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  1. It's definitely confusing... But I think I can make sense of it, even if it's just a guess. I think that the fictional world could be a place where the things inside of people's hearts and imaginations manifest and become real in their own way. So it could be a parallel world like the Metaverse in Persona where everyone's shadows roam around. People who look inside themselves and accept their shadows undergo the process of individualization, meaning that the shadow and persona merge together and the person becomes their truest self. That's why I don't expect everyone to have another self. Some (or most?) people are probably already in harmony with their inner selves and don't have any questions about their own identity. Although the shadows physically manifest in the other world, they're technically always inside of a person. Probably. That's what I think, anyway. So Sora could have potentially connected with Yozora sooner if he'd been aware of him. However, I do have some questions about why Yozora is perceived as a video game character in the Toy Box world... I'm not sure if that detail is making things more confusing than they need to be. That aside... I feel like it makes sense for Sora to have a shadow. He's gone through so many experiences that affected his heart. He became a heartless, he created a Nobody, he lost his memories, he's had so many other people inside of his heart... He probably has a few questions about who HE really is. He may think he knows himself, but perhaps Sora is just a persona - he is who he thinks he is, but he isn't his truest self. In contrast to Sora, Yozora seems a little darker and more cynical. He got impatient with Sora really quickly. He might represent the parts of Sora that he's refused to acknowledge about himself. ...I'm going to have to go back and look at what Xemnas was telling Sora in DDD. Doesn't this sound like that? Remember, when he was asking Sora if he was really sure if he knew himself or something?? I think that Demyx was overtaken by his own shadow... It's funny because I've considered Jekyll and Hyde before. lol Demyx would be like Jekyll who's being controlled by Hyde, the MoM. I'm very curious about what his memories will reveal... Because if he's anything like Jack... Then I understand how the MoM could have emerged and taken control of him. Despite being the strongest cadet, Jack was still unable to save the world. He considered his positive attitude to be his strongest asset, so when that failed to help anyone, he felt useless. So if Demyx was really the one who fought in the first keyblade war and experienced such hopelessness, then the MoM may have taken his place. Maybe he saw his chance and did so maliciously, or maybe it was a move to protect Demyx's psyche. Or, heck, maybe something so traumatic occurred, it actually forced his mind to split in half. The MoM's theme song sounds chaotic enough to suggest something like that. The MoM seems to represent Jack's most positive qualities (cunning, strong) while Demyx embodies his most negative qualities (lazy, cowardly). A shadow isn't always all negative, particularly in people who fail to see their own good qualities due to trauma, low self-esteem, etc. I don't know how Demyx ended up losing his heart, but I guess we don't know how Elrena and Lauriam lost their hearts, either. lol The MoM's a little crazy, so I don't think it's absurd to assume that he did that to himself. Luxord is really mysterious... How could someone from the fictional world come to the real world? I don't think that all of the people in the fictional world are shadows of other people. They might have been created from the thoughts of people in the real world or something like that. Like in Persona, there are a lot of shadows that are actually based on popular ideas held in the collective unconscious, such as mythological creatures. Shibuya was used as a metaphor for the collective consciousness in TWEWY, btw. The people of Shibuya are always trying to stay on top of the trends so they'll fit in. That desire to fit in gets taken advantage of, so the people who lacked a strong sense of individuality (self) end up being brainwashed. Neku has the ability to "scan" people and listen to their thoughts. With that ability, you can see how easily their sense of self is influenced. It's chilling when everyone starts to think the same way. Anyway, who knows. This whole idea might be off base. LOL I'm just feelin' sumthin'. I feel like this might be one of those things that gets a handwave explanation... I just can't imagine how it's supposed to make sense without doing more wild guessing...
