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  1. What do you think the realm of Quadratum really is? 1. The realm of Quadratum is unreality/fictional Ansem the Wise did say it is unreality, but he was hypothesizing so who knows, he could be wrong. 2. The realm of Quadratum is the world the 'ancient Keyblade Masters' crossed over to. In this case, let's just say 'the ancient Keyblade Masters' are the Dandelions(because them being the Foretellers doesn't really make any sense). So the world the Dandelions would have crossed over to would be data Daybreak Town. (I think Yen Sid mentioning the ancient Keyblade Masters crossing over into another world is just Nomura setting up the way how the modern KH crew will discover the secrets of the age of fairytales.) 3. The realm of Quadratum is the 'emptiness' Xehanort has mentioned 'emptiness' several times. And he describes Quadratum as 'neither of light nor darkness', which could be emptiness. 4. The realm of Quadratum is actually the real world I've seen some people theorizing that the realm of Quadratum is the real world(because Quadratum has real life places) while the KH universe is actually the fake world. I think the realm of Quadratum is unreality...and the emptiness that Xehanort mentions. First of all, there is a lot of evidence that it is unreality. For example, Riku reached Quadratum through dreams and the Yozora boss fight took place in Yozora's dream. Sometimes when one dreams, they dream of something that never happened; something unreal, fictional, which is how someone can reach unreality. And there's something that keeps appearing around the clues of Quadratum: dreams(I won't go into detail because it is a very extensive, complex topic). Also, it would be kinda weird if Ansem's theory turned to be wrong. And about the emptiness: Xehanort describes the realm of Quadratum as a world neither of light nor darkness, which could only be...emptiness(I can't think of anything else it could be). He also says this in one of his Dark Road dialogues which could explain how he discovered it: At first I thought the realm of Quadratum would be the data Daybreak Town but by this time I've found a lot of evidence against that theory. What do you think the realm of Quadratum is?
  2. Yeah, the world is fine but...just seeing Sora, Donald, and Goofy next to a real person is just plain weird. Imagining them next to the Avengers...and if they actually did that, they'd probably use the models from the Marvel games(because they are also Square Enix😐) which would look even weirder. No Nomura, please do NOT do that! I forgot about that line! Now I find that mysterious...all of Xehanort's Dark Road dialogues are lol. The next episode is called Cruel Clues. I wonder what Xehanort's dialogue will be for that... A lot of people want Strelitzia to come back. Do you think that's possible or is she going to be permanently dead like Izana? KH has resurrected people before but Strelitzia's case...is significantly different. (Speaking of Izana, I read his, Machina, and Rem's stories on the Final Fantasy fandom site. It's so sad!😭)
  3. Yeah, one for all and all for one are extremely difficult on proud
  4. Like, Yozora wakes up in a car [from his dream], which is being driven in a city, which could be Quadratum...but it could also be not...?? AAHH why is Quadratum so confusing??? 👀 Reminds me of myself who hasn't played a single Final Fantasy game(ahem...except that one time I played the beginning of the original FFVII) 🤣. The Marvel movies are okay and...they're kinda dumb lol(in my opinion). I personally do NOT want Marvel in KH. Nor live-action movies. It would just be...really weird. When the Foretellers are summoned, they're not even surprised by each other. They're just chill and walk to Luxu lol. And Ira says, "Did you summon us back?" He says 'us', which could sound like they were summoned together...but I'm probably wrong. Ava not trusting Luxu and her not knowing about the others seems like the most likely situation. Yeah, there's also that. 🤣 I'm so excited to see Demyx again. I really hope he's in the next KH installation. Oh yeah, in the KHIII Novel Vol. 3(the one that came out recently), Sora says this in the scene where Ephemer helps him:
  5. That would be so awesome lol. Though what perplexes me is: why would her chess piece be on the side of the Lost Masters if she would want revenge on the ones she's standing with?
  6. Hmm...but the Yozora boss fight takes place in Yozora's dream. There's that dream realm(the Final World where Yozora's dream took place) and Quadratum. I don't see how or why the Foretellers or the MoM would be in his dream. It's possible they were/will be in the 'real' one(ahem...this is supposed to be unreality so I technically can't say 'real' lol). I think 'the ancient Keyblade Masters crossing over into another world' is referring to the Dandelions and Nomura's just making it this way so the modern KH crew can figure out about the lost past. Them being the Foretellers doesn't really make sense. Hmm...I'm not sure why she would want to ignore him. Wouldn't she want to inform the others who the traitor is? But it's possible she wouldn't know that the others would be summoned. Yeah, the Case of Ava is still under the shadows. I really want to know what happened to her. The dust that appears when the Foretellers are summoned really reminds me of the dust that appears in Avengers: Infinity War when the 'blip' happened. The people just vanished, then when everyone was brought back in Avengers: Endgame, they had no sense of what was going on. I don't think it's the same case but...is it just a coincidence? That would be cool if it were a Disney element. I was thinking about the 'Realm of Emptiness'. Emptiness is the same thing as nothingness, right? But isn't there already a Realm of Nothingness in the Realm Between?
