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  1. Hm... Now that you mention it, I'm not sure. Larxene was talking about the box in front of everyone, but that was a few seconds before Xemnas showed up. Still, I feel like he would've known...? But maybe he didn't. It's just kinda weird if the whole Organization was hunting for the box and none of the Xehanorts knew about that. Either way, at this point I'm not sure it makes a difference whether he knew or not. lol This reminds me of something. It's safe to assume that Xigbar didn't want Pete and Maleficent to be the ones who found the box, right? I mean, Xigbar was watching them from a distance and he muttered "May your heart be your guiding key" almost ironically. I dunno. That's the impression I got. In any case, Pete mentioned a "dingbat in black" (simply "the guy in black" in Japanese) who told them about the box. .......Am I just needlessly confused? Did I get the wrong impression? Was Pete talking about Xigbar or was there someone else who told them about the box? Maybe this is like how people had a hard time figuring out that Vexen was talking about Saix when he was talking about who came up with the plan to betray the Organization... I understood, but there are definitely some things that they could've clarified better. Wait, there's actually ANOTHER line that confuses me in the same sort of way. When Vexen is talking to Demyx and he says "Men like us", is he referring to himself and Demyx or himself and... idk, Ansem the Wise?? Demyx responds to him as if he thought Vexen was including him with that statement ("I'm not a scientist.") so I've always been confused. Like, it even made me wonder if Vexen knew something about Demyx that nobody else knew. Like, why would he consider DEMYX a fellow scientist...? I'm definitely not the only person who interpreted it that way, but I also feel like that's not correct?? It's the exact same in Japanese, so that doesn't even help. lol It's probably more likely that Vexen was trying to convince Demyx to help them, but he tried to convince him with a reason that was very personal for him but totally irrelevant to Demyx. I just can't believe that he thought that would work... idk, the more I think about it, though, the stranger that particular conversation becomes. There's this part... Demyx: I mean, what's in it for me? Vexen: Forgiveness. Demyx: Huh? For what? Why is half the conversation spend on that topic? Is it really only relevant to Vexen? If so, why is Demyx involved? Why does Demyx shut up and take him so seriously and then immediately try to leave? W-why does he think he has nothing to atone for? I know Demyx didn't do much, but he was still part of Xehanort's black coat cult. ...And how the heck did he get "sweet-talked" into rejoining the Organization????? Being benched (ie, having an easy job) apparently wouldn't have even been a selling factor for him because he didn't even like being benched - that's why he chooses to help Vexen instead. Man, I have a lot of questions. That's definitely the scene I've read into the most. At this point, I'd be happy to ignore it because I have no idea if I'm reading into it too hard. All I know is that it feels weird, like it's trying to say something without outright saying it. It feels like the kind of scene that's going to have a new meaning after we learn more. There are a lot of scenes that sound different in hindsight but probably weren't done intentionally (like a lot of Xigbar's earlier scenes), but this seems like an intentional attempt at that sort of thing to me. No, old man. Your time is over!! Go back to Heaven with Eraqus!! I'm curious what greater purpose the X-blade is meant to serve. I've thought about it a lot and I don't think I ever felt like I figured out anything new about it. lol All I know is that the MoM was also apparently studying it. On that note... There's this one part from the Days manga where Demyx asked to see Roxas and Xion's keyblades. Xion couldn't use hers at the time, so Roxas whipped his out instead. Just look at the PURE DELIGHT on Demyx's face. Xion was so excited to show it to him when she was able to use it again... But Demyx was Not Impressed. (Hello, Xigbar.) It's too bad the manga isn't canon. (At least, I don't think we're supposed to consider it canon... There are a lot of differences...) I just love this one little piece of characterization so much. I hope it stays in. I think it would be kinda charming if the MoM is just a really big keyblade enthusiast who would rather fawningly study a keyblade than use one. Jack's only interests seemed to include music, napping, collecting naughty books, and studying the blade, so it seems fitting to me.
