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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Nick

    Yo how goes her

  2. Oh hey! I vaguely remember you, but I'm glad you're back
  3. Hi~

    1. Iris


      I left you a dm if you wanna chat! 

  4. you!! HEY YOU

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    2. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      i meant to the kh13 one, it's kinda like the old chatroom or well general is...kinda x D

    3. Iris


      OH I joined like a while back lets see if i can find you

    4. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      awww i wanted a green username 😭

  5. You know what I need in my life right now? A closet full of cosplays. XD

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    2. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Ooh, nice! For me, I'd probably do that in the future when I cosplay more constantly and make it something more common. Because for now, I only cosplay at cons, and I only get cosplays when I can afford em. X3

    3. Iris


      Never been to a con yet, but its pretty exciting to think that'll be in the cosplay community. I bought a Hinata cosplay a week ago and i got it delivered today with some make up too.

    4. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Ooh snap, that's amazing! You'd make an amazing Hinata! Did you get the pale contacts, too? :o But that's awesome though, I hope you have fun developing your cosplay skills with your new account! That way you can try out different cosplays and experiment with what you like! :D

  6. Heeeeey!!!! How have you been? :D

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    2. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Yep, same here! Adulting can be a busy experience indeed! X3

    3. Iris


      I miss the old days when I didn't have to work. Haha

    4. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Lol, I feel ya! But it is what it is! Now we just have to do our best to be responsible adults! :)

  7. Can't wait for tomorrow's new Kingdom Hearts III trailer.

  8. I got hired at another job! I have to turn in my 2 week noticed to my current job tho and let my new company know about it before I actually start. I don't know how this works, it's my first time trying to replace another job.

    1. Vaude


      If you are going for this new opportunity, look up a typical two-weeks notice and write up one for yourself, then notify the new company that you will give your notice the next day to the old company. After handing it in to your boss, work your remaining two weeks to the best of your ability and you should be golden! You would want to keep up your workmanship to keep being seen as a good worker for that company.


      Congrats on the offer, and the best of luck going forward, Iris...

    2. Vaude


      One character over the limit, and what does it substitute it as? Three characters in the form of an ellipsis. =P Here it is for you again: "!"

  9. I'm drawing again, but I'm not good i'm just okay I guess. *Artist Problems*

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    2. !4misettie


      Practice makes perfect. As long as you keep at it you'll get better and better.

    3. Iris
    4. !4misettie
  10. Have you changed your username? I know this sounds bad but you sound really familiar and I don't know who you are x.x

    1. Iris


      Yeah I did xD i WAS nEPTUNE

    2. Iris


      I Forgive you x)

  11. Look at all of these status'!!!!!!!

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