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  1. True. Would be great if Square Enix went on a national tour within the US and Canada with the demos? Did they do that?
  2. Chapter 1 "I told you he was a loser! I told you all! But did anyone listen to-?!" "Elrena, shut up!" Ephemer shouted standing up from his chair. "Oh, I am so-" Elrena tried saying before a hand was put in front of her. The hand belonged to the mysterious pink haired Laurium. He glanced at the blonde haired girl with disapproval. Elrena rolled her eyes and plopped back down into her chair. Ephemer glared at Elrena and sat back down in his chair. Their eyes locked onto each other, disdain and irritation. Laurium cleared his throat before speaking, "Many of our keyblade wielders have gone missing as of late. I say we must search each and every of the reconstructed worlds for comrades." "We can't do that," a quiet voice spoke. "Why not?" Brain questioned with his ten gallon hat still concealing what could be assumed as a suspicion, all the Dandelions glanced towards the owner of the voice. Ventus sighed, "The worlds aren't the same as they were under the Foretellers." "What?!" "Yeah, he's right!" "Pipe down!" "Oh please, going after them would be a farce!" "I don't want to end up like them!" A raven haired girl with long hair jumped onto the table and shot her keyblade off to the ceiling. Everyone quieted down and then stared at her with questioning and fearful stares. The girl, Skuld now commented, "We should do something about our MIA compadres. But, we shouldn't be reckless. I disagree with Lauriam's advice parti-" "Why?" someone in the crowd demanded. Skuld gave them a mean look and the voice piped down, "Partially because the worlds are blocked now. If we are to access the worlds then we need to find new and creative ways of getting to them because there are barriers blocking them now." "Barriers blocking the worlds?" "Why can't we just use the Book of Prophecy?" "That went missing, idiot!" "Huh?!" Skuld sighed, she then looked into Ventus's direction. Ventus helped Skuld down and then stood from his seat, "I did some investigation when one of the first teams went missing. I was able to track him down." Ventus's blue orbs darted towards a young boy in a cream colored mouse like thing that seemed way to be for his puny head. The boy made his way through the thousands of keyblade wielders that survived the Keyblade War and stood steps away from the table where the new leaders of the Dandelions sat at. The boy's head hung in shame. Murmurs went on in the crowd, the boy's head shot up. He went red, "IT WAS TERRIBLE!" He stammered. Ventus went to the boy's side and placed a hand on his shoulder. The boy in the over sized Moogle mask took a breath and then went on, "I did find him...I tried to bring them back but...something-no someone stopped me!" Murmurs kept going on, "They looked so differently from the Heartless we're so used to fighting. Something cat-like but human at the same time." "You mean, like Chirithy?" Skuld asked, standing from her position at the table. The Moogle clad boy just kept wheezing up. Tears coming down his face like a fountain. "She called them El Katib. Said my friends would great minions. Said her name was Mirage...I have to go back!" "Don't be ridiculous," Elrena huffed, stepping to the boy and about to slam her fist into the back of his upper back. Ventus grabbed her hand, stunning the blonde haired keyblade wielder. "Don't be reckless!" Ventus commanded. The moogle headed keyblade wielder sniffled and went back into the crowd. Skuld called off the meeting. *** Meanwhile in another world, a dark olive skinned boy with wavy white hair laid on his back in a light brown yellow sand dune. A figure took off the cloth hiding his scaly lips, revealing a snake-like face. The figure got off its horned ostrich-like companion, which served as its transportation. The figure approached the boy, studying him with his narrow dark reptilian like pupils. The boy opened his eyes and instantly tensed up. "Wh-what...w-who W-where am I?!" he stammered. The figure shook its head and went back to its means of transportation. The boy rose to his feet and grabbed the figure by its rough and scaly brownish green hand. "Do you know of a place called Agrabah?" the boy questioned. "Can you take me there?" The figure stared at the boy with irritation, it got onto the saddle. "I know of no such place," the figure retorted before getting the creature to move. "Well, can you at least take me to somewhere that is out of this unbearably hot sun," the boy demanded. The figure sighed and got the creature to lower down to the boy's height. The boy hopped on. *** Into the boy's travel, he asked the creature it's name. The figure just replied, "Mukhtar." "That's a cool name," the boy acknowledged. "My name is Reclaim and-" "That's not my name, that's the name of my tribe. I didn't ask to know your name. Pipe down, so I can find some settlement," the figure responded. "Uh okay," Reclaim shrugged. He then looked at the Mukhtar's companion and was about to ask about it. The Mukhtar just glared at Reclaim. Reclaim gave the most innocent chuckle he could give at the moment. He glanced into the blue cloudless sky and the endless light brown sand dunes, thoughts went back to a vibrant little town with vibrant colors of purples, blues and reds. The boy smiled and muttered the town's name "Daybreak Town".
  3. I am glad that I missed it. I had similar issues when I watched some guy talking over the cutscene where Ven meets Lea and Isa in BBS for the original PSP.
  4. With the game being stolen, is Nomura coming up with a new secret ending to combat the thief and the customers' games?
  5. I actually wrote a fanfiction a long time ago back in 2012 about the white doors being used by Axel to time travel.

    1. Allwil13


      That actually sounds pretty cool.

    2. ienzo628


      I should probably post it here.

    3. Allwil13


      You totally should! I'll certainly read it; I need more stuff to read during my morning shifts, lol. 

  6. ienzo628

    Opening Trailer - Xehanort Theory

    Basically when Sora visited Disney Castle and went through the door to Timeless River to stop Pete from stealing the Cornerstone of Light.
  7. Hey, might as well buy it from some creepy guy on Craigslist.
  8. Maybe give them a warning or something.
  9. What a loser that guy is. Always having to spoil the surprise, what a killjoy!
  10. Probably, I am just a bit suspicious.
  11. I just wonder how they got their hands on the real thing if it hadn't been released yet.
  12. I wonder if the games that they are selling are legit.
  13. You could go the route I did and probably buy a used PS4 Pro 1TB console, slap on some Kingdom Hearts fan art and buy KH3 and call it a day. That's what I am planning on doing at least because there's no way I can afford the bundle pack.
  14. When Ienzo said those lines, I was thinking about that cutscene from DDD where he and the other apprentices apart from Braig and Xehanort were laying on the floor of the lab. I do wonder how the experiments played out. Was it actually Xehanort manipulating the whole thing and using them as his guinea pigs?
  15. ienzo628

    Opening Trailer - Xehanort Theory

    Time travel seemed to have started in KH2.