  2. Oh, I didn't know there was an actual interview. lol I'm pretty sure the statements I was thinking of came from something that was posted on the official Dark Road twitter account right before the game went live. This is interesting. Really reinforces the idea that this story wasn't intended to have an impact on future games. I think he's leaving every possibility open. Even if it's unlikely, when you've got a story as flexible as this one, you never know if you might need a certain character again later... Actually, tbh, even though I was kind of getting tired of Xehanort, I do feel like the story wasn't done with him and the other versions of him. I know I'm not the only person who feels like Xemnas got shafted. He ended up being treated no differently than if he were Xehanort himself, but Xemnas felt like a totally separate person to me. He finally figured out where he went wrong and then he just... died. Not to mention, there was that whole subplot in KH3 where Ansem SoD and Xemnas were looking for Subject X. I can't imagine them showing up again now. They're gone. But it feels WEIRD for that subplot to get resolved without the two who started it. (What WERE they going to do if they found her?? What else was Xehanort planning???) There's also Xehanort's interest in the box. Him gathering Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene. When I was playing KH3 for the first time, I thought that all of these things were somehow related to what he was planning to do with the war, but it seems like it was a totally separate endeavor. He is connected to all of these things (especially if he's Player), but now he's dead, so it's like............... Okay. I guess we can speculate, but now we may never know. I really don't expect him to show up again in a big way. It's just... weird writing. Weird choices were made. Haha it's almost like Xehanort wasn't originally meant to be connected to all this stuff about the past but now he is so Nomura tried to tie it all together at the end and it got really cramped and awkward. Right. Yeah, I think that's actually the thing someone else mentioned to me when I suggested that once. That is a good point. That's would be so funny. gjhfgjhk If it's a disguise, it has to be to hide the fact that he's someone we would recognize. I'm kinda starting to believe that he's just some new old man. lol By the way, have you seen this video? I just saw this and it reminded me of some of the things we were talking about before. Apparently while Noctis was inside the Crystal, he was dreaming of other possible realities. I don't think that this novel is something that was taken into consideration for KH, but this idea certainly makes me think. The Yozora fight has two endings, so maybe the other ending is something Sora saw in a dream while he was crystalized...? Well, maybe not exactly like that, but something like that...
  3. Thaaaank you for finding that for me. As expected, there's no "we." You can read it as an order he's giving to Luxu. I feel you. I'm not caught up in the JP version, so I just wait for Cherrim to livetweet it when it comes out. I'm always sitting on the edge of my seat. (She's @petalscythe if you're ever interested in joining the update night anxiety party. lol) At least ever since I got into Type-0 I feel like I've more or less had a sense of what to expect, so I'm usually not too thrown off guard. Important within the context of Dark Road, at least. I question whether it's even possible for him to be someone from the broader story. Originally, Nomura had this idea for Xehanort's backstory, but he wasn't going to do anything with it. The reason Dark Road was made was because of the insistence of the people who were working on khux who wanted to see it. I can't help but interpret this to mean that Dark Road is a thing that didn't NEED to exist. It's like bonus content to me? The part about Xehanort being Player (or whatever's going on there) seems like something that might also be explained in more depth with the ending of khux when we'll probably find out what happened to Ephemer at the same time, so I don't think Dark Road was even essential for that revelation. That's why, when people were like "Maybe Baldr is DEMYX!" I was just sitting there like....... He's not. Luxord's not going to be in this game, either. I think the history of those two were decided before Dark Road happened. Demyx's character file implied that he has some connection to the MoM, and Luxord appears to be out there in Verum Rex Land being Yozora's uber driver. Something tells me they aren't going to show up in a game about Xehanort's past. The way that they're making Odin sound EXTRA suspicious is what throws me off and makes me wonder. I went back and rewatched the scenes with him and I simply cannot tell. He just seems like a nice old man to me so far. lol Even when Eraqus and Baldr get suspicious about the dangerous Mark of Mastery exam he sent the upperclassmen on, I'm like... Is it REALLY that suspicious?? I can think of some reasons for why he did that. The thing about him that I actually find suspicious is the way he talks about the past. It's not a devious kind of suspicious, though. His expression looked really sad/somber as he was talking about the darkness of the past. It sounded personal for him. If Brain was actually Eraqus's grandpa, then that makes the Age of Fairytales