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  1. Maybe not anytime in our lifetime, especially with climate change. It'll be likely that jerks like Elon Musk and anyone of the 1% will get leave earth, leaving the rest of us to deal with the effects of climate change caused mostly by their inhumane and horrible business practices.
  2. I finally beat Pokemon Scarlet and just need Aipom and Ambipom for the Teal Mask DLC. Also, my cat, Mheetu kept meowing throughout the gameplay. He's twenty-five pounds and I've been trying to feed him at like 4am and 6pm each day.
  3. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    Oh, I remember these scooter things. I saw Brenda Song riding one of these on an episode of Phil of the Future.
  4. Yeah, it's a new Pokemon exclusive to the DLC.
  5. I finally caught Ogrepon, I named them, Shrek because of them being an ogre. Not very original.
  6. He can't take accountability, so he needs to ruin things for everyone.
  7. I wish video game companies would take retro gaming more seriously, instead of treating it like a niche market.
  8. I'm hoping that I am almost done with the Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet.
  9. I might want to try running an emulator for Okami 2 for Chibiterasu.
  10. Has anyone ever watched the comics?
  11. That's pretty convenient.
  12. I also have a PS2 and a Wii that I might want to get repaired. I don't know how to stream with those Twitch though. I know it's possible.
  13. The version with the Wheelers and where Dorothy was going to undergo and here are the wheelers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MLVfQOknYM I didn't know the Wheelers were harmless. Heck, I didn't even know about them from the book, just saw the movie. From what I heard others say, they're pretty much obnoxious jerks that like making noises and using their scary masks to scare people.
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