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  1. More major Type-0 spoilers here. Warning for you. I sat and thought about this for a long time and basically came to the conclusion that the MoM seems a lot like Dr. Al-Rashia. It's almost like after she left, he resumed her experiment. We're just collecting "Lux" now instead of Phantoma. (I'm also amused by this thought because she was called "Mother" and we call him... "MoM".) Nomura came up with the concept of "13 students" who would be represented by different virtues. Sounds a lot like the 7 Foretellers who represent the deadly sins. Al-Rashia was trying to create Agito (the messiah who could break through Etro's Gate to the unseen realm) from her students. For millions of spirals, they were always selfless and would choose to obey, but their attempts never succeeded. What the MoM has done seems similar, but it's like he's going in the opposite direction, choosing self-centered people as his apprentices. Orrrr maybe the MoM is from a spiral where Jack (or whoever) did become Agito. The MoM has a lot of "messiah" imagery going on, so I can't tell if he IS a god or if he just fancies himself a god. However, if that IS the case, that might explain where he got the power to see the future. Tabata apparently wanted there to be a sequel which is why there was a secret ending. That ending was really interesting because it showed Ace being resurrected in some kind of samurai armor in a shrine, presumably in Japan or China. There was also some promotional artwork of him standing in a realistic-looking Hong Kong city. Reminds me of how we have a very realistic depiction of Shibuya in KH now. In that ending, it seemed like Ace was being revived by the spirit of the Vermilion Bird crystal. So the crystals are still around. They just disappeared for that one spiral when Al-Rashia left. Without her in the world anymore to compete with Gala over Etro's Gate, someone would have to defend the crystals. Like a warrior of light. Like, you know... Someone who's really into light. Possibly someone who considers themselves the true light. lol (If we find out that the crystal actually is in the clock tower somewhere, I'll lose my mind.) Also, these colors remind me of the secret ending: With Yozora on one side of Shibuya and the MoM in the other, this does make it seem like Sora and Riku have found themselves between Versus XIII and Type-0. (Or "Agito XIII"? Nomura definitely cared more about the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos than Tabata, so I'm sure he had his own ideas for it.) Okay, one more thing... I just find it interesting that Jack's eyes are blue and King's are red. Reminds me of Yozora and it also reminds me of how the Gazing Eye is normally blue, but in battle it can turn red. It might also just be a l'Cie thing. When any of the Class Zero students became l'Cie, their eyes would change to a glowing red.
  2. I started playing Type-0 recently now that I have a renewed interest in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series thanks to KH3. I don't know what this means... But I feel like it's probably something important... This is the window in the Rubrum chancellor's office in FF Type-0. As you can see... It's the same. Nearly identical. The story of Type-0 has a lot in common with khux. Type-0 is about (spoilers?) a group of students from a magic academy who fight in an endless war which has been repeating over 600 million times. When I heard about the war from the MoM's past, it sounded familiar. Jack has the same JP voice as Demyx and he acts exactly like him. King has the same JP voice as the MoM and he looks more similar to Demyx, but his personality is more serious. The Rubrum region is governed by the power of the Vermilion Bird, which is a phoenix. The phoenix is synonymous with rebirth and reincarnation. So my mind's like... What, did these two guys get reincarnated as one person in a new world? Or maybe Orience (the world of Type-0) is the past of KH? Or it's a very close parallel world? There's also a lot of very eerily familiar symbolism in Type-0 with all of the gears... And eyes...... A lot of eyes... And books... In particular, this motif seems to be loosely made to resemble the symbol of Etro, which is an eye. You can see it both horizontally and vertically here. For a while, I've been wondering if the Gazing Eye and the Eyes of Etro (the ability to see the future) were the same. I also have this weird feeling that Etro's Gate and Kingdom Hearts might be the same. idk, I guess this is a theory. lol Edit: I kiiind of meant to post this in the KH3 section, but I ended up putting it here instead by accident. I don't think I can move it myself. It's not like it's off-topic, so I guess it's fine. *shrugs* (But hey, if a mod or someone could move it, that'd be neat.)
  3. This part made me lol. I can't really tell if you were being serious because this sounds like a mind screw to me, but it also sounds kinda legit and I would enjoy that.
