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  1. whenever you come back on here can I PM you to catch up with you, Its been like forever yo

  2. hey there I know its been a while but take this I want to see what personality type you get .here is the link After founding out about MBTI I always picture you as a INFP or INTP but i wasnt never sure

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    2. Lalalablah


      I was literally just thinking about you today how bizarre is this!

    3. Lalalablah


      ENFP-T is what I got

    4. MasterRoxas13


      No way Your not the same type as me you need to take another test . you seem to be more like a INFP since your like such a strong ( don't laugh) feeler type like that is your main mode of living then the intuitive part. Your like a good friend of mine who tested ENFP-T while she really is a INFP.I will pm the rest explaining some things before i go to bed.

  3. Whats going on RoxSox

  4. Until KH3 comes out (2017) or until i go to the store and get more food
  5. Lol KH3 ends up turning into a Disney's Until Dawn. But luckily I don't think KH will go down such a super sad and dark route.
  6. I have not raged in game in a long time until I played Super Meat Boy. Man is this game hard

  7. IGN should just stay away from KH ...Forever ... and ever ( that's not even enough time honestly) They need to get like four or five people who actually have at least a modest understanding of the series and have do all the interviews and articles because man , its embarrassing to watch or read.
  8. Replaying KH2 through 2.5 made realize how much harder KH2 was compared to how I remembered it when I played it 8 years ago But for me it was always KH2 > KH1 and BBS in every way for me.
  9. He will return for sure , along with Ventus, Xion, Namine , Terra, Ventus and Aqua ( if she doesn't save herself first, who knows what happens in BBS 0.2) Even though his voice is annoying HMK or some else did a very interesting analysis about who the seven guardians will be based of the little chess like game Eraques and Xehanort was playing in the KH3 E3 2015 trailer.The pieces all had symbols that represent who the lights will be, There was symbols on the chess board from Eraqus side that represented Sora, Riku, Kairi, King Mickey , Roxas, Ventus, and a final unidentifiable piece ( maybe it is Aqua or Terra?). edit: the seventh piece was Lea and the beginning of the video Xehanort takes a piece of Eraqus' away from him and that piece was suppose to represent Terra , so more then likely Terra either falls in the battle and gets possessed or Young Xehanort captures him way before the final battle in KH3 but it is just a theory
  10. I think I will be leaving random things on your profile until you eventually notice. One day you will notice , one day.......

    1. Lalalablah


      one day indeed

  11. Its should be $50 imo since even though it is a new game BBS.02 might just last between 2-5 hours so it shouldn't help bring the price to $60.
  12. Looks like something did happen to Aqua after KH BBS I always speculated this but didn't think that Mickey met Aqua in between BBS and KH1. Maybe she helped him find the Kingdom Key D something happen then was left in the ROD still. Maybe she helped him find Kingdom Hearts then took separate paths or she could not go with him for some reason. Looks they caught my interest even more now
  13. Yea it pretty much looks like 2017 will be the year when KH3 finally comes out. Early 2017 japan and late 2017 for North America ( idk about Europe) . I will have my PS4 and Xbox One by then so I will be fine Most people should have a 8th gen system by then since the prices will go down ( even if it is just slightly)
  14. They would more then likely save the Reunion for KH3 unless KH BBS 0.2 ends with Riku and King Mickey finding Aqua then ends right after for cliffhanger purposes Maybe Aqua finds a threat in the Realm of Darkness that somehow links to KH3 defeats it then it leads to her about to leave ROD then she sees Riku and King Mickey or for story purposes in KH3 they could have Aqua get captured by this unknown threat and Riku and King Mickey look for her in the ROD and defeats this unknown threat , and save her.
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