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  1. setsugekka

    The Struggle of the Lights?

    At the moment, I don't think anyone's considering them to be a part of the Guardians of Light. They're always with Sora, so of course they'd be there.
  2. setsugekka

    Is Radiant Garden Now Confirmed as a World?

    They could be Norts and be secretly working against Xehanort. There's too much we don't know, so I'm not sure what makes you so sure that the theory isn't possible. The dialog we've heard from them seems to support it. First, there was Vexen saying "He's the mastermind of the plan" - we don't know who "he" is, nor do we know what the "plan" is. It could be Ansem the Wise. We really don't know what he's up to at the moment. And now we have a clip of what appears to be Vexen trying to persuade Demyx to do something risky with him, probably from the same scene. If they really are real Norts, then I think it's important to consider whether they were Norted against their will. We don't know why Demyx was part of Organization XIII to start with. Why would he want to get back with Xehanort, especially when he admits to being such a scaredy-cat? But feel free to tell me what you think the holes are. The only thing I could think of so far is the possibility of Xehanort being able to tell where they are at all times, but that's not for sure.
  3. It's a pretty big one. It only started a few years ago, but more people definitely talk about it and look forward to it now. It feels likely to me that we could see something new for KH3 there.
  4. Couldn't you also describe this as "impaling"? The "offscreen" bit has me thinking that it might be something a little more violent, though. All I know is that I'm going to spend the game wondering who's going to get impaled now. LOL
  5. setsugekka

    kh3 7 lights theory

    Haha, I feel you. I'm willing to give any theory a fair shake since anything is possible right now. The idea of the different "Soras" being grouped together is really interesting to me. I hadn't thought about it like that yet. I could see them combining the power of their keyblades together or something to deliver one extremely strong attack with the other Lights. (Sort of like how Sora and Riku defeated Xemnas and Young Xehanort.)
  6. setsugekka

    kh3 7 lights theory

    This feels like grasping at straws to me, but I do enjoy the idea of each of the 7 Lights being pairs. They're obviously being very deliberate about how they cut their trailers, but... Probably not this deliberate. Although I like the idea, I can't think of a reason why everyone would be matched up in pairs, particularly the way you grouped them on the cover art. I could believe Sora+Kairi, Axel+Roxas, Donald+Goofy, Mickey+Riku, and Terra+Ventus because those characters already have ties to each other through the story. But... Aqua and Xion? Namine and the Darkling?? That last one's the one that boggles me the most. I think the Darkling is just kinda there, apropos of nothing. As for Aqua and Xion, there doesn't seem to be any connection to them in the games whatsoever unless you start playing Ten Degrees of Sora Kingdom Hearts. But, I still like the idea of the Lights being represented by two people because then everyone gets included. We don't know what's going to happen with Vanitas, so he might be involved. One of the other friendly Organization members like Ienzo might get a keyblade for all we know. There's also still a lot about hkux that might interact with the story in ways we can't predict. So I'll give this one a "maybe, but unlikely."
  7. setsugekka

    Will we have a FF character in KH3 Olympus?!

    Whoaaa, you're right. That would be a great reason for her to make an appearance there. Her outfits from FFXIII-2 or Lightning Returns would look perfect in that setting. I could see them updating them a little to give it the Kingdom Hearts look. That'd be really nice.
  8. setsugekka

    Will we have a FF character in KH3 Olympus?!

    I don't think that's what the symbolism was implying. The black feather he turns and sees falling to the ground was probably a reference to Genesis, a character with one black wing from Crisis Core. (I assume the reason Zack was included in BBS was because he was the main character of Crisis Core which was also released on the PSP.) Zack and Genesis both had a dream of "becoming heroes", making it appropriate for him to also appear at the Coliseum. The way I saw it, Zack left to pursue him. ...If anything, it makes me wonder if Genesis was supposed to make an appearance in KH. That character has such a weird history. lol The ending of Dirge of Cerberus featured Genesis reawakening, implying that there would be a sequel, and yet there never was. ........It would be SO weird if Genesis returned as a boss in the Coliseum in KH3.
  9. setsugekka

    Will Final Fantasy Characters Be In KH3?

