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  1. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    Oh this has some Demon Slayer vibes to it. I like the feel and look.
  2. Well, I'm going to have to move pretty soon because my apartment no longer accepts section eight. I already have a place in mind.
  3. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    What's happening on the nineth of June?
  4. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    Sora: Does that include Spirits?
  5. I've been occasionally visiting the site. Just a head's up, I got surgery on Monday and I am waiting for up to six weeks to heal up. Just five more weeks to go when tomorrow hits.
  6. I came across some Youtuber called Freaky Attractions and he seems to be a creepypasta narrator. The Disney creepypasta and the Chuck E. Cheese's creepypasta is pretty good.
  7. I haven't Dark Road for almost like a year. I am sorry that happened to your save file.
  8. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    The fudge is pretty stale if hadn't been eaten up already.
  9. ienzo628

    Fan Art Chat

    Did you do the Chikorita? It's so adorable!
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