he probably knew that Sora didn't have the power of waking yet, so he wouldn't worry about him releasing Ven. In short, he could take all the time he needed, which would be mocking Sora and others (and also leaving them in misery, which would benefit the Organization; this would cause lack of preparation) as they helplessly watch Aqua get killed. But when he saw that Ven was awakened, he didn't have the time to kill Aqua; firstly because from Ven's unexpected awakening, Vanitas got shocked frozen for a split second, delaying himself, and by the time he could plunge his Keyblade into Aqua (and before he could even pull his Keyblade out from her), Ven would already be through the glass wall and killing Vanitas in turn......and that certainly wasn't Vanitas's intention.
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