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  1. Yoooo SLH, you still active here? How have you been!?

    1. Weedanort


      Ayoo, it's been a while, I don't hang around here much these days, I'm more around Discord and TF2
      You can send me a friend request on Discord if you want x)

  2. yoooooo havent been here in AGES
  3. Oh boy, how long has it been? I'm not really sure when I last logged in on here and posted, but hey, guess I'm back for a while. I think I was what? 14? When I left. I'll try to not be too dramatic, but who am I kidding, I've missed so many of you guys on here! SLH (now weedanort I think), Zola, Xylek, Sig (just to name a few). For those who knew me, hello again! I definitely connected with most of you again on Facebook (Snow, RoxSox, Lt. Random) but some I eventually had to remove because of several reasons and some I eventually lost contacts with. But those who I haven't talked to, I hope you guys been well man. I'm aware the site has fairly new members now so it's appropriate that I re-introduce myself uwu Hello and hello again. I'm Shera, le wizard of KH13. I was around 12-13 and in probably HS or sth when I first joined KH13 back in 2012. Quick maths, I'm 18 now, in Uni. I've definitely played and replayed KH games over the years I was away. KH2 is now my favourite but 358/2 days still holds a special place in my heart. Right now, I'm doing an undergraduate's degree in French (je suis tres tres mal en francais) and Intercultural Studies in India. It's actually amazing for me because I got in through the help and support I got from Snow and RoxSox. My life's seen many rough ups and downs but hey, we live anyway. I love video games in general, reading, wasting my life away and sleeping at unnecessary times of the day. I also have an unhealthy obsession with memes and shitposts. Just a bit of extra sentiments, I made some amazing friends here, some of who are incredibly close and important to me and whom I still speak with to this day. Some of you on here have even seen in me in incredibly bad situations and even when I was depressed. Besides that, ya'll were such an amazing bunch. I loved talking to all of you on here and ofcourse, there was a point where I came home looking forward to KH13. It's cringey sometimes, but hey, good times man. I still remember Zola, Keysofblades, Kirby and I making a friendship pact (makes me happy that Zola is still here ;_, going on random tangents with SLH, I met someone who is like a brother to me here, Ryan, all the tinychat sessions with Snow, Coolwings, Xaon and all. I'm not sure what happened to most of you but I really hope you've been good. You guys made me incredibly happy and made me feel loved. Ofcourse, I can't really not mention the shitton of drama that happened on here every other day. I think I owe an explanation to all of these people who I never told before I upped and left. I'm sorry, I'm terribly sorry. I think just somewhere along the line, maybe I felt like whatever was going on here was too toxic, or maybe I just got busy and couldn't handle most of the stress I was in at that time. I might not have really told anyone I was leaving, or may be I did idk man, but you guys at least owed some explanation. To those who I added on my FB and had to take off after a while, it was due to my over-controlling ex. I'd love to add you guys back again by any chance. It makes me so firetrucking happy to see KH13 grow so much. The forums, the news ad the site overall, it's so fulfilling to see KH13 prosper. So am I here to stay? Maybe, hopefully. But I sure as firetruck wanna reconnect with a lot of y'all again.
  4. Joan! I missed you!

    1. VisitJoan


      Yes, it’s been a while.

    2. Xiro



      le comeback

  5. SLH

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shera Wizard

      Shera Wizard

      firetruckIN HELL SURE IT IS MY MAN

    3. Shera Wizard

      Shera Wizard


    4. Weedanort


      I've been ok, lots of work, and playing Team Fortress 2 xD


    1. Zola



  7. Hey Cricket! We probably never talked if I remember right but I was probably around the time you left, I came across this by chance when I was going through my 13k+ notifications. I think it's very brave of you to work towards bettering your life, graduation and all. I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that but I'm glad you stayed strong throughout! All the very best for your surgery and graduation, I'm sure you'll ace through both of it. Take care of yourself, a lot of us care for you and are proud of you!
  8. Wat happened to Shera? O.o

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    2. Xiro


      It's not good to hear that you were kidnapped, but it's good to hear that you were released xP

    3. Daniel Black

      Daniel Black

      Hahahahhahaha oops typing error... oh well.. xD

    4. Xiro
  9. Your magic is missed. D:

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