  2. Nomura really loves to use every idea, doesn't he? lol Nothing goes to waste. So, I've been thinking more about these "other selves" that exist within people's hearts. I think I could've been onto something when I mentioned Shadows from Persona... In other words, I think they might be the part of them that they suppress, made real within their hearts. Fictional selves. If the fictional world is a world where things are brought to life by people's imaginations, then it could even explain how Sora and Yozora could be the same even though they seem to be separate people. The Persona series didn't invent the concept of personas and shadows. It's getting late here so I can't talk much, but I think you'll enjoy reading some of this. edit: ok, I'm awake and I thought about this a lot more. Now I'm wondering... If this is on the right track, which one is Demyx? Is he the persona or the shadow? He and the MoM both possess strong negative qualities... But Demyx does seem to be entirely persona. His innocent, happy-go-lucky nature is like a mask. It fell away when he fought Sora. It might not all be a lie, but he's definitely projecting a certain personality to cover up a darker side. That would mean that the MoM is his shadow, his hidden self who even Demyx isn't aware of. If Quadratum exists somewhere in the unconscious/dream realm, then that could be what posed the opportunity for Sora to physically meet his own shadow, Yozora. But this is just a theory.......... a game theoryyyy.
  3. It's... It's gotta be... But there's also the whole rest of Dark Road for us to look forward to, so maybe some lingering questions could also be answered there. Speaking of which... It's hard to believe we're actually going to receive the rest of Dark Road in a timely manner. lol That sounds like it could be a mess. But I'm VERY curious to see what we get out of that. At the least, I hope that we'll find out how the Scala kids died. I also want to know more about Odin. I'd like to see new scenes with the MoM (like how he got to Scala or how he introduced himself to YMX in the first place) but idk if that's asking for too much. Remember how the dark Chirithy told Player that he'd see them again in another dream? Hm... I wonder if that has anything to do with it... For a second, I started wondering if the world of the future was just another dream. I've had dreams where I was someone else. It sort of feels like it fits, but it still leaves me with questions. I'm not sure how hard I should fixate on Player's Chirithy saying "inside of yourself" because I don't know how Nomura plans to define "inside." lol
  4. OH RIGHT. That's the part I always keep forgetting, probably because I never expected it to be explained. Alright, I'll try to keep that in mind and hope that khux delivers. Speaking of things I hope the ending delivers, I hope they show us what's under the MoM's table. There was a hatch or something under there, so... What was that for?? Why was the table hiding it?? Why did the table have the Rubrum gear on it?? It makes my mind go in all kinds of directions... Now I'm like "What if it was another means of escape!" I'm even looking at Sora and Yozora differently now, too. The fact that Chirithy was thinking that Player had another self INSIDE of them is what gets me confused, though. In a way, it would make sense why Rex and Hamm treated Sora like Yozora if Yozora was somehow (even figuratively) "inside" of Sora. They might've been simply seeing him as his other self. But then later... Yozora appears as a separate person. So he couldn't have literally been inside of Sora. ...Right? ugh, I don't know, but there's DEFINITELY something going on with that. WE'RE SO CLOSE... There's gotta be something we just don't know that would click these pieces into place.
  5. It is kinda curious that they felt the need to add that. It seems like something they added to make the scene easier to understand, but it was already pretty clear to me. So on one hand, I'm like... Was that necessary? But on the other hand, the end of KHMoM did feel like it came at us all at once. lol It was a whole lot of recapping and then suddenly things were happening. tbh, I think there should have been a lot more cutscenes in the Radiant Garden lab area dispersed throughout the game - or at least at the beginning to give us some type of introduction to what we're playing. The way it just throws you into the music stages is really abrupt. I'm amused that what they added was just voiceover, though. Like, they wanted to add something, but they didn't even bother animating the characters. lmao Anyway, I think I just thought of something that could simplify the MoM/Demyx situation... In the case of Player/Xehanort, sure, maybe he got torn apart and reassembled differently. But it doesn't seem like that's what happened to the MoM, right? So then, how did he end up as Demyx? What if he's able to consciously shift from one self to the other? Demyx seems aware of the MoM on some level, but it doesn't seem like he realizes that they're the same. It might not even be that complicated for him to turn back into the MoM - maybe the MoM can reassume control whenever he wants. Obviously, I've got nothing to prove this, but I think it would work. I'd be surprised if the MoM didn't know that he had another self. If he does, you'd think he'd want to use that to his benefit. ...And if that's right - if the MoM can just take over whenever he wants - then maybe he really WAS the "dingbat in black" that Pete mentioned who told him and Maleficent about the box. I still don't know why he'd do that, but... That point is still at the back of my mind. btw, how are we feeling about Sora=Ephemer? Because now I'm not sure. I think I might've been too bold with that one. lol It FEELS right, but I don't know if it IS right. If it's not, I'm just......... I'm just really sad that Player and Ephemer got separated and then were never involved with each other again. That'd be weird. So I hope that Ephemer is part of Sora somehow.