  4. I already figured that it wouldn't be Yozora because Yozora seems like a good guy to me. (In the Verum Rex commercial, he was trying to save that girl.) I'm sure they could make up a reason why we'd fight him, but I just don't see a reason right now. You make a really interesting point about Sora losing his powers. I hadn't thought about it like that. I thought he might just lose some of his powers, like how he had to relearn some things at the beginning of KH3. But yeah, maybe he totally lost the ability to use the keyblade... Hm. Maybe we'll fight Demyx as Riku. lol (Seriously, I really want this... I really want a KH3 Demyx battle...)
  5. As some have already noticed, 9/9 is Demyx Day. I wonder if that will mean anything with the trailer.
  6. I know what you mean, but I think it depends for me. From what we've seen so far with the Luxord and Xigbar stuff, I'd be okay with that being put separately/to be played after the game because I think it feels like a "Here's what was happening when no one was looking" sort of scenario. But it sounds like we might get scenes with Xion, too, and that seems like something that would feel more cohesive if it were integrated into the main game. I recall reading a quote that gave me the impression that it will all be accessed from the start menu, though... Like, that's not a deal-breaker for me. I'll still want it. But I agree that it's probably not the perfect way for it to be done.
  7. We do kind of know what's in the DLC, though. They already gave us a basic outline of the contents. I hesitate to hear more because I don't want them to spoil us. Nomura said Demyx will be there. That's all I need to know to fork over my munny. lol All I want now is a release date.
  8. It's my dream to see the Master of Masters sing "Trust in Me" from the Jungle Book. So yeah. I'd be down with this idea. lol Especially if he's Demyx? Dude. It would just be a missed opportunity if they didn't have some musical numbers involved. I even remember Nomura saying that he wanted to turn the game into a whole musical one time, but Yoko Shimomura steered him away from the idea. A shame, if you ask me. Maybe he'll finally get his wish... Maybe Atlantica and Frozen were just the start... I'd like it if they were cutscenes integrating with the story, but I wouldn't say no to rhythm game sections. A lot of people disliked Atlantica's gameplay... And I can understand why... It was really basic. I can't say it was especially fuuuun... But I know that they could do better now. Square-Enix made Theatrhythm. They know how to make a rhythm game. They could figure something out.
  9. Yeah, I don't see a problem with that. (Although my first reaction was "Wait, is this old news?") You either provide a demo of something or you don't. Might as well show what you have, right? Personally, I'd still be interested in playing that demo since it had some little differences compared to the final game - assuming it's still the same old demo. I don't think they could share a demo of the DLC, so I hope nobody's expecting that. It would most definitely have major spoilers for anyone who hasn't played the full game yet. For now, they just want to keep KH3 in people's minds. (Re:Minding them, if you will.)
  10. Personally, I think the MoM time traveled by putting his heart in the box, and that's why he disappeared. The power of waking isn't the same as time travel. It seems more like time manipulation. (Power of waking: Time moves while you stay in place. Time travel: You move as time stays in place.) We saw the MoM in the DLC trailer talking to YMX, so I don't think he abused the power of waking like Sora did. I think you're right about Xehanort and Eraqus, though. Particularly Xehanort. As an old man, he was just a puppet of the MoM and Luxu, but I think that once YMX was brought back from the past and saw what was happening, he realized how he was being used. That's probably why he was encouraging Sora to find the hearts joined to his. There was definitely something going on with him. He didn't seem to be 100% into what they were doing. Now that I think about it, the MoM might have wanted someone like Sora to use the power of waking so he didn't have to. LOL Wow, what a jerk.
  11. Okay, true. Xehanort was, himself, the portal. lol Either way, what I'm saying is that the MoM must have seen all of this in the future and planned accordingly.