seem a lot more recent than I would've expected. Re:Mind said that the scene where the MoM met YMX took place something like ~70 years ago from present time. If you add another 70~100 years to account for Odin's age, that's still not what I'd call the ancient past. Regardless, if Brain IS Eraqus's grandpa, then I guess it's possible that Odin could've been another Dandelion. It's probably not safe to assume that he isn't Ephemer, but it seems unlikely to me. .......Could he be another one of Luxu's bodies? I can't remember if there was anything that made me rule out that idea. I doubt he's the MoM, seeing as how YMX actually meets the MoM later and it just feels like the MoM would be effing with him to an entirely unnecessary degree if he was ALSO his teacher. tbh, tho? Odin's appearance? It does kinda have "this is a disguise" vibes. I'm not convinced that that's a real old man. lol
  4. You can often say a complete sentence in Japanese without ever using a pronoun. If you understand the context, it doesn't feel confusing, but khux loves to use that ambiguity to its advantage, and that's how we end up with wildly different translations. Maybe he did mean "we" even if he didn't say it. There's no real way to know until we know. lol (Unless he actually DID say "bokutachi" or something. I still haven't looked for it. I feel annoyed just thinking about slogging through tons of videos to look for it... I literally opened a new tab and then closed the new tab. asfjhdgk) I've been dying to see what the official translation does with all the recent updates, so it's probably best to keeeep waaaaiting... 😴 Tangentially related... Class Zero are summoned to the Dissidia world by Materia as warriors of light, but apparently they possess "negative wills." That's how Machina ends up being summoned by Spiritus, Materia's dark counterpart who summons the villains. I just love how even Materia's like "Listen, Mog, these kids are light, but they're also kinda......... willing to do murderrr and stufff... So we gotta, like, not let them do that." That's why she summons Kurasame, their commanding officer, so he can keep an eye on them. Hmm... I don't really have anything else to add for now. At least it feels like we've answered as much as we can for now with the information we have. You know what would be great? If Dark Road would update. I don't think it's as related to all this Agito stuff as much as khux is (the characters don't seem like anyone in particular to me besides Bragi kind of looking like Lean), but I'd love to hear more about Xehanort's memories. I'm also curious about Odin. He seems like someone important, but...???
  5. It's getting exhausting trying to find all the scenes where these lines come from... But with my knowledge of Japanese, I can make a pretty confident guess that he didn't say "we." I think that was just Everglow's interpretation. I always read Cherrim's translations on the night the game is updated, then I may or may not read khinsider later. I'm pretty sure it was worded as an order directed at Luxu. I'll let you know if I come across it again. Yeah, that's how I think it is, too. Something I've been thinking about is that even though the MoM says "it's all to defeat the darkness", that might just be the objective of the plan. In other words, defeating the darkness is essential for saving the world, but he may not personally have anything against the darkness. I think I mentioned this before, but I don't see the KH3 secret ending as a 1-to-1 depiction of things that are actually happening in Quadtratum. It's more like an artistic interpretation, like how other secret endings don't end up being exactly what happens in the story. The MoM is there to show you that he's going to be there. He may or may not be there yet. I wouldn't take that it to mean anything concrete besides "MoM will be there." lol We saw Sora and Riku walking around on the streets, and things haven't happened that way so far. We saw Sora fight Yozora and get turned into crystal. There wasn't any point where he was wandering around the streets. See what I mean? I think that must have been what Luxu was referring to in his secret report when he talked about the Foretellers' power to send the Dandelions to another world line. Even if it's data, I guess it still counts. That's what I was wondering about, though. I don't think it's the same as the Power of Waking or anything... I wondered if it involved a machine like the one in the Twilight Town mansion, but that wouldn't make sense. It's supposed to be a power that only masters can use... I think he knew that telling her what the MoM had told him to do would emotionally damage her. ("She was silent. Jack had just thrown her into deep sadness. He who always raised her spirits, since that first day, eight years earlier..." Like that.) lbr, Luxu doesn't like her. lol I think he could tell that she was special to the MoM and that makes him jealous, so he wanted to make her self-destruct. ...So, did she? She ended up fighting in the keyblade war which was uncharacteristic for her. But it seems like everything after that is just a mystery for now. While I could still see her associating with Darkness, I know that she's also an adamant, resolute person. She may have finally decided for herself what she believed was the right thing to do. This reminds me of the Loveless poster in FF7R that