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  1. i'm super excited but super sad all at the same time not a good thing
  2. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD LOL that's so true it was a really nice video :' (
  3. AHHH I'M JUST SUPER CURIOUS i doubt demyx will appear
  4. oh wait, remember in the KHIII Secret Reports, Luxu says he bequeathed the No Name 'amidst the chaos'. hmmmmmmmm
  5. but wouldn't [Player] return to the Control Room, not the Foreteller's chamber?
  6. wait wait oh oh i'm such an idiot oh yeah @Noleen#7811 i saw you in pvp. i barely lost lol i'm super duper excited for ux that i'm mad it isn't even march yet funny thing, no Youtuber is talking about the preview of the next update
  7. Kairi's gonna get better. she will. most importantly: she MUST
  8. wait........but they never said [Player] was never a Dandelion......right?
  9. yeah definitely i haven't even played UX for a year yet, but i'll miss it a LOT i'm SUPER excited to see what's next for the Union Leaders and our player!
  10. i haven't spent a single cent on ux
  11. well, it seems i'll never reach the end of proud mode eh
  12. whoa insane pulls (i ran out of me jewels)
  13. i totally do not think Strelitzia is a Darkling in the midst of this excitement i totally forgot about someone Elrena WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?????????
  14. I always thought that anagram was of no importance, but hmm....that could actually be the case. Though, I'm always considering the possibility that [Player] is not Xehanort. Eh, time will tell. gosh i'm getting more and more excited for the climax of ux lol That just sounds SO MoM. Like, totally.
  15. idk why but after that announcement, it feels like the whole entirety of KH is shutting down lol. Maybe because KHUXDR is the only KH thing going on right now and i love it too much.
  16. oh i see i never heard of it i guess that's part of me being kind of new to the video game events tbh
  17. oh my gosh do you know what they did for
  18. ...........i don't know what state of play is
  19. YEAH i cannot defeat all of them
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