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  1. I hope we can get confirmation after almost two decades since KH2 came out.
  2. Is there such a thing as too much fiber?
  3. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    Is the bottom picture from RWBY?
  4. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    I guess, Vanitas doesn't like showing off his work.
  5. That kind of makes the game dull for me. I was just playing for the story and once I beat the story, I just quit. Grinding is just tedious!
  6. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    Good thing that's all Sora got away with, a lump on the head instead of a concussion.
  7. Well, I am getting into Sasuke Ratsuden. I'm two episodes in right now.
  8. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    I like the trident keyblade.
  9. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    Oh, there's a creepypasta with a Wooper. It's nothing big just some kid that played with their older sibling's DS and wanting to catch a shiny Wooper. The kid was like five or something and got upset the shiny Wooper they caught was a male. The regular Wooper they caught was blue and female. They discarded the Wooper and the next one they caught was what they described as an abomination of the two. Should I link that creepypasta if I find it?
  10. I hate being sick, I have been restless and irritable for the past almost two weeks. Thanks allergies!
  11. Do you own Shrek 2 on DVD?
  12. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    Are those googly eyeballs from Boo's monster disguise in Monsters Inc?
  13. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    Roxas has chambermaid duty or did he just lose a bet?
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