looks like Yuna. What's weird is that there are actual story reasons for why it could literally be Yuna. I still feel like it's too extreme of a leap to say that all of these recent SE games are connected, but part of me is definitely wondering if we're experiencing the Square-Enix Extended Universe now. I know I'm not the only person who came away from FF7R thinking it could be related to KH, but I also don't want to accuse everything of being KH if it's not. lol That's really funny. lol Sadly, I figure SE isn't known as "Triangle-Enix" in the fictional world seeing as how the box of Verum Rex actually says "Square-Enix" on it. But the thought still gives me a giggle. All the billboards remind me of the Easter eggs that were found in the signs around Insomnia. I don't know if the ones in Quadratum are going to have any connection, but it's still pretty fun to see them. A while ago, Cynical (thegamersjoint) had pointed out a sign in Quadratum that had something to do with Gunslinger Stratos. I ended up watching the whole anime just to see if it was related. I don't think it's literally connected, but it does have some concepts that seem like they could be relevant like alternate realities and time travel. (The show is bad. The game it's based on is an arcade game that barely has any story in it. I DO NOT recommend watching it. lol)
  6. Whenever somebody says "Dandelions", I'm only thinking about the main characters, so I legit kind of... forget... that all the other Dandelions EXIST... Entirely possible that only that small handful made it out of there. Luxu's secret report made it sound possible that another keyblade war could've taken place even in that data world, so history may have repeated itself...? You make a good point. That was the impression I got based on the others' reactions when Ventus told them about what happened. I just... get the feeling that Luxu is supposed to be the traitor... And it fits with Agito, so I can't even be mad about it. lol Luxu's my boy, so I'm just... aghhh... ahhh why'd it have to be him... But... I reeeeally think it's supposed to be him... The passage seems to coincide with everything that occurred. Gula also mentioned that the traitor bore the "sigil", which is the X. Luxu's the only one with an X in his name. It could just be that obvious, I guess. On top of that, the MoM explicitly told him to END THE WORLD. My mind has been trying to reject that line, but it exists. (It was from one of the more recent updates.) Gula refers to the traitor as the one who's trying to end the world. And as we know from Agito, the Judge's Focus includes ending the world. "Words of truth misunderstood as they explore the secret of tomorrow." During his scene with Ava, I thiiink it seems safe to say that Luxu thinks he understands the truth. Ava accused him of twisting the Master's intentions. I think she was right about that, but I don't think that automatically means that she understands. When I think about Jack, I question how much anyone can truly understand the MoM's intentions. In that one dffoo scene I shared a couple days ago, Deuce charitably misinterpreted his intentions: It seems like she's the only one who never gets fed up with him because she always makes excuses for his actions. Sometimes it's over inconsequential things like here where he was just teasing Machina a little. Other times, he's saying things like "humans are barbaric creatures that will always kill each other" and she tries her hardest to pretend like she didn't hear him say that. So, it follows that if Luxu tells Ava the truth, she would try her hardest to reject it. She wouldn't want to believe that the MoM would intentionally do something horrible. Luxu probably just repeated what he was told, though. Whatever he said couldn't have given her the full picture, either. The MoM is definitely already gone, right? So there's no way for her to find out the truth from him. A while back, I was assuming that she may have tried to go looking for him... Hm. We haven't seen her in the data world, right? Weren't all of the most recent scenes with her flashbacks? Pretty sure the last time anyone saw her was at the keyblade war. I'm thinking about how the seventh pod was missing... I wonder if that was gone for a reason. I'm so confused by the way they talk in the KH3 epilogue... If the Foretellers had gone to "another world" like Yen Sid said, then wouldn't they have known that Ava was missing? Was she with them in the other world, but then something prevented her from coming with them when Luxu summoned them? Or had they only been in that other world for such a short time, they didn't even have the time to notice that she wasn't there?? Anyway, somewhat unrelated, but I just noticed another similarity between Ava and Deuce. When Ava started talking about how it's best for the wielders to forget the past, I was like "But Deuce would never-- ...Wait, she HAS said that." Aaaand that one line explains how the Dandelions' memories were erased/suppressed. So... I guess it's not one of the MoM's powers after all. I hate how easy it was to overlook this line. It's literally just one line of text and then it's never brought up again as far as I know. dfkjhgfk There goes my idea of a Crystal controlling their memories... (But there could still be a Crystal in the box. You can't prove there isn't! lol) My brain is about to explode...