  6. I think it's implying that she wasn't meant to end up in the Final World. She was just supposed to be traversing her own memories, right? But she ended up in the Final World where she met Xehanort. Who knows, maybe he interfered with the process and he's what caused the error. Or maybe she slipped deeper into sleep than they intended. btw, did you notice that her bracelet has star pendants on it? I knew that people compared Kairi to the Star Girl for some reason, but I hadn't noticed that she was also wearing stars. lol When she lifts her hand in that scene, you can see them very clearly.
  7. tbh, this is something I think they can easily handwave with the excuse that Apprentice Xehanort was a scientist. So even if Player wouldn't have had the knowledge of how to recreate the Ark, Apprentice Nort would. I suppose it's also possible that Radiant Garden is another version of Daybreak Town and the Ark was just part of the world. Therefore, all Apprentice Xehanort might've done was complete it. But that feels like more of a stretch. This is an INCREDIBLY good point and I feel silly for not realizing. lol Well, at least that helps get rid of an idea... For a second, I was really confused, but now I get what you mean...... I just hadn't considered something like that. I'm not sure if it's possible for him to do that, though. When he was talking to Darkness, he implied that he saw Quadratum, but I thought that he meant he saw it with the Gazing Eye. Do you think he would've known how to get there? We still don't know when the KH3 secret ending took place. So maybe the MoM didn't even go directly from YMX to Quadratum. Do you think the box has something to do with it...? We still haven't figured out its purpose. Remember what Xigbar said in his character file story about it? It seems like everything about it could be deceptive. It felt like they used the same language that they use to talk about Demyx and Player with how it might not be how it appears. But why would they talk about the box that way...?
  8. Hm... The thought had crossed through my mind when I looked at the one in KH1. I just figured that khux retconned it by making it seven. But then... Like you said, the one that Apprentice Xehanort put Kairi in had five, didn't it? HMM... Well, if nothing else, maybe that implies that the one seen in the End of the World is the same one from Radiant Garden. Here's what the wiki says about the End of the World: So, the pods we find there could be a "fragment", like a Heartless copy of the pods that actually remained in the castle. It feels like a slight stretch, but just slight enough to sound possible to me. In any case, the conclusion seems to be that the Ark in the castle is different from the ones in Daybreak Town, possibly made by someone other than the MoM. I wonder if Apprentice Xehanort would've been able to construct it while he had amnesia... Could he still remember Player's memories? With the way he spoke to Kairi, it felt like he remembered the MoM's plan or something. What do you make of his behavior? Earlier, I was falling asleep and suddenly felt like I understood how Player is Xehanort, and it might also explain how MoM is Demyx. FOLLOW ME HERE, THIS IS KINDA FUNNY... Picture a sandwich. Now, imagine you spread out all the parts of the sandwich on a table, and then you tell someone else to put it together. Chances are, they might not arrange it the same way. If they're being cheeky, they might even choose chaos and put the bread on the inside. It might end up looking weird, but all the same pieces are there. Technically, it's still the same sandwich. So if Player used the Ark... And his body was pulled apart... What if all the pieces got rearranged when his body was reassembled and his inner self became his outer self? edit: The only problem with this in the MoM's case is the fact that it seemed like he was the same when he showed up in YMX's time. So... Maybe if he used the Ark again after that? The No Name was supposed to be his waypoint, but the No Name didn't seem to exist during KH2 - Xemnas couldn't use the keyblade, right? So if the MoM sent himself to that time, whether he realized it or not, it would've probably done something to him, right?