    It would feel kinda strange if they're not in the game. I understand Nomura's point, though -- the KH original characters are doing a fine job of sustaining the main plot by themselves now. And they even sort of feel like honorary FF characters to me because they were designed by Nomura himself, BUT... When I got into KH all the way back in the beginning, the FF characters were a big part of what gave KH a unique appeal. It was "Disney meets Final Fantasy". Still, I'm sure that there will be Final Fantasy characters in KH3 somewhere. Like you said, Sephiroth and Cloud seem obligatory. It felt like BBS was foreshadowing that Zack would return to the Coliseum -- except he would be an adult now, obviously. They probably wouldn't use the assets from FFVII Remake in KH3 like you're imagining, though. (Assuming that the KH team would have access to those at all.) The models of the Final Fantasy characters in KH always shared the same style as the KH original characters. The models in FFVII Remake have a more realistic appearance similar to Advent Children. I think it would just be kinda jarring, you know? If there are any new FF characters, Lightning seems like a strong possibility to me. She's one of Nomura's favorites. FFXV is a touchy subject for him, but SE could convince him to put Noctis in there somewhere, maybe. Other than that... I dunno. We might see the Restoration Committee again, but in a very reduced role.
  10. I wish we had a clearer look at that blue/purple Heartless. When I first looked at it, its appearance reminded me of what the Three Musketeers wore; the hat, the long white gloves that flare outward... It does seem to have a feminine body shape in this screenshot, but I can't say 100% for sure. The rest of its "outfit" could be a dress or just a long coat/cloak. I kinda don't see them bringing back the Country of Musketeers, though, so... *shrugs* Either way, the look blends in well with the Kingdom of Corona world, so it works.
  11. Do we actually know for sure that the Disney worlds we've seen are the only ones we're getting, though? There could be more that we haven't seen. I'm fine with waiting until the game is out to find out. And if you're hoping for another reveal before then, there's still Jump Festa which might have something. (Keyword being "might". Temper your expectations.)
  12. setsugekka

    Should Riku be killed off?

    Terra didn't fail the Mark of Mastery because of Xehanort. He failed because Eraqus knew that Terra was more concerned with "winning" and possessing the title than with what it really meant be a Keyblade Master. Aqua passed because she showed a levelheadedness that Terra didn't possess. However, her flaw is that she expected Terra and Ventus to always be as rational as she was, and that caused her to overlooking their feelings. That's why she wasn't able to get through to them. Aqua has spent a small eternity inside the darkness, fighting endlessly, constantly reaffirming her resolve, struggling towards a goal that has become like a mirage, always out of her reach. As we've seen, she ultimately wasn't able to withstand that struggle anymore, but she didn't fall before putting forth a tremendous amount of effort. This is what makes her impervious to death now. She's paid the tax. I don't think we've seen anything comparable from Terra yet. If he hopes on making it out of KH3 alive, he's gonna have to work.
  13. I don't think that people are wrong for thinking that Vanitas could be redeemed. Vanitas has a heart. It would seem uncharacteristically cynical for KH to tell us that a heart filled with darkness will always be filled with darkness, that "bad people are just bad and can never change". I know it's hard to imagine how a being of pure darkness could be redeemed, though. He's seen the suffering of others and hasn't been moved. He seems cruel and contemptuous. But what if something affected him personally? Right before he was defeated by Ventus, he was afraid. If obeying Xehanort means losing his life again, I think he would disobey him. Doubling as a metaphor isn't invalidating his personhood, if that's what you're thinking. Because he's a manifested metaphor, the fact that he's back again practically guarantees that he has to change in some way. Otherwise, Nomura's just repeating himself. lol
  14. setsugekka

    Should Riku be killed off?

    Eraqus, as far as we know, is the only character to die and stay dead. But the state of what it means to "be alive" is so abstract in the universe of Kingdom Hearts now, I find it hard to believe that he's really dead. And I personally think that's kinda cool. Lemme explain-- There was a line from Axel in Days about how even apart, people are always connected. It wasn't just something Axel said, either. That sentiment is echoed in various other ways throughout the series. It gives the sense that even death isn't enough to separate people. As long as someone remains in your HEART, they'll always be alive. (Hey there, Sephiroth!) Kingdom Hearts presents many of its abstract concepts (light, darkness, hearts, etc) in literal ways. I think that even death is following this type of logic. That's why "nobody dies" doesn't sound like a criticism to me. It sounds more like a fact of the universe. Nobody truly dies. Nobody dies, even if they're forgotten by everyone. As long as a part of them remains somewhere in the corner of someone's heart, they'll live forever. Literally. ...And this is why I think Nomura would have to come up with a really good reason or some situation that would break through this logic. Like, idk, erasing someone's existence entirely from the timeline. *stares at young Xehanort* What happens if your past self dies in the future? I wonder if we'll find out.
  15. setsugekka

    Should Riku be killed off?

    Exactly. There are so many characters at this point, it would be hard for KH to move forward into a new saga without leaving some characters behind. That doesn't have to mean death. (But for someone like Xehanort... Yeah, probably death. lol) The trailers haven't given any indication of Riku being in danger, either. imo, it would feel like an unexpected gut punch if something DID end up happening to him. Nomura also seems really reluctant to permanently kill off characters. I think he'd probably only kill someone off for good if he had a reeeeally good reason.