  7. Same. lol I think about this stuff way more than any person reasonably should. I've been enjoying these conversations and appreciate your help, btw. We're getting closer to becoming unchained...! To be honest, I'm not sure if anyone knows why she crystalized like that. It doesn't feel the same to me, but I don't think we have the ability to say that it's entirely unrelated... Xion turned to crystal and disintegrated because the memory of her was being consumed. In Sora's case, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with memories; no one forgot him. His crystal also didn't shatter. Since Yozora said that he would save him, that's what makes me think that Sora's crystallization was for his protection, though the exact cause of it is unknown. If Yozora caused it, I can't tell how he did it. When Sora lost, it almost looked like he was dying, right...? I'm not going to say that Sora is a l'Cie, but when a l'Cie dies, they turn to crystal. If that's the case, I wonder if that could also explain why Kairi looked like she turned to crystal when Xehanort struck her. Heck, you could even try to explain Xion's crystallization that way; she did "die" in a sense that time. I don't know if this is the right train of thought, though. There are a lot of inconsistencies. Each instance feels different in their own way. I hope these are the Foretellers' and Verum Rex guys' bases. It'd be cool if we could actually explore these buildings. (For legal reasons, I expect they wouldn't be allowed to replicate the inside of the buildings, though.) Now, back to my earlier thoughts about Player and Ephemer... I'm really feelin' it. After rereading their khx scenes together, I'm amazed I never paid attention to how close they were. I guess I kept thinking that Player was just an unimportant filler character, especially because they never spoke. But the first time he spoke was to talk about how important Ephemer was to him. I already can't remember how much I've said about this here, so I might be repeating myself a little, but here's the thought process... Ephemer broke his promise to meet Player and left him waiting for him in the fountain plaza. After the keyblade war, Ephemer made it up to him by returning for him to bring him to the other world line. That's where he says the line "We'll go together." THIS LINE TASTES IMPORTANT. Thinking about where things could go from here, I don't think there's any way Ephemer would leave him behind again. If the new union leaders start debating who's going to take the pods, I feel like there's a very strong chance that Ephemer will let the others take the pods so he can go back for Player. The most essential part of Ephemer's characterization is his curiosity and his questioning of the world they live in. After meeting Ephemer, Player helps him with his investigations of the world. THE DOTS. I'M CONNECTING THEM. When Xehanort wakes up on the beach, it's after having a dream about Player's adventures. His dreams specifically included the moment when Ephemer told Player that they would "go together." Xehanort mentions feeling like he was "falling through the sky" as he was laying on the beach which reminded me of the KH1 opening. It immediately brought Sora to mind. Why does Xehanort seem to share so many things in common with Sora...? tbh, it had me thinking "Xehanort is Sora!" for a hot, stupid second. lmao At the beginning of KH1, Sora says the line about having "weird thoughts lately" and questions whether anything is real or not. *I point at Ephemer questioning the world* The dreams are what led Xehanort to believe that there had to be more outside the island and gave him his desire to go out and see other worlds. Sora wakes up on the beach and questions whether his dream (about the Darkside) was real. He asks Kairi about where she came from and he talks about wanting to see other worlds. *drums my nails on my desk* Ephemer's importance wouldn't be restricted to one measly scene where he helps Sora in the keyblade graveyard... Due to the way that Xehanort and Sora are connected, if Xehanort and Player are connected, it almost seems impossible that Sora and Ephemer wouldn't be connected in the same way as them. THE CONSISTENCY. IT'S WEIRDLY CONSISTENT. I could be suuuuper wrong, but I've reached a point here where what I'm seeing looks... correct. I don't want to get trapped in this train of thought if it's wrong, but... There sure are a lot of pieces here that feel like they were made to go together. Like, this actually makes Xehanort=Player look like something extremely intentional? I thought it seemed random, but......... *stares into space* The fact that Ava also began to believe that they should question things makes me wonder what the pursuit of the truth could mean for her. I don't get the sense that it led to the same outcome as what happened to Player and Ephemer, though... Her chess piece was on the board, so I assume she must still be around. At one point, I seriously believed she could be Luxord in disguise. (I'd like to believe that my brain has improved since then.) You know how Darkness appeared to be taking the form of Ava when he led Ventus to steal Strelitzia's rule book? Darkness seems to be a plural being. So there could be more than one. "They" probably all share the same consciousness. Unless they explicitly disproved this anywhere and I'm just unaware or forgetting, I feel like Darkness could have possessed Ava. After she clashed with Luxu, she may have had some darkness in her heart or she was in a vulnerable state that made it easy for Darkness to take control of her. She seemed different when Player encountered her during the war. By that time, it sounded like she must have become aware of some secrets. ...I wonder if Darkness spoke to her. HM. HMMM. That's a lotta conjecture, but it's the best guess I can muster at the moment. Jeez... Makes me think of Deuce's one kizuna event where she talked about not being as kind as people think. ........Hey, if Ephemer is Sora and Sora is Agito, then the way that Deuce sounds when she talks to the Agito Player in this kizuna event sounds A LOT like Ava and Ephemer. That's amazing... Anyway, this makes me wonder if she ended up embracing Darkness in a way that even Luxu didn't. Tragic. I see your new comment, btw. This comment is long enough. lol
  8. You probably already know this, but it's just fun to see it So the building Yozora's sitting on is the one that Noctis's actual home, the Citadel, looks like. It's also where the Crystal was kept. I think that might be important. (idk, something just tells me that we'll be seeing some crystals, considering the fact that Sora was crystalized.) I'm pretty sure it's the same building Noctis steps out of to fight the guards in the first Versus XIII trailer. There are numerous videos out there of people going out of bounds to explore Insomnia. I haven't watched any yet, but I might. I'm just terrible with things like maps and directions. You seem pretty savvy, so you might get more out of those videos than I would. For instance, I know that Insomnia is like Tokyo, but I'm not sure to what extent. Again, I don't think that Quadratum is Insomnia. It's just that all of these places are based on Tokyo. lol
  9. Intereeesting. Thanks for finding it! I went to look up the name. Mobile phones... I wonder if that's a wink and a nudge at khux being a mobile game. The "NTT" stands for "Nippon Telegraph and Telephone", but seeing "NT" made me think of Dissidia NT. That stands for a few things: "The NT in the title was confirmed to have multiple meanings such as "New Trial", "New Tournament", and "New Tale"." This is really interesting. What I wonder what the significance is supposed to be. I mean, obviously, it's a building with a clock on it, so it's probably supposed to make us think of the clock tower (and Type-0, imo lol) but there could be more to it than I realize.
  10. There's actually six visible cloaked figures lined up together. (The two in the middle kind of blend into the building, but they're there. lol) It's probably Luxu, Invi, Ira, Aced, Gula, and either MoM or Ava since the two of them are unaccounted for at the moment. The gargoyle looks like a Darkling. I'm not sure what the star means... It could represent lux, seeing as how lux is also shaped like a star and Darklings crave lux. But the star feels so strongly associated with the star girl in my mind now, it makes me wonder if it has to do with her. It's glowing with a gold color like it's alive. Lux is usually a light blue color. I haven't heard anything about where that building with the clock is supposed to come from, but I'm glad you brought it up. I can't say I've thought about it. I wonder if that's supposed to be the new Foreteller home base. Also, the cat in the picture is apparently Nomura's own cat. lol Fun fact.
  11. It would be chaotic and I think he should do it. Unleash the madness. When it came to the topic of which Final Fantasy characters would be in KH3, I remember seeing a lot of people acting like Noctis could never be in KH because Nomura had "salty feelings about what happened to FFXV." Now that we know about Verum Rex, that turned out to be kind of ironic. In a sense, Noctis IS in the game now, but he's represented by Yozora. I don't think that totally eliminates the possibility of FFXV Noctis showing up, though. The Dissidia display in Toybox still gives me the unshakeable feeling that any Final Fantasy world could appear in the future along with any of the actual characters. I think that's because Quadratum isn't part of Yozora's world. He wakes up in the car and he's somewhere else which seems more like Insomnia. Quadratum mirrors Shibuya which has more to do with TWEWY if anything. They both look like metropolitan cities, so I think it's easy to get the two confused. I often find myself thinking of Quadratum like it's the Verum Rex world, but... I think it's a space between worlds, like the unreality equivalent of something like The World That Never Was. Speaking of Insomnia... Noctis was originally supposed to have some kind of dream powers. Even the name of his home, "Insomnia", was part of the theme. Can't wait to find out what Yozora's "powers" actually are. Huh, I think you might've misread the quote. "I think this is also possible to figure out for yourself if you look at all the secret reports, but yes, they are characters who have already appeared in the series." This is referring to Subject X (Skuld.) "You will find out who 'Nameless Star' if there is a next time." This is referring to the Nameless Star, and he meant that you'd have to wait for the next game (KHMoM) to see who that was. And now we know that it's Yozora's girl. So, I don't think we've seen a different version of Yozora yet. We're running out of characters who can be other characters anyway. It's getting a little silly. That's an interesting train of thought. I'm not sure if I can imagine Joshua and Yozora being friends, but it's something I'll keep at the back of my mind.