  9. Wow, good find. It sounds too relevant to be a coincidence. I'm really sure that this is going to be a Thing. Actually... Man, if that's the logic, then that would make that one unexplained scene from Type-0 make sense, too. lol Everybody in the Type-0 universe is supposed to forget about the people who die, but Ace was still able to remember Izana in his dreams. It seems like that should be impossible - unless dreams actually hold memories. There's a line from the update that I noticed and found especially telling. When talking about their plan, the MoM says that the Dandelions are seeds of light that are meant to be sown in the future to stop the darkness. That's... basically what I've been assuming this whole time. It just makes it very clear. I know that a lot of people were assuming that the MoM just wanted to let the world burn, but he didn't have a choice. The world couldn't be saved in the past. He didn't just want to end the world because he loves chaos or something. gkjhdfk After that part, he says this: Which reminded me of a line that Tohno says in Type-0. I feel like I sort of maybe mentioned something like this before, but it really smacked me in the face... This is why Back Cover is called Back Cover. Like a book, their world has an end. It's probably why khx begins like a pop-up book. Their world can't continue past the BACK COVER. When it starts over, it's all the same, but it'll always reach the same conclusion. edit: I was thinking about what Darkness said about traveling through electricity again... Have you heard of the "one electron universe theory"? We still haven't figured out what Xigbar was talking about in his character file when he implied that time isn't linear. This theory's train of thought could attempt to explain that as well as how two people in different world lines could be the same person.
  10. Um... There's a terrible thought I've considered... What if the number of pods doesn't matter? What if the artists just drew one background and then didn't bother changing how many pods there were in the back? I feel like that shouldn't be something they'd overlook, but... It's not adding up for me. I think you're right about that. tbh, I'm leaning more toward the person in the sheet being Ventus, but that makes me wonder why he ended up being sent separate from the others... Still, considering his combative relationship with Xigbar in the future, it would make sense for Nomura to give the two of them a connection in the past. Wait... Ventus must have become one with Darkness at that point, right? So... What if he was the one who wanted to stay behind? Maybe he thought that the others could escape from the darkness if he sealed it away in the past... But then Luxu took him and sent him to the future. That would give Ventus even more reason to hate his guts because Luxu ruined the noble sacrifice he was trying to make. idk, it's just an idea, but it sounds really plausible to me. I had to go find that line for myself. Here's how I read it, but then again, I don't know what "seven crowns" is referring to. Darkness: Don't tell me. The seven Arks? Or perhaps (the) seven crowns? MoM: There are seven lights, after all. I wonder if the "crowns" are our missing piece. If the Dandelions take the Ark pods, then maybe those "crowns" are what allowed Luxu to summon the Foretellers?? I'm not sure why else Darkness would mention these "crowns" when asking how the MoM planned to make his escape. They've gotta be a separate thing that serves a similar purpose since it's something that came to mind for him.
  11. Hm... You could be right, but the scene it was presented in made it seem conspicuous to me. It was very "Look at this cool thing the MoM can do!" It didn't come across as just ANY warp to me, y'know? But it could be. lol Who knows. At times, it's hard to tell if I'm reading into things more than I should be with this game. I forgot to respond to this. lol I know it SOUNDS ridiculous, but it feels like a very Anime idea to me, so it FEELS possible to me. Like, maybe there isn't a physical body in there, but there's something intangible like a heart or a ~wish~ I don't think it's likely, but it's just another possibility I'm willing to acknowledge in this case. As long as I account for every possibility, I'll never feel disappointed! If the MoM took one of the pods in the real world, then maybe that's why Ephemer couldn't go with the rest of them? Maybe he made it to the real world, but then there were only enough pods left in the real world for the others...? It's getting late over here and I can't tell if this would make sense or not...
