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  1. SO I just rewatched KH3 cutscenes and I was watching the heartless tornado scene and you know what thought occurred to me? WHY DID RIKU DIE TO THE HEARTLESS TORNADO? WHY was his Heart all glassy and fading and had to be saved by Sora? In KH1, when Ansem SOD kicked Riku's Heart out of his body, it fell into the Realm of Darkness but Riku's will was so strong he retained himself and kept existing there without becoming a Heartless! But in KH3, he loses his Heart to the tornado attack...and just DIES and has to be saved by Sora? Riku should have been strong enough to survive it even as just a Heart, like Kairi did! Riku has a prior feat to back it up even! I guess it's just more KH3 PIS...so the story could happen...
  2. Yes Thank you I am enjoying it here But I wish there can be more news about KH 1.5 358/2 days movie.
  3. Thank you and I will be happy to meet everybody Unless they're very mean
  4. Hello kh13.com forum I am Olivia and I am a person and I want to be everyones friend, I am an Autie girl and I am happy for it But please do not call me retard or bitch of Stupid or dumb bitch or sexy or hot and Please do not touch my ass or I am allowed to hit you and scream Okay? Thank you I did that in a store last week I was so mad okay I was so mad and I do not like to be made fun of and taken advantage of!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I am not happy I am moving today

    1. SoraBlade


      Are you going to stay, or leave forever?

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