  12. idk how I would go about finding it now, but I definitely recall seeing that in an interview that came out after KH3. I think it was still before Re:Mind. I remember this because it made me disappointed when it destroyed one of my theories. lol It's not often that Nomura clarifies something like that. I had that part at the back of my mind since it does look similar, with Sora staring up at the sky. I don't remember Nomura saying that one, though. lol (There's truly too much information to keep track of!!) Regardless, even if he did say that, I wonder if it's literally supposed to be the same. I don't think of the openings as taking place at any particular time since they're always montages. Reminded me of the scene with the strange Darkside again, but I don't think it's connected. They both take place in the Final World, but I can't picture the one scene flowing into the other... So now we have two scenes that seem "extra" and unaccounted for in the known timeline. Yeah, and I think that's all they told him. lol What's interesting is that all he says is "I was told to save Sora." Don't you love how vague all of the wording in this series is? (That's sarcasm.) For all we know, it could've been a Crystal that told him. The only people who seem possible to me would be MoM, Ava, uhhh... Joshua, I guess??? Maybe??? Or possibly someone we don't know yet. (Edit: Or Skuld! We still don't know where Xigbar sent her. I don't know how she would know about Sora, but the sky's the limit with Quadratum right now.) I just watched the scene again. He also says "Why are you using Sora's name?" Which also... doesn't tell us whether or not he knows who "Sora" is. I still think it could be the same as the name "Agito." That answer satisfies me for now, but I know it's probably not the right answer. I'm not sure if we can figure this one out without more information. I'm keeping Verum Rex in the corner of my eye, but I'm willing to not think about it too hard for now.
  13. Noctis is referred to as the true king! The Re:Mind secret movie with Yozora is also called "Falsus Rex", false king. (In the context of FFXV, I'd say that Ardyn ends up being the one who's considered the false king, but I don't sense him anywhere in KH. Well, there's Magia, Yozora's red-haired friend who looks like a combination of Prompto and Ardyn, but I doubt it's referring to him.) Unless they come out and tell us if someone's specifically supposed to be the "true king" and "false king", I get the feeling it's one of those things that might always be up for interpretation. Beyond this, I don't feel confident even making any guesses about it. tbh, there are some things about Ardyn that remind me of the MoM. But the more I think about it, the less it fits... And then I look back at Jack and Type-0 and I'm once again reminded of what perfect harmony looks like~ ...I wouldn't be surprised if the MoM takes some inspiration from Ardyn in the future of the series, though, especially in regards to how the MoM will interact with Yozora. Have we ever heard if both endings are supposed to be considered canon? I heard that one of the Japanese novels followed the ending where Sora was turned to crystal, and it seems like that's the route they took in KHMoM, seeing as how they couldn't find Sora in the Final World. I'm just not sure if the other ending is outright considered non-canon, but I hesitate to think of it like an alternate timeline or something. That just doesn't make sense, especially when we already saw an actual divergence happen in the keyblade graveyard. Sora and the others fell to darkness, but he used the Power of Waking to overwrite that time. I believe Nomura even said that it didn't create an alternate timeline. The situation with Yozora seems totally different. Hmm... I don't want to completely discredit it because it could come back and slap me in the face later, but I don't know what to do with it for now. Remember when the star girl said that Yozora's heart had been "replaced by another's"? Yozora claims that his appearance isn't really how he's supposed to look. I kinda think he meant that literally. Even though they look very similar, part of me wonders if the star girl is referring to Noctis. I mean... If you wanna be cynical, you could say that FFXV's Noctis took the place of Versus XIII's Noctis. They really do feel like different characters, tbh. If you look back at the first Versus XIII trailers, Noctis seemed a lot more severe and serious. FFXV Noctis has his serious moments, but I'd say that he's a fundamentally lighthearted person underneath the serious-looking exterior. In contrast, Yozora acts more like what I expected from the Noctis I saw in the first Versus XIII trailer. Do you think Nomura would go there? Because that's just how it sounds to me. There's also the fact that Yozora seemed surprised that Sora could recognize him as being Yozora despite his apparently different appearance. So here's what I think might be happening... Sora thinks Yozora is a character from a game, so he's surprised that he exists. Similarly, Yozora thinks that Sora is a character from a game or a mythical figure like Agito, so he's surprised when Sora claims to be Sora. Currently, we haven't seen anything to suggest that Sora looks different in Yozora's world. Yozora's surprise ("YOU'RE Sora?") suggests to me that he's surprised that a person named Sora exists at all, like Agito. "I've heard of you" sounds like a vague answer, but it leaves open the possibility that Yozora didn't know what to look for. Anyhow, I assume that this is why they both say the line about having strange dreams and being unsure if things are real or not. In the Toybox world, Yozora - in his current form with the name "Yozora" - is depicted as a character of Verum Rex. For some reason, the fictional depiction of him in Toybox matches Yozora's current reality which he claims is incorrect. ...Honestly, this whole thing could be about the FNC characters resisting the changes that were brought upon them in development. That was a lot of Verum Rex thoughts. Mostly confusion. ...Can nothing stop me from going on tangents no one asked for? lol
  14. I managed to watch the video before bed. lol That's interesting. I don't know if it really adds or changes anything for my theories, but still. Neat! Hearing him mention the orange light that seems to surround the side of the city that Sora and the MoM are on, that reminded me... Have I ever shared this? I know I've shared it elsewhere, but not here. Behold~! MoM is on the Type-0 side. Naturally, Yozora is on the FFXV side. That was the keyart that was used to promote Type-0 and the FFXV Duscae demo. You had to preorder Type-0 in order to get the demo. Most people preordered it JUST FOR THE DEMO and then didn't care about Type-0... And I was one of those people. dfkjghf But you gotta wonder what the thinking was behind that strategy. Was it just to sell more copies of Type-0? I'm sure it worked. lol But part of me wonders if they wanted to make sure that people would play both of them. For Kingdom Hearts reasons. Real Tinfoil Hat Hours.