  12. omg, you're right... It wouldn't make much sense for them to be sent to Quadratum if the MoM wasn't even that familiar with it yet himself... The fact that they ask why they were "summoned" also makes it seem like they didn't use the Ark. I mean, if they DID, then where would they have gone? It sounded like Luxu hadn't seen them in forever. So... He summoned them from the past, but by using a method that didn't involve the Ark? Actually, I had a thought. idk if this is related, but it is something... Darkness mentioned how information can travel through electronic waves. That's how they (Darkness) were able to enter the data world from the outside. My brain immediately made the connection to Jack's super speed. His move Lightning Flash is called "denkou sekka." Denkou combines the two kanji for "light" and "electricity." It means lightning, but it also refers to light from an electronic source. I'm still thinking about how the MoM was able to basically teleport himself behind Luxu in that one scene... Do you think he can travel through electronic waves the way that Darkness can? I don't know if they could use that to go to the FUTURE, but it's definitely a way to quickly go from one place to another. I thought he might've figured out that time is fake or something, so he was simply able to go to whatever point in time he wanted, but this whole update makes me think that's incorrect. This seems like a more plausible explanation for how he was able to teleport. I think Chirithy also kind of explained that. He was thinking about how the Darklings seem to be attracted to keyblade wielders the same way the Cybugs were attracted to the beacon of light. I'm suspicious that they had a special interest in Player as well, but it might just be that they were attracted to ALL keyblade wielders for their light. I'm so glad they already gave that to us!!!!! See, I knew he'd forgive him... I'm just surprised it came so soon. lol Nice, though. Very nice. I'll take it. Hm. Hmm... Didn't they say that the data world was also going to end? So when it's sealed, it's destroyed, right? Because that made me wonder about Ephemer again and what might happen if he stays behind. I'm really curious about what's going to happen with him and Player.
  13. This sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation to me. idk why I never thought about that... But yeah, I think you could be right. So, how about that khux update? I don't think it made me feel like I was wrong about anything, but it did add some things, so I have to readjust my thinking again. The fact that the MoM arranged things so that he could use the Book of Prophecies as a way to set up a waypoint for himself reminds me of one of my EARLIEST theories: I speculated that he might've had his heart in the black box and was using THAT as his waypoint to go from the past to the point in the future where he met YMX. So I'm actually not shocked by this revelation. lol Since the No Name was his waypoint (or perhaps just the Gazing Eye itself?), that means he could technically go wherever the keyblade went. Which is nearly everywhere. I'm still very confused about how the Ark (lifeboat) works, but I think I may have thought of something... When Maleficent used the pod in the data world, it took her back to the real world where there were still six pods. One (the seventh) was missing. I'm still not sure who all ended up taking the pods, BUT, I think that the pods in the "real world" count as A SEPARATE SET OF PODS. So that's just something to keep in mind. So the MoM presumably took a pod to the future to meet YMX. But then what did he do after that? Was he the one who built the pods in Radiant Garden? Because I can't think of any other way he would've been able to send himself off to Quadratum after that. But... That still might've just been a dream. So maybe he wasn't there yet? All we know for sure is that Xehanort never saw him again after he met him when he was young. The person in the white sheet is definitely something nobody saw coming. Uh... My first instinct says it's Ventus, but... Would that make sense? I'm not sure when and WHERE that scene was supposed to be taking place. If it was during the fight between Darkness and the Dandelions, then the condition of the room seems to suggest that it was in the real world version of the room where the pod hadn't been smashed. And, obviously, if it was taking place at the same time, then the person couldn't have been Ventus. I've seen people saying it's Strelitzia, but I think that's just wishful thinking. Unless somebody grabbed her heart before it could float away, I don't think that's her. Personally? Me, personally? I, uh... I mean, just using my EYES... I don't think there's anything IN that sheet? Like, there's nothing physically there. I could be wrong, but... It looks like an empty sheet. If there was a person in there, I would have expected something more like a blank face with a shadow obscuring their features. I've also seen people saying that it's Demyx. I understand where they're coming from. lol People are anxious to see him. And