  7. I also think it's Brain. Ephemer wielding No Name...that doesn't fit right lol Some people think 'the ancient Keyblade Masters crossing over into another world' refer to the Foretellers being in Quadratum. But honestly, that would be strange if that were true. Them being in the same realm as the MoM and not seeing him atop that building? Yeah, how come the MoM didn't visit Luxu? 🤔 In the Secret Reports Luxu says: Here, it's really clear(at least to me) that 'the Five' refers to the Union Leaders. I guess it could be that. But it also could sound like he was determined. I don't know lol Ah interesting...that makes more sense.
  8. I know right? He lived a normal life. Wait, would that even be considered normal in KH? lol When Luxu was given his role, the MoM congratulated him for training a worthy apprentice and passing the No Name down. But in the KHIII Secret Reports Luxu said he passed the No Name down to one of the Union Leaders. Huh? Was that Union Leader(which has to be either Ephemer or Brain, I'm thinking it's Brain) his apprentice? I think Luxu is going to use the same method that he used to summon the Foretellers to summon Brain back. In the Secret Reports he said 'I will meet the Five once more', which to me sounds very determined. Yeah, I find that likely. Where else could she have gone? She certainly didn't die. The way he said it: "I guess Ava didn't make it after all." It sounds like he expected that but wasn't sure. But then the next lines confuse me. Why did he reply to Gula like that? Hmm...
  9. A random update to the Thunder Belt Event: the Apricot Opera spawns much more often. I defeated 26 enemies, one of them being a Paralysis Archer and the rest Apricot Operas.
  10. Ooh interesting... That would make sense. I wonder if Ava is also on that path. She tried to change what was in the Book of Prophecies, going against fate. And then after the Keyblade War ended, she just...vanished. Ah I see. I better go watch those DDD scenes again and find out more about dreams(I actually haven't finished playing DDD yet lol).
  11. Hmm...how they're searching for someone special to them and then lose hope; Leslie almost gives up and Lauriam seems to accept the fact Strelitzia's dead. But then there's something more; Leslie's fiancée seems like she was trying to tell Leslie something and Strelitzia was trying to tell Lauriam something in his dream. AAHH, that word again! DREAM! Hmm...I was thinking it could be a path resulting in breaking a nature taboo, because breaking a nature taboo is forbidden. Then the price would be banishment from the Realm of Light perhaps. But I'm not sure how that would apply to Xehanort. When and how was he breaking one? Perhaps trying to reset the World is forbidden? I don't know lol. I was re-watching the scene where the idea that Sora was on the forbidden path first appeared: the scene where Young Xehanort is talking to Sora after he misused the power of waking to save the Guardians of Light. I now find this the most confusing scene in all of Kingdom Hearts. The first thing that he talks about is...........DREAMS!!!! ...What does misusing the power of waking have to do with dreams??? He says, "And now you're at it again?" Huh? And he says, "There's no saving you." ...but Yozora said someone told him to 'save Sora'. Hmm....... Also, Young Xehanort said that Sora...already paid the price??? And 'it' lies at the bottom of the abyss??? Wait, what does 'it' refer to? When did Sora pay the price? Questions upon questions upon questions lol. This scene definitely has a clue to Sora's situation, but I can't quite decipher it. (Also something confusing about this scene: the worlds Sora traverses to save the GoL aren't real, right(the absence of people in them would be very off if it were)? Or are they in a timeless state? How in the world did Young Xehanort enter it?) The world choice of this scene was San Fransokyo. San Fransokyo is a world with a lot of skyscrapers. And it is also part-Tokyo. Both of these attributes coincidentally applies to Quadratum...or is it not a coincidence?👀 👀 What makes it even more similar is that Skuld was also in the scene kind of like Aqua(that's probably just a coincidence) The recurring appearance of the word 'dream' is very concerning. Not to mention the Youtuber Dream has recently been making rounds on the Internet(no that is a total coincidence lol) Edit: I've been reading the χ[chi] novel and I reached the part where Ava explains Ephemer's situation. Riku was able to connect to Quadratum through a dream, most likely because of his connection to Sora, who seems to be in that realm. These two cases seem very similar, but I'm not sure if the realms are the same... I don't know why but I just searched up the definition of 'dream' on vocabulary.com. And...one of the definitions: 👀 OH!! I think I got it! When one dreams, one sometimes dream about an unreality, something fiction; it isn't real. In the KH universe, that would be how people phase between reality and unreality! And since the Final World is where dreams take place...👀one can cross to the other side!
  12. When you don't have Diamond Dust for PvP
  13. It's my favorite in terms of story. I also like the gameplay but not my favorite. People tend to dislike the chibi-art style as well; I'm not the biggest fan of it either.
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