  15. That's what I'd assume, too. Again, since the MoM mentioned them becoming "unchained", I assume that this was something he wanted to happen. But that doesn't explain why the Chirithy would think that was a good idea... Maybe it wanted him to know the truth in order to make him avoid fighting in the keyblade war? They don't tell us what the Foretellers were talking about, so it's kinda confusing. For the sake of clarity, I even looked at the same scene in the novel and it's nearly identical. Dark Chirithy implies that the Player's Chirithy is the one who showed him the dream, and then he accused the Dark Chirithy of being the one who interfered. (So hard to talk about these Chirithies when they're all called Chirithy...) There is one thing in the novel that adds a little more detail... Now seems like a good time to mention that "Agito" means "to put actions into motion." (That's the definition given in the Re: book.) I'm not saying that Player/Xehanort is supposed to be Agito (I still think that's Sora, strictly speaking), but it reminds me of the MoM's conversation with YMX and how he goaded him by asking whether he could really allow the future to be dictated by a false light, like he wanted YMX to think of himself as the one who deserved to serve that role. In a certain sense, he did. I'd say that Sora and Xehanort are both responsible for changing the future. And, you know, "good and evil" don't really exist and all that. Exactly, Dark Chirithy. That also happens to sound like that one quote from Trey I shared a while ago about how light and dark are synonymous existences. He also says another thing I've been thinking this whole time. Right. And that's why the MoM couldn't simply give answers to YMX. I was thinking about that scene while watching a video where a yogi was talking about enlightenment. It's impossible to tell someone how to become enlightened. The truth of reality is something each person has to find for themselves because the truth is indescribable. Words are just illusion. I may have gotten a little emotional while watching this one scene. I'll just give you a link so you can see for yourself. (15:53) I think this was the first time Player ever spoke, and it was to talk about how important Ephemer was to him. Ephemer's investigations of the clock tower were probably a lot more important than I ever realized. His relationship with Player was more important that I realized. I was a fool... lol Ephemer seems to have become unchained shortly after joining the Dandelions. I think I have the order of events correct here... He was going to sneak into the clock tower, but he was stopped by a dark figure. I'm pretty sure we found out later that that's when Ava recruited him. (So the figure was just Ava.) Part of the reason she recruited him was because he was getting close to the "truth." I don't think Ephemer ever succeeded in entering the clock tower...? But in one of the dreams he shows Player, he's inviting Player to sneak into the clock tower with him. Player hesitates, so Ephemer says "you must not be ready" and disappears in a little cloud of dandelions. It seems like he knew that he couldn't simply show Player the truth, he had to wait for him to grasp it on his own. Anyhow, different topic. I didn't get the impression that the Dark Chirithy was created by the bangles. He was the one who gave the wielders the bangles to begin with. Then it was the consumption of darkness from the bangle that turned him into a Dark Chirithy. The bangles were actually collecting large amounts of lux, but it was achieved by fighting even more powerful Heartless, so they were absorbing darkness along with the light. Ironically, the Chirithy even warned Player not to go too far or something bad would happen. I saw your next comment, but now it's getting late for me, so I must retire my brain for now. This has been very enlightening~ lol
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