referring to the Sheet Person as "the true Dandelion" does evoke the image of a person who refused to partake in battle. But... idk, it doesn't sound right to me. The words "true Dandelion" makes me think of "the true Agito", who would be... Either Ventus or Sora, by my estimate. I can't think of why it would be Sora without making up something really contrived, though. LOL I mean, Sora was born on Destiny Islands, right? He was a really little kid during BBS. I don't think he was sent from the past. We've never heard anything about him being adopted. Just seems unlikely. Something everybody seems to be forgetting is the fact that Demyx mentioned the MoM in his character file story. He is aware of him SOMEHOW. So I see two possibilities for Demyx here: Either he IS the person in the sheet and the MoM personally selected him from Ava's Dandelions, meaning that he knows about the MoM because that's how they met. OR, y'know, it's still like I've been saying this whole time where he's some other version of the MoM and he's aware of him in the same way that Xehanort was aware of Player. Speaking of which, here's the official translation of what Chirithy said to Player about Venelope: "You shouldn't judge anyone by appearance" and all that. Maybe Demyx is the Sheet Person AND he's the MoM's other self. There's literally nothing that can prove that wrong. lmao I'm not saying I believe it, but... It's a possibility I'm willing to entertain. My main point here is that they wouldn't have mentioned things like "another version of yourself" if something like that wasn't going to be relevant. I haven't forgotten about it and I'm not letting it go until it's resolved. While talking to someone about this, I had a new thought, though... What if it could work in reverse? Like, if we assume that Demyx is the MoM's other self inside his heart, then what if they swapped places, so Demyx is on the outside while MoM is inside? idk if that's possible, but dang, that sure is a THOUGHT. The part where Darkness was talking to the MoM on the hill reminded me of the end of the first cycle of Agito where Gala was talking to Arecia. Just felt like pointing that out. lol The way that Luxu talks to Darkness vs the way he talks to the MoM reminded me of how Lean talks to the cadets vs the way he talks to Marshal Cid, too. That was cute. He sounded so smug. Goes to show that Xigbar didn't "change." He was always like that. He just wasn't like that around the MoM. Oh, and we found out that Ventus was the "you" who the Darklings were looking for! ...Isn't that what I said? Yeah, close enough. There are people who are still expecting to see Luxord in khux... God help them. Unless we get a flash forward to Quadratum, that's never happening. OH, one more small thing. idk if this was intentional, but that's the title of the main theme song of Type-0. Nomura's sure taking "false world" literally with this one. It seems like they totally got rid of this line in the NA version, which is a shame. He's saying "Luxu-kun. You're such a downer~" Just for my own amusement, I feel like mentioning something from Jack's pages in the Type-0 World Preview book. It seems like a little thing, but the fact that the MoM keeps using the ~ feels significant to me because it's a thing that even official sources found noteworthy about Jack's characterization. Anyway, sorry if that was a lot of rambling. There might've been something smart in there somewhere. lol
  14. I think a lot of things are definitely possible... This thought doesn't sound farfetched to me, but that post also didn't really convince me of anything. lol Just by looking at him, we can tell that Yozora must have some kind of connection to Riku, though. At the moment, I'm still leaning toward the idea I saw on Twitter a while ago - the one where Yozora looks like Riku because his new/temporary appearance was based on someone from Sora's memories. Did you hear that the character files book is going to get an English release? It's coming out in October. I'm really excited for that. I wonder if any of my questions will be answered before then... October is a long time away.
  15. That's an interesting thought. But I'm not sure. I think they just don't want to rebalance the game. lol There are MANY quests that seemed totally pointless, especially once you had some strong medals that could beat every enemy in one hit. It would seem cruel to make new players play through all of those just to see the story. That's why they removed the AP limitations on the story quests in the first place, so people could speed through. But yeah, I feel like they should at least give some kind of story explanation for why it's like that now. So, I'm really starting to accept the possibility that the MoM could be ANOTHER Demyx. But thinking about that also made me realize something... Have we thought about this yet? Isn't it possible that Yozora originally looked like Sora?? The only thing that makes me kind of question it is the fact that he didn't react like "Whoa, why does this kid look like a younger me!?"
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