  12. If you're talking about the 2nd keyblade war, I wanna say no because I feel like it must have occurred for an even bigger reason... But I think that the war might have been partially necessary to the Master of Masters' revival for at least one reason. This is just a theory, but people have assumed that the black box was hidden somewhere in the keyblade graveyard or in Scala ad Caelum. One of the lines Maleficent says to Pete implies that they were having trouble finding the box because it must have been hidden in another time. During the keyblade war, Xehanort opened a portal to Scala ad Caelum. Xigbar could have dragged it out from there, or something else about the war caused the box to reappear in the keyblade graveyard. During the final stage of the fight with Xehanort, as you're fighting on top of the tower, there are these huge summon circle things that appear on the ground. (And even before that, enveloping all of Scala ad Caelum, iirc.) The summon circle things have the emblems of the Foretellers on them, including a goat to represent either Luxu or the MoM. I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with their return as well. Combined with the fact that the Daybreak Town clock tower is under the water there, Scala ad Caelum definitely has a connection to everything. I kinda get the impression that the first keyblade war was used to set everything in motion, and then the second war was to restore things to the way that they were. (For the MoM and the Foretellers, at least.) Xehanort used the war for his own plans, of course, but the MoM probably had his own use for it.
  13. To my knowledge, there's never been a strict rule that says who can use the corridors of darkness. The people who could use them just seem to have some things in common - they're either Nobodies or they have an association with darkness. Those three seem like they're on the side of light now, so I wouldn't expect them to be able to use them, but I also wouldn't be that surprised if Nomura waved his hand and made up a reason for why they could. lol
  14. Seems a little rude to assume that that's how OP feels. That's not even what they're saying. I think it's a fair question to ask. At the moment, I don't think we've heard official word on that, though, so your guess is as good as mine. Personally, I think it's just coincidental. I didn't get the impression that there were any scenes with him that were cut or anything. There were so many characters for them to cover in one game, it must have been hard enough finding the opportunity to give everyone some screen time. Regardless of the outside circumstances, Xehanort has always been more of a "final boss" type of character who makes his big appearance near the end of the games anyway. But I can understand if you wanted to see more of him, seeing as how this was the end of his saga.
  15. Ages later, I return to this post feeling like a fool because now I'm almost certain that Luxord is Ava. (Or her Nobody.) It wouldn't even be that weird for her to appear in another time as a guy. If I'm right about the Foretellers being artificial hearts, then everything about her original identity was something dictated by the Master of Masters. By the time Ava confronted Luxu and went rogue, she seemed like a totally different person from the one we saw in Back Cover. It's like as soon as she began to think for herself, her own individual identity began to form. So here are a few things I'm feeling... The interactions between Xigbar and Luxord in the DLC trailer remind me a lot of Luxu and Ava. If Luxord regained some of his memories and remembered who he was by that point, that might have been reason for him to become suspicious that Xigbar was Luxu. Hence, the line about "playing dumb." The scene in the trailer feels like a parallel to their confrontation in khux. Ava fits the description of the traitor, but she doesn't bear the sigil. Luxord, however, is number X. I'm absolutely positive that Demyx is the Master of Masters. (Er... His Nobody.) Out of the mysterious four, he was chosen first. Like how Marluxia and Larxene have a connection with each other, I feel like Luxord must have a connection to Demyx. Since Ava seemed interested in pursuing the MoM, I wouldn't be surprised if she bumbled her way into the Organization in her attempt to follow him. Luxord is a gambler and Ava's name means "greed". (Back in KH2, Luxord referred to the boss Heartless of Port Royal as "a veritable maelstrom of avarice.") Luxord has always been protective of the younger members of the Organization as well as Sora. In a diary entry in Days, he even has an entry where he wistfully contemplates the differences between adults and children and remarks on the courage of children. The Gambler Nobodies straight-up look like Ava's Foreteller outfit, sharing all the same colors in all the same places. As the wiki states, "A Gambler does not seem to have an actual body, and is instead an animated set of clothing." It's sort of like they're what remained of the old Ava after she became someone new. Or, you could interpret them as the robes she discarded after she made her decision to betray the MoM. More than games themselves, Luxord has a preoccupation with following the rules and getting others to obey them as well. Obeying the MoM's rules without question was Ava's major flaw. It seems like Luxord carries that flaw, trusting that everyone will play fairly as long as there are rules. Whenever someone ignores the rules (such as Jack), he's thrown off guard and that's what usually leads to his defeat. Nomura has drawn Xigbar, Demyx, and Luxord together a number of times. There's gotta be a connection there. Now here's the fun part... We still don't know what the "traitor" did to be called a traitor. All of the Foretellers fought each other, not just Ava. So why did the Master of Masters single out one of them as a traitor? What does the person with the sigil do...? Rest in peace, Demyx.
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