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  1. hey everyone I'm in the discord vc streaming KH1! feel free to stop by 

  2. Hope everyone is doing well 😎

  3. Hi everyone! 🕺I haven’t been on this site in years! I had to make a new account becuase I couldn’t remember the password to my old account 🤧 

    3 fun facts about moi:

    -  I lovee cooking & my favorite dish is Salmon & mashed potatoes w/ veggies!

    - I’m currently practicing piano! 

    - My favorite anime is a tie between “Gurren Lagann” & “Eureka 7”

    1. WakelessDream


      Welcome back to KH13! I do vaguely remember your username. If you need help with recovering your password, feel free to PM me. If you want to just stick to this new account that's